NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 26th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/17
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - March 26th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

New York City doctors in nation’s coronavirus epicenter speak out about crisis, New Orleans empty as Louisiana hard-hit by the coronavirus, and coronavirus deaths in U.S. top 1,000 as hospitals overwhelmed.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

2:00 NYC Hospitals In Epicenter Pushed To Breaking Point
5:15 New Coronavirus Hot Spots Emerging In South
7:30 U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 1,000
10:10 U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Hit Record 3.2 Million
13:00 First Responders In U.S. Hit By Wave Of Virus Cases
15:00 Italy Death Toll Over 8,000, Global Cases Top 500,000
16:10 Children Coping With Anxiety Over Coronavirus Crisis
18:50 Could Coronavirus Become A Seasonal Illness?
19:40 Neighbors Surprise For Young Cancer Patient

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 26th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • Boris Be loud us says:

    We need martial law

  • pure kim says:

    You need a Mask !!
    Please protect your face from droplet.
    Search for ‘make mask’ on YouTube.

  • Celia Chen says:


  • yesmin jahan says:

    Which clinic it is?

  • Wedi Tigray says:

    Corona Virus has revealed how badly mismanaged America is. Please Stay Home, Prayers to everyone!

  • mikei says:

    Infants have died…. it could have been prevented

  • mikei says:

    This is why you always have an emergency fund for emergency

  • Henry Greenhill says:

    Contact us for your N95 surgical Facemasks and hand sanitizer contact us at +17792282386

  • Woitek K says:

    Fear mongering on the masses.
    Welcome to 1984

    • Rennie Clara Luttrull says:

      Great books. I read the book in 1972. I thought it was fascinating and then I read animal farm.

  • AMERICANS First says:

    Blame CHINA

  • Donna Cobb says:

    More people die from the flu every year

  • Marc MyWords says:

    New York, and New Jersey. Must be Locked down! All tunnels and Bridges.

  • Just A Girl1962 says:

    WE have a suicide epidemic for YEARS and What is being done about THAT ?????????

  • George Washington says:

    Tell it to USA politicians backing up corona virus plague with terrorist
    sanctions on countries that fight corona virus. USA will pay the price
    for it too because it can not stop spreading this virus to USA from countries where USA treats that virus as bio weapon to back up its dirty interest.

  • Kay Adams says:

    Fake News.

  • native_ momma says:

    Some states need tougher restrictions.

  • Creative 8D says:

    Oh shut

  • Savi Rattan says:

    I will say sml is making that viruses🦠

  • Global Family says:

    Weirdly Cuomo said today that they have ventilators stockpiled (not enough for peak, but stockpiled).

  • Global Family says:

    Why did they still have Mardi Gras???

  • Ana F says:

    Prayer Lord Jesus stop this virus and help us forgive us of our sins and heal our nation in Jesus name I pray.

  • Mike Banks says:

    I think it’s bs

  • Leopoldo Ibanez herrera says:

    Mr. Donald Trump needs to come out clean and stop hiding the truth. Or this is really going to affect his second term in office. This whole time sounds like he knows the real truth but he’s been hiding it from us. We have the right to know the truth, I wouldn’t want him running for second turn if he’s not going to be honest with us

  • AmericanRelic2hear says:

    Things are bad, but we’ll get through this. #togetherwestand

  • Canaab Xusseen says:

    May God forgive us. I think we did something wrong and we are paying it so let’s pray and forgive each other. May God bless, stay strong and safe

  • Amadden mind says:

    Wow fear mongers this is totally bs

  • Gwen Renee says:

    I guess and it appears that the well-being of Black/Brown folks is yet still not relevant

  • Peter Torbay says:

    OK of all the US covid-19 deaths, how many of them had their flu shots last winter? And why don’t we know the answer? And why is nobody asked that question?

    Kind of a no-brainer. Medical experts say that you die of a ‘cytokine cascade’, an autoimmune response from having been exposed to the virus previously.

    Well nobody’s been exposed to this virus previously!! Then maybe it’s the flu shot that triggers a cytokine response! Maybe 100% of those who died from covid-19 received their flu shot last winter. Wow.

  • rich attom says:

    we lost 80,000 people in this country to the flu in 2018, 609,000 people die each year from cancer in the usa .37,000 americans die in car accidents each year.14,611 died in 2018 killed by guns ,72,000 americans die of drugs 2018

  • Ygor Lyon says:

    Panic Pushing Pukes

  • Frank Fernandes says:

    Mam I think the boys you cannot put in refresh ratio because in this way you are containing the virus. You should burn it off because if you Barry it will be still there and may effect the animal in ground.

  • S이와 says:

    Americans, please wear a mask~ Come home with a mask~ Wash your hands and put your clothes on the gourds separately and the spread will decrease. Leave the treatment to the doctor, and keep the individual to follow. The virus will not spread. I can do social life, I can go to work. It’s harder than the previous one, but 80 percent of the time it’s restored.
    In Korea, we do this.

  • C. Sphire says:

    I wonder if the viral load people are getting is higher due to the higher population densities than compared to rural counterparts populations.

  • สุรเดช เลาลี says:

    A good day at home

  • That_basketball_Person says:

    What happened to if you do good. Good will come to you how in the world would a police deserve to pass form the virus

  • aldryn garcia says:

    America will strike back aftr dis pandemic finish to does responsible for this virus outbreak that many people lost there lives..

  • Gregory Genross says:


  • Ernest Pena says:

    2 days ago the new stations we’re filming the comet above the Earth. Well if you remember correctly Nostradamus spoke of the passing of the comet. When the comet passes he said it will bring famine and sickness and tribulation to the Earth.

  • Disambiguation144 says:

    Wanna know a joke about coronavirus?
    You won’t get it

  • MegaCassie83 says:

    Well I live on the southeast side of Chicago and there is still potholes and trash everywhere

  • Ceci Swag says:

    Americans stay home this is no joke! You have to stay home, there’s no other way to stop the virus. And another thing careful with medicines made in China by companies from the U.S. l heard a lot of people have gotten even worse with those drugs, ( Coronavirus I wonder! ) who made and l mean MADE the virus ) and send it here and to other countries specifically the Allies 👀

  • Adrian Beiderbecke says:

    Don’t forget to put on your masks sir !

  • Ann Quah 0gbffjfvvfjvfifurbdirvudbucfcdvxu3vhvhbdhf says:

    CCP is the killer

  • Tim Yowell says:

    Good job lester. Sell the fear. Sell the fear. Already bad enough. And you guys have to make it worse

  • American Stealth says:

    With a population the size of NYC: 23 deaths in 24 hours is not a lot of people. This is not a big deal. Wait till fall: that’s when people will die in 12 hours or less, after showing symptoms.

  • American Stealth says:

    Do your research and save your family’s lives. Natural herbs are the only treatment there is for this illness. Medical science can only treat the symptoms. Zinc, Vitamin C and herbs like Ashwaganda can prevent sickness by boosting the body’s immune system. This is the only way to go and be in prayer.

  • Mick Peacher says:

    This appalling tragedy could have been prevented if all flights had been stopped weeks ago we might have stood a chance! People carried on traversing the globe as if their right to travel en mass was more important than trying to prevent a global PANDEMIC! We are dying of STUPIDITY.. ………

  • Mr Clean says:

    What is apocalyptic is having a leader like Trump at a time like this

  • Lisbeth Fajardo says:


  • Daniel Benson says:

    14:43 so proud to live in the bayou city of Houston Texas. Our calls are low and have been low thanks to everyone staying home, and now we have a curfew so no one is out. 😎🇨🇱💪🏽

  • Jean-Claude Arsenault says:

    News can be like a gallon of gas, spread fire, when too much Drama is shown. Regulation of News, would be in the so Emergency plan, that does not exist.

