Nightly News Full Broadcast (May 23rd)

Americans head outdoors for a Memorial Day Weekend like no other, coronavirus cases surge in Brazil as South America becomes the new epicenter, and firefighters battle a 4-alarm blaze at San Francisco’s historic Pier 45.

103 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (May 23rd)

  1. K B Reply

    Screw the social distancing! It’s not provable nor any scientific research on the issue at the frikkin beach!

  2. 432hz Techie Reply

    Creativety saves lives WHO KNEW 😷👍

  3. AE Gimenez Reply

    I feel like I just wasted two months of my live isolating myself and my family. We haven’t even gone past the mailbox in 70+ days and all these morons are going to make the second wave hit harder.

  4. Michael Awram Reply

    Lol 100 thousand and its a pandemic smoking 47 million a year but there still on the shelf. Fake news!

  5. Jeffemano Reply

    You’re NOT STUCK at home. You fear driven sheeple are knuckleheads. Can’t think for yourselves. Like the Kroods. Caveman mentality scared of the dark.

  6. Samantha Fisher Reply

    About 2 months ago, I saw some comments on another video saying Brazil will eventually be one of the worst places. It’s so weird to see it come to fruition, but it just proves people can see and know what’s going on despite the government trying to tell us it’s ok. Everyone is predicting a second, deadlier wave and I really think they’re right.

    • Escape From Zombie Island Reply

      There is no virus. They planned to lie to you & tell you brazil had gotten bad. Whoever you’re listening to is part of the agenda.

  7. Glitch The Matrix Reply

    All propaganda

  8. TheIndianJohnSmith Reply

    I sure am glad that my kids are safe and happy at home, my wife and I won’t be sending our kids to school this fall either.

  9. mrgreeting1955 Reply

    The more we want.the more we will pay.

  10. Dave's backyard chickens and outdoors Reply

    More video like from everywhere else!! At 7;53 live video of the field hospital with one vehicle driving on the other side but no other people or vehicles!!

  11. T i z n o n a y Reply

    I love clicking past the nonsense, filler stories. The ability to literally skip through the bullsh*t is just wonderful. How did ppl watch the news before Youtube?

    • Escape From Zombie Island Reply

      Lots of drugs & alcohol. How do you think..?

  12. Julie Casey Reply


  13. Mike X Reply

    What’s up with the POTUS and the face mask? Does wearing a mask make him less of a man?

  14. Jamie Yayme Reply

    I know one thing.. I’m so blessed my mother bought my daughter a full size bouncy castle to play with. We had a carnival at home! We made ice cream cones, played on the bouncy castle, then had a water balloon fight. If your kids are bored, just think of where they’d love to go/do and try your best to make it happen! The kids will remember this as the time everyone got to spend more time together!

  15. Luna Azule Reply

    The only people that need to wear masks are those already infected. Everyone else looks just plain silly.

  16. Escape From Zombie Island Reply

    Notice how they call them ‘kids’. .. like animals. Meanwhile 1.2 MILLION abortions per year in the US alone.

  17. librnx1988 Reply

    Family creativity is thee smartest & caring act I’ve seen😊👍👍Awesome

  18. Maribel V-B Reply

    I’ll be homeschooling my son this year. Not risking his health

  19. De Dub Reply


  20. Tommy Elijah Cabello Reply

    The conservative hellhole that is Texas is going to get slammed by the pandemic.

  21. KC LEACH Reply

    here in this slum!! ok??

  22. Laura Cartier Reply

    Hey to all the fear mongers
    Look GA did not have spikes in cases and have been open a month.
    Americans, please to not have fear over this virus! Use common sense when out! but we cant lock ourselves inside forever!

