Warren Buffett: We’re not in the business of subsidizing businesses with shareholders’ money

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Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett and Vice Chairman Greg Abel discuss when and why they advance funds to the conglomerate’s businesses.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Unity Bravo Charlie says:


    • Avatar mikeironman says:

      Trump os a coward and a idiot.

    • Avatar Minh Pham says:

      Trump defender of deficit lol

    • Avatar David G. says:


    • Avatar Tan says:

      Trump defender of wall street, not America.

    • Avatar OAT351 says:

      Trump is funneling as much cash as possible into his own pocket. The budget deficit is going to be $4,000,000,000,000.00 next year. Where do you think all of that money is going?

  2. Avatar Joseph Snyder says:

    A bra a Cadabra …your credit line is gone

  3. Avatar francisco moreno says:

    2008 crash Buffett asked the Fed subsidize company’s he had investments in. This time there was no need because the Fed is subsidizing companies with no outside pressure. There’s no risk for Buffett if the Feds always bailing him and his buddies out when markets crash.

  4. Avatar Tony Pdxi says:

    American people need protection from people like Warran Buffet and Bill Gates.

    • Avatar Earl Putnal says:

      Bill Gates yes. Warren Buffett creates wealth. Gates subsidizes wealth. And doesn’t give back. I’d rather trust Warren Buffett. Than Bill Gates. Longer ranged profit. Compared to losing moneys.

    • Avatar Philmore James says:

      @Earl Putnal how do he do that?

    • Avatar Virginia O'Flaherty says:

      Who else is mightily tired of everything. We can’t even die in peace. Gotta have rich fucks making gobs of cash and smirking about it. JHC!

    • Avatar Mia Novalic says:

      Tony Pdxi No we need protection from the filthy leftist communists and right wing religious zealots and have actual experts run the country and leave the private sector alone 😉

  5. Avatar Marcos von Sydow says:

    What a nerve!!!!what about the bail out of Wall Street! !!!!!

    • Avatar Nils Mueller says:

      He didn’t bail out wall St

  6. Avatar rthelionheart says:

    Where the F is Charlie?.🤨

    • Avatar Joe Uehlein says:

      Charley lives in LA.

  7. Avatar rjmidnite says:

    your in the bizz of making money that’s it nothing else matters. that’s why they have billions . they lost $50 billion and that’s nothing to them .

    • Avatar Evan Stroud says:

      If he only cared about MAKING money he wouldn’t have a charity designed to give away most of your wealth for philanthropy

    • Avatar rjmidnite says:

      @Evan Stroud that’s why there billionaires they don’t care about money .lol. all rich give to charity it looks good for anyone. and he probably writes that off.

    • Avatar Minh Pham says:

      50 billion still hurts to a billionaire

    • Avatar rjmidnite says:

      funny how Nancy and Chuck and YouTube and Hollywood and fake news all have millions and bllions and we have nothing ,how’s that work? lol. but they care, roflmmfao . democrates been in charge of there states and cities for decades and there still all slums ,lol. but they care lmmfao .

    • Avatar CrazyLegsMcGee says:

      @rjmidnite Lol you’re an idiot. Democrats AND GOP are all about money. GOP states are some of the poorest. They will happily give money and tax breaks and bailouts though to companies, but hates “socialism”. GOP practice socialism just like those liberals. Except they give to the rich rather than the poor. Oh and about those “slums”, any large city has a homeless problem. Lol do yourself a favor and learn something before trying to talk politics.

  8. Avatar ACT1O1 says:

    Warren Buffet sells you Coca Cola and health insurance. This guy knows how to your money lol

    • Avatar Samarth Chugh says:

      ACT1O1 He doesn’t sell health insurance. Gimme the right source of your info

    • Avatar Brotherhood of Steel says:

      @Samarth Chugh Didn’t he own a sizeable portion of Geico?

    • Avatar Korey Kruse says:

      @Brotherhood of Steel GEICO doesn’t sell health insurance. Closest they have is pet insurance.

    • Avatar Springteen says:

      Well he is in the business of increasing cash over flow @ gain for stock holders , that’s we he does. He is not into health

  9. Avatar Ivan Ooze says:

    Why all the negativity? Ride the wave with Buffett and pursue your endeavors with your gains

    • Avatar DAvid Coppafeel says:

      If your pursuing endeavors in america Ur paying insurance on this guys gambles lol

  10. Avatar purple blue says:

    Buffet is too old to make any strategic decisions. He is mentally unstable.

    • Avatar DAvid Coppafeel says:

      lmao forreal someone else is playing his money

    • Avatar Godwin Tan says:

      Who ever is making decisions is no warren buffett. It seems like this is the beginning of the end for Berkshire.

  11. Avatar Godwin Tan says:

    I thought Buffett’s cardinal rule was to not lose money?

    • Avatar Fly Beep says:

      …in the long term. Guess you didn’t get that part.

    • Avatar Elvin Mingel says:

      @Fly Beep even if you get that, you are not even near his net worth.

    • Avatar Springteen says:

      You right that’s the way he does try to increase it.

  12. Avatar Baromosa says:

    It’s priced in lads, we’re good.

  13. Avatar David G. says:


  14. Avatar Excursions in the Aether says:

    He makes his money as a pimp, avoiding doing anything constructive or positive with his abilities.

    • Avatar Kevin Farrell says:

      Just read a great biography on Warren, sounds like you should too.

  15. Avatar Mauricio T says:

    As long as the maximisation of shareholder value remains at the expense of labor exploitation. Speaking of socio-economic inequality…

    • Avatar Mauricio T says:

      Meanwhile, I wonder how drinking 5 plus cans of Coke a day can make you smarter?…

  16. Avatar Johnny M says:

    Basically his is another government. You care your mom – simple

  17. Avatar John Hare says:

    Gain market share

  18. Avatar Springteen says:

    The government should do the same not to be in business of subsidies businesses , money from tax payers.

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