NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/17
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - April 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Gov. Cuomo says ‘worst is over’ as New York death toll surpasses 10,000, experts warn U.S. coronavirus cases could peak in days, and President Trump eager to restart economy by May.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:45 Coronavirus Deaths In All 50 States, Toll Over 23,000
2:01 Cuomo: ‘Worst Is Over If We Continue To Be Smart’
2:10 New York Deaths Top 10,000 But Curve Flattening
3:26 Lives Well Lived: Americans Lost In Pandemic
6:37 Trump Targets May 1 For Reopening The Country
7:48 Trump Feuds With Governors Over Reopening U.S.
8:27 White House Denies Trump Planning To Fire Dr. Fauci
9:13 Bernie Sanders Endorsess Joe Biden For President
9:43 Tornado Outbreak Kills At Least 32 Across South
11:47 Massive Lines At Food Banks Across The Country
13:00 Famers Forced To Destroy Food Despite High Demand
13:27 First Wave Of Relief Checks For Americans Rolls Out
14:33 Urgent Push To Ramp Up Coronavirus Antibody Testing
16:36 Less Than 1% Of Americans Tested For Coronavirus
16:49 Apple & Google Join Forces For Contact Tracing App
17:36 Inside Clinical Trial For Potential Coronavirus Drug

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



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  • Jilligain says:

    I don’t understand, WHY destroy FOOD?!?! If you can’t sell it right now & make money, why not donate it? Ppl are hurting right now ffs

  • Daicy & Mia Luv says:

    Prayers around the safe everyone

  • Kym 1 says:

    Miguel “Fine”

  • Free Hugs says:

    Can you guy’s talk about how single people without family are doing?

    • Biscuit89 says:

      They’re committing suicide.

  • Randy Kiomall says:

    CDC are a bunch of devilcraps

  • Jennifer Anderson says:

    Super soldiers?

  • Jetli _Notme says:

    Why wait for Apple and Google to create an EXPOSURE tracking app when several are already in place and actively working! Don’t wait for Apple, pick an app and choose one; Corona-care, HEALTHLYNKE,

  • P S says:

    Why so late posting Everyday full nightly news?

  • Mandy Chung says:

    Cuomo has been optimistic. Flat curve and 700 plus death is a good thing? You decide.

  • Jeremiah Skinner says:

    YOU. Tube. Open. Tomorrow. At. 600 700

  • Landee Martin says:

    There IS NO RELIABLE TEST for COVID. All they are testing for is genetic material, which we all have.


    What is the test they claim to use to identify this new bug in a patient? The test is called PCR. This is the classic polymerase chain reaction test, invented in the 80s by Dr Kary Mullis.

    In 40 years doctors have never come up with any test more accurate than this very flawed, theoretical estimate of microbial activity.

    • The test produces loads of false positives, often failing to measure anything at all.
    • No one is more critical of the test’s reliability than the inventor himself.
    • Dr Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel prize for inventing PCR to detect HIV, [9] explains its limitations—why the PCR is not especially diagnostic, for HIV or for anything else:

    “Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron. PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV.


  • Landee Martin says:

    #reopenAmerica we are on to your scam

  • Landee Martin says:


  • Landee Martin says:

    you will not track Americans against their will

  • t z says:

    Why is Lester still on. Do we not remember his North Korea visit????!!!

  • Emily Phillips says:

    Destroying food? EVIL and STUPID- give it away- feed the hungry- and still apply for your money for counting it as a loss. Idiots! Complete selfish, stupid, ignorant, dumb, idiots!

  • Lisa Garrison says:

    Somebody else tell me it’s like the flu

  • Maryam Hoffmann says:

    looking like a gray alien.

  • standfor justice says:

    Why throw away the food?

  • DespizedICON says:

    If Peter Alexander would just be nice and donate a little lip that he got from the president a few weeks ago, Then Lester could finally have that upper lip to match his lower.

  • PaцḶєє BlцєṢтяєєт says:

    *NEWS FLASH:* _”C19 is now the leading cause of all death related cases. A 100% positive cure has risen out of this pandemic with not one single report of deaths accounted from Cancers, Aneurysms, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Heart Attacks and Blood Diseases. All previous terminal medical conditions no longer exist with C19 now being the single solitary “silent enemy” known to human life.”_

  • edwin deleon says:

    potatoe and milk basic necesity for study

  • Keith Johnson says:

    If this C-19 goes away in the summer, will it come back in the winter?

  • edwin deleon says:

    whe should all have potatoes and cow in our back yards then

  • Jennifer Coleman says:

    Trump is a moron. His body language tells you all you need to know. He knows he knows nothing

  • lynette poppenberg says:

    Has anyone been tested for their tidus levels?

  • James McKee says:

    If this is a novel virus then how can you do any test for CVID-19???
    We have coronavirus in our bodies along with other viruses, bacteria, germs.
    What all the tests don’t tell you is how much of a virus you have.
    If this is a never seen before virus what is your base, what do you use to reference the findings???
    COVID-19 has no known information to verify the findings to be true/real as to properly treat it.
    The tests now only look for specific gene sequencing.
    There are many coronaviruses, influenza, pneumonia, that have the exact same gene sequence as CVID-19.
    There is no test currently that can isolate the COVID-19 virus as anything other than other coronaviruses, influenza, pneumonia.
    Plus the tests do not say how much of the virus you have .
    Are the antibody tests specifically for COVID-19 or for coronavirus???
    Interesting how they test for coronaviruses (which the majority of humans will test positive for having), not COVID-19.
    Interesting how they test for COVID-19 antibodies (which the majority of humans will be negative), not coronaviruses.
    This means you do not need to get a vaccine.
    This means you could make vaccines from the people’s antibodies, not from the crap they are made from now.

  • archvizwiz says:

    I suggest you all watch this.

  • Tanner Tanner says:

    Thanks for your time and consideration to share.. Good night.. I responded back to you as soon as I saw your message 🥰😍.

  • Afrosistaaa says:

    The goverment may have started this, but God will finish this.

  • Thomas Thomas says:

    Wohoo I got them!! Thanks so much

  • Monkey JumpStarr says:

    its it true only gays get covid?

  • Paul Johnson says:

    I do wish mainstream media would get the facts before reporting Chloroquine as “untested.” Studies have been done as far back as 2005 as documented below;
    Journal virology August 22, 2005 Chloroquine is a POTENT inhibitor of SARS Corona virus infection and spread. Article #69.
    One of the top virologist in the world Dr. Didier Raoult states it is safe and preferred for this use. Many doctors are using it safely and with great success.

  • 1959Berre says:

    How does it feel to have a clown calling the shots?

  • Janusha says:

    American poverty was a problem before and continues to be a problem now.

  • Michael Maze says:

    Mannequins, actors and liars. That’s the only problem. Stop encouraging them people and pay attention. It’s easier to fool the masses than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled. I just don’t see how anyone can fall for this crap. Hold on, the Easter bunny is here he wants his Trix back… so fn stupid

  • Jupiter Stars says:

    11:04 terrible that those people have to deal with a tornado at the time of an virus outbreak !!! The numbers there will definitely go up now due to so many having to be inside public shelters !!! May God be with us all !

  • juggliar says:


    There is no Iceberg.
    We won’t hit an iceberg.
    I knew it was an iceberg before anyone else knew.
    No one knows icebergs better than I do.
    The penguins brought the iceberg here.
    No one could have predicted the iceberg.
    We cannot allow an iceberg to stop our ship.
    The crew is spreading fake news about icebergs.
    Some of you have to drown.
    I am the best captain, ask anyone.

  • j u n g k o o k a e s t h e t i c says:

    The calls that are up to Trump, is going to get us all killed.

  • Alysia Williams says:

    Soooooo, no one in this administration is wearing a mask. Not even Dr. Fauci. Why? All of them are elderly too. This virus is no joke.

  • Harris, Melvin Leroy says:

    You media are insane there is no Covid 19 it is all a song and dance the issue is the G-5, not Coronavirus or Covid 19 these two Illnesses are a excuse at best. A means to a end as the G-5 mimic Pneumonia as the inferred G-5 causes the Oxygen to be boiled right out of the blood system and this is why the people are so ill. The Corporate Franchise Vendors are who created this illness and are who is trying to destroy America with this insanity they a Franchise system only has Authority over its employees and it corporate businesses it has created period. The Corporate system do not have the Authority to force there rules and regulations on we the living people.

  • Mandy #humanityisntavirus says:

    The Dr.says on tv its such a dangerous pandemic but in the medical newsletter he says its nothing more than a flu😂😂 a mild flu at that!!!! Common sheeple wake up pls, they taking so many of our rights if we even have any left, smdh!!!!!
    Government don’t care about us!!!! Wake up!!! Stand up!!! Grow a backbone ppl please, we are being played and lied toooooooooooo!!!!!

  • John Riede says:

    Sure are a lot of 33 numbers in this news?Coincidence? I think not!

  • Henry Stone says:

  • T B says:

    Americans self panic put themselves in contact to people with flues in general. Must go to shop where the sick congregate

  • T B says:

    I just find it interesting how paranoid stupidity causes such a high number of cases and astronomical number of casualties compared to any other country. I know your health care sucks but still, whatever measures have been put in place have failed beyond ony other country on earth. When it reaches @ million deaths will something change?

  • T B says:

    Oh my, new world order has actually come to us. Didn’t believe in that crap but now it’s happening

  • Samsng Device says:

    9:53 Bzzz I see a bunch of crack.

  • Luis Giannetta says:

    Make money on your phone!!!


    R.I.P Doctor Li Wenliang a Hero who tried to warn us. Thwarted by ccp Evil.

  • Tieishier White says:

    Prayer always cure my sickness try it god is waiting y’all…

  • Ceoplentymoney says:

    United States & Rome is Cursed !

  • AL Dor for shore says:

    The scary virus show isn’t scary anymore can you write something a little bit more scarier, how about North Korea shoots missiles again,☺🙏🏻 or Saddam Hussein is still alive🤩 that would be really scary.😱😱

  • mike peterson says:

    Lester=terrorist cabal mouthpiece

  • Mike Hawk says:

    Biden openly gropes children.
    How is he even considered for the position?
    Oh ya, it’s a normal thing for the dems.

    • V says:

      Of course the President who openly states he would date Ivanka if she weren’t his daughter, referring to her in an Interview “as a nice piece of a$$” is Ok with you??

  • JOSE MERCED says:

    Mind over matter…… May God Blesd you all!

  • Howard Massicotte says:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” C.S. Lewis

  • C Alphabet says:

    This is a fake virus

  • Peter H. J. says:

    Mr. Trump, do you think that you´re power or the Synagogue of Satan´s power is that big?

  • ImageofdafatherAdamah LightofYAHAWAH says:

    Judgement Day coming by thine God of Israel…

  • G59 says:

    All that food wasted

  • Kathleen Polly says:

    He had the TOTAL AUTHORITY to safeguard the country………HE DIDNT!

  • Sophia Coronado says:


  • Gethealthy44 says:

    This information concerning flue deaths is inaccurate. Flue season in 2017-18 resulted in 80,000 deaths in America, not “flue deaths in one day”. Oh, and 80,000 people died with no overwhelmed hospitals or news coverage

  • Annie Jonz says:

    What about the number of people who are recovering?? No one talks about the recovery rate!

  • Sakia Cottrell says:

    Wait he said it’s up to him not the governors now? After he told all the governors it’s not his job to find ppe? Did I hear that right?

  • Jeffrey Ledbetter says:

    Omg he didn’t start out with “breaking news “.

  • Armagedon026 says:

    Watching this looks like plagues and its not over either its just beginning.

  • Richard Owens says:

    ANSI Pelosi she needs to be arrested we need the National Guard to go there to her house Orchard Washington and pick up Knight Apollo see take her to a courtroom give her a little trial put her in the bottom of a F-16 with Obama I Tech Obama and night C Hillary Clinton and take them and drop them out over Kenya give them a little parachute and drop them into Kindle we’re Obama’s Daddy can pick them up. And they need to take Joe Biden also would Barack Hussein and drop him out also over Kenya. They need to take that Elizabeth Warren also in the bottom of a F-16 and drop her out with Obama and Kenya. That Elizabeth Warren she talked crazy who would want her to vote she don’t talk right

  • KABLE 819 says:

    Who’s job is it to contact Department of Agriculture about the National Guard utilizing trucks to distribute basic crops ?

  • Mcr Red says:

    Why dosnt he mention CHINA enymore

  • GravyWaves says:

    “Playful request for beer”

  • Jasper Jack says:

    Nobody listens to the Democrats and the media anymore. At best they’re good for a few laughs. We’ve been lied to. This is all about a massive power grab. Heads up America.

  • Christian Christiangirl says:

    Start reporting the truth and real issues….the government taking away freedoms, idiots.

  • Chad Erickson says:

    News like this is poison

  • Biscuit89 says:

    Fake news

  • Vickie Chambless says:

    Why are you coming up on my thread with this fake Propaganda! I don’t want to see your NWO.. Channel!

  • TheDonna1959 says:

    Get back to “normal” by May 1st? I don’t think so. How is this possible? There is a lot of unpredictability related to Covid-19! Returning to this so called “normal” life provides a false sense of security, reinfecting people, & losing more precious lives! We need scientific & medical proof that it will be safe to do so! 😡😡😡

  • Kyle Kersthold says:

    Here is an interesting Covid 19 facts

  • QueenMarifa says:

    I wonder how many of those dead where on respirators… doctors are saying the protocol they are using is not correct and hurts the lungs more than helps ..

  • Miriam Chartier says:


  • picturefish40 says:

    arrested for not wearing a mask, what happened to protect and serve, all they had to do was give him a mask (protected other commuters ) while the officers (served) him a mask. poor judgment!

  • Ahany ym says:

    Of course they will say It has stabilized because they obviously want to reopen businesses asap…

  • ginalepa says:

    Omg this psychopath governor Cuomo is talking to us like We are 2 years old
    “” the worst is over…. unless ….. we do something wrong

  • John Woolums says:

    Pushing for vaccines hard!

  • SuperMarbelle says:

    Crazy to waste food. Not sure why the ” have to ” dump milk and plow under food, but it needs to stop. Just give it to who ever will take it, if you can’t ship it.


    What is GOD telling you? . REAP the world wind Republican’s

  • Mario Bugeja says:


  • Mario Bugeja says:

    Idont understand you have so many tornadoes and keep building wooden houses why? those aria have to use bricks and concert sealing

  • kuiama23 says:

    Maybe FEMA is now in charge after all and Trump is basically CEO. LOL

  • thomas wisner says:

    Just watch we open up the country should start getting back to normal and because we didn’t wait a little bit longer we take f****** 50 steps back

  • Bonnie LaPan says:

    Well I say the President needs to go to New York for a week

  • Umidjon Kadirov says:

    lot of coranavirus

  • James Rodrigues says:

    That broad doctor spread it

  • Laura Serene says:

    i bought washable masks from it came in 2 days. In case anybody needs. We have to protect ourselves.

  • Toni Tucker says:

    The dude in the tease can use his beard as a mask…Bearded men have automatic protection…just 4 laughs…God/Jesus loves us all…

  • Ziggy Khan says:

    This is all because of China… CHi Nah should pay for this 🤬

  • Angie Hier says:

    Why aren’t they using hydroxychloroquine it heals my goodness

  • Angie Hier says:

    Too many things wrong with this news… throwing away good decent food looking to new drugs for a cure when we already have drugs that cure and they won’t use them this doesn’t make sense what is going on in America?????
    Hydroxychloroquine heals the only time it did not heal is when it was given too late or the people had other complications in their body and just could not fight this like any other regular flu where that can happen ….nothing to do with the drug itself