NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 25rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/17
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - March 25rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

New York City at the center of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., Mass General taps into emergency supply stockpile as cases surge, and pandemic changes how the world worships.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:59 NYC at Epicenter of Outbreak in U.S.
3:22 Florida Governor: Stay At Home Order Would Be ‘Inappropriate’
5:35 Hospitals Pushed To The Brink By Coronavirus Crisis
8:23 Senate Nears Deal On $2 Trillion Rescue Plan
10:30 U.S. Workers Desperate For Relief As Businesses Close
12:30 Top U.S. Hospital Forced To Tap Into Secret Stockpile
14:30 Risks Of At-Home Births As Hospitals Tighten Rules
16:30 Churches Under Pressure To Observe Social Distancing
18:37 New Coronavirus Treatment For Critical Patients
19:30 Children Write Nursing Home Residents Cards During Pandemic

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 25rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



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  • Beemer Box says:

    Our hospital is cutting back employees.

  • SymAutomatic says:

    My baby is due in August. Smfh I was hoping this wouldn’t be said about home birth. It’s not impossible but goodness

  • Carlos Rodriguez says:

    All we have is pray! Have faith and God will listen!

  • Tina Starlena says:

    March 25rd?😅

  • mayaflynnster says:

    “Mail you a check” to the address you’ve been evicted from. …sorry…just venting…seems like there is a faster way somehow!

  • Miles West says:

    The guy living in the tent just solved my problem if i get infected I would just live in my backyard to protect my father who is 70 yo and would like suffer from it.

  • hamburgur says:

    America’s Deadliest Day? So Pearl Harbor and 9/11 didnt happen… but seriously my chums over the vast lake i hope you’re keeping well, i just hope you see that your media’s making a mockery of you.

  • killemall210 says:

    Ahh, the elusive 25rd.

  • Villa Villa says:

    Go away from the city go camping far from the people far from the virus

  • Sosume 1 says:

    If you get sick and have to go to the hospital, the medical bills could haunt you for the rest of your life, and the judges and court orders can stop your Children’s inheritance, because of liens and judgements. Courtrooms and law offices all across American will be ensuring the mutual destruction of the families who will be targeted, The fed will help NO One, as they will not interfere with the lower court rulings. This is our healthcare system. It destroys families, only keeping them aluve to become enslaved to a very corrupted system.

  • Teddy Bear says:

    Who want to go to moon ?🤣😂🤣😂

  • Chris Valin says:

    Hahaha This guy has had so much botox he couldn’t smile when he wanted to.

  • Araya Buchichi says:

    Loans for small bussiness are you kidding me? Bailouts for every American n samall bussiness stop bailouts for bankers n giant corporations it’s must be citizen first

  • Von Dutch says:

    CIA Controlled Corporate media is lying to the public > OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD

    Ordinary Flu Stats >

  • Røbbin Mølk says:

    800% markup on supplies on the black market….
    We are in the fight of our lives and there are still people that choose that almighty dollar over life. 😞

  • Pineapple C says:

    How exactly do you pronounce 25rd?

  • The Shooter's Bay says:

    Close off the hot spots don’t allow anyone to leave.

  • jhunski bananas says:

    i would prefer staying in wuhan china right now rather than the U.S.A

  • Bonnie Brock says:

    I read that NYC is also going to get 3.8 billion to fix up it’s broken down mass transit system and Subway…….something they wouldn’t do before this all happened even though NY state has one of the highest state taxes put onto people living there. Though I can’t see how that is vital to fighting the virus. But hey, slip it into the bill what you can and see if it passes.
    Same thing with the Kennedy center.

  • Genaro Alcauter says:


  • Natalie Crellin says:

    Why don’t they give 500 billion dollars to the hospitals.

  • Stephen Dickens says:

    At 5:41 shortly there of he said there is no moral compass and Im thinking of course there is no moral compass, thats big business. People may care, very few corporations in big business care about anything at all except profit. If the system of things cared the world would work not for personal profit but to make sure everyone had their equal share of everything which would be distributed equally among everyone and thus no one would go hungry, or go without their fair share of the pie so to speak, no one would be on the streets even. Thats how a world that really cared would have a system because there is enough in this day and age for everyone to have their fair share where no one need be without. But instead its a system that states boldly if you have the money, or enough of it then you get what you need but otherwise you dont. You cant get much crueler then that for a people when there is more then enough of everything for everyone.

  • Ben Buda says:


  • Bryan S says:

    Cuomo should and will be held accountable for not acting a month sooner. He failed the People.

  • rhea barbeau says:

    Now that’s stupid what you need to make more money to get more money

  • Vutha Preng says:

    Do the SteveO and pump alcohol beverage into your body.

  • AfroMestizAztecA says:

    On March TentyFird

  • no name says:

    ** If you like this video, you may also appreciate the following: **

  • Klaudia Alvarez says:

    Doctors, nutirtionist and house cleaner…..tell and show eveyone how to care in every way.

  • no name says: You may also enjoy this video – Peace

  • Joe Puentes says:

    Love the when people over charge thats what you get for being unprepared

  • Jesserockz says:

    People just think it’s a flu and they just go outside while the quote in quote “zombies” are outside and they get infected and they cannot feel the symptoms after a week or less. So that’s how they infect more and more people.
    The cure to the virus is iodine, iodine kills any bacteria or virus in your body.
    The government keeps trying to act like there is NO cure while this resource while it’s at cvs or any pharmacy.
    Everyone, order toilet paper at Amazon and masks there too. If your pharmacy is closed, order iodine over eBay or amazon too.
    If your city/town has no cases, buy 2 glasses of iodine cause if there are 0 cases in your town/city they won’t have as much stores closed.
    Thanks for reading I hope this will be helpful to anybody!

  • N7 WAR HOUND says:

    Remember China is a totalitarian regime they are massively lying about those numbers. Not to mention they lied for weeks while this stuff was spreading. Do Not make the deadly mistake of trusting anything said by the CCP

    • Bonnie Brock says:

      Smuggled out videos by regular Chinese citizens lately said not only is the virus not contained there yet on any scale but that the Communist gov has stopped counting those infected or even testing them, on purpose, now to ‘save face’ with the world.

  • Fire Fox says:

    On September 2019 the World Health Organization made a report stating the world could face a pandemic that the world was not ready to handle. The report stated that it could infect 50 to 80 million around the world, and bring a 5 percent financial crisis. No news in the US was this story reported.

    • Bonnie Brock says:

      WHO didn’t declare that the Cronavirus was a global health emergency until Jan 30th, 2020. Rather late to the game by then, weren’t they…………..

  • Jasper Jack says:

    Fake news. Fake reporters. Fake comments by fake people. Getting tired of the media attacking Trump. Didn’t several Democrats visit China last year?

  • Zena Dauch says:

    That soldier touched his mask to adjust it…big no no

  • Bonnie Brock says:

    News today………….New York has thousands of unknown stashed ventilators both Gov Cuomo and NYC mayor Be Blasio forgot to mention they knew about when they complained about needing more and a lot more money. Liars.

  • GMarie Behind The Mask says:

    But the masks are not N95

  • Ashley Reese says:

    Lord Jesus please forgive us for abortion murder hatred blasphemy idolatry selfishness homosexual marriage I’m sorry Lord have mercy in Jesus name amen

  • catbeara says:

    “25rd” 😅

  • andrew wright says:

    Fear media. Think your ill, you become ill.

    400,000 a year die from murder… That’s only 1% of overall death each year.
    Covid19 needs to step it up a bit to warrant all this money spent on it.

    Tax is what there after…..decades we will be paying.

  • JessicaReny Ventura-Ewing says:

    I wish medical professionals would stop scaring parents into thinking hospitals are the only safe options for birth. Hosptials should actually be saved for mothers who need a higher level of care in their pregnancy/birth. Midwives are highly skilled and educated delivering many babies at out of hospital birth centers and at home successfully. Neither of my children were born in hospitals. If you have risk factors, yes please go to the hospital, otherwise know that your body is built to bear children and there are midwives who can help.

  • turtleark says:

    Stay at home and use your brain.

