NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 4th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/17
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 4th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Grim new projections as U.S. coronavirus deaths near 70,000, states begin reopening as tempers flare over coronavirus safety restrictions, and as malls reopen, some stores remain closed.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:33 Report: 3,000 U.S. Deaths Per Day Projected By June
4:13 Over Half Of U.S. States Begin Reopening As Tempers Flare
6:37 Dozens Of Malls Reopen With New Health Protections
7:15 Macy’s Reopen 68 Locations Across The Country
8:17 Change In Store For Best Buy, Whole Foods & Starbucks
8:47 Kroger, Costco Impose New Limits On Buying Meat
9:22 Meat Plant Partially Reopen After 800+ Workrs Infected
9:44 CDC: 5,000 Meat Plant Workers Infected In 19 States
10:52 Major U.S. Airlines Now Require Passengers Wear Masks
12:19 Carnival Cruise Line To Resume Service August 1
12:42 New Rules At U.S Airport As Travels Slowly Return
13:12 Covid-19 Linked To Rare Mystery Condition In Children
15:10 FDA Cracking Down On Inaccurate Antibody Tests
16:41 Expert Cautions About Hopes Of Vaccine By Year’s End
17:39 Inside Italy As Europe’s Longest Lockdown Eases

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 4th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



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  • 70two says:


  • Gato Meow says:

    everyone who is to have contact with trump has to be tested….trump is going to be the only survivor…

  • Brent says:

    wearing a mask is a sign of your willingly submission to your tyrannical rulers. the only way we return to any normalcy is a long over due revolution

  • Juci Shockwave says:

    Just wear the mask and pretend you are a ninja. >_> Gesh! People can’t even think of it as cosplay opportunity.

  • Mr 77777 says:

    Welcome to the scare network

  • Pedro Libra says:

    Fear,Fear, Fear. Best way to control you. Fake news at their best!

  • lucymary kempe says:

    please look at christies statement about sacrifice. Mr. Trump is a shallow, dismal example of a human being. He would have to care about humanity. He wants to get rid of the old, people with other health issues, obese, diabetic, cyctic fibrosis, MS, parkensons and people of color. This looks like Mr. nazi Millers’ ideas. Have we seen this movie before, yes when we sacrificed in wwii, christie says we will have to accept sacrifice.

  • Victoria Tabrez says:

    What you think stay away 6feet from each other and l do pedicure and manicure ?pray for me l don’t want to work I’m scaring 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Samuel says:

    Dr.s are falsely labeling respiratory illnesses of a different nature as of COVID-19 to spike the averages. How many people have died from the vaccine due to adverse antibody stimulation? GIVE US THOSE STATISTICS!

  • Wubin Yang says:

    Thousands people died ,but none of Trump’s family business

  • angie p says:

    Besides the virus are the hornets too….

  • Sebastian Chung says:

    Any one flights from NY should be checked out…

  • Juci Shockwave says:

    Good grief! How embarrassing a nation we’ve become. O_o We were once a great nation which together were able to fight off TB, Spanish Flu, Polio, The Great Depression, and WW2 at the same time without killing or trampling on one another. We were able to help each other, grow Victory gardens in our own yards, practice rationing and frugality to the point of perfecting it better than anyone else on Earth. 100 years later and the Coronavirus has shown how far the United States has fallen and how weak and pathetic its people are. :~(

  • Frank R says:

    what is the point wearing surgical masks in the taxi or airplane ? totally useless

  • lightzout says:

    Biowarfare bioterrorism nuke China over this coronavirus!!!!!

  • Daniel T says:

    Any wagers on who Trump and his followers will blame once the deaths go back up?

  • gabriela sanchez says:

    Hello everyone, do they not understand that it doesn’t matter if they don’t have a temperature. We won’t pass out if we don’t eat meat for a couple more weeks. What if the person handling are asymptomatic?

  • Starla KS says:

    What about the workers? Even the people cleaning the planes didn’t have a mask on!!??!!

  • Angela Lynn says:

    I think the guy wiping his nose on another person is a criminal. That is assault

  • Skeptical Chris says:

    5:11 county sheriffs refuse to enforce the law?

    Then they can hand over their badges and expect no more employment.

    Their jobs is to enforce the law, not to arbitrarily choose which one they want and don’t want to follow.


    NBC News IS the enemy of the people! #Trump4Eva

  • julieartemova says:

    fear-mongering news. Do you have anything positive to say on your news channel ever? or is your job to get Americans back in our holes? More reasons I watch FOX NEWS. and highly recommend to all NBC viewers to switch. There is actually medical data presented and no fear spreading.

