Warren Buffett discusses the Federal Reserve’s response to the coronavirus pandemic

2020 5/16
Warren Buffett discusses the Federal Reserve's response to the coronavirus pandemic

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett praises the Fed’s actions amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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コメント一覧 (41件)

  • Φίλιππος Hoyle says:

    Ah, $350 billion in equity and only $19.5 billion in cash. Now I understand why Warren Buffet is getting so much press on YT these past few days. He’s losing everything, and he knows it. Who knows what’s going to happen with those treasuries…

    • fard jan says:

      He has a 124 billion in cash. What are you on about?

    • J M says:

      @fard jan Net Cash and Treasury Bills, of which the majority does not appears to be net cash.

    • nhan vo says:

      He still lives in a small house and drives sn old’s not material money he’s he cares about..I’m sure he’ll be fine with 19 bill

    • Seng Vang says:

      Treasury bills is about as liquid as dollars.

    • ypey1 says:

      Treasury bills and cash are practicly the same thing so its 124billion… im actualy surprised its about the same as last year… i would have thought they would be sucking up stock in march like a crazy vacuuum cleaner… he didnt!

  • Laura Powers says:

    With all due Christian heart…We are not impressed with the narsistic abuse you and your kind are taking against the promise if individual inailenable rights!! You do know what hell you are cresting!!! Millions of families lost and will loose their homes while you sheep dog our middle class into the genocide of gentrification!! You Sir. You hate worker rights and are a tool to rob the rights and resources of Billions of people!!!

    • Kristine says:

      YES!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for saying this! It’s obvious and horrible. Why are people so unable to see the most obvious and horrible things being done to them?

    • r k says:

      How did Warren Buffet abuse your inalienable rights?

    • Le0 says:

      this guy prob lives in a cheaper house than u do!. he’s an example

    • legendarypwnerv2 says:

      He lives in a normal house, eats off the dollar menu for breakfast, and drives like a 30 year old car. Not to mention all his money is being donated after he dies. Barely any of his holdings are going to his family.

    • Kevin Schmidt says:

      Were you ever really middle class if you can’t handle a few months unemployment?

  • Kristine says:

    GROSS, banking on the ignorance of Americans.

  • J M says:

    4:50 despite all the sugar coating, that sent shivers down the spine…

  • Tom Jones says:


    • Eljay says:

      Tom Jones
      Who is starving in this country?

    • James West says:

      600 dollar increase in unemployment? This does not help the common man?

    • brian o connor says:

      Eljay Maybe the 40 million on food stamps!!

  • Tile Setter 191 says:

    He needs a shot of motor oil that throats rough

    • leigh coffey says:

      Imagine watching Buffett speak for the first time at a time in history such as this and commenting on his voice not his words or thoughts

    • Tile Setter 191 says:

      leigh coffey it’s ok dude relax I’m just trying to be a little funny I know times are fucked up right now hopefully things will get better soon and back to normal.

    • leigh coffey says:

      @Tile Setter 191 some years ago I lost my sense of humour unfortunately. It was around the time I started to learn more about how the world works I think. God bless

    • Christopher Armstrong says:

      Or a sip of Coca-Cola from his signature wine glass.

    • Kevin Schmidt says:

      @Tile Setter 191 spoiler, they won’t be anywhere near 2019 for at least 5-10 years. End of a massive debt cycle.

  • candyfloss184 says:

    4:33 WB admits he made a mistake 4:54

  • Kevin Schmidt says:

    Buffett of anyone is excited the fed is willing to use taxpayer money to artificially inflate assets. Why? Because he owns BILLIONS in said assets! The country is running on the ever worse bust boom cycles. According to Dalio, we have likely reached out 100yr debt cycle end where massive deleveraging is needed. Left to its own devices, we could see a 90% drop in asset prices. Fed is trying to ease us into a “beautiful deleveraging.” Still a depression mind you, just one that as few as possible starve to death.

  • Prateek Jain says:

    Stocks prices will be up but will they have any VALUE with so much currency being printed everywhere. Hyperinflation

    • vassinarain says:

      Prateek Jain Inflation due to printing money only counteracts the negative inflation caused by greatly reduced aggregate demand. Right now the fear is deflation, not hyperinflation. Think about it, are you seeing prices of items (excluding essential businesses) increase or decrease?

    • Jürgen Klopp says:

      @vassinarain supply will drop more than demand resulting in inflation.

  • David Sungjin Kim says:

    so he didnt buy jack in april. this means alot

    • Itsofficial says:

      Lol do the opposite of a retail trader and you do pretty well

  • cmares5858 says:

    Jay Powel is a dope compared to Volker… Volker actually stood up to the market and crushed inflation. Powel is totally controlled by the market and has taken a complete 180 degree turn from tightening like he should have been doing, to insane printing (even before the virus started).

  • J. Caesar says:

    How will (hyper-) inflation affect its $124 Billion Net Cash and U.S. Treasury Bills position?

  • Mars de Man says:

    Minimum-wage versus Quantitive easing. Life itself don’t garantee an income: Get this wart off my skin!!!

  • Barry Calvert says:

    What a joke, tell the truth u turd. You’re no worse then the FED. Abunvh of crooks, hang them all… Pilroy first !

  • Geolab says:

    Buffett was prepared for even worse things to happen, but the fed saved the day.

  • Alex Perales says:

    Warran Buffett has proven his Abilities beyond most people fiancail status Quo yo he he knows he’s pro’s Top Notch if any man doubt 😂 don’t have clue about his about what is going do I will do deal with him. He is willing to put up cash I will bust to prove you algorithm 💹 Jump him business is fun advice will be fire him on the (1 billion dollars and) up deals you handle and up would any other way just need to see my Attorney’s tomorrow with the grace glory of God 🙏😇 Deuteronomy 8:18 revelation 21:15 🌐 ✔️✖️®️®️☢️☣️ 🌎🌌🌍,

  • David Azinger says:

    this guy is such a tightwad he won’t buy his own airlplane, so, he buys netjets with investors money so he can book a flight anywhere he wants to anytime he wants to. This guy is the miser of the 20th century. It’s been cheaper to buy a gulfstream g550 than all the losses he’s taken w/ netjets.

  • Entre says:

    Great talks by the young sir. We share the same work ethic. See you in the boardroom.

  • friedrich nietzsche says:

    Who has the Overwiev of Money of Federal Reserves?!!!