  • Lidia Mullane says:

    What and when the retired people that make $6000.00 a year? Are they go to have relief

  • Timothy Massey says:

    This reporter is two things….DUMB AND STUPID. She dont even listen to her words while telling AMERICA this is the FASTEST GROWING………. in the state where she IS. VIRUS that’s KILLING PEOPLE. DEAD people don’t work …spend …or need money. So what amount of money convinced you to risk your life. And we never met so it ain’t ME. YOUR reasoning for doing that. LADY, you just took a chance at DEATH WITH NO CURE…FOR WHAT????? THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR ($!@<÷) DIDN'T EVEN PROVIDE YOU A MASK ;( and you being stupid NEVER ASKED FOR ONE!!!! so you can do a SEGMENT THAT COST them COMPANY......(example) $10,000 .....WE (PEOPLE) watch and it makes $50,000.... PROFIT $40,000... COMPANY gets $30, MAN & CREW gets $25,000..... Balance $5,000.....$4,000 goes to gas, maintenance, and equipment..... you LAST!!!!!!!!! YOU GET THE VIRUS. NOW you dont need the $1,000 cause you gave that to the DOCTORS FOR TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!! but your MONEY fell SHORT. NOW YOU DIE. 4WHAT????? Blaine Alexander????

  • Americo Estrada says:

    Why isn’t anybody talkin about PHAGE the super big killer. To see if it works on the coronavirus.

  • Non Ur Biz says:

    The USA with a ten fold military budget came in 35th at the 7th World Military Games in Wuhan China. Thanks for keeping this quiet Lester Dolt!

  • Y J says:

    This is what you get Trump from bullying China.

  • MR. MR. says:

    This whole thing completely changed my schedule

  • Finding Faith says:

    this is going to happen every month. maybe i’ll be able to find a job after ten thousand or so die.

  • Jaye-Andrea Arp says:

    No every American does not face the same threat. Our healthcare workers, police, and first responders face a much greater threat. Don’t forget this for a minute. So many are on the front lines without proper equipment. We need to take some of the money the Pentagon “loses” each year and put it toward our National Healthcare system and make sure this fiasco never happens again. No nurse or doctor should ever have to work in a pandemic in the RICHEST nation on earth in GARBAGE BAGS!

  • paula perkins says:

    every body need to pray please it helps

  • paula perkins says:

    Don’t stop pray

  • PJ Angels says:

    If these hospitals are so overwhelmed where’s the evidence of this?! Italy, even China showed footage. News just makes sh*t up, like tabloid news almost. Ugh!

  • Andrew Gutierrez says:


  • stilla yl says:

    The United States now comprises 20% of the world’s Covid 19 cases.:(

  • Rick Wortman says:

    If you riot, burn MSM first

  • Viviann Sevier says:

    where’s your beloved VP Biden rhetorical question, hiding in his basement

  • Markus E says:

    EVERYONE NEEDS to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, companies as Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Walmart, Apple music and iTunes, iPhone, Google, Galaxy Samsung, major car companies, and any other big name you can think of to Please Help in assisting the US government in this economic set-back we are in.

  • kenhappen2u says:

  • John Laham says:

    Joe Biden calls for more masks, when he and Obama left the federal stockpile of N95 masks depleted

  • Walter Isreal says:

    We should be thanking God for this Virious, reason being the Earth is being Cleansed. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones too Die, guess what according to what this Country has tought in Christianity. You’re going home to be with Jesus. No more problems in this 🌎 Don’t worry, be Happy.

  • Walter Isreal says:

    Don’t be Scared, at Least you’re not being Mowed down by a Bullet. God is still in Control. Make sure you’re life insurance policies are paid. Now it’s time for the Insurance companies to pay out a lot of the money they have been collecting for years. If you can increase your policy, leave your Family well off.

  • Laarnie Dela Pena says:

    delivered already hardheaded people to much panicking .

  • david clark says:

    Lord cover everyone under your blood I pray this morning

  • Rickey Robinson says:

    Donald J Trump the great white Anglo Saxon Donald J Trump and Family

  • Yvonne White says:

    Florida. Govenor needs to be arrested and put in quarantine prison so dumb he puts entire country at risk Between the bunch of naive party animals on beach to this really one selfish much of people.STAY AWAY FROM GEORGIA AND EVERYBODY ELSE

  • The Joker says:

    Please join the meditation to fight the virus

  • Girlonfire Trinity says:

    Trump will sign anything if it goes well he will say I did it. If it’s a flop he will blame the Democrats.

