NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 15th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/18
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 15th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Lockdown protests erupt as new coronavirus hot spots emerge, restaurants struggle amid concerns over how coronavirus spreads, and new effort hopes to train dogs to sniff out COVID-19.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:31 New Reopening As CDC Models Predict 100,000+ Death By June 1
04:42 Trump: U.S. Aiming For Vaccine By End Of Year
05:39 Trump Declares ‘Vaccine Or No vaccine, We’re Back’
05:52 Trump Not Wearing Mask At White House Event
06:07 FDA Warns Tests Used By White House May Be Inaccurate
06:45 Restaurants Open Outdoor Dining In Closed Streets
08:48 Inside American’s Patchwork Of Testing For Covid-19
12:40 Can America’s Children Go To Camp This Summer?
13:57 Wrongly-Convicted Man Still In Prison Amid Outbreak
16:32 Can Dogs Sniff Out Covid-19 In Humans?

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 15th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (100件)

  • Roger Borroel says:

    And when all those trump idiots get the virus, then I will laff at them as they SUFFER!

  • T Rock says:

    The administration needs to preach responsibility with the re-opening.

  • Maria-Edna Bon says:

    The national problem to a healthy recovery is the president. He should be tried with treason and crimes against humanity. I hope COVID19 teaches him a personal lesson. He deserves it.

  • T Rock says:

    Guilty Manafort and Tekashi out but the innocent man still behind bars on death row. “AMERICA!”

  • Glynna Schmehl says:

    I’m warning you, trolls. Lester Holt may not be moved, but I will.

  • Niterain says:

    I like the dining outside. I look forward to some of new changes

  • Isabel Leon says:

    So many of spoiled entitled people.

  • Isabel Leon says:

    Vaccine or no vaccine we are back…trump doesn’t care for us…just himself and his reelection…So upsetting…he shows no emotion for over 80,000 dead U.S. citizens…

  • Alex STAR says:

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  • Alex STAR says:

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  • Alex STAR says:


  • Alex STAR says:

    obama steal money from MONTCLEAIR

  • Alex STAR says:

    150millon s

  • Alex STAR says:

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  • Alex STAR says:

    klintom stole money from putin

  • Alex STAR says:


  • Alex STAR says:

    trump stal money. Wtih

  • Alex STAR says:

    putin lavrov

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    stole money

  • Alex STAR says:

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  • Dre House says:

    I think during these protest in these small towns and villages that want to reopen, reporters should ask them one simple question.
    *What facts do you know about Covid-19?*
    Very interested in the responses.

  • woodstock envy says:

    Cut the ever present SIREN CLIPS ..we are ADULTS here to get news .. we don’t need juvenile thrill effects .. I’m trying really hard to remain an NBC viewer, you ain’t makin’ it easy.

    • aguy ghow says:

      I’ve been harping on this for a year … NBC seemingly cannot deliver one evening broadcast without slipping in at least a couple siren blasts for “shock and awe”. I’m leaving.

    • hmskl'd says:

      I’m praying we get a news broadcast that doesn’t begin with “breaking news” or show a deep nose swab or a hundred clips of pipettes siphoning reagent. The editing gets old.

  • scott mullins says:

    House Arrest ? How about going to jail for involuntary manslaughter by spreading the virus ! The lock down is necessary in order to contain the virus until there is a vaccine

  • Paul Green says:

    Every zombie movies start with untested vaccine.

  • dunky dog says:

    Good evening everyone listen to us spread propaganda.the vaccine is the mark of the beast.

  • lcso81 says:

    Governors get their pay, benefits, and lifestyle….they don’t suffer…..F your liberal governors….

  • lcso81 says:

    Chicks look forward to camp so their kids are gone and they can go see their boy toy while daddy is at work….

  • James Loehr says:

    Unfortunately with how high unemployment is and keeps climbing. The economy is not going to bounce back. Many buisnesses shut down for good and now even gordmans and jc penny are going bankrupt. Many people who lost their jobs wont get them back. You cant have near 20% unemployment and it not cause a chain reaction of downward spirals. It will be years before the economy recovers. This situation has only made it happen faster. We already had 6 trillion in consumer debt bubbles. The spending was already slowing. The gdp was down below 2% growth before this.

  • Steven Sullivan says:

    Trump in 2019: “America will NEVER be a socialist country.”

    Corona: “Hold my beer.”

    You’ll have a planned economy one way or another America. Like it or not.

