NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 19th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/22
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 19th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

New research shows coronavirus patients who test positive second time may not be infectious, almost half of U.S. states report inflammatory child illness linked to coronavirus, and growing concern over rise of domestic violence amid coronavirus stay-at-home orders.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:17 New Study Raises Hopes Of Covid-19 Survivor Immunity
03:50 15-year-old Dies From Illness Believed Linked To Covid-19
04:22 CDC Briefs Doctors On Mystery Child Illness
04:48 Doctors Treating Mystery Illness With Plasma Therapy
06:03 Trump Defends Taking Hydroxychloroquine
08:52 When Will America’s Kids Go Back To School?
10:56 Fears Of New Infections At Mexico’s Massive Market
12:05 Brazil Jumps To Third-Highest Number Of Globally
13:19 Domestic Violence Surges During Covid-19 Pandemic
16:23 Covid-19 Worsening Health Crisis For People Of Color
18:18 Johnson & Johnson Discontinues Talc Baby Powers

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 19th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



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  • cr c says:

    Let that fool take whatever he wants: rat poison, bleach, drano, laundry detergent, miracle grow….

  • Pojo says:

    Trump, the perfect guinea pig.

  • Giovanni Giudice says:

    ‘I didn’t know that he would be so sensitive. He’s always talking about other people’s avoirdupois, their weight, their pounds…”
    – Nancy Pelosi, Most powerful woman in the United States, and a savage.

  • 1 MeShe says:

    Who the heck still uses baby powder and babies bottoms shuddnt be that bad where you have to use it for them neither. So who th still uses baby powder especially after they announced this about over ten yrs ago. Why is it still on the shelves. #OldNews

  • MrDaveinrome Grantham says:

    Mysterious virus or shingles😎

  • iwanttobesaved iwanttobesaved says:

    nbc peacock illuminati programming propagandizes the world with pro-vacSINabomination!

  • brooklyn chick says:

    I won’t drink that pill staying far from that crap

  • angelrosec says:

    Amazing how many lupus patients take that medicine everyday, and they aren’t in the hospital. Not to mention all the military that take it E V E R Y D A Y…

  • DaRealMrs KNIGHT says:

    The LIES LIES LIES🤦‍♀️🙏🏻

  • Barry Piper says:

    Come on guys, you wrote “3 to 4 X’s” to mean “three to four times”. There is an actual symbol for ‘times’ and here it is: × And there was plenty of space on the second line so you could have written the whole thing out, no symbols needed.

  • Gary Lunn says:

    Stupid dumbasses do what works for you…ye of little faith..Nancy eat somemore icecream many you will look healthier. She ant got a brain cell working. Peacock news..bad look to watch them .

  • Rebecca Singletary says:

    I don’t believe that man take anything

  • Pascal Aschwanden says:

    People need to know 600,000+ people die every year of heart disease and another 600k of cancer. Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes are all PREVENTABLE if you eat properly. It’s called a Plant based, whole foods diet. It’s so sad we’re still seeing so much diabetes and heart disease and stroke when we don’t need to.

  • For the truth go to Banned. Video says:

    ABC A Bunch of Crap . Go to for truth

  • hvcshow says:


  • mgaona2001 says:

    Stop attacking the President with more opinions, it means nothing as there are many perspectives. You want evidence, well I think 🤔 his the evidence. Also, you only focus and share one-side of the story, that says a lot about your news. I am a registered Democrat, but the party is becoming less aligned to my beliefs. I don’t hear Democrats saying anything about reprimanding China’s Communist Party, the real culprit of COVID-19. We should focus on working together as a nation, not attacking each other, if the Democrats can’t do that then forget about my vote this coming election. My vote goes to God and those that know and follow Him ✝️

  • Randall Trantham says:

    3:00 thanks Ms. Reporter for wearing your mask…and thinking about protecting me.

  • Jin Loi says:

    Trump is misleading the Americans ,,

  • Randall Trantham says:

    God bless the doctor who went to Mississippi !

  • R a n d y A n n says:

    We all know this situation has been handled poorly. People all over have done
    many different things to get better. Its our choice what we do with our body’s.

  • Kiko otoyat says:

    Even Normal Flu has fatalities worldwide…any sickness do….it depends on Man’s resistance….

  • John White says:

    Trump best President ever… Americans will vote Trump again 2020.

  • ETphon3hom3 says:

    “It was empowering to be tested positive”
    Sounds like a sell on testing.

  • Chris says:

    It’s MOTHER NATURE punishing all of us.

  • Bunker Sieben says:

    I doubt he is really taking it. As much as I dislike Pelosi, her remark was funny. She and him act similar in that regard: trading petty insults like siblings.

  • Adam Brinn says:

    Trump is a savage.

  • Jeremiha Josytewa says:

    Your tripping if u think I’m gonna let my kids go to school to b infected. I love teaching my kids and I can ensure they are actually learning

  • JuicyJuice says:

    Stay out of hospitals. Doctors are killing black people and then saying blacks are getting covid the most which is a lie. Now look how China is treating Africans because of what America has been saying. It’s war against blacks, once again

  • JuicyJuice says:

    Don’t take the vaccine

  • Karen Evans says:

    Good for President I believe it makes him feel better

  • Gumie35 says:

    This is old news already. Doctors are finding that people are getting the virus again. People are getting it twice.