  • Wayne Grover says:

    I wonder if Ted numbnuts Nugent and his band of heavily armed believers are immune 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aries War says:

    Is anyone noticing the trend all panic blaming everything they can come up with? I’m sorry but those asking to close the state completely, are they going to pay your bills feed your children?

  • John says:

    God gave you a brain
    God gave you coronavirus


  • Femto says:


  • BE MASKED says:

    How long will it take when everything falls?

  • Morris Rowe says:

    How does he know the blk mrkt supplies are not counterfeit?

  • Brandon T says:

    What is this?!? TF is a student doin graduating early

  • Virgil Klondike says:

    I just polished my exposed forehead says Christmas tree I’m lester holt

  • Virgil Klondike says:

    Mimwax is it economically feasible stay tuned

  • Virgil Klondike says:

    No it’s not the stock market it’s a free roaming buffalo I saved for a snack

  • Virgil Klondike says:

    Is it wrong to scratch your nuts with the 2020 census

  • Virgil Klondike says:

    Toilet paper is my way back to reality thank you census 2020 I will return my ballot

  • Virgil Klondike says:

    Invited to participate by law now there’s a party

  • Kitty phillips says:

    people in the states needs to learn the truth of how its spread and the supermarkets need to restock their food or people are going to need to hunt and fish in mass numbers or steal others food or eat other people to have food!

  • Jim Parker says:

    You cannot put out a fire with buckets of words. This virus will decimate Florida’s communities of elderly retirees, thanks to the murderous inaction of Republican governor Ron DeSantis.
    Never forgive. Never forget. This deadly viral pandemic, and the economic misery that follows, is being magnified by Republican politicians.

  • Not Bad says:

    Noticed last night, 3 planets strangely aligned…

  • hey handersen says:

    Trump is printing money like a maniac. The markets will dive, bread will go up to 1000 per loaf. china will dump u.s. bonds and oil will be priced in chinese money. gun sales will skyrocket and street shootouts will be more common, the hospitals will close, dead bodies will pile up….melanie will shipped back to yugoslavia in the same she came in; race riots will break out Pence to the vatican….

  • Earl of Baltimore says:

    NBC can’t adjust audio levels??

  • Shae Shae says:

    This u.s patent: submitted in 11/16/2006 ,u.s.:2006257852 SARS and influenza mixed up to make coronavirus Corno=crown they are responsible hopefully y’all know that the China’s world leader or prime minister is actually a prince or shall we call him King

  • Wood May says:

    Truth is this virus will never go away just called leaders need to tell the truth

  • Mary Grainger says:

    Rather than keep scaring the masses with all that is happening around the world, take the time let them know The only truth!!!
    John 3:16 For God so loved the world,that He gave His only begotten Son,that whosoever believe in Him should not perish,but have everlasting life.
    Romans 3:23 For all have sinned,and came short of The Glory of GOD;
    Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death;but the gift of God is eternal life through JESUS CHRIST our LORD
    John 3:17 For GOD sent not His Son into the world to be condemn the world;but that the world through Him might be saved.
    Then let’s take heed of HIS warnings to turn away from our wicked ways, and believe solely in Him that died for us all,CHRIST JESUS The only Saviour,amen

  • Brian C says:

    If there is a silver lining to this whole thing, it’s watching all these goofy sign language people next to public speakers.

  • DAIJOHBU says:

    I AM WRITING FROM ITALY, we don’t want you guys to make the same mistakes we have made. The ONLY right thing to do is staying home, leaving only the little as possible to by groceries. Your job, your social activities and in a sense your freedom, are not as important as your and other people lives. You’ll make it through. Much love

  • R N says:

    Go lick some crosses and Ill be impressed. If no just STFU.

  • John Haaland says:

    Where does this money come from? Simple. The Federal reserve just prints it. Which in effect, is stealing from all of us!! Ha ha what a scam!! The more they print, the more worthless money becomes!

  • Annette Miller says:

    Boost your immune system with nourishing vitamin rich foods. Natural Health care would be a resource one could tap into especially Homeopathy. We do have tools!

  • stacy stacyskywatch says:

    very fake news very fake virus its a tv celebrity virus ,,

  • LaRay Coleman says:

    Has anyone noticed this headline date? They’ve got March 25rd instead of March 25th…

  • Max Maximus says:

    Hola everyone if you would please review this content and thank you very much in advance:

  • Misa Misa says:

    ok thats extreme and wrong