Nightly News Full Broadcast (March 29th)

2020 5/17
Nightly News Full Broadcast (March 29th)

Dr. Fauci warns 100,000 Americans could die from coronavirus as states step up safety measures to slow the virus spread, and a tornado devastates an Arkansas city, including the home of a doctor treating COVID-19 patients.



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  • Hawgrydr B says:

    The end is near folks! 💀

  • Cindy says:

    “the church is the most essential thing” it’s not worth dying for!!!!!!!!!! stupid serial killer!!

  • rich rich says:

    Yep we’re never going back to school

  • TheCeroak says:

    You Know it be good for you to know.
    The elect see the strings. The more you send through the frequency waves the more it transcends those who hear and listen. The suggestive tones given to the breeders will not help.

  • TheCeroak says:


  • Ata Korkut says:

    a shout out to all of our nurses doctors and everywhere in the healthcare system even the billing ppl

  • Frank Lee says:

    Well president Trump; I hope you’re proud of yourself. You are the reason for so many cases and deaths. Why did you lie to the people? If things were done right at the beginning instead of listening to you, maybe more people would still be alive. Well done fool!

  • Quoai Tran says:

    I wonder how many criminals will die off from this. Justice

  • Honorable Nandan says:

    COVID-19 is nature’s reply to Trump’s foolishness; he failed to offer me my job though I got him his job. Without my divine help, he could never occupy the White House. But who can make a fool understand what is wise and what is not wise?

  • Dad Man says:

    Don’t understand in New Orleans they just dispatched the police and told people to stay put at gunpoint, same thing in Ferguson, MO with the curfew, Why can’t they just do the same…oh yeah the people here are white. God Bless America

  • Daniel Sausaman says:

    if you want to get Sick ,go to Church , also what they mean by essential things are getting gas from a Gas Station,& getting Food ,& other thing from the grocery Store.

  • Triellla says:

    Churches are the same all over the world – equally dumb

  • lonesome little1965 says:


  • ̷M̷r̷.̷ ̷C̷h̷a̷o̷s̷ ̷ says:

  • Salas831StreetMarine Monterey County says:

    Somebody get Piglosi on one of those cruise ships that are infected

  • No Gods For ME says:

    All should read or download the audio versions of the bible from the internet. One will see that the bible is full of contradictions, much of the stories were plagiarized from other writers. The noas ark story was plagiarized from Gilgamesh. The bible is only good for a doorstop.

  • Decipher Code says:

    Give the pastor a 12 pack of Corona Beer on Sunday and it will be all good, he’ll forget about church services, believe me🤣

  • Ms Jules says:

    Get Trump out NOW. WTH do we have to do? He needs to be brought down.

  • Joey Skelton says:


  • Pacific Traveler says:

    China’s Biological weapon smh typical communist

  • Ruben Mejia says:

    Lies trumps sure lie

  • Joey Skelton says:

    What nurse selfie videos her shifts.

  • Patti Maeda says:


  • TalkingCorner, CC says:

    If you taking cruises in this situation, then u deserved to get stranded on the ship. Just saying!

  • David A says:

    NBC, best propaganda machine. NBC, Nations Best Chicanery. Take the facts and dramatize them! To get eyeballs and to criticize the enemy of your globalist owners, Trump! These newsladies are too theatrical and emotional for my taste, are they all failed dramatic actresses?

  • Mr. X says:

    “The End of America as you know it!!!” Mystery Babylon being Totally Destroyed and the Worst is Yet to Come!!!

    • Jennifer H says:

      Yup (sad face emoji)

  • Stephen Sanchez says:

    i love the dramatic music helps to hype the bs


    There is no virus, you’re all being fooled into giving up all of your civil liberties and bringing in the prophesied one world government, currency and religion, read revelation 13. You know the media is a propaganda tool known for lies yet you keep believing them anyway.
    Answer: Yes there is a God, your only salvation from what’s to come, seek God through Jesus Christ, repent, be saved.


  • Alejandria Macias says:

    Who saw this coming, from the start of China outbreak, it was spreading so fast? ANSWER; It got here from travelers. I think that ppl has traveled needs to be responsible of your own delays and hunker down anywhere you are is where you should quarantine, it’s safer for you and the people trying to contain the virus. The grocery stores that are staying open making money and still not protect their employees is a bad calculation , put some plexi glass, give them gloves and mask is cheaper to keep them, but if you don’t protect them I hope they close you down. GOD BLESS

  • Joe Bruce says:

    Covid-19, making America and the rest of the world great

  • FREEDOM says:

    NWO Depopulation Agenda (Georgia guide stones) Faild due to isolation everyone is bored so are having plenty of nookie pregnancy rates rise to an astonishing scale increasing human population by a 3rd STUPID NWO! stay safe and stay home And BREED Folk’s!

  • Babu says:

    That mailman wasn’t asking for money, but I wonder if anyone paid him. The mail carriers don’t make a lot of money as it is. That lady who took the food looks like she has a lot of money though. He thinks he is working for a lot of great people, but I wonder how many just use people who do them favors. No one likes to work for nothing forever. Then the lady leaving the hand sanitizer, if she wants to do that, fine, but not everyone has something they can just hand out, and maybe that would spread more germs also.

  • Tina Thomas says:

    Gosh, with all that hype and journaling you would think at least ONE major news station would be digging up bones to find out the real truth about the 5G virus and telling it. NOT ONE BIT OF TRUTH WILL BE UNCOVERED AND MENTIONED ON ANY NEWS CHANNEL UNLESS A TRUTHER PUTS IT OUT THERE FIRST AND OTHERS HAVE TOUCHED ON IT. GOVERNMENT FED COWARDS.

  • Squirrel says:

    Our country is coming together to donate goats to USA.

  • 9911brian says:

    depopulation agenda to fear you into taking vaccine no vaccine has ever worked ever

  • Mike D says:

    Who in their right mind could believe anything you political idiots tell us.
    Even if you tell us the truth, you’ll twist it into a falsehood.

  • Gumie35 says:

    Where’s the help for the poor! Where’s our bailout and help?

  • 9911brian says:

    don’t trust so called MEDICAL EXPERTS Fauci is proven fraud part of vaccine depopulation agenda

  • Markeisha Latham says:

    It should be mandatory shut New York down or go to jail…how you expect to get it right

  • ursula troxler says:

    Tony Spell is the Devil and he will get his gift of COVID19

  • Markeisha Latham says:

    You the president make them stay in!

  • ICEMAN GT says:

    Coronavirus Update:
    Today (so far)
    Confirmed: 164,665
    Death : 3,177
    Recovered: 5,507

  • Danie B says:

    People STOP trying to go to FLA thier governor has doomed them already

  • Aisha Maldonado says:

    Can I go outside to go see my family if I live in Philadelphia

  • big p says:

    “In an Austin Powers voice”… “That was a man!!……. baby”

  • Andy Anderson says:

    There are people out somewhere with the anti bodies in their blood that can cure this virus. Especially people with strong immunity, and those who have recovered.

  • Jessica Buckley says:

    My mom is a merchandiser, stocking three giant grocery stores a day. Many companies like Fritos arent sending their workers in anymore to stock due to risks which causes my mother and her coworkers to have to pick up that slack and do more. And they arent even being paid more for it. It’s ridiculous.

  • Jermaine Cohen says:


  • Phirom Photographer says:

    That pastor should be ashamed of himself! God give us brain. USE IT!

  • woof bark says:

    Them kids in florida on the beach, they spit on your cdc travel alerts. Look at their interviews.

  • MdAnr MdAdn says:

    US weaponry of mass destruction are useless against Almighty’s one.

  • Joyce Chisman says:

    Trump should be held
    A C C O U.N T A B L.E

    J A N U A R Y


  • Jack Crouch says:

    ********** TIMES UP *************

  • I’m under Your bed says:

    Trump conscious and heart is in his pocket

  • Sara Matlock says:

    Poor Dr Fouchi, what a mess of a GOP he has to deal with.

  • Erica Schwartz says:

    I am only one but that’s all it takes to make a change I work at a fast food restaurant in Indiana and I occasionally do the drive-thru and for the employees that work with me that also use a the drive-thru we are not practicing safe distancingas much as we need to this is serious the fast food industries do not care about their employees they care about the money that they are bringing in if they did care about their employees we would all have hazardous pay and we would be required to wear masks in the Drive-Thru and gloves I risk my life everyday just to go to work to feed people and there are other companies out there doing hazardous pay for people risking their lifewe are not practicing social distancing because in the Drive-Thru when you were handing a person their order they touch your hand you’re close enough for them and their germs to get on you when they’re ordering food you can hear people cough so they say oh I just need a drink or home and hits head itchy throat man it’s not an itchy throat you don’t just need a drink you need to stay home I believe the grocery stores they have microwavable food people can put in the why risk employees at fast food restaurants why risk their life for money it is not right and they are not doing everything they can to protect us it is not fair because we are people just like anybody we get treated badly we get talk down uponbut yet everybody expects us to do our job and to give them food while risking our life at the same time when there is other situations that you could do in order to feed remember next time you go through a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant the person handing you your food is risking their life for you that is somebody son somebody’s daughter somebody’s mom somebody’s dad somebody’s sister somebody’s uncle 💙 that person is somebody to someone that cares very much them and it feels like people don’t take fast food industries seriously……..I don’t want to die… I still have obligations in this life I still have goals in this life and I am not done living my life my children are not with me right now due to reasons that I cannot explain but I do know in the future I am going to be reunited with them and not even the coronavirus is going to stop that

  • autodata14123 says:

  • Yeqing Hua says:

    5:28 this guy really wants to see god asap

  • Macartan Caughey says:

    It is a pity the President dose not show the same humanitarian to those country’s he has put Sanctions on the world is watching you Mr President and i mean the world for god’s sake show your humanitarian side. For all you are doing is killing Baby’s young Children and poor people and the old it that what you want to be seen for STOP SANCTIONS PLEASE

  • Macartan Caughey says:

    Pasteur Timothy Spell is only worried about getting the money those people bring him he is not a man of GOD he is a Hippocratic nothing more. There is nothing but lies and deceit in his eyes May the good Lord strike him down for putting those people at risk of COVID 19

  • BJ P says:

    This is Bill Gates owns the patent to Corona Virus and will make billions on vaccines. It will end up being a forced vaccine. WAKE UP AMERICA. Bill Gates is evil. This is no coincidence a failed impeachment Democrats wanted to unseat Trump. Johnson and Johnson will make the vaccines they boast about having $1 billion invested by none other than Bill Gates.

    • fenderbender12 says:

      The virus will simply mutate by next year but he will make some money in the meantime.

  • Doodle Captain says:

    I had a 103.2 fever in Saratoga Springs, NY on March 17th. I could NOT get tested for COVID19. I am STILL sick. I am positive I have it. I am 34 years old and COULD NOT GET TESTED AFTER 4 DAYS ON THE PHONE!! I went to the hospital AND STILL COULD NOT GET A TEST DUE TO SHORTAGES. We need a President that enforces the Defense Production Act, and MAKES SURE STATES ARE NOT BIDDING AGAINST ONE ANOTHER ON PRODUCTS. CAPITALISM IS NOT NEEDED RIGHT NOW. FIX PRICES NOW! NEW YORK IS A WARZONE… I AM HERE TO TELL YOU!

  • beerndumplings says:

    Trump is dtf 💯

  • Michael Galvin says:

    All actors, did I hear right? Cannibalism?

  • Alex Khalil says:

    I’m gonna say what I gotta say. We have the worst government on planet earth why don’t the us government take action for once and close all streets and force people to stay home? If they do that then we could all go back to school, work, see our friends, etc. in 2-3 weeks max. The government is making this so much worse than what it should be if they shut down all flights a day before they did then we would be down to half the cases of COVID-19 in our country. Dr. Fauchi is one example of the many doctors/nurses not getting sleep because of this stupid virus some people are doing all they can to stay home and I’m glad but other stupid people think that it’s ok to have parties, go to the beach, go to their friends house, etc. that is why our government needs to send the military out to every city and forcefully make people stay in there homes for the good of our country.


    More like 200 million

  • Julie Barnes says:

    Yes, STAY HOME, UNLESS you are a DOCTOR anywhere in the nation; In this case, you are asked to bring your services to New York. The wealthy people, who want this crises over, need to shell out BIG bucks to pool together the funds to pay these doctors, expected to leave their comfort of homes, to travel to the epicenter of this disease, risking their own lives. The cost for the services deserving of these doctors is priceless. God help us all.

