NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/15
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Fauci warns reopening country too soon could cost lives, CDC preparing nationwide alert to track rare illness linked to coronavirus in children, and company says it can help mass produce coronavirus vaccine.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:34 Facui: Opening Too Soon Could Trigger New Outbreaks
03:32 Facui: U.S Deaths ‘Likely Higher’ Than official 80,000+ Toll
03:46 Facui clashes In Tense moment at senate hearing
04:52 Bipartisan call for more covid-19 Testing In U.S
05:44 Fauci: ‘We Have To Be Careful’ With Kids And Covid-19
07:03 CDC To Issue Nationwide Alert On Mystery Child Illness
07:28 New Evidence On Covid-19 Impact On Children
08:18 Alarming Surge In Cases In Several U.S. Cities & Towns
09:18 Cal State Keeping Campuses Closed Throught Fall
09:37 New Cases Falling In Michigan, Louisiana & Arkansas
09:52 Tesla Among Business Orders And Reporting
10:20 Tempers Flare Over Social distance Restriction
11:01 Largest Spike In Grocery Prices In Nearly 50 Years
13:16 Top Putin Aide Tests Positive For Coronavirus
14:25 Grim Warning About Future Of Airline Industry
15:31 Airport Call On TSA To Screen Passenger Temperatures
16:29 How Prepared Is U.S. For Potential Vaccine Rollout?
18:34 Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Trump’s Taxes
19:34 Plane Hits Power Lines Moments Before Deadly Crash
19:53 Season’s First Tropical System Could Form Off Southeast

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • Salida Mattie says:

    I wonder if this was the plan all along…

  • Doug Thomas says:

    Who cares what that P O S Dr. ouchi Says. He really needs to go to jail or worst

  • Lina Vu says:

    Don’t worry China are working overtime to make your PPE and test kits so you can feel more safe

  • I Have a Pony says:

    If no one ate animals this never would have happened in china. And for the conspiracy nutjobs….get therapy.

  • MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster says:

    I don’t trust Fauci

  • MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster says:

    5G ??

  • MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster says:

    Measure RF in all Homes immediately

  • Alice Hood says:

    You can call and claim my rights are violated by the shutdown, you can yell and scream go back to work I need to work on need to feed my family but when you were dead who do you feed are you being fed when you’re dead, are your children safe when you have covid-19 so want dad always Dad so if you don’t care about yourself I care about myself and my family and I do not want the contract covet thee cuz someone wants to go back to work and make 80 to $100,000 but you can’t spend it because you’re dead. I say if you want to go back to work by all means go back to work if you want to party and bars, strip clubs get your hair did your nails done go ahead but, I won’t be one of those people I am keeping my Azz at home. I can’t tell someone how to feel about their rights but I can say for myself I will protect myself! From, you fools who believe this infectious is bogus. But do you consider if you survive the aftermath of covet for the rest of your life, any other disease that may affect the organs organs in your body. It’s up to you but I will continue to express and keep my body safe from all hurt harm and danger. So white people who are the most vocal want to go to the beach want to go to strip clubs want to go get their hair and their nails done and people raised a half million dollars for you because of black judge told you that you must close your shop but yet you refuse resist you if you resist

  • tdctc says:

    What a ####### moron and all the little frigging selfish nail salon and beauty shop owners that open should be arrested tried, convicted and sentenced to ply their trade in the medical examiner’s office in thevmorg

  • Alice Hood says:

    God does not accept our indiscretions. Remember when Trump being the capital of Israel boy, how things changed so quickly. This is the first plague the second piece that is coming or the killer bees or the Asian bees and let’s wait and see what comes after that. Today I saw a large herd of goats running through a neighborhood appeared to be probably mostly White, eating all their grass and their flowers. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet God is upon you and you who favored this Earth will lose all that you have illegally acquired. I say come Jesus come Jesus I want to see you coming through the clouds! No fear nothing but love.

  • Michael Hodges says:

    We seem to be good at fending off cyber attacks for vaccines, but not election attacking by Putin .

  • Jorge of Albion says:

    It’s times like there where the flaws in capitalism show themselves. That’s why the current administration wants you to believe the problem is over. Their corrupt way of life is soon to be over.

  • Handling The Howard's says:

    I truly believe one state start opening up and people are no longer living in fear prices will go back down. I honestly don’t even recognize our country anymore

  • sofa king smawsome says:


  • Rob Ortiz says:

    Too much scientist guessing B4 an now 🤷🤔🤷🤔🤷🤔🤷🤔

  • Maria Cicalese says:

    These poor kids need another vaccine, so much for the autism epidemic in this country.