  • ryuu takahashi says:

    Why don’t the create a street by street testing vehicle team for the hotspots so testing can get to those who don’t wish to leave home and get to the hardest hit areas faster

  • Pedro Metro2017 says:

    Everybody looks happy 😁
    You know who’s more happy 🤔
    (The virus)

  • Sophia W says:

    The biggest news right now is the Flynn case which you don’t report at all. So conclusion: your news are politically biased and you are fake news.

  • Sophia W says:

    Hi guys, you all hate Trump, but the truth is the Democrats is worse, I mean much much worse, check the Flynn case, you will see how corrupted they are. So this is your choice: bad or much worse?

  • Reginald Smith says:

    So everything is going to be “street market” style, you say? Sounds a lot like China. New normal, huh?

  • Brianna2020 says:

    Extroverts going crazy in need of social contact at any and all risks during a worldwide pandemic.

  • NY Forensic Polygraph Lie Detection says:

    “Clinical Trial Data”? Show the whole study

  • eason3 says:

    Do not need vaccines when you know that blood electrification with micro currents through frequencies cure all blood born diseases!!! You people are completely unaware of the technologies out there that are suppressed since the 1980s and before. Beck Pulsers

  • eason3 says:

    We now know that 100,000 to 300,000 Hz micro current destroy leukemia cells

  • Jan Dedick says:

    I see a lot more deaths in America.

  • DF U Ttwurtd abdi says:


  • Maverick Lane says:

    The Corona virus is being overexaggerated and far more people have died of the common cold and the flu.  When was the last time you heard of healthy people wearing masks?   The long legged lock downs aren’t necessary and is doing tremendous damage to the U.S. economy and the real reason this is happening is for political gain.  Democrats and RINOs couldn’t take down president Trump with a 2.5 year bogus investigation regarding Russian collusion, nor shampeachment, so let’s use the Corona virus to extend the shutdowns to promote mail-in voting so the democrats can cheat like there’s no tomorrow to rig the election because they don’t have a candidate who can defeat president Trump.  Nationwide, 40 million Americans are on unemployment, and this will push us into a serious recession.  😢

  • Kim Howard says:

    Who needs drones when ya can exploit dogs to violate your constitution, ya can take dogs to restaurants and bars and let them sniff out the sick people then tell them to quarantine or the cops will be called and you will be thrown to the floor cuffed and or shot, 😳 just saying.

  • bndo 1988 says:

    They are APPOINTED health advisers in with the head of those advised has a history or coverup for financial gain. Anthony fouchi is in a position to make vast amounts of money with treatment medication or vaccination medication. It would be in his and many others best financial interest to hold off on the release or medication as well as make regulations that cause more, not less people to become infected. Because a sick citizen is a guaranteed customer for people like A. Fouchi. Never forget the fouchi coverup of the HIV/AIDS!!!

  • Kim Howard says:

    Idk I’m with Trump I think it will go bye bye. Call me an optimist just don’t call me crazy 😜 I think most important for opening camps would be are these children susceptible to long term effects if they get it, does it effect them in small ways we don’t see, depression, anxiety’s I think it’s important we find out these answers.

  • phantom 7 cross rose says:


  • Grandraplady akaAMB says:

    So trump said we’re back. DO YOU BELIEVE HIM? if YOU DO you’re a fool. This man has never told the truth in his life.

  • David Lutz says:

    I hate nbc

  • Tiffany Tcherepov says:

    They can’t find a better news anchor than Lester? Its depressing before he even opens his mouth.

  • K. Floyd says:

    People please don’t the Guinea pigs for Trump’s “Warp Vaccine” until you see actually proof that it works.

  • Flathat Micky says:

    fake news. Lester is not telling the whole story. hes leaving out all the important stuff.

  • carol wilson says:


  • Preet Dhami says:

    They want the freedom to be further enslaved by their corporate masters.

  • Preet Dhami says:

    Good thing these generations weren’t around in the past. The Baby Boomers protesting the lock down would have surrendered to the Nazi’s by now.

  • Javier Osorio says:

    Back to where we was ,huh?

  • Marilyn Gotti says:

    See comments

  • Richard Bishop says:

    All the hate filled leftist will hate it but here is a fact. We can not go on with this insane amount of unemployment! I understand it sounds cruel but people have to get back to work right now!! Every week that goes by brings out economy one step closer to collapse and the people in America are to weak to live through that type of hard times. We as a nation can shoulder the burdens the greatest generation did because we do not have there character or strength. Getting the country moving now is the best thing that can be done and it has to be done now.

  • James Pickens says: My truth its people’s fault

  • V says:

    Covid19 came in brief cleaned the world,animals etc did the opposite of what the Australian fires did gave the animals back the world! For just a little bit! People don’t care about the world!!!! COVID19 DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Forster says:

    I hope Trump and Pence get the COVIDz then we can all send them our thoughts and prayers.

  • Maine Chanttle says:

    What about those working in dental office especially the dentists n assistants? What are the chances of them getting the virus since some patients are asymptomatic?

  • Dan Forster says:

    Camp COVID has a nice ring to it.

  • Genette Peters says:

    I am from Trinidad and Tobago our government has done a great job in handling our covid 19 pandemic. I am listening and seeing the attitude of these Americans it very sad n they are showing a level of ignorance and arrogance to their own detriment. I lost a family member who lived over there. And one who is recovering so. This is not a hoax it is as real as you breed.

  • patrice jackson says:

    Poor baby only 12😪

  • Amy Lawhorn says:

    Okay so I know this is going to sound crazy to a lot of people but a person that test is negative protest possibly could be reused and show positive if he’s they actually got the coronavirusI know that sounds crazy but it might work and they need to check that your own personal coronavirus test that can be used multiple timesas long as you don’t have it it’ll register that way but if you do finally get it it will also register positive

  • Sunnydaze says:

    Operation failed Administration

  • Josh Chartier says:

    Baaa baaa the sheep will beg for a shot of poison I mean vaccine 😆

  • Stephan Mosiman says:

    That’s why the he’ll the United States is a total mess!😃

  • Steven James says:

    Again, all lies nothing but lies. Fake news

  • Mary Wylde says:

    Eating out…how do you know the cook and wait staff aren’t breathing covid on your food or utensils etc ?

  • Mary Wylde says:

    The virus hangs in the air. What good does it do to have distance if you are going to walk through or sit in the same air a sick person was just in? What has happened to common sense?

  • Barbara Vocals says:

    Wow……🙌 Whay a great and Inspirational Segment ⭐🌍🌠😷🍀And I hope it opens for my birthday May 31st…..💯

  • Tammy Forbes says:

    You will not dine in our street you will get ran over 😂

  • luvluca toni says:

    No such vaccine will work . 40 plus years and no HIV vaccine but now all of a sudden they’re pushing their glyphosate aluminum poison . Wake up people fast . Faster they push the poison more money gates will make. 6 patents were taken out years ago.the only one who should take it are evil ones gates Fauci. And the rest of the clan

  • luvluca toni says:

    Tests dont work. Pcr is inaccurate

  • SOPO THE VIBE says:

    The less people I guess means we don’t got to worry about food shortage or supplies because they pretty much rather die to live for a few weeks than try to endure & overcome because they’re too weak.

  • The Dead Air Conversion Project says:

    So where’s that vaccine for the previous Corona virus, SARS-1, which also killed thousands? Yep. Don’t hold you’re breath. Still waiting on an AIDS virus vaccine. Yep. Where’s that one 30+ years later, Dr. Fauci? Folks, science is great, but trial and error is the name of the game. So, in the meantime, let’s get back to living life and taking risks. That’s what life is. Risk. And death. You can’t avoid it. I’m just not sure when we ended going completely over the top OCD full hypochondriac as a country. Folks, we’ve been living with death and viruses for millennia, and we never shut the world down on purpose!

  • Kuya L says:


  • Michael Januszewski says:

    Trump wants to get Assassinated by the Coronavirus

  • Debra Bond says:

    My commit is toward the woman that said why should she stay at home because she is not in jail. Well dear why would you think that the government and health officials would tell all of Americans to stay at home to save people lives and to stop the spread of this virus ok. Stop thinking it is about being in jail OK. You would through that people would feel the same way and do what we all need to do to survived.

  • Cruz Garcia says:

    Oops I forgot to add, MELINDA GATES wears a pendant with an (“UPSIDE DOWN CROSS “) on it look it up on the today’s show couple of days back in an interview regarding their vaccine tracking agenda on YouTube.

  • TAMMY RENEE says:

    This song reminds me of what’s happening to our children,brings tears to my eyes 😥

  • pakaraka01 says:

    Yes open up the US hopefully so more get infected