  • Rebecca Kilmore says:

    A second time? How can people be SO STUPID to believe this??

  • yep 100 says:

    Wow just now covering Johnson&Johnson baby powder this is OLD news -other countries banned the sale of the product. Johnson&Johnson then changed /created a new safe formula of powder to use. HOWEVER THEY(Johnson&Johnson) STILL CONTINUED TO SELL THE FORMULA THAT CAUSES CANCER WITHIN THE UNITED STATES .. KNOWING THE EFFECTS! THIS HAS BEEN KNOWN THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR YEARS😒

  • Rebecca Kilmore says:

    The city’s epicenter for COVID is operating at 1/2 capacity, which would be 1 million, and they currently have 1,300 deaths. Spoiler alert my dude, even at 10 TIMES that figure, you’re still doing better than the flu. Pay attention to how they break up data and sprinkle it out for dramatic effect. Don’t be fooled people. You’re all better than that 😘

  • Just A Voice 2 says:

    Mainstream Satanic/Masonic/Liars!!!

  • Usman Hashim says:

  • MrR _N says:

    No way kids will follow social distancing rules or wear masks properly. Don’t count on depending on fever being a tell, too many are asymptomatic. And Trump is not taking Hydroxychloroquine , he would have had his physician up there on stage verifying it. He was lying…..again.

  • Massiel Viz says:

    Why does Trump keep trying to push this drug? I’m sure all he sees is $$$ signs when it comes to this medication

  • Haley Ruth says:

    I can’t watch this silliness…..ugh 🤥🤨

  • Sindy Lou says:

    Trump should take the pill in front of the world…👍🇨🇦…😅.

  • Gerald Holmes says:


  • I Trust GOD says:


  • I Trust GOD says:

    O Lying Lester

  • 177cm 슈렉언니 Shurek' sis says:

    i am a Korean
    Please watch this video about how world will change after post Corona
    * change Language to English*

  • Shawn Sereal says:

    Every time we get good news about virus immunity, they immediately take it back and give us bad news about the result testing. They should just shut up until we do get a working vaccine. Good news, bad news follows every time. If something does work, then give it to everyone.

  • Gordon Lumbert says:

    Domestic violence is a problem for both men and women. For women it is acknowledged for men it is ignored.

  • Barry Allard says:

    “Empowering” permanent damage to your lungs, kidneys, heart, and nervous system. It’s sad but true that nurses are so often clueless clucking chickens.

  • we see the ligh says:

    The miraculous human body is capable of creating its OWN VACCINE FOR ANY VIRUS. Utube Andrew Norton webber miracle of distilled water,,go to 40-45 minutes of video for info on virus.

  • Kecha Locklear says:

    The news is lies

  • Christopher Colon says:

    Puerto Ricans American are waking up and switching Party. about time.Que Viva TRUMP.

  • Christian Perales says:


  • Sal Fun says:

    Mean while people with lupus take it and no one dies

  • River City MOVERS says:

    Remember: whatever the main stream media tells you, consider the opposite. They lie so naturally. Whatever they say, do the opposite. The same goes for any government degree or proclamation.

  • River City MOVERS says:

    That black child did not die from Covid. Probably died from fast food, diet sodas, no exercise, no sunlight, typical of today’s youth. No Covid. Covid is just the flu.

  • Emmanuel Hernandez says:

    FUC TRUMP 2020

  • Isreal Talks! says:

    Look at the obituaries….I only see white faces…liars….quit tryna blame us esau…your busted….#chosenchildrenofYah

  • Mochi 774 says:

    Lets’s vote and have a new president America!

  • SeedPlanter says:

    Lester has my vote for the he first people hung. If we ever get our country back.j

  • John S says:

    Hello Pinocchio what side effects.. the head of va in a meeting with Trump mention about it…😊

  • John S says:

    Isn’t NBC deep State media also..😁

  • John S says:

    Long live the Deep State Obama and the Deep state media…😛

  • Tooni One Feather says:

    Good God will you idiots stop! Your BS about Hydroxychloroquine as dangerous is ridiculous! It’s been proven effective over & over!

  • gray skeptic says:

    MSNBC still failing in their attempt to blame the long Re-Opening on Trump. It is the blue state governors fault for the blue states not opening. Dems in the blue states are getting real mad at their own party and their own Governors over that…even taking their governors to court. If election was today it would be a complete landslide for Trump (thank you, blue state governors).

  • Margo Sparkle says:

    He lies all of the time; how do you know he’s telling the truth when he says he is taking it? Besides, the word is when this drug first came to the forefront he bought a big share of the company which makes it. He now wants people to take it even against medical advice and I don’t believe he is taking it. I will watch the news on this.

  • ic says:

    Its called exosomes…not a virus. No such thing.