  • Maria Cicalese says:

    Testing is only as good as the day you are tested.

  • jason lepage says:

    all information coming from this news organization is all lies , LIES , LIES , LIES , pushing the fake psyop/hoax Coronavirus SCAM-DEMIC , put on by the Satanic 33 rd degree Free Mason Cult that run this world , , , not buying in , not giving it any of my energy , , , try again on your next hoax/psyop you try to run on the world , , , go watch/listen to Matt from QUANTOMOFCONSCIENCE and see what you are up against .

  • Terry Harris says:

    Those kids are showing signs of a bad vaccination.

  • C. Cooper says:

    Hard to believe him any more. Dr.’s have stated people with or with out covid 19 if you died it would be listed as covid 19……write it in. How many died that wasn’t from the virus.

  • Larrygilbertreyes Reyes says:

    Him lying again impossible

  • Aida Payton says:

    I don’t believe with this scum doctors.. why hongkong been open while back they dont died. Yeah hired because even is not Corona virus. Count as covid19. So can get paid $13,500 Democrats ripping off president Trump. Thinking they get away from it..

  • Eileen McMullin says:

    The globalists will most likely make sure there is an increase in disease outbreak and death. This is a dangerous time, they will stop at nothing. We are the land of the free, so we must be the home of the brave. Freedom is dangerous. In the meantime, how many people are dying because hospitals, and most doctors, are closed to non-Covid 19 patients? And why the new name for Kawasaki’s Disease?

  • Deborah Webb says:

    Only the wealthy and powerful will get the vaccine.  None of the rest of us because that would be following through with a decades-long plan of the rich and powerful to get rid of the rest of us so they can have the planet to themselves and create for themselves a permanent gilded age.

  • DR Bill McGraw says:  This is the video that explains inflammation overload
    in the human body from infection as in the coronavirus from a perspective of
    pain. From my treatment and elimination of the coronavirus using Rife
    technology (Spooky2!) I have seen neuroinflammation continue as an inflammatory
    response beyond the destruction of the virus and this is typical for
    inflammation from infection.

  • S Young says:

    Rand Paul rocks!

  • Bethlanee Mcnamee says:

    GUCK NBC NEWS 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 LIER’S

  • Vivian Register says:


  • Irma Vera says:

    If we are allowing small businesses to go out of business, then why not airlines!

  • ReXeR says:

    im a 17yo highschool kid n im actually happy that trump is in office because if he were not we wouldnt be able to go outside AT ALL! Any other sane person would lock up their country for 3 weeks for real and go with contact tracing because its the cheapest and least death-wise outcomes! But NOO! AMERICANS DIE FOR FREEDOM “american freedom brought more sufferings and death throughout history then any other country” – look it u! I know Im right! Sounds familiar?

  • Inspirational Production says:

    You may need to check this video: @FylI

  • brandibrinks says:

    Fauci needs to be arrested and given the death penalty for all the fear, chaos, and suffering he has bestowed upon the whole world!! Right after bill gates!! Both of them only care about their agenda, don’t think for a second they care about YOU or YOUR FAMILY! People, please stop watching this stuff and start looking up REAL INFORMATION!! This isn’t about Democrat, Republican, or liberal, this is about OUR FREEDOMS and our GENERAL WELL BEING!!! We all need to stop the hate and join together and fight this government corruption, or we are all screwed!! Wake up my fellow people!! No matter what you think or how you vote, these officials are coming after ALL OF US!! Don’t let this happen!!!

  • Castle J Richardson says:

    Meanwhile you have people in the White house with COVID-19 but nobody cares 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Tim Scott says:

    Let herd immunity begin!

  • douglas kuchenbecker says:

    this news place is nothing but lies and drama

  • jeep2007mb says:

    Then we can sue ABC NBC CBS for misinformation about health from some of the shadi advice that they reported cuz that’s so easy to prove this year!! $$$$$
    They knock down hydrochloricleen and they finally came out with the final report it’s 44% effective everyone!!! That’s awesome news for us bad news for them!!

  • Sheila W says:


  • EuropeOn2Wheels says:

    I’m an American that was caught in Serbia and quarantined on March 17. Twice the Serbian govt paid for airliners to repatriate American citizens to the US. Both times I turned down free tickets to return to the US telling the embassy I felt safer here.

    We had a few weekends where the entire country was under lockdown for 2-4 days. The country’s diligence paid off. Our confirmed case rate, death rate, and people intubated went down consistently where a week ago the govt called State of Emergency was lifted and all curfews were removed. We still maintain some social distancing and masks are required on public transportation but the worst here is over. The govt had recommendations in place and everyone is expected to act responsibly. Grocery store shelves have always been full, food prices haven’t spiked and nobody ran out of toilet paper.

    The US has too many Chiefs trying to control Indians that are used to doing what they want, when they want and why they want. The rest of the world shakes their heads in wonder watching people fight security guards to keep from wearing masks in stores. During our curfew if you were caught outside your home after 6 PM without special authorization it was an automatic fine in the neighborhood of $1500. Pay or go to jail do not pass Go do not collect $200. When a home for the elderly was ravaged with the virus the director was terminated, arrested and is awaiting prosecution. Europe treated the virus as serious and, as a result, is coming out the other side. The US populations will keep right fighting and pointing the finger at each other for another year and a few hundred thousand more deaths before enough dead cause everyone to take things serious.

  • jko83 vp says:

    That’s big time bs.. wow now that schools decide to open of course they going show pictures of kids.. just like that

  • Greg says:

    Let’s it be clear,tho’s who don ‘t speakup are responsebel.History will take care of them and loves relatifs

  • Marie says:

    Don’t like where the comment section is now

    • D R says:

      I hate it im so USED to scrolling all the way down lmao

  • Peace b unto you says:


  • Price Hollie says:

    Amo a la bbshita es hermosa una mujer única y admirable 😍😊♥

  • MLLG49 G says:


    • D R says:

      Its a death sentence to take that
      ” experimental DRUG ” that is a bunch of chemicals mixed together no one on earth has any idea what EXACTLY completely annihilates this virus once its inside your body. And some of these huge companies making millions of doses of some drug. Go ahead take it.

  • MLLG49 G says:


  • Tiffany Richardson says:

    Trick of the enemy do not take any injections

  • Sherry ONeill Driggers says:

    Fauci is a Liar

  • Karline H. says:

    Stop fooling the public you corrupted animals!

  • Sherry ONeill Driggers says:

    You are All Liars

    Fudging Numbers. Listen to him Lying thru his Teeth

  • Sherry ONeill Driggers says:

    Evil Witches

  • Nikki Foster says:

    Schools should be closed until the next year

    Food is going up because food is being wasted because schools and everything else is closed.
    So what are we going to do die from starvation or die from fear u chose

  • Sherry ONeill Driggers says:

    Will you Tell them the Tests are not Covid 19 Specific but will Test Posotive for any Flu? Thats the Info in the Field

  • One Drone Pilot says:

    🤨 really people… REALLY… WTF

  • Sherry ONeill Driggers says:

    What have you Set Up for the Children?

    Rachel Weeping for her Children

    America is in for a MAJOR unExpected Shock Soon not Related to Covid

    Have your Vaccines Started this Thing with the Kids? Have your Diabolical WitchCraft Activities Targeted Specific Populations?

    Do you All Know that YHVH is Dealing with you? Do you Know that you are Targeted by His Hand for More Exposure and Stopping your Evil on the Earth?

    The devil is the Stupidest Being in the Cosmos and the People who Serve him have Already Lost

    So with FOOD Supply Exceeding Demand and Fuel prices Lower than in Years, Food Prices should not be going up and the Lie the Lady Told About Demand Going up iin Grocery Stores Exceeding what is used Commercially is Another Lie.

    A Global Kabal Of LIARS


    He Alone is Worthy To Be Praised

  • Keva Major says:

    Dr.Fauci is the spawn of Satan yal better wake up America they want yal stay living in fear they can’t get to you so they use your kid’s Covid 19 is a virus just like the flu will be in seasons people stop allowing the media and these Scientist to keep you in Fear. Get your lives back this man don’t no nothing about no disease they loss 🤔

    • D R says:

      No where near ” like the Flu ” that’s the dumbest thing someone can say about this virus.

  • David Paul says:

    America – it’s a mess

  • K B says:

    It’s over blown b. S.

  • Jason Crockett says:

    American zombies please wake up. This is not about Public Safety its about creating the new world order, a one world government where all of humanity is enslaved under one Iron Fist

  • James Johnson says:

    Hi good morning we’re going on a and I’m taking their time eBay account recent it ain’t got together but it don’t trust in God how to take time do you love other people Y8 you doing dima got Pamela keoghan shed people prefix in the officeGod do know God’s people going around going to try to get me about attention but nobody paying no mind it don’t pray about things to do but I think God what he is doing but they’re not paying made it known as of need up up and see my day today the president doing what they I got detective but somebody’s gotta make a whole go to school they take time and leaving Richard lander but only lost and that I got it won’t be there when you call on him and believe call on God God bless thank heaven for God is good?

  • Tez Jackson says:

    They said kids should be affected and they say young people shouldn’t catch it now what you got to say now Mr President and I am just shock that kids are catching this and it’s said that there not being honest with us which is bad

    • D R says:

      Because they have no idea what this virus is capable of now since people are just now finding out what can actually happen to children. There’s so much still to learn of what this virus can actually do and why it does what it does to children especially.

  • Tez Jackson says:

    I would say that let him do his job and I’m just telling people that when Kemp open up Stone Mountain Somebody I know had caught Cov-19 while being at Stone Mountain and Now I’m wondering was opening up business bad or good I can be mad all day but I rather be alive than dead

  • Hulya Bush says:

    Why is us goverment coming after me with terorist

  • Hulya Bush says:

    Is there is cover up going on

  • Michael Bell says:

    Many of the Democrats and Republicans have been bought off by rich globalist. The real Donald Trump would have said, Fauci, you’re fired!! Let’s get a second opinion. Rand Paul for speaking out was courageous!!!

  • Samuel Heyward says:

    Put on the city, street corners,medical,testing 😷,trucks,vans, health department, personal😷to test,,people,,for sickness,,,help the people 🙏🏼😷free, testing,virus😷 remember the, HIV,, testing,that use to be on streets,,walk,up to health department,,truck,,get tested 😷

  • John Rettig says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again
    President Needs to Crack Down on price gouging , before it gets out of hand .

  • Bridget MCceary says:

    I understand that people need to go back to work but it’s too soon to open up businesses you’re putting people in danger and Ingress getting in the covid-19 think about these kids

  • Turd Ferguson says:

    Oh so you question Russian numbers, but not china’s?!?

  • Frida Kahlo says:

    Jinkies Rand Paul is prepared to sacrifice kids.

  • Clark Griswold says:

    Fear has always been a good seller

  • RG says:

    Turns Out Fake News Media Hero Marie Yovanovitch was Lying About Hunter Biden and Burisma During Ukraine Hoax Hearings

  • Ms- Moto-TV says:

    Fear mongering at its best

  • lukeslc says:

    I WILL be voting for the next president of the USA, and that man is Donald Trump. In other words, he WILL win the election unless the democrats try to steal the election again.

  • Randall Trantham says:

    notice the good future panic seeds are planted here tonight?

  • Mma Prophet says:

    If the virus 🦠 is so bad, why has it no wiped out the homeless population??????????????????????

  • Parul Rana says:


  • Rosie Saints says:

    It’s terrible that the Representative for Kentucky is pushing for schools to restart. He’s not listening and ignorant to the suggestions.

  • gary de French says:


  • Rexenor Cipriano says:

    How to change the exhaust filter in the attic

  • D.Phillips Racing says:

    Population control is happening.

  • Jason Gray says:

    Re-opening the country already? Well I hope that afterlife thing works out for you all.

  • Lk4ahro says:

    I’d HANG Fauci.

  • Rebecca Phillips says:

    Dr. Fauci we support you. Rand Paul and other science deniers need to sit down

  • Beda Tomaszewski says:


  • Ricky Boniconti says:


  • Jess Red says:

    Wait! Shouldn’t we be SHARING our vaccine research internationally!?? I mean, the faster we all find it the faster we all get better right?? Why would we keep it from one another that doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • nahmeanGcode says:

    It dont make sense to open economies up if your driving up prices on everything… Food too???
    America really ain’t what you think!

  • Coco Starcandy child says:

    Home school its better them letting kids go back to school!!! Stay home stay safe!!

  • perry mason says:

    FAKE NEWS !!!

  • perry mason says:

    $3.00 per dozen for eggs ? Where at your local gas station ?

  • Ultimate Enlightenment says:

    Covid19 doesn’t exist and dr anthony fauci deserves to be in jail and bill gates

  • second wave says:

    They want to vaccinate your children.

  • Talksense says:


  • Azalea Gregory says:

    Today I em negative for corona virus, tomorrow I am positive. Test is stupid to me. Noting helping.

  • S. Woods says:

    Fauci is a globalist who is helping to try take down america. He gave Millions to the Wuhan Lab a few years ago. It is all a matter of record. He needs to be in Prison along with Gates and 0bama

  • Lori Nash says:

    I just can’t wrap my head around how EVERYONE has different stats!?? We, AMERICANS, can’t trust NOBODY on the news… HORRIFYING!

  • brendan griffin says:

    Cabal news don’t listen to them

  • Tonya Hurst says:

    A joke

  • Elizabeth Abbott says:

    thank you so much for allowing public input