  • Beverly Boo says:

    I’m essential so I’ve been working but as far as doing all that other unnecessary stuff I’m not going nowhere. They can open if they want but I never went before COVID so I won’t be going after COVID.

  • ya yo says:

    The mayor of Chicago looks like a crackhead

  • KLOLWTF says:

    wtf is that creature that is apparently the ‘mayor’ of chicago?

  • xlioilx says:

    Fake News: “CHINA-19 only infects and kills people over 50 years old. Trump is so stupid for warning everyone HAR HAR HAR Republicanz so dumb! hahaha!!!”
    Fake News 2 weeks later: “Children are being infected and dying at an alarming pace from CHINA-19 bio weapon. it’s Trumps fault these kids weren’t taught to social distance and fear this virus.. STUPID TRUMP! “

  • Gregory Genross says:


  • Sue Armstrong says:


  • jomat4678 says:

    Aha.. the fall of Babylon has finally come and the nations are confused and angry over their own predicaments. Wonder what they will do when the remaining 6 plagues come? Hide under a rock?

  • Malik Thomas says:

    5:00 nah at that point you dont have to worry about corona….. Just how hard your going to hit the floor

  • BarbadosB86 says:

    This is disgusting just disgusting

  • Zeinab Abbas says:


  • Five Dee says:

    5:23 Beetlejuice?

  • Very Opinionated says:

    It feels so wrong to say, I hope they experience the Coronavirus.

  • Kit Wright says:

    Трамп это кусок марионеточного дерьма на каблуке Путина ……………

  • Tony Amzedel says:

    The Failed Steaks salesman is trying to save the steaks/meats industry! Oh, he irony! LOL Sorry, fatties your all gonna have to eat a normal diet for once!

  • Vala Fitzpatrick says:

    Relaxing the Rules is premature. There is talk of relaxing things here in Australia. It is so wrong. I am exercising my right to stay safe and alive.

  • Vala Fitzpatrick says:

    Ignorance is BLISS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kemp English says:

    My local mall just closed forever. Over 100 businesses that were inside have been affected and are likely to close forever as well.

  • j leigh says:

    In a month, these people will either be dead or very ashamed of themselves.

  • Sandy Allen says:

    Returned clothing are going to be held off the shelf for only 24 hours!?! Not long enough

  • kristybeyond says:

    poeple die? who cares, let open everything

  • MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster says:

    Why don’t admit this isn’t the covid19 we all first thought. 5G and these satellites orbiting Earth May be harmful to us

  • Lotso The Bear says:

    There are those who take absolutely no precautions in slowing the spread of the virus. There are those who think they aren’t going to get infected. There are those who think it’s a conspiracy. The fact is people are getting infected and are dying.

  • RonJamz says:

    Why do people still go to malls?!

  • Seanpatz World says:


  • Campanelli says:

    When will these deceivers shut up and stop this hoax?

  • Josh Richards says:

    The good news is with everyone wearing masks I can fart as much as I want in public when I go to buy the essentials and not have to worry about offending people 👍

  • Crusty Cobs says:

    A stupid leader allows stupid people to act stupid.

  • Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro says:

    Most all models said do not open. Look at Spanish flu. It is a cycle. Now look. Every model said hold I appreciate the movement on the economy though.

  • Nency Baroi says:

    I don’t understand why people can’t realize we are in a serious pandemic, like this is like the Great Depression all over again. If people just quietly corporate things would move faster. The possibility of spreading cases will stop if people just stayed home. This process will last longer if people continue to go outside and not have masks, etc. We all want this to end, that will happen if everyone just do as said by experts.

    • Chris Crumpton says:

      just do as said by the experts.. its the experts pushing this plandemic. take it for what it is because this is the push for the mark of the beast. he will cause all small and great rich and poor to receive a mark either on their forehead or their right hand. I will not test i will not vaccinate and I will not comply. even if that means people have to die. they wont take me alive.

  • Julie says:

    he used the defense production act for meat as soon as he heard the meat industry was having trouble, but had to hesitate to sparingly use it for PPE earlier? we should support the workers in all industries but we can live without meat.

  • Nolove40 says:

    If people still believe that this come from Wuhan!! Then your stupid!!

  • Paul an American says:

    NBC nothing but china

  • Aurora Peña says:

    Lori Lightfoot rocks!

  • milly riley says:

    lies lies lies keep fearmongering now media

  • cedrick samaniego says:

    Infected meat?

