NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/17
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - April 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

New York has deadliest day as coronavirus hospitalizations level off, many small businesses still waiting for coronavirus relief loans, and Bernie Sanders suspends 2020 presidential campaign.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:36 U.S. Death Toll Tops 14,000 With Over 400,000 Cases
2:02 Deadliest Day In New York But Curve Flattening
5:44 Coronavirus Survivor: ‘i Beat A Deadly Disease’
6:17 Nursing Homes Under Siege in COVID-19 Outbreak
7:22 Coronavirus Impacting 2 In 3 Rural U.S. Countries
9:03 Small Businesses Slam Banks Over Slow Relief Money
11:23 Bernie Sanders Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race
13:22 On The Front Lines: Washington State Turning The Tide
15:31 Search For Solutions: Experimental Coronavirus Drugs
18:00 Coronavirus Takes Deadly Toll On Grocery Store Workers

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



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  • Jeff Crisafulli says:

    Life will get better soon I swear. As long as I get my check back.

  • Jeff Crisafulli says:

    Gonna start a new life with no bs. Theyll love me this is gonna be awesome.

  • Jeff Crisafulli says:

    Your gonna love me man I promise.

  • Lee M. says:

    OMG Trump has really messed up bad.

  • Jeff Crisafulli says:

    Ill try not to sweat the small stuff.

  • Jeff Crisafulli says:

    This is gonna work faster then you think. Just let me get started.

  • Jeff Crisafulli says:


  • Mike Allen says:

    16:44 CRITICS warn, “In a VERY SMALL but real number of patients THESE drugs COULD upset the hearts electrical system and even cause the patients sudden death.” Almost all medications have serious side effects for VERY SMALL numbers of patients taking them. This is the kind of statement that proves how political this whole thing has become. Potentially life saving drugs are being criticized not because they don’t work, but because a certain group of individuals don’t want them to work because it doesn’t help further their political agenda.

  • Geoffrey Johnson says:

    Much respect for TP

  • steve marsh says:

    PARTICIPATION RIBBON. Your a hero, your a hero, everyone gets a hero.

  • Geoffrey Johnson says:


  • Saints of God says:

    Do Not Fear

  • D K says:


  • Stephen Hargrave says:

    Most cases have ALREADY recovered. The govt and media are lieong to you

  • Deanna Johnson says:

    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, Jesus, so that whom so ever believes in him would have eternal life. There is love for you……

  • Relax Take it AZ Enjoy says:

    watch this video about this pandemic.

  • Mike says:


  • Raymond warren says:

    Ask Baylor medical college of Texas about their rec on the corona virus from 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2012. You all knew that Corona Virus was the thing to stop it. OBAME, why did you not fund the drug or find another in the 8 years you were there.

  • Phoenix Stone says:

    I had to go to Walmart a couple of days ago & many of the employees were not wearing masks. I talked with one, stating that they should all be given masks for work & she told me that the managers Have masks in the back & that they are using them but they are not giving them to the employees (who are working throughout the store)! This is in Seffner Florida. Is this happening at All Walmart’s? And what can I do to let Everyone know what is going on & help them?

  • lilianna longfellow says:

    Beautiful love story!

  • francisco diego zavala says:


  • beserk says:

    Um why not change the covid19 disease so the medicine wont work

  • Almighty Billy says:

    Dammm that guy fat and looks like he dying in the hospital. You sure 17 days he was alive ? Looks like a dead pig 🐖 🐷 🐽

  • sandra burke says:


  • Day Pham says:


  • sandra burke says:


  • sandra burke says:


  • Day Pham says:

    Thank you all Doctors,Nurses,Soldiers, Paramedic services,, Fire Fighters, Employee s Food department stores…..and all whoes serve country.You are all HEROES.GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • sandra burke says:

    Folks suggest you Watch *****Weekend Warrior you tube***** fills in missing information’s of WHY.

  • Dennis Moninger says:

    Peter Navarro: Trump’s Covid-19 tsar lacks expertise
    His former campaign adviser, Larry Remer, said: “I wouldn’t trust him to go out to get lunch and come back with everybody’s sandwich and drink order correctly. I don’t know how he could be put in charge of logistics.
    Five of Navarro’s books cited a China hand with a particularly pithy turn of phrase called Ron Vara, who turned out not to exist

  • Robert Rivas Arroyo says:

    I’ve seen many grocery store workers not wearing a mask or gloves, of course there going to get sick. They need to take care of themselves by covering up, we need them!

  • Rastaman dope says:

    USA must fire missile ni China especially in wuhan

  • Terry White says:

    Disturbing times we living in.

  • UKindness4 says:

    Rurals voted to deny Medicaid and close their hospitals when they vote for cruel Republicans and watch FOX lies and hate. Now they get theirs they did not care!

  • UKindness4 says:

    Biden the banker guy will not win! Non voters will stay home for unfit Biden!

  • Yenilda Santana says:

    We just Want answer has a citizen’ if it was China or not . To protect us family and know wha is next people are not watching TV for what if there’s no answer

  • DrNooby Noob says:

    The phone call was perfect, the response was perfect, Trump is perfect. Do not worry America, everything is perfect.

  • Angie says:

    These guys have multiple businesses and their are acting so hungry.

  • Rob Van Gessel says:

    I was just looking at a documentary about the 1906 San Franciso Quake. The story behind the disaster has lots of parallels with the crisis we’re facing now. A corrupt Bush/Trump-like mayor cutting costs in collusion with shady contractors, waiting until it’s too late when disaster hits, dismissing the outcry for better building regulations against quakes and fires, opting for quick megaprofits over investing for the long-term future. He’d been warned by the fire chief, but the mayor was beholden to the rich and to big business. Forget public safety. This time, though, we have a longer trial ahead, because unlike a virus or an economic recession, climate change doesn’t stop. And Cheetolini treats still treats climate change the way he did the pandemic before it reached our shores. “A hoax”. “Fake news”.

  • Faith Vallese says:

    Regarding the story you did interviewing Dr. Seth Cohen and talking about negative pressure rooms. Not sure if it was where you clipped the video, but his description of negative pressure is incorrect.

  • Persp Gold says:

    “You look great, I love your hat.”

    Thats was awesome and so genuine

  • 55 ostar says:

    You know what the mayor governor knew about the medicine why take so long or decided who get it

  • LodiTX says:

    No offense to Biden, but he better choose a strong Veep to run with him. Biden frequently seems senile and confused; if not outright crazy. I’ll vote for him, just because Trump is ignorant, has serious personality disorders, no social skills’, annd I HATE HIM.

  • 55 ostar says:

    If the bank are given a free ride then they won’t help these business cause they already have there money

  • Timothy Thomas says:

    Have you taken the test yet?

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    Blood is on the hands of the Fake News.

  • Gotthatgoin4me says:

    I don’t believe a word of what these demons say.

  • Docena Benjamin says:

    I’m so glad Bill Gates will be bringing out the Planed Digital Certificates, for the Vacation of this Cov-19 Virus ! We love you Bill !

  • james illuminati says:

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  • MusZico13 says:


  • BarBQ Jim says:

    Or fat

  • Lee Bree says:

    My Father in law got the Ebola treatment and it didn’t work. He died. Maybe too late or maybe not a reasonable treatment for coronavirus.

  • private user says:

    Nurses are following the stay at home order

  • BROKEN ARROW says:


  • Opinionated Azzhole says:

    YES YOU HEARD that right…WE TOOK TRILLIONS and we’re not helping you. Stay home until it passes you idiots. Starting to look like highway robbery based on FEAR (a deadly virus)

  • Willy Wallace says:

    From CoronaVirus or COVID19? There are several “CoronaViruses” Leaster. Worthless presstitute teleprompter reader. Dishonest evil pieces of dung. Disrepects the people that have actually died of Nov Sars 2 which can cause COVID19. Wake up America. These are the same Richards that told us President Trump had a 2% chance of winning 🤔

  • freetobeme says:

    That announcement came across pretty matter of fact.y dead.