  • Janice Johnson says:

    PASTOR is rebellious, irresponsible, don’t care nothing about God nor man. Disrespectful to those in authority! His main attraction was fulling the COLLECTION PLATE! not any sermon. With modern technology there are so many ways to show you care. Mr Rebellious could take a page from this newspaper delivery man, Greg. Notice what one person said “He ‘s not doing this for money, just the kindness of his heart!” 4,000 THUMBS DOWN TO YOU PASTOR! 1,000,000 THUMBS UP FOR GREG!

  • SUB-ZERO says:

    Church is non essential. Your religion and your beliefs mean less than nothing in the face of life and death and the fields of math science and medicine! There is no god and Jesus is not coming down to save you fro your own stupidity. Humans are the dumbest creatures on Earth. We have free will, common sense, and are the smartest creatures yet we CHOOSE to ignore all of the above over foolish beliefs and religion.

  • FBI says:

    My mom and siblings stuck in Kenya 🇰🇪

  • Dermot Hopkins says:

    The epidemic of ‘stupid’ in America (the epicentre being the White House) is far more damaging to the country than Coronavirus ever could be.

  • rhianna dodd says:

    Gov John is doing excellent

  • Charles Dawson says:

    I see a bunch of people congratulating themselves. I’m such a good person…little do they know…I doesn’t count if you tell someone.

  • Roy Price says:

    Did the cashier sneeze while checking that person out in line? 17:48

  • Connor McGregor says:

    So is this a bad time for a 12 page rant about why HBO needs to remake season 8 of Game of Thrones?

  • elizabeth pinkerton says:

    In Australia they have closed states borders, if you moving states you have to issolate for 14 days and they check that you are there. They need to charge that pastor for encourageing people to break the law.

  • JUAN manue says:

    Don’t mess with Mother Earth is teaching a lesson to our planet!!see we don’t even hear about wars anymore!i hope all this Fkn governments learn from it .Idiots 👎🏻so stop buying bombs and buy toilet paper instead 💩

  • Jewel The Queen says:

    Fake news

  • jackrussell says:


  • Luciana Ramirez says:

    President ain’t wearing a mask

  • Deke Simmons says:

    Lies & deception will be your undoing.

  • Reko Kilmonger says:

    He just wants money. Church is not essential. Churches in the hearts not the building. He just wants his money!!! 😂🤣🤑🤑🤑

  • dj1200 says:

    But what happed to The Comb-over in Chief telling us just a few days ago that the causes of Covfefe-19 are going down, so we can pack our churches for easter???

  • crystal diamond says:

    Pastors are wolves in sheeps clothing seeking whoms pockets they can scam and filtch,,, they make me sick. The same croud Jesus was throwing over the tables and condemning for making the house of God the Father a den of thieves. lining their pockets and fleasing the flock and not careing one bit for those in need,, widows or orphans. i’ll never give a dime to these thieves called religious leaders.

  • akariplano plano says:


  • Kristin Torres says:

    That pastor probably doesn’t want his donation tray to go empty since u can’t donate from your couch. Gross . In my opinion god wouldn’t want you to go to church if it could mean u got sick. People can worship for the safety of their dang homes!

  • Grandfather Clock says:


  • 18winsagin says:

    The Church is not just a building but more the followers of Christ, each believer in Christ as the son of God and the only path to internal life that is the Church, not a building, it is only a place to gather and here the gospel and for fellowship, again the people are the Church no matter where you may be physically.

  • Mike Borg says:

    Nazi news

  • Yohiness Black says:

    Life as we know it is over …

  • Yohiness Black says:

    God doesn’t need any money it all belongs to him

  • Norma Black9.1.5 says:

    4/11/2020 peak

  • Joseph Charlemagne says:

    Timothee 4,1 2

  • Visions in the Moment says:

    This is looking like judgement day

  • Billy Anderson says:

    Meanwhile Canada looks after all its citizens abroad

  • SWARAAJYA TV says:

    We really appreciate this channel

  • Pandit Sunil says:

    Nice decision

  • Jacqueline Careaga says:

    My prayers go out to all who have lost love ones. This is really so crazy. Lets stay calm myself included. Love you all pray for us

  • Ника Листопадова says:

    Банкомат надо в дизайне в виде унитаза ,есть музыкальный унитаз и надо в виде банкомата ! Марина первомайская!