  • Yamilette Gitierrez says:

    Have faith

  • Rod McDonald says:

    So do we now call it the New York virus ?

  • jone goerge says:

    Please just stay at home 🏡 this is goof be you all. Thanks 🙏

  • Magic City Photography Magic City Flims says:

    NO LESTER, we’re NOT all routing for the POISONED vaccine.

  • Deepti ruhil says:

    Very good

  • Master Richie says:

    16:08 Awake children experiencing a pandemic expressed chaos, confusion and all the little things we took for granted perfectly.

  • Kingston Expatriate says:

    This episode is profoundly sad. I miss my kid, miss my family… overall miss being able to go outside at my convenience

  • redsonjaable says:

    Stop watching media
    Virus numbers will fall down

  • Lisa Reatherford says:

    I have a good friend, she is a nurse at a local hospital and they do NOT have enough medication to keep people on a ventilator as anyone would know if you have to be put on a vent you have to be put a certain medication to keep you sedated . She stated if or when she get covid19 she advised her husband to or put her on the vent due to the shortage of medication but she did state as well the way the covid19 is spreading there will not be enough ventilators .

  • Tayba Limom says:

    It’s strange, since China send help to USA.

  • Michael John says:

    Whats that blonde doctors name? I’ve seen her on tv, very smart and beautiful woman

  • Marty Gray says:

    I wondering what the dynamics of dear leader’s (only of his Al Queda/base) supporters will be when they start to get the virus?

  • Markus Ng says:

    Is sad to see what’s happening to US now but weeks ago many young people were still treating this as a joke. Proceed to partying, attending events in clusters enjoying life. When interviewed, most of them show no concern, being stubborn and selfish. These are the consequences of raising a fail and rebellious generation

  • Bill Hall says:

    Oh my God. I’ve had enough of you NBC fear-mongering jerks. They have a tentative cure they’re working on that is available soon. But is mainstream media telling you about this. No no no that would eliminate all of their fear-mongering.

  • 1323GamerTV says:

    f u lestor

  • MIRHXC924 says:

    Ayyy sign up for this pls, I need one more for a bonus 🤣

  • Ruth Foran says:

    Donald Drum shame on you and your family you cannot hold on to the governments budget and 💰 money not belong to you and your family you so desperate for money try to robbed the money like the way you try to robbed the military money in Ukraine

  • Sylvester Woodest says:


  • Raymond Hinds says:

    My sister is a Nurse in new Jersey… I worry about her every single day..

  • Rhonda Loop says:

    I’m sorry! But I ask?! Why is it so readily available for people that are on the big screen, well to do?! (As reported) So why is it so hard for citizens to obtain testing?!
    Are we not equal?! Those higher up!
    Obviously have extra tests hidden.

  • Evelyn Tompkins says:

    Don’t worry people I am stay home and stay safe too. Staying healthy and stay alive too. I am a survivor too. Yep. Just don’t let come to Virginia. Keep it in y’all state okay. Keeping everyone in my prayers and thoughts too. God bless everyone and good luck with everything too. May the Lord Jesus Christ watch over yall, protect y’all, and keep y’all safe and sound too. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with y’all and bless y’all forever and always. Amen. Praise God and the Lord Jesus Christ forever and always. Blessed it be. 😇✝️🙏🖖🤞🤙🤟🤘👌✌️👍💐🌹🥀🌷🌺🌸🕊️

  • CCU uu says:

    Dont lets this fools of the media scare you, there is thousands of people dying with cancer everyday and other diseases, more than 60000 died with regular flu in the last 3 months in the USA. Educate yourself please.

  • Evelyn Tompkins says:

    Me and my family haven’t catch this virse not one single bit. Thank God or the Lord Jesus Christ for that too. I hope or pray we never catch it or get it never too. Hope or pray we will survive and stay alive and stay healthy too. But I still hope or pray everyone else gets better real soon too. I hope or pray everything get better real soon and things get better real soon too. I hope or pray the world and our people or nation will heal, live, and survive too. Keeping everyone in my prayers and thoughts too. God bless everyone and good luck with everything too. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with y’all and bless y’all forever and always. May the Lord Jesus Christ watch over yall, protect y’all, and keep y’all safe and sound too. Amen. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ and God of Jacob forever and always. May the Guardian Angel of Micheal watch over us and protect us all forever and always. Amen. Blessed it be. Come on vaccine or cure and aditiode too. We need you strong medicine now. Hope or pray our people will get it soon. Hope or pray this virse goes away really soon too. Please go away you evil or mean virse. Shoo. Just die already God peace sake. We don’t like you and we hate you evil virse. Err. Boo hoo. Please Lord Jesus Christ save our people and world from this evil virse. Amen. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ forever and always. Blessed it be. 😇✝️🙏🖖🤞🤙🤟🤘👌✌️👍💐🌹🥀🌷🌺🌸🕊️

  • Eric Boyum says:

    Sky is falling America, for the 4th year in a row. Maybe it’s time for new narrative!

  • Gods Love says:

    Why all black people are dying.

  • Winter Nunya says:

    Gee, I know when school closed when I was a kid it was a day of glory. Wishes granted and Irish luck.

  • Nishan Thapaliya says:

    People are fighting for their lives here & we get to see the news on Kids Psychology!? That’s not even something to consider depending on the situation we’re dealing here. Be practical. These 5 crybabies are not the only kids in the world.

  • landmark says:

    What’s the big deal at least we dont have to suffer for years hearing politics

  • landmark says:

    Money for most adults that means for the house and senate.

  • Open House Texas says:

    New York had ventilators in the stockpile, why did they not send them?

  • landmark says:

    WatchThis truckers, ambulance drivers exempt from virus

  • landmark says:

    I never heard so much crapp in my life

  • landmark says:

    Baking soda

  • uppermostking02 says:


  • shannon dsouza says:

    When you put faces to death it’s scary 💀

  • Mz. YumYum14 says:

    It’s funny how I just watched a video they had an email in there from the doctor Who assist Trump and he stated in the email that this was nothing but a mild flu! I seen many videos where people went out to their local hospitals and testing centers and there is nobody there! This is a hoax and all you people are falling for it!

  • Benyamin Yisrael says:

    this is total BS!! they are boosting this sh%t to the fullest!

  • Odetta White says:

    May God keep and protect the truck drivers!!!!

  • zencat999 says:

    my late wife died from cancer. wooop wooop for her!!!! and she was a scientist working on camcer cures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • allyssa gray says:

    Thank you George for serving our country and braving death alone

  • Jessica Smith says:

    Stay home people so stats dont grow

  • Chad GROSS says:

    Stay late home go some times places

  • kfields0021 says:

    This pandemic is going to pull the veil off whats been going on in the American healthcare industry for a long time. There’s always been a supply shortage, nursing shortages and limited bed capacity. I’ve been in healthcare for 24yrs and its like working in a meat factory. Get them in and out as fast as you can. Quantity over quality. The healthcare system is very profit driven and everything is based on productivity and cost savings. In the hospital I’ve heard over and over “Oh that’s not in the budget or we’re over budget”. It’s definitely profits over safe care for the patients. The compassion, empathy and safe care has been thrown out the window for the love of MONEY!!! To all be safe, stay home and avoid the hospital if you can.

  • David Stone says:

    😀Relax Conservative American’s sleepy Joe Biden has Zero chance of being President ever. The poor guy has signs of senility. Pray for him. Joe Biden doesn’t know what State he is in when giving a campaign speech and has trouble put two sentences together that make sense. So sad. President Trump great leadership will give him a landslide victory in November 2020. 🇺🇸

  • Richard Walker says:

    This news is full of bs and just the wrong thing to be telling people.

  • JonBernard41 says:

    The END.

  • Timothy Haith says:

    Make chine pay for that premium

  • Laughing Gravy says: