NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 18th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/20
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 18th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Coronavirus vaccine shows positive results in first human trial, nearly every state partially reopens, and some Americans avoid emergency care over fear of catching coronavirus.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:31 First Human Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Results
04:06 Trump Says He Is Taking Hydroxychloroquine
06:37 Large Crowd Concerns As 49 States Move To Reopen
08:34 Inside Ford As Big Three Automakers Restart Production
11:17 NBC News Virus Expert Recovering From Covid-19
13:29 Alarming Drop In 911 Calls, Surge In Non-Covid
15:44 FBI Finds Al Qaeda Link After Cracking Shooter’s iphones
17:19 Trump Fires Fourth Government Watchdog Amid Pandemic
18:09 Tropical Storm Arthur Moves Up Southeast Coast
18:32 Italy Enters New Reopening Phase After Longest Lockdown

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 18th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • Robert Wilk says:

    Open everything if your scared to come out stay in

  • James Konzek says:

    I’ve been taking hydroxychloroquin as a vitamin supplement for 3 weeks now and I feel great! If my boy Trump says its ok then it’s ok!

  • Izzy Izzy says:

    I thought Trump said to disinfect the lungs… hydroxychloroquine disinfects the heart. Guess Trump really doesn’t know anatomy, like his a$$ from his lying mouth.

  • Ken says:

    Soon you-know-who will start saying “hey, I am injecting clorox everyday and I feel great!” LOL

  • Inez Ojeda says:

    Trump’s a drug addict

  • Annalisa Savedra says:

    Y’all know Trump didn’t give us this Wuhan virus right? Everyone complained when he shut down the economy. Everyone is complaining about him opening the economy. Everyone wanted a vaccine. Now they may have 1 and everyone is still complaining. U ever wonder why the media wants us to hate him really bad? When he does good the media doesn’t give him credit! Come on everyone,you have to admit something screwed up is going on with our government and media. I’m not for Trump ,but something is screwed up! Joe Biden and Trump is the best we could come up with running for next president? We haven’t had a good president in a while. Kennedy was the last good president and they assassinated him. We are in trouble!

  • Michael King says:

    WOW Fake News at its worst, One lie after the other. People they don’t care about you. Yet still almost 7k thumbs up. When will the people wake up!!

  • Cyndie Traylor says:

    Wow, I’m impressed by Ford’s measures to protect workers.

  • Lorraine Nelson says:

    I love Lester Holt’s closing remarks. “Please take care of yourself and each other” It’s nice. I hope it continues after the COVID-19 emergency is over. Mr. Holt, if you’re reading this. I’d love to see you host a newscast from Prescott, Arizona. I think you’d love it here.

  • Virginia B. Britton says:

    Corrupt republicans

  • Albert Wedworth says:

    Spray tan protected me from Covid 19


    We are urging the black community to not go to the hospital because they are contaminated with with a new virus

  • L.A. Hensley says:

    BS! Go over to medcram! Hydoxychloraqin zinc and zithromax will heal ya in 2.5 hrs if ya catch it early!!! It works for alot of people.

    • L.A. Hensley says:

      Theres also intravenous vitamin C. Just take it early in the virus! Dont wait til ur almost dead!

    • L.A. Hensley says:

      Only take the hydroxychloroquine if you can though. You may not be able to because of an illness or allergic reaction. Make sure your doctor says youre able.

  • Jay Bee says:

    Trump is NOT taking HydroxyCQ. He is LYING.

    Please don’t believe that Trump is really taking the HydroxyCQ. He will LIE and very likely he is just saying he is so OTHERS can be the LAB RATS to try it ‘cuz Trump did’. I would NOT take Trump at his word. He’s not an honest good human being.

  • L.A. Hensley says:

    Please doctor I beg you to get intravenous vitamin C and keep watch on bloodclots!

  • Mark McGowan says:

    Quit altering the thumbs up thumbs downs.Satan you are dumb.

  • atf300t says:

    Early success: 8 out of 45 patients who received this vaccine have developed antibodies, which potentially provide some immunity (i.e. we do not really know if they provide any immunity or not).
    To stop this virus from spreading, we need at least 70% of total population being *fully* immune to the virus. BTW, partial immunity is not enough, because those who are partially immune still can spread the virus others, without falling ill themselves.
    Also there is no data about safety and efficiency of this vaccine in children. Children have a very different immune response than adults, and if the immune response is misdirected, it can cause a Kawasaki-like syndrome in children.
    I’m sure that eventually we will have a safe and efficient vaccine, but it looks like there is still a long road ahead… Be careful and stay safe!

  • Lisa Delmarr says:

    All these large gatherings, this covid-19 its gonna skyrocket. Watch and see 🙁

  • DREAMFILM.PW says:

    BOY they have become desperate

  • Jessica braden says:

    Anyone else think hes lying about taking that trial medicine?

  • Edith Valdez says:

    Ppl. Pliss continue to Pray God heard our plegarys !😱❗🙏🙏

  • Marcus Brown says:

    Fisherman of Souls. *He opened up the fisherman’s confidence slowly and it was full of worms crawling over with the body inside. It’s not about the money he said. It’s about power. Money is a tool. It’s a bait that’s what money is. It’s like water. You need it but you really don’t need a lake of water. It’s bait. The power to control more souls. F*** the money. F*** the water. I don’t need that much he said. But the more souls I control the more power I have. When I control a soul. It’s mine and it becomes part of my soul so I can choose the direction I go in. What’s best for me. Souls are food for my spirit. When someone takes the life of a fish for food to consume they need that soul to live. A man has a bucket full of worms. Worms who have souls. But it’s bait. The fish need that soul in order to survive. And when I control the fisherman fish and worms soul . I control all that they have consumed. There are many like me and someone someday will consume and control us. And the circle will continue. I don’t know who or what or where they are but the fact of the matter they could be worms. Then he said they could be the worms in this coffin. Then he closed the lid on the coffin as the worms consume the soul of the fisherman.

  • Lorie Jonathan says:

    Really? Is he really taking it?

  • MegaGiggles says:

    Why didn’t your “science” guy take hydroxychloroquine? He’d be back to work already. You all have absolutely zero credibility.

  • champ8605 says:

    If a drug has no side effects it has no effect. Trump should not be talking about anything other than policy and things he is knowledgeable about. There are idiots who believe every word he says.

  • Clay And Putty Videos says:

    The Christian Church is a profit only institution and they want their customers to come in no matter what. They don’t care if they infect anyone with viruses.

  • Ray Milligan says:

    HaHa did they arrest all 3000 people at the block party , no, we won’t obey , Freedom !

  • Ray Milligan says:

    Freedom , Freedom for Americans, Texas and Florida opening up ,they won’t stand for Tyranny!

  • Tony Nichols says:

    This is exactly why I don’t watch ABC you’re fake news

  • Bapi Deydgwg says:

    Chiku and my cat

  • Clay And Putty Videos says:

    For the haters: Donald Trump’s IQ is huge and somewhere in the 200 range. Donald Trump cares very much and weighs things off carefully. You better be very grateful that we have him as president.

  • Sweetcherries Justice4All says:

    hey what’s with them big head man lmbooo

  • manbeef says:

    Yea no thanks on that vaccine that’s going to make your sterile / some type of cancer…..

  • Ray Milligan says:

    getting Malaria three time weakened his Immunity System , if you have weakened Immunity system , don’t be around the Virus !

  • Vicki Crawford says:

    It’ll be a while before I take a rushed not properly tested vaccine . Gtfoh I’m not trying to be on some I Am Legend bs.

  • David Wright says:

    Before winter would work, hey the circles should stay forever. Meds should be a choice if doctor supervises and prescribes a small trial for patients asking.

  • Ray Milligan says:

    fear driven panic by MSNBC ,and the people were to scared to go to the Hospital? MSNBC wouldn’t do that now would they ??? its a Scam-demic !

  • Swankster says:

    I hope Trump D I E S from taking those pills.

  • Linda Bishop says:

    He has stock in the company and wants sales, aka money. No, a hole in Chief is not taking it

  • David Wright says:

    Elictric cargo vehicles people and companies want.

  • Jennifer Hall says:

    Liar, maybe the doctor is trying to off him

  • 12sabbath says:

    Another fear tactic to force the public to give up their rghts and do whatever he want. They create a problem and come up with their own solution to fix it for profit.

  • Chris Metalhead says:

    jesus you people are dumb

  • Movies For Adults Music says:

    He IS taking the drug. His medical practitioner attested to it. His health is not affected by it in a negative way.

  • J H says:

    Trump drinks Clorox too. What do we have to lose?

  • Ruth Butler says:

    totally liberal Kool-Aid comments aligning with NBC sprak

  • Movies For Adults Music says:

    That’s right, bring them all out! COVID-19 is going to be among us for a while. Good luck!

  • shelley winters says:

    I don’t believe he is taking it. I think he’s pushing the public to take it cause he makes money out of people buying it. He’s a drug pusher. Wake up. If his lips are moving, he’s lying, haven’t you figured that out yet?

  • Treasure Trovel says:

    Why is it stunning that our President is taking a prophylactic amount of HCQ? Many first responders are doing so because it is safe and there is a lot of evidence that people who take it early in the infectious stage do better. My husband and son took it prophylactically to prevent malaria as do millions of people. My point is that it is safe and although there is not a large study proving that HCQ mitigates covid infection, what do you have to lose?

  • Jerome Jackson says:

    I realized who everyone is its Fox News which is just as bad as him.

  • Betania Burdick says:

    why should apple just obey? the whole reason why people buy their stuff is so they wont be hacked or have their info leaked and what not

  • Mai Lee-Xiong says:

    What a stupid president. Taking an unproven hydroxychloroquine just because “What do you have to lose? And a lot of front line workers are using it.” What a liar. Hopefully he’ll have a fatal heart attack using this medication for no purpose.

  • onehit pick says:

    Immunosupressant. Anti-inflammatory. Good stuff in some cases. Bad in others.

  • Amyda Suavillo says:

    Hi good evening watching from La Puente California.

  • Jennifer Bruns says:

    Stupid reporting

  • Electric Universe Eyes says:

    Take the vaccine…

    I’ve seen the same crisis actor before. Really people?

  • coco cocolou says:

    He is a fake news,liar,corrupt,poco hombre, coward.
    He didn’t take any pills, he wants to distract you from what him, his family and brown noses in the white house are doing with all the tax payers money and planning how to corrupt our democracy to stay in power for ever.

  • william gerena says:


  • Kaibil Balam 71 says:

    Trump: “I am not only the president, but I am also a client”…😂😂😂

  • Anthony Teague says:

    The melting in comments is amazing

  • dicapriono says:

    A heart attack seems like a thief in the night, covid however seem to cause death by suffocation over a 2 week period and I don’t blame him for not choosing seeing his doctors in these troubling times.

  • rosa lainz says:

    Is not true. .he does said that people can buy .

  • Stephen says:

    This Hydroxychloroquine thing reminds me of my Mother……”If all your Friends jump of a bridge, does that mean you have to jump also?”
    Now there’s going to be a Herd of Lemmings jumping of the same bridge as Trump…So…So…Sad. The blind leading the blind.

  • Oust Drumpf says:

    President Pill-Popper.

  • Grateful Gal says:

    Where are these studies Against Hydrocloriquine ?
    Id like to read them for myself. I love to read.

  • Katrina says:

    Tr-mp is a skunk. He steals the virus expert so he can claim “His man” developed the virus.
    Trum is scum.

  • Sandra Tye says:

    You guys are nuts!!!

  • DavidJSabo Szabo says:

    Interesting not one Trump supporter on here

  • Margo Sparkle says:

    I don’t believe anything he says.

  • Samantha Corinaldi says:

    This FOOL you all call President is an impulsive liar.

  • Ricky Brooks says:

    TRUMP 2020 😷😷😂😂

  • Dror Levi says:

    more like NBC Jews

  • john Hopwood says:

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou President TRUMP for you are our commander and chief

  • emmanuel georgiou says:

    i happen to be taking it , putin go easy .

  • richard chapman says:

    Trumps claim of ingesting Hidrox—–seems like another lie by th Liar in Chief.. I would need to see an element of proof before I could believe this habitual liar. How about you??

  • Woody Macajoux says:

    I think he is lying

  • Timothy Hill says:

    Its funny that the listed side effects that news channels like this have death as possible side effects but want to talk about how unsafe hydroxy. is. Such hypocrisy. And the human cattle agrees with these news outlets.

  • remmy malone says:

    You know he’s not taking it , what a lier. He’ll say anything just to make a point. Like the WH doctor is going to dispute this lie to the public Mtcheew. He seems to be on a mission to mislead people to their deaths, very irresponsible

  • Jersey Bro says:

    Less the grim reaper ,always devastating news

  • Mike Harrison says:

    Drugs! Killed, 💀 prince, Michael Jackson, George Michael, amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, jimi Hendrix? And many more? 😳

  • Lye Hin says:

    I don’t think he takes it! He is a pathological liar and there is a reason he makes this claim. He has huge investment in that company producing the drug!

  • montesalps says:

    Liar. The dumpster is a straight liar but that’s old news

  • K. Siang Tan says:

    Everything is in chaos and he is putting a show. lying or not, he is putting on a great show.

  • chipmunktubetop says:

    Heart problems are HILARIOUS!!!

  • eddie newsome says:

    How are you going to stop white people from getting a tan!! Impossible, for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage, IMPOSSIBLE!!! Stop making EXCUSES for White people!!!

  • MA says:

    No 💉👎 people are being used but guess matter of choice.

  • K-Daniels says:

    People in this country so dumb in stupid I be glad when I get out hopefully they reopen the borders so I could leave and never come back.

  • Sunny Skittlez says:

    Government: stay inside
    Half of the U.S. population: catch me outside how bout dat

  • spanishtown world sound says:

    Madagascar has a cure ,but is made by africans so nobody wants it,, I say die then

  • Zachary says:

    You’re really desperate for ad money now. Aren’t ya?

  • Marichu B says:

    He’s lying. Period.

  • Trudy I says:

    I do not believe you are taking that **** drug. I think if others follow you thinking you are taking it you should definitely be responsible for any complications any of the have. That is so wrong that you are basically selling that drug to innocent people, it actually should be against the law, not your law trump, the real law. ( my opinion )


    Everyone is having a negative attitude towards the most powerful, successful, and remember one of the most frontliners in powerful drugs research. plus at least, The PRESIDENT is doing his bit. leading the way for SOCIAL BRAVERY. Starting from the very top, what better selflessness is there.GOOD LUCK 2 HIM I SAY Hence all controversary. I Still wound’nt vote 4 him.

  • Jonny H says:

    How did this biased dribble and their nasty audience make it in my feed? Perhaps You Tube and their heavy handed censoring, controlling the algorithms. 💉🖕

  • chipmunktubetop says:

    Thanks, Obama!!!

  • 70 SOMETHING says:

    TRUSTING EXPERTS? Too often, tomorrows “Expert’s” opinion will contradict today’s “Expert”. Which can you trust tomorrow?
    2 + 2 equals 4 no matter who contradicts. Science is not a consensus, evidence cannot be voted on.

  • Lisa Marie says:

    All the Trump haters that only complain……..and complain! Only if all your negative comments could make a positive change!!

  • Larrygilbertreyes Reyes says:

    The pres. Lies always, make him take it in front of a camera everyday ! Fkn liar !

  • Amy Amy says:

    Grapes will help to take the cloth smell out of the lungs and plus. #wedding candies#Grapes

  • musicguy20 says:

    Is this what it was like to be alive during Nero or Caligula?