  23. Дмитрий Бурбовский Reply

    .#zZz#.⚡⬇️⬆️💀 НАИЗЛУЧАЛИСЬ В КОД???!.💀⚡⚡⚡

  24. Donna Howorko Reply

    100000 dead…and hard work was done? By who? The people that have and do stay home, wear masks, work in the health care field brilliant those are the ones that have worked hard..even the governor’s who have tried to implement rules…but government.. no way man the ball was dropped has not been picked up and sadly that number will increase. Man do I feel for the people in Brazil…people who were ignored before this will be the ones that will suffer the most now…breaks me heart. The health care people….god bless you

  25. Castle J Richardson Reply

    Risky Business for them beaches not Me. Smdh

  26. Randy HUTCHINSON Reply

    Proudly brought to you by The Umbrella Corporation WELCOME to RACCOON CITY WUHAN PROVINCE China, here at the UMBRELLA CORPORATION, we didn’t create the virus we made it LETHAL The Umbrella Corporation we bring good things to life

  27. Denise Baker Reply

    I love how the mayor is encouraging people to come out and practice social distancing while she has her mask clearly pulled down as she speaking. Give me a break already

  28. Gee Wiz Reply

    Two months of sacrifice down the drain… 😞 Not religious but yeah… we’re gonna need some prayers. God help us and the medical community.

  29. VB Enterprise Reply

    If that behavior was going on in a black occupied bar there would be abuse of force,beatings and someone killed by the cops …

  30. Daniel Le Reply

    The Child in Chief, Trump, DESERVED to play golf over the weekend because (by worldometers): He got USA Greatest Number in Death 99,537. Greatest Number in Cases 1,695,820. Greatest Number of Unemployment. And Finally, The Number of Test Per Million Is Ranked #35, just Behind Andorra and Front of Austria. GREAT JOB RETARDO.

  31. Chey_ Queen Reply

    Ima just stay home, ima be smart. Some Karen’s/humans dont get it. This is gonna be here for awhile.

  32. Willynn Mcl Reply

    This newscast is sloppy with data at two points. First, when narrating the severity of situation in Brazil, it resorted to data from China. Anyone with an IQ greater than 20 knows Chinese official data have always been fabricated and thus should not be used as a benchmark. Second, in discussing Georgia’s SARS-COV-2 trends, it treated as if Georgia’s data are trustworthy. In cases where data are problematic, discussions on trends and what not are meaningless and a sheer waste of time. Please go to Atlanta Journal-Constitution for better report on this. I cannot believe NBC is so reckless with data.

  33. Marina Garza Reply

    can’t believe they are opening bars.. talk about short attention span!

  34. john Dingo-Fox Reply

    A return to golf that tax payers cough out 115,000 per trip

  35. Changed Agents Reply

    From jungle to inner city lol

  36. hiram esquivel Reply

    Immmma stay inside instead

  37. User619 TLSDCA Reply

    We might as well go back to the norm as we are seeing of some States, the majority willing to take the .04% of deaths from Covid as I say do what you want of going to public areas but Im staying ISO as much as I can. The one thing that we all must accept of US back to norm is when the Hospitals get over flooded with new cases, we have to set back the restrictions again until the flow hits a medium rate or less.. Give and Take in everything but once we find the true equation from that aspect, we must accept and follow thru and we will know the equation in 2 to 3 weeks of US back to norm OR back to mask on but tougher restrictions.. Once that equation comes we should really stop the protesting if 2nd wave comes.. I mean WHEN not IF..

  38. climbergreen Reply

    what is the reason for separating kids on the bus, since they will contact each other and share things in the school anyway?

  39. Hello World Reply

    All mainstream news panders to the emotionally and intellectually gullible. gotta have something to fit in between all those commercials for the human livestock consumers.

  40. Ron Estrada Reply


  41. ibrahima sy Reply

    Just to get Trump re-elected by any means necessary

  42. Aqilla M Reply

    He has a nice soothing voice. I’m staying in lockdown with my hand sanitizer and face masks. Too bad foe the reset of the people who aren’ttrying to stay safe. Sorry for the health workers who will have to put their own lives in danger to care for these people.

  43. Melanated Bliss Reply

    Classroom sizes SHOULD be no more than 18 anyway! Before the plandemic kids were in an oversized class of 30, or more!

  44. William Walters Reply

    God Bless The People Who got tired of the dictatorship and went to the beaches. THIS should be a wake up call for everyone .WE SHOULD all be tired of the dictatorship and vote them out of office.

  45. Paisley Szu Szu Reply

    Well crimany those tattoos and nails are very important, not to mention hair cuts or do’s don’t you people understand that?🤪🤪 Love those parents making summer for their kids!

  46. Artemias Rivers Reply

    What are the regular death ! This is all crazy, man forget trump he is not GOD !

  47. Bobby B Reply

    IDIOTