Economist talks GDP, recession and depression, ‘These are numbers we haven’t seen since 1929’

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Barclays Chief U.S. Economist Michael Gapen breaks down the first quarter GDP numbers and what the data means for the economic outlook.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar rudai123 says:

    Trump has destroyed our economy. We need a Democrat to save us.

    • Avatar cyberstrike19791 says:

      hahaha – the democrats are what killed the economy. They oversaw all the shutdowns. 🙂 I’m assuming you’re kidding.

    • Avatar Leon Reaper says:

      They would’ve done the same thing also. They’re in joint agreement.

    • Avatar Wobbo says:

      @cyberstrike19791 Republicans were no different. Trump is a Republican and he ordered a national emergency and shutdown.

    • Avatar Michael Baer says:

      Biden will save you. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Avatar The Bastard Gift says:

    We are in a tailspin of a depression and that means…  “We have become our own horror movie.” W.J.

  3. Avatar Dennis W says:

    a government created DEPRESSION made by politicians. VOTE ALL THESE IDIOTS OUT. Re-elect NOBODY. Especially those in leadership like McConnell and Graham

  4. Avatar bsdrvr1 says:

    Trump=the destroyer-in-chief!

    • Avatar ̈ says:

      The Fed, corrupt career politicians, a 20 year wasteful war, & decades of outsourcing to other countries…
      Although he hasn’t made a difference, blaming Trumpy for everything is absolutely uninformed & ignorant.

    • Avatar Wobbo says:

      @̈ Trump openly came into office announcing he was willing to destroy the global economy to sever supply chain links with China, and he initiated a pointless and destructive trade war to that effect. The virus only accelerates excuses to do what the Trump was already doing. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

  5. Avatar Monster Killer says:

    Its priced in!

  6. Avatar huthutyuhi says:

    We’re in a recession…

    • Avatar CHARLES POWERS says:

      No we were in the recession since 08 2008 this is it turn into a depression since a couple months ago they say 29 million Americans file for unemployment I think it’s more like 50 they’re not telling us the real numbers

    • Avatar Wobbo says:

      @CHARLES POWERS The economy expanded through 2009-2019, even if people’s lives didn’t improve. Recessions have a technical definition.

    • Avatar J Loren says:

      @CHARLES POWERS Most of the unemployment agencies have been closed, clogged, broken and some just now have a web portal that can handle the new criteria. In short, we have no idea what the real number of those in need of unemployment are.

    • Avatar Individual Thinker says:

      Global debt clock= minus trillions. QE = mickey mouse money😱

  7. Avatar Beth Evans says:

    Bring production and jobs back to US. Pharmaceuticals, tecnology, etc. We should have our own manufacturing capacity and food should be grown and distributed locally to increase resilience in case of supply disruption.

    • Avatar toology55 says:

      Would you pay $5000 for an iPhone

    • Avatar hellasow says:

      Unless we are willing to give our US companies Corporate welfare) they can’t compete on the cheap side…

    • Avatar Martha Martha says:

      Yes Beth it’s true.

    • Avatar Wobbo says:

      Easier said than done. Would need an industrial strategy to achieve that.

    • Avatar Individual Thinker says:

      Fod supplies…. Farmers destroying crops and throwing milk away not to mention all the animals. Borders not open. Grow your own indoors. Youtube it.

  8. Avatar Kevin Ford says:

    Very optimistic, I think!!! They always talk it up. They have a vested interested in keeping the ball in the air.
    Keep your heads down folks

  9. Avatar L Middleton says:

    The stock market is rigged by trump who’s trying to get re-elected. Buy stock puts against market with expiration in 2021 to get around decay or naked short the market entirely.

    • Avatar jh1keener says:

      you are absolutely correct, our monetary system is a steaming pile of trash that has been in decline for a couple decades now. I believe that Trump knew this going into the office, He has to buy votes to get a second term. He wants to go back to a Gold standard. The debt was 20 Trillion in 2016 it is a failed system that cannot be saved. Do some heavy study into the last 600 years and currencies rise and fall out of dominance 8 times. we are no different than any other dominant country in history, it is a story that repeats over and over. The dollar is dieing, with or without trump.

    • Avatar Wade H says:

      jh1keener very true

    • Avatar Philip Bell says:

      Trump said we are in a big fat ugly bubble before he was elected and that the Fed was making political decisions. Those decisions continued into his presidency with the raising of interest rates which led to the Christmas crash in ‘18 and once the Fed backed off rates the market magically went up to new record highs. Trump can pressure the Fed all he wants but they haven’t reacted to his criticisms, they have reacted to the markets, he has little to do with this ‘V shaped recovery’. But the Fed has overplayed their hand and there are tons of sound bytes that trump will have to stand on to blame the Fed once this crashes for real. He will be re-elected regardless of what happens n the near term, Biden objectively has no chance with his latest hair smelling fiasco.

    • Avatar Mister J says:

      The fed has been doing this before Trump.

    • Avatar Individual Thinker says:

      @jh1keener yeah … I looked at the global debt clock 2019 minus trillions. Started prepping and growing food plants indoors.

  10. Avatar Yves Roy says:


  11. Avatar Keefe Overby says:

    We are entering a dangerous deflationary cycle and when everyone rushes back to work, working for corporations that only pay their workers the VERY LEAST they possibly can get away with, that will only increase the downward spiral of deflation.
    They print money like mad because they are aware of the deflation that looms overhead bearing down on our nation but they refuse to acknowledge that if they want to increase consumer spending (the economy) then they better give the American people more of the money that they print instead of giving it all to the corporate socialists that take government handouts but these executives refuse to pay their own workers more money because they want to buy back their own stocks.
    Here is a simple solution: corporate America pays for their employees personal protection so we can go back to work and be safe, they increase our pay because they have taken our tax money and give themselves raises and bonuses while they repurchase their stock, and finally the government inject more stimulus income DIRECTLY TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IT IS OUR FUCKING TAX MONEY.
    If this does not happen I would consider a deflationary depression extremely likely, tell me how are you going to restart a consumer-based economy with corporate America paying their employees like $9 dollars an hour?
    GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar Walter Braun says:

      I agree with your sentiment of anger, but how will we face deflation when the fed printed $5 trillion over the last weeks? Inflation is going to explode and our money is going the way of venezuela albeit clearly not to that extreme.

    • Avatar james morton says:


    • Avatar Chris M says:

      @james morton This is centrally planned capitalism. Free market capitalism would’ve devoured these companies days ago.

  12. Avatar Pisa says:

    So what the hell should we do as individuals with our money? Stocks? Save? Gold?

    • Avatar MagDump says:

      Tom Thumb easier said than done. Most people still have a 30 year term.

    • Avatar Mike Cole says:

      Pisa Get on the first plane, fly down to Florida and take a cruise. No one on plane or ship and VERY affordable ✈️🛳🍹🍱💃🏼🕺🏻or go back to sleep 😄

    • Avatar Star1234 says:

      Have some cash at home. If something big happens not sure banks will be open and if they are, the queues will be ….. Buy bit of gold. Buy food and necessities.

    • Avatar Uni Mail says:

      The chance of a bail in and infinite printing means saving cash might be bad idea… for medium term… compared to paying off your mortgage, if you have assets people tend to flock to and there is hyperinflation you could end up paying off a mortgage for the price of loaf of bread… lets see how low things go.

  13. Avatar Heather 22 says:

    Get you some gold miners, GOLD, AEM, NEM, and WPM.

    • Avatar Individual Thinker says:

      Grow food plants indoors. Get a campervan. Farmers are destroying their crops and throwing milk away. No food= no people

    • Avatar Udar Pavarota says:

      @Individual Thinker If they don’t destroy their crops they won’t make a profit.

  14. Avatar Heather 22 says:

    3 years, ya it’s BAD.

    • Avatar Individual Thinker says:

      At a guess.

  15. Avatar Маргарита Иванова says:

    We are in a depression 30million plus unemployed

    • Avatar Mister J says:

      It’s a forced depression.

    • Avatar Winston Smith says:

      Wait until October

  16. Avatar Leon Reaper says:

    Lift lockdown then! More people will die in a depression than this virus!

    • Avatar David Kuvelas says:

      That’s the whole point……

  17. Avatar Alan T says:

    This guy keeps naming off things going south, yet his optimism is months. Doesn’t add up. Then mentions 3 yrs. Head for the hills.

  18. Avatar clark kent says:

    Monitoring always

  19. Avatar J M says:

    Wow, more bullish news, bet the DOW will have the best gainz in history

  20. Avatar CERCARIA says:

    WPA and fix our infrastructure

    • Avatar Karl Krentzel says:

      CERCARIA the LAST thing we need is MORE Keynesian economics

  21. Avatar Martha Martha says:

    We need a vaccine fast if we want to go back to normal. Or something that would help save lifes if we get infected. Those two things in place sounds safe to me.

    • Avatar Individual Thinker says:

      Global debt clock=minus trillions, numbers spinning like crazy. There is never going to be a normal.

  22. Avatar mario condello says:

    If you can get out of big cities DO.

    • Avatar Wobbo says:

      Small towns will be wiped out by this depression. Terrible advice. If anything do the exact opposite, hold on to your legal title to dense urban housing at any possible cost.

    • Avatar Individual Thinker says:

      @Wobbo everyone can grow food. Maybe invest in a campervan.

    • Avatar Individual Thinker says:

      The worst place to be right now is a city or large town. Rioting is around the world, a few weeks from now😱 grow your own food from food in water or soil. Youtube it. Mine are growing indoors.

    • Avatar Joe Calzaghe says:

      As as prepper I have a lot food supplies, ammo, gold and silver as well as 2 acres of land

  23. Avatar Komputar says:

    USA is now “Trump Airlines”.

  24. Avatar VX and HE says:

    Those are the real numbers.

  25. Avatar Todd EFTS Adams says:

    I will never buy 1 800 Flowers again!!!! I hate these adds!!

  26. Avatar adrian lloyd says:

    A recession is defined as two quarters of negative growth.A depression is where you can’t even get out of bed.

    • Avatar Individual Thinker says:

      I’m the second one and have been for a long time.😷

  27. Avatar Conservative Joe says:

    They are not figuring in the deflation.

  28. Avatar Scott Price says:

    Simple answer – we won’t have a sufficient testing regime and this thing comes roaring back in a second wave. Just like the Spanish flu.

  29. Avatar J says:

    Cash on hand when reopens?
    When so many people are out of job?
    This guy doesnt know what hes on about

  30. Avatar IAM BRADLEYSMITH says:

    Black persons daily struggles welcome aboard

    • Avatar The enslavement of western civilisation says:

      Grow up.

  31. Avatar Susan Kelly says:

    Why can’t these freaking experts realize they can’t buy because of no job and no money!!!! Geeez

    • Avatar Most Loyal says:

      Susan Kelly exactly

  32. Avatar Susan Kelly says:

    Haters special alert!!!!! It was Democrats and MSM who didn’t want to reopen America not Trump!!

  33. Avatar abraham binisreal says:

    Black people have been in a recession from day one. What we are very accustomed to going thru, let’s see how well they handle it.

  34. Avatar Franklin Hardy says:

    A lot big companies will soon be laying off people which is recession then if you get affected, to you it becomes depression why the wise ones keep investing, don’t be foolish now is a very critical period.

    • Avatar Lez Adriana says:

      Franklin Hardy The smart ones know to avoid the distractions and focus on investments now as the world economy will definitely need some re-adjustments and a lot more people will be in debts. Bitcoin, stocks, Forex, Bonds anything goes as far as you have the guide of an expert. Mr Alex Paton has really been a great influence.

    • Avatar Lez Adriana says:

      +3 2 4 6 0 2 1 9 7 0 1
      That’s his WhatsApp number

    • Avatar Darego Chegwe says:

      The importance of diversifying one’s portfolio is very underestimated, having different streams of income can only save you from recession and trading is a goldmine with few miners.

    • Avatar Tremel Ismail says:

      Right now is the time investors spend money to get it to work for them. The rich are steady buying stocks now and most trading the forex market because the world is sure to go into recession soon.

    • Avatar Ariel Ivanna says:

      Thanks a lot for the recommendation

  35. Avatar Susan Kelly says:

    Nobody working means a major Depresssion and don’t blame Trump

  36. Avatar TheUnP0ssible says:

    30M unemployed IS a depression you dolts.

  37. Avatar Lewis C. says:

    The time has come for the 25 million illegals for them to go home! It’s time, illegals! Go home! You are not welcome here! Trump 2020!

  38. Avatar The1forGod says:

    These suits keep telling people lies, when the facts are the real reality. Government’s late payments to businesses, and the fact that we were already headed before the virus, as quiet as it’s been kept!!! The Statistics don’t lie!

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