NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 6th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/17
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - April 6th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

U.S. set for difficult week as coronavirus death toll surpasses 10,000, inside ICU at one of America’s hardest-hit hospitals, and growing concern over religious liberty and public health as holy week begins.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:55 Surgeon General: This Week Is ‘Our Pearl Harbor’
5:00 Cuomo: ‘Possible Flattening’ Of Curve In New York
7:33 U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson In ICU With Coronavirus
9:23 White House: No Change In Health Protections For Trump
10:10 Fauci In Heated Clash Over Drug Touted By Trump
12:30 Inside ICU At One Of America’s Hardest Hit Hospitals
14:55 NBC’S Kate Snow Caring For Husband With Virus Symptoms
16:55 Faithful At Risk As Some Houses Of Worship Stay Open
18:49 Tiger First Animal In U.S. To Test Positive, Are Pets At Risk?

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 6th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (105件)

  • Manly P. Crowley says:

    They would rather let people die than use a medicine that Trump believes in…and could receive credit for talking about it

  • D Carv says:

    Love how the host “cuomo” comes on air then the lady whos a journalist xes on tell idbbdr hub

    • D Carv says:

      Show the Bronx, show brooklyn… Dic.

  • Alanda Stevens says:

    Virus aint picking out race nor rich are poor

  • Hom FBH Souvan says:

    New Orlean should not run Marti Gras 2020. Now it is messy with COVID-19.

  • Vernita Lim Rich says:


    • Agya Heyford says:

      Play for God take care stay home I’m from Africa staying Malaysia

  • Bombs Militant says:

    All must fix their alternative lifestyle…. USA need to stop legalizing and allowing ungodly actions

  • corvette7444 says:

    Here is a quick question-how is the usa preparing for the spread of coronavirus with the migration of possibly millionns of migrant workers headed to work the farms across the nation.I bet no body thought about that right-have not heard 1 remark about it.Every year about this time legal and mostly illegal workers leave mexico and head north,all the way up to canada.So we have a new problem millions of people never tested spreading out again in the usa.They haven’t really tested or stay at home orders in mexico untill very recently,so this is going to start all over again.You think with all the news channels that someone might have figured this out-just bad reporting.I have read on average 1-3 million leave mexico and head north to work the farms across the usa.They wont go to the doctor because they will be brought back to mexico most times.So my opinion you will again see spikes even from remote farmland areas never before having it.

  • John Doe says:

    THis is pathetic. They are lied about WW1 WW2 Vietnam WMDs Iraq Chemical Weapons Syrian Chemical Weapons 9/11 Death of Osama. but this time they are telling the truth.

  • John Gladden says:

    #PEOPLE: *Thee Lord **#Jesus** is Tryin too Get your Attention* , ✝ ✝ #Hellooo..?? *Listen* , Go to #Bended Knee and *Recite this Prayer..* ( *DEF, **#NOT** A JOKE* ) Outloud Say: *LORD JESUS I #REPENT FOR ALL MY SINS, I SINCERELY ASK ULTIMATE #FORGIVENESS.

  • TorBangz Smi says:

    ” he didn’t know Mardi Grai could trigger a outbreak” he gotta be the dumbest!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed Lomonaco says:

    The true virus is the comments on this pile of crap they call news.

  • GLENN SHOTT says:


  • C Hunter says:

    This must be one of the biggest false flag “they” the GLOBALISTS COMMUNISTS have ever pulled off. Bill Gates and co ran an ACTUAL simulation of a virus going pandemic in October last year at John Hopkins, New York. The virus they chose to play with (or exercise with) was the Corona virus… Out of all the viruses, they picked Corona?? Bill Gates Simulation:
    This link contains the spread of the virus in the made imo media with a made up tv channel called GNN (not CNN) and actor reporters talking “live on air” to the citizens.. It’s all an exercise. Or was it?
    These people are very dangerous.

  • John Mayers says:

    One question: Why are worldwide all hospital’s empty?

  • raak more says:

    2Chronicles 7:14 please everyone please its are only hope what more has to happen before people realize

  • Allan Chapman says:

    A lot of mistakes have been. In the UK we are waiting for the storm. Already it is ripping through nursing and residential homes. 15 doctors and nurses already dead. There is no front line. 9 London bus drivers have died. The home deaths are not being recorded from the virus

  • SeanErvinProPainting Business says:


  • joanne jones says:

    Am sorry but not sure where this surgeon general has been but he really should go back.

  • James Guthrie says:

    Pa is under a stay at home order but can still do whatever they want what kind of order is that!!!

  • He Was Dead When I Got There says:

    This is fear mongering

  • Ala McNamara says:

    Mainstream media should be sued for working with the government to exaggerate the corona virus for profit. The media profits and the politicians profit with the corruption stealing large portions of the 6 trillion dollars

  • RandomU5erName says:

    Was a lot easier when Americans saw what was happening in Wuhan, pointed fingers and thought it could never happen here.

  • hzdc5d says:

    NBC official US outlet of the Chinese Communist Party

  • Zylpha Aziza says:

    One lady in the protest is not wearing a mask.

  • Blessing Njekezana says:

    Um virimayi zvichauya in Zimbabwe l have apart to say about coronavirus ,,better treatment is to mix ,,tsunami ,,galic and lemon ,,evry 5hrs ,,

  • Syonah Williams says:

    This is crazy 🥺 i worked two jobs but now I’m unemployed🤦🏾‍♀️ financial help that they claim to be give out is taking a long but renters are insisting rent for this month. Just praying hoping to keep a roof over my head. God bless everybody and good luck

  • Kathleen says:

    These nurses are really something else…that career is a calling and if only we could all live and act with such compassion and love. Thank you all who care for those who can’t care for themselves.

  • Blue Bird says:

    I bet Trump or someone he knows have stock in the medications he’s endorsing. He probably played a part in this Virus being put out into the public.

  • dIaMoNd wAgNeR says:

    Do y’all realize that people just need to learn how to calm down wash your hands and stay home unless you actually need food drinks toilet paper etc but they have to be needs not wants🙏🏽bless you guys tho🤍💕

  • J R says:

    Normally us cheeseheads aren’t so darn easily fooled into voting in these republiCONS, which DON’T have the peoples best interests at heart.

  • programmer says:

    welcome T-VIRUS all over the world

  • J R says:

    Question if you have the antibodies, assuming you can’t get it again, but can you be immune but still spread it to those of us following the rules, who haven’t been exposed?

  • Field of Blood says:

    This more fake news


    Give us this day our daily bread.
    Forgive us for our social trespasses as we forgive those who social trespass against us. And Lead us not into temptation , but deliver US from Evil. Amen

  • Crystal Daughter of the Sun says:

    They’re acting. I can see it in their face.

  • Kimberly Howard says:

    I just ran into a picture taking white tee shirt pundit on my walk, there’s something amazing about bringing the criminals to you.

  • Michael Crawford says:

    Only way to stop the spread get a new president with common sense. But most of all seek the creator now

  • osman matsah says:

    O mankind.please read the will know what life and death really means

  • Jimmy Johnson says:


  • Allen Hetrick says:

    Then there are a lot of liars on this site.

  • ListenLearn LoveLinkup says:

    Deaths surging!!! Dire shortages! Hospitals empty!! It’s a hoax. See for yourself.

    • Anthony W says:

      I can’t believe people are so naive…look at 06:13 that’s an empty casket lol…why are they doing this its enraging!

  • Mezbha Khazi says:

    please spray our city to disinfect the city like china and europe to save our lives:

  • black out says:

    What a bunch of lieing devils..all liers,everyone of them

  • Anthony W says:

    80,000 last year from flu died…why the outrage now

  • Papa Son says:

    Sorry to say this but the churches should be closed and if not they individually need to be fined they’ll stop going real quick…God is with us everywhere not jus Cuz it’s a church are we bound to it

  • Anthony W says:

    At 06:13 that’s an empty casket…why is the News doing this? They’re scaring everyone

  • Papa Son says:

    I just think this is a way of controlling our population and marshal law is coming. My
    city crime has went down a lot and yet we are paying a lot of money to fly the choppers and for police are everywhere so why the high demand of policing…they fly over telling people to break up when there’s not even nobody close to one another and yet we still see crowds violating orders having fun fishing in spots not habitable for us in front of park rangers and sports practices with more than 10 people..people still using park tables for exercising when taped off, playgrounds are also being used and cops stop and violate people’s rights when they actually are complying seen and heard from other in my city

  • Papa Son says:

    Oh and XMAGYM in Santa Clara County is a gym where LAW Officials go to train and workout and they been still been running this business. Where is the enforcement and fines for all who break this covid19 pandem ic guidelines please treat all equally after all they should know better they are the law

  • Patrick W.o.w says:

    America and Great Britain are guilty of Genocide.. Your control and lack of Control has put Billions of Humans at Danger points.. We see how y’all have treated people before the Virus.. And you Definitely will be REMEMBERED.. All who have been in Power…

  • A Team says:

    Religion and brain washed fools!🤦‍♂️

  • ME O says:

    🌎🌏🌍❤Let’s ask for forgiveness while we are still breathing… Jesus Christ Our Lord and saver, forgive me for my sins, Amen

  • Christopher Stubbs says:

    How the r@#$ does a tiger get tested for ccp virus when it’s hard for humans to get tested?..

  • Nelle Nelle says:

    Please people vote for Competence, this November. This current administration is not it . Incompetence kills. Please people.

  • Rogue Nation says:

    “Fear will keep the systems in line. Fear of this battle station.” -Tarkin

  • Justice erim Junior says:

    We have the best Doctor in world we have all the equipment stay calm American there’s nothing you should worry about 😥😥😥

  • Rafaela Mora says:

    This is mainstream media propaganda. Leftist liberals want to collapse our economy. Leftist liberals want to collapse our country so they can bring in socialism.

  • San Diego Kat says:

    Get repaired for the next white hand made virus coming 2021-30 👍🖕

  • Rafaela Mora says:

    Boris Johnson looks like he was poisoned. I don’t believe this propaganda.

  • San Diego Kat says:

    If he dies he dies !

  • Rafaela Mora says:

    If those elderly people didn’t go out, how did they get it? This is propaganda. Government is just killing elderly people in nursing homes to see if they can get away with it. Leftist liberals want to collapse our economy. That’s all this is.

  • Jk Kos says:

    The Chinese Communist Party has blood on their hands and the entire world needs to hold them accountable.

    • Dally Castillo says:

      We have as much to blame – government was talking about this in september – no one did nothing!!! so before we point one finger out – think about it.

  • The kid California says:

    Gods law says to follow the laws of the land

  • The kid California says:

    I am Christian and these people are stupid

  • master mort says:

    It is a very sad situation. Corona vuris continues to spread rapidly in the world. Worldwide deaths will increase if the vaccine is not found as soon as possible. I wish I hadn’t lived at this time. But such events have occurred in every period and people have been victorious. Every person should fight this virus on their own and apply their own quarantine. the elderly and those with chronic diseases should never go out. its neighbors must meet the food and shopping needs of such people. We are going through a period when it is very important to help each other. We should always help each other, not just at this time ..

  • PREMIUM Bee says:

    Using the blk guy to be the spokesperson for the virus or whatever it is, very suspicious

  • Lucky Sinclair says:

    Please Kate stay strong your have to be the main strength, however speak positive thoughts keep believe and tell yourself that your husband will recover in The name of the Most High God, please keep giving him warm lemon water with ginger,my prayers are with all of you,💯💯💯♥️♥️🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • Aaron Doering says:

    Fake news

  • Tommy Tutone says:

    Lock them up.  every single one of them.  For one yr.  bread and water.  never do it again.  True isolation  then they will understand what social distance means

  • A B says:

    They say that countries who have mandatory bcg vaccination are more resilient to the virus

  • Dread Legend73 says:

    America’s Pearl Harbor moment was 911, and not this pandemic.