  • Navy Flyer says:

    Has this Society accepted the new normalcy of 3000 deaths a week in America and we go on with economists as usual? We have had to take care of ourselves. No testing still not available. But the economy can open back up and I can buy as much liquor and government-owned medical marijuana as I want. Thanks for the health care plan Trump.

  • Dark Helmet says:

    The numbers a fake because Hospitals are payed extra for a CCPvirus death.

  • America Lost says:

    News shows like NBC continue to report the protests in a way that exaggerates the numbers involved. Trying to create news for ratings rather than fairly and calmly reporting it…

  • Queen Kissie This A'int Right says:

    This will be a new world Oder‼️Take it how you wanna ‼️

  • Franco Bohorquez says:

    Why people listen to this MF lier

  • Noah Rosenblum says:

    MSM: Keep repeating that the “Sky is Falling”, and eventually you’ll believe it. Place a negative spin and they’ll believe it; Place a positive spin and they’ll believe it. report the news and do NOT allow for your (EGO) adversarial stance get in the way = Journalism.

  • Radiation is GOD says:

    5:20 Those black women in Chicago are huge!

  • DebraAnna Shanghai says:

    Really America?? No country in the whole world is behaving like this!!

  • Stevena Carlos says:

    Coronavirus is the normal everyday thing for many poor global aa far back as 30 years this is not new to us !

  • dan mac says:

    gawd but theres a lot of stupid people down in yankeeland

  • Maggie Garden says:

    Oh Yes open the slaughter houses

  • E Irving Diaz says:

    Corona fake deaths.
    All deaths are classified as corona related deaths even when it is not.
    CDC is a privately owned company. google it.

  • VelvetSun says:

    Dumbasses, so many dumbasses.

  • VelvetSun says:

    People don’t even wash their hands people don’t even use condoms, you expect them to respect social distancing, the Government really is a joke.

  • piggyroo100 says:

    Interview Dr Mikovits. I dare you.

  • James Madison says:

    Name one reliable test kit outside of the lab.

  • Dennis Aitken says:

    She’s the MAYOR? Wow! Shitcago has REALLY gone down hill!

  • john cooper says:

    NBC doing what it does best, blathering and reporting baseless opinions of the network.

  • Just Me says:

    Everything the globlists have dreamed of is coming true. Welcome to 1984. It’s only going to get worse.

  • JayyHarris Productions Tri-Cities, WA says:

    The reason why I like this new station is because they tell the truth all the time.

  • Ricky Boniconti says:

    *E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m*, look up in Google this with-out gaps is too doing exceptionally well for me. Easy easy bucks. working from a phone only also!

  • Frank Hughes says:

    You sheep are the real problem

  • Jay Hop says:

    This must stop

  • TheFinalBoss says:

    You couldn’t pay me to go out there!

  • สุรเดช เลาลี says:

    @trump donal..again again nobody believe me that…vaccine…use for…only stupid desease …mean that. american doctors.. is doing stupid..for wisdom desease….

  • Dan Harlow says:

    I don’t understand why people like Warren Buffet decide to sell stocks on a down turn when it’s clear the stocks will eventually go back up. It’s not like people are going to stop flying forever.

  • Brandy Glick says:

    Watch now!!!

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    Governors cannot and do not have the authority to close businesses – force you to stay home – shut down religious institutes without legislative due process and consent.

  • Tim Larlee says:

    The fake coronavirus pandemic now being promoted around the world is aimed at creating a world republic, P3 Freemason sources say. The coronavirus fear is also being used by the U.S. Corporation as an excuse for their February 16th default. Just like the proverbial schoolboy who said, “The dog ate my homework.” These people are saying, “The virus ate my financial system.” That is more face-saving than saying, “I got cut off because I haven’t been paying my bills for 40 years.” In any case, what this means is they have lost the ability to create central bank funny money to prop up markets and keep themselves in power.

    The owners of the U.S. Corporation have been using a coincidental mention of a deadly virus in a 1980’s book to propagate the message they have planned these events years ago. They used this to tell the Asians to “rollover our bonds or face the music.”

    The propaganda rag Popular Mechanics, of 9.11 BS infamy, has contributed to their fear-mongering with the following headline:

    “Welp, Scientists found 28 new virus groups in a melting glacier. This is how the world ends.”

    The answer given was “we will face the music,” Asian Secret Society sources say. “When the current battle of humanity versus the virus ends, a new battle will begin for sure.” they acknowledge, indicating they are in for the long haul.

    The good guys in the West, for their part, know the Chinese characters for crisis 危機 mean “danger” and “opportunity,” and are using this default to try and usher in a more benevolent system for taking care of the planet Earth.

    To this end the White Dragon Society has proposed the activation of a “Project Blue Beam” type event to the Anglo Saxon, “Five Eyes” alliance, WDS sources say. Project Blue Beam is a fake end-times scenario using holograms, computer graphics, and real military displays, they say. The idea would be to stage what is known as a liminal event, something like a wedding or a coming of age planetary ceremony, the sources explain. The proposal has not been finalized at this point, they add.

    While attempts have been made to debunk Project Blue Beam, there can be no doubt it’s technically possible. The ability to project giant holograms in the sky was proven in combat during the second Iraq war. Also, the use of computer graphics on TV news could now easily create a WWIII type scenario. By adding military forces in action, it would be easy to convince the sleepwalking majority that the event was real. Insiders like the readers of this newsletter could just relax and enjoy the show.

    In any case, there can be no doubt that the ongoing coronavirus panic is designed to pave the way for emergency military rule and the start of a world republic. What people need to keep in mind though, is that it’s all fake. Here, for example, is a frontline report from Italy on the pandemic:

    Italian Governor Zaia from the Veneto region said:

    “80% of all sick people heal by themselves, 15% need medication and 5% need to have hospital attention. All 17 people who died already, had advanced health issues. No healthy person who caught the coronavirus has died. It’s an alarm with no foundation. In the beginning they reacted the way they did because they didn’t have any real information about the virus. But after seeing what it is, the information is too exaggerated.”

    Before we describe more fakery though, we need to also point out some very serious special forces’ battles that are unfolding in several key locations around the world. The most important action is now taking place in…

    Zug, Switzerland, according to MI6 sources. A senior MI6 source said:

    “We believe Baron Nathaniel Rothschild is housed at a compound in Zug, Switzerland. SIS has been dispatched to ‘dislodge’ this last obstacle. Switzerland is tricky because it is home to the CIA, as I am sure you already know, and also in the more esoteric world a group called Swiss Octagon, who are what remains of the pharaonic bloodlines and pretty tough/dark characters at that.”

    It is interesting to note that Japanese Royal Family sources have previously told us they also came from Egyptian pharaonic bloodlines. That is why a serious battle is also taking place in Japan, according to Japanese right-wing sources. In order to force the Zionist puppet government of Shinzo Abe out of power the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be canceled, Japanese right-wing sources say. This will cause huge financial losses for Abe and his gangster friends and thus leave them open to payback, the sources added.

    On the surface in Japan, there is already deep panic about the so-called “novel coronavirus.” So far, schools have been closed nationwide, concerts and public events have been canceled and stores are running out of supplies. The photo below of a local supermarket, for example, shows all toilet paper and facial tissues have vanished from the shelves.

  • Bill Moore says:

    Watch “DOJ/State Dept DID NOT Side w/ Hillary Clinton on Motion to Avoid Testifying to Judicial Watch!” on YouTube

  • Jim Jones says:

    Fake news


    I am very sorry for the lost of your husband..

  • Angela S says:

    Praying for America to be synchronized. When All of Gov is out of sync, (waste)#taxpayer biz/people r out of sync, even with the Help/Loans. They forgot to stop the essential payments; mortgages, leases, rent, utilities, cars. Praying for everyone to start current with no behind payment ; added to what they are doing, nothing broken, nothing lost especially for the most financially vulnerable. People get anxious via virus orders.
    Esp, our college students should be fully compensated, Like Grants. Start Clean 🧽 🧽 🧽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    #usa #veterans #senators #congress #potus #business

  • Angela S says:

    We already have the protocols, What are we gonna do live in a bubble forever.

  • Jacques Graham says:

    O freetyo

  • Marlene Mcgovern says:

    Stop eating meat. Stay home. Wear a mask when venturing out. This corona will hit again and worse.

  • Ant Nam says:

    You must be on a suicide watch to catch a cruise in these times.

  • Keith Lallone says:
    Watch this video this is what the president is fighting share the video wake up it’s hard to watch you need to watch it you need to know what’s going on you need to know who’s running the country watch the video share the video

  • Tyrone Bass says:

    What are these crazy people doing…stay at home 😡😡😡😡

  • JOSUAL NEW says:

    So many ads worse than TV

  • Geoff S says:

    so let me get this straight viruses like the cold can survive on surface for two weeks right? and macys will hold items for 24 hours right? that does nothing.

    except actually if you put all the clothes in one room they cross contaminate eachother and if one employee puts them in the room and another employee talkes them out youve double the chances that the employee had corona and contaminates the items.

    are you stupid im not a doctor this was obvious in five seconds.

  • Pasquale Gelardi says:

    Fake news. More propaganda and crisis enabling