  • bobo jepeny says:

    11:25…Mexico…nice cinematography. Oh and yes…Trump is “morbidly obese”, he’s a lying fat slob.

  • Lynda's Hemp oil says:


  • Helen Driggers says: I’m a devout Christian I am the granddaughter to people who served in the military and ministry of God christ and my deseasedg uncles died was navy and schizophrenia and ministry of God christ I have prophet es in my jounel entry I my two grandchildren are in the military now enrich Lynn McKenzie’s army and William connor McKenzie’s marine God bless my beloved YouTube video from one fellow human being to another fellow human being

  • Irene Comunica says:


  • Rosalyn Farley says:

    To soon to Reopen schools health and safety

  • Eddy R.D. says:


  • Clementine Washburn says:

    I know domestic violence is very common but I just can’t wrap my head around it. I could not even imagine a mate of mine putting hands on me. Like, how does it even start? I just can not fathom it. I have never even come close to getting hit. Maybe they know a hot blade would slice their throat as soon as they went to sleep… Maybe they can see it in me because I have never even been threatened

  • Modern Decay says:

    More liberal media fear-mongering.

  • Jessica Rice says:

    Its because they gather up in large crowds and don’t practice social distancing

  • Billy Jackson says:

    We were attacked by Chana no telling how many viruses they sent us.

  • Billy Jackson says:

    Democrats are with the GLOBALISTS, they want the population of this planet bellow 500,000,000 and them rolling over the rest of us as slaves. Feminists on steroids

  • Irene Comunica says:

    Possible classroom exposure????Hmmm…blame language

  • TurboMC _ says:


  • Tommy Goins says:

    Pelosi’s dentures falling out they look like the weigh a ton lol😂😂😂

  • Tommy Goins says:


  • K G says:

    I cant take this clown show administration anymore. My god what a joke!

  • Warren Outley says:

    Well well the media sensationalists Are already looking for a safe exit, so they aren’t seen for the lying sacks crap they really are ,

  • Devon Archer says:

    America is bored with the virus. Therefore, it no longer exists.

  • Betty Pickle says:

    Maria is me i am Maria please if you hear or see something call someone no reason to not contact a family member online or police… This virus sees no color nothing racist to see or report!

  • Rob Cassel says:

    Time to come to the truth….Domestic Violence needs to be a capital crime. Period

  • climbergreen says:

    Isn’t it ridiculous that some people just open their eyes on simple things, such as: washing their hands, and not touching your face. Recently, I read that United Airlines started cleaning the passenger cabin with chlorine. Wait?! They didn’t do it before this virus? I was working in the lab with chinese students. They were eating and drinking next to Petri dishes with prions! Yewww 🙁 I believe that this virus spread from the Wuhan lab, because of negligence!

    • Madison Wheeler says:

      or it was led out on purpose or let out on an accident

  • Rosa Arteaga says:

    Strump is bigger ,meatball on Earth… GOD is my king …be nicer to The people…my answer have hurth…

  • Jaquin Hamdan says:

    Mexico s health care system has not been overun at all. That is false.

  • Joe Woodfin says:

    Everyone is going to “test positive”…its going to justify Bill Gates 666 injection

  • Virginia O'Flaherty says:

    “Don’t mess with Baltimore girls” never truer quote by Michael Steele.

  • dee bugza says:

    i dont believe a word any body has to say about corona virus!!! they say one thing and then another give me a break and trump confused everything even more so did the CDC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lady Day says:

    Wtf! The only kid to die is 12 yr old Black girl? I want to know how and why from the hospital. I also believe the Black people both young and old aren’t being treated properly or treated at all.

  • Smile Rangers says:

    The simple answers are all tests are not valid, someone who tested positive and who got reinfected just means the first test was false positive and second time they got it could be CoVID or again not CoVID. But the bottom line is all these tests are not reliable and results cannot be derived based on these unreliable tests. All these kids cases how come the parents not got infected from the kids. There’s no logic. Can you answer that question. The cardiac arrest or toxic shock syndrome or multi organ failure coming from barium/ cadmium poisoning from the water. Its poisoning from drinking water that can throw a rash and adults don’t succumb to these high levels of barium in water. When Trump thinks we can open schools in fall then the kids cases hikes up. It’s all cannot be coincidental. It’s very clear that inside USA a force is trying to break down strongly built Trump economy

  • Erôn Àmûn Râ Pârsôn says:

    Give me a break. They act like he got it out the medicine cabinet. If he say black they say white. This is just a cover up for Pizza Gate. Fool the masses but you can’t fool the enlightened.

  • East Sider Hound says:

    Morbidly obese they say 🤣 we’re dealing with savages 🤣

  • P Marina Carvajal says:


  • hwjr1 says:

    Wow. Just wow

  • Grendel's mom's boyfriend says:

    7:38 “she’s got a lot of problems, a lot of mental problems”

    Donald Trump is projecting again.

  • HI School CHD says:

    If the person is recovering and wants to get better, don’t be infected with the virus.

  • David Mateo says:

    Donald dumps mental health is slowly decaying😂😂