  • Gary Smith says:

    The news should be charged with terrorism and psychological warfare

  • Randy Kiomall says:

    It’s funny these libturd stations only concentrate on devilcraps states

  • a s says:

    I am a medical doctor from Bangladesh I have been living in New York City for the last five years and I have been paying taxes from my income to New York City. I completed all the medical license and exam in United States which is very good number. I applied for residency in internal medicine and I received some interviews but no one offered me any position. It is so frustrating that your people is dying in front of you and you cannot do anything though I have experience working in ICU but I cannot do anything for my people. Some of the programs offered a residency position to students from other states even other countries but no position for me and I am a US citizen.

  • Karen Hermon says:

    Awww…great wife you are precious and I am so sorry but thank you for sharing. I feel god will bless you.

  • Cheech1968 says:

    I’m not convinced all of these deaths are truly Covid-19 related. Even the cdc states that anyone dying who tests positive for the virus is to be counted as having died as a result of the virus. Where are the stats for pneumonia, heart attacks, or event he flu? Seems like deaths related to those conditions has dropped to near zero. Is Covid-19 the cure for all of those previous killers? I think not.

  • DEEPAK BHOI says:

    At 5:43 they are doing morning walk in the Pandemic. Are you kidding me?

  • DEEPAK BHOI says:

    CHINA MURDERED mankind. It is threat to all mankind. All countries should be united against china after the Pandemic is over.

  • Henry Brown says:

    Well it’s Trump dumass fight he fired the world global doctor’s because he 2017 to dumass voters Trump played with our lives and game don’t like Obama and knew about this decease around 2017 he said he’ll make America great again well your dumass votes killing you and your family and friends and kids it’s a disgrace to the United States of America and he told them that it’s all a host lmao red hats can’t 😂 see them know where

  • Robert Robrahn says:

    Trump: Yeah, Pence and I are healthy.
    Everybody else: Stay the F away from me.

  • Casa Rio says:

    It is so moronic that this can become a “be a prisoner at home or have freedom by going out” kind of thing. For once can these people put rhetoric and dogma behind and just stay home, bite the bullet etc. so that so many other can have the “liberty” and “freedom” of not having to die because of other people’s selfishness?

  • Jerry Blanton says:

    America your government is killing you with nuclear weapons

    • Jerry Blanton says:

      Then they are gonna blame it on the Nazi movement blame it on the white nationalist terrorist

  • TP says:

    10,000 is 0.0003048% of the 327,000,000 in the us hardly a pandemic 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Martina G says:

    That tiger story must stop so as the fake news

  • Aida Arquita says:

    Stay at home is the best remedy

  • Virginia Bowling says:

    It about time he take time to stand up for our country YES YES.

  • World Traveler says:

    We new Yorker can baroow vineliators next week to Florida go relax

  • Adrian Beiderbecke says:

    Surgeon General I recommen you should resign immediately ! Shame on you ! lack of leadership!
    More than a few months ago Wuhan have been reported new unknown SARS outbreak!

  • Brad S says:

    A needed message for churches, please watch:

  • Frank Wies says:

    Trump has blood on his hands. He only cares about how this has impacted his businesses.

  • Farhat Ameen says:

    dramatic fake news.

  • Kenna Emerald says:

    Every two weeks they guess a different peak…. 🙄

  • Chris Amk says:

    Whoever did it?

  • Khairul ezam Nor hassan says:

    American doesn’t educate enough about covid 19

  • joe tiser says:

    Gov Cuomo say’s glimmer of hope. where are the leftist news commentators complaining about “happy talk” ?????

  • Victoria Ajang says:

    In our gace

  • Legend K. says:

    Boris was licking Chinese people. Regretting PM?

  • Bella Reana says:

    Hi dolls I’m new to YouTube checkout my page. Like, come t and subscribe💞💞

  • blackflag 33rd says:

    What a load of rubbish you people should be ashamed of the lies you are spreading here’s the truth


    Why this so called leaders don’t die when they contract corona….smdh

  • A 2 Z MEDIAS JUST 4 FUN says:

    “#Break the chain” campaign to combat corona virus(covid-19)