  • Ale N says:

    I’m dead in life because I worked for years for people Rich in manhattan new york only 3 people gave me some money but the others forgot about me in a few weeks and I worked for years for those people you see who has a good heart

  • Robert Bar says:

    14,000 deaths in 3 months in America from the C virus. 15,000 deaths in the last ten days in America from heart attacks. 12,000 deaths in just the last ten days from strokes. I say we ban all animal products including milk, cheese, chocolate, sugar, cigarettes, beer and liquor. That’s what I’m talking about! Don’t just ban work…🤔🤨😏

  • Robert Bar says:

    People, remember this, a half truth is a total lie! The numbers are fake and so is Cuomo.

  • Mike B says:


  • Dirk Diggler says:

    Your all sheep!

  • MAMA J says:

    How many people in the world die each day?
    150,000 people
    Of the roughly 150,000 people who die each day across the globe, about two thirds—100,000 per day—die of age-related causes

  • sanjay patella says:

    I really hope that when she said that “we” didn’t sign up for this that she was talking about the shoppers or customers also because they are NOT the only people at jeopardy with this deadly virus the customers and shoppers are being extremely discriminated against also respect has to go both ways !! wearing a “protective mask” and gloves does NOT make you more sacred/ healthier or better than anybody else !!!!!

  • Mason James says:

    It’s funny how MSNBC complains about President Trump doing online everyday and updating people. Yet they won’t stop fear-mongering the news and just shut up so maybe we wouldn’t worry about it as much

  • stefan stoss says:

    in medical science emergent means integrative medicine a minority in the medical profession which knows the cure uncostly cure against covid or any infection is known but ignored by the majority and the herd media
    in USA voice of individual is heard when only the collective is heard america dosnt exist in cchina voice of individual doesnt if voice of individual doesnt exist in physics physics doesnt exist einstein doesnt exist Hilbert Space Minkowsky Spce is voice of one individual Heisenberg uncertainty principle

    in medical science its herd mentality dictatorship doctatorship of the majority medical orthodoxy hates the one MD who has a new idea today Jesus is unknown to the media Dr frederik Klenner is unknown to media herd the sheeople network

    Dean Ornish MD ( lifestyle medicine )experienced the medical herd Andrew Weil MD (integrated medicine )experiened It emeritus professor Hari Sharma MD experienced it Dr Oz experienced it no doubt Dale Bredeson MD is experiencing it in his effective protocol against Alzheimers which Combined with Nancy Lonsdorf MD expert knowledgeof Maharishi ayurveda is real and uncostly hope for cure of alzheimer phase 2 research must be funded phase 3 clinical trials done

    the media is like the Vatican just spouting old doctrine

    cure for any seriousinfection is highdose intravenous vitamin C many grams [[ Dr Frederik Klenner JAMA 1949 ]]

    10 000 MD a minority among 800 000? MD on the planet know thats herbs are effective prevention and maybe cure Hippocrates used 400 herbs [[[ likely spices too ” food is medicine ” , ” gut crisis ” : professor keith Wallace ]]] research them research the 11000 ancient ayurveda guys knew media must not hate the one guy or gal who leads the way

    dr Fauci and Dr Birx are old hat medical Herd

    medical herd bullheaded means iatrogenic causes are 3rd leading cause of death 300 deaths perday in usa from side effects of drugs [perscription] JAMA 2000 dr Starfield Johns Hopkins U who funded replications of this study the herd? [[ Gates foundation CDC WHO ]] or one guy gal leading the way at NIH wing of complimentary and alternative medicine

    so while media is catterwalling about one covid deaths 300 died today from sideeffects 400 died today from alcohol interesting scientific fact people boozing are more at risk dying from alcohol than teetotalers are

    people eating junk food are more at risk of infection pollution increases risk healthy habits wholesome habitat are naturally more immune

    sir Charlie Darwin is alive and well living life in accord with natural law is health pure unbounded consciousness is health ignorance or violations of natural law is death

    forest knows more about healthh than do doctors and media

  • Karen Shelton says:

    Evacuation of nursing homes? Bs so where you evacuating them to and from???

  • Jaime Calle says:

    Fear kills.used as a weapon.

  • Agnaldo Souza says:

    God bless all the Nations of the World, Guard the Children, the Families and the Elderly from all over the World.

  • Deathtrap by napalm says:

    People have always died now they can just call it something else.

  • Tiya Tiya says:

    Give the Nurse Assistance ( CNAS) PPE. They are more exposed to the virus, then doctors and nurses.

  • Anton S says:

    In Russia, people are allowed to die. Brace yourself! comrades!

  • In My Opinion with Sherry says:

    Biden is a child molester ! Vote Trump 2020

  • Bob says:

    Are you kidding me . You know there is a potentially deadly virus going around . Businesses have been ordered to close. Some businesses have been deemed necessary and are allowed to stay open.those people have a choice whether to go to work or not you cant blame someone else you have a choice. No one put a gun to your head and said you have to go to work

  • LA NY says:


  • Craig Babcock says:

    this is a lie

  • Vannix Alpas says:

    Do not Trust Fcking Communist China!!!! Ban Huawei its use for spying our country!!!

  • Ian Howell says:


  • Dude says:

    Yeah Walmart has insurance plans on all workers. Check out how much the company gets when an employee dies, but i believe the family of that person gets nothing.

  • J b says:

    Lies lies lies lies

  • J b says:

    It’s a big show sheeple

  • Ruben Rivera says:

    New York was definitely not early. Live in it.

  • Itismeagainb Itisnotme says:

    They knew and said DONT wear masks! Even if homemade!

  • rio kush says:

    Iies lies lies

  • harpreet shahi says:

    All this kayos because somebody had an idea
    To eat a bat 🦇 , i was shocked to know that they eat it because they believe it is very helpful for giving strength to body , specially weak males on bed , I guess they never heard about viagra .

  • Venice aesthetics says:

    at this point i think kids should be the doctors as in they would mostly recover

  • Victoria K says:

    This is all cow poop. Not true. This is all a lie.

  • John Edgmon says:

    Maga Trump

  • jamar n' moor says:

    did they ever start telling people all of the symptoms of this “virus”

  • shootTHEmoon333 says:

    Anyone read the CDC guidelines on how to label someone’s death a coronavirus death? long story short they’re cooking the books

  • Martin Smith says:

    Let’s all safely distance TRUMP
    as far away from the White
    House as possible in Nov 😷


    I just don’t get it all the adults have a mask on but the children don’t have a mask on

  • Shelia Harvel says:

    I live in Alabama. Trump should have done something sooner. People need to take this seriously. I wear masks and gloves to help from getting sick.

  • Brandon Kaercher says:

    Now their saying the virus can infect you within 13 feet and not 6 feet.

  • Stanley Kubrick says:

    14:35 really ? That rocket science to understand ? Professional failure….

  • Roc WillLive says:

    The doctor who spoke knows that the virus is airborne with human to human transmission and you DONT know how important PPE is??? Please.

  • ABU SIMBEL says:

    They will not save blacks!!

  • gnahthe says:

    If I had saved $5 to $10 everytime I got paid, all the years I’ve been working, how much of a rainy day fund would I have accumulated? Enough to not have to go to a job that puts my life and my family’s life at risk. Could I have done it? Yes. Did I? No. If I survive this…..I will start saving religiously and be prepared the next time something like this happens.

  • 鬼舞辻無惨 says:

    My name is kibuthuzi. I am Japanese.

    Don’t lose to the coronavirus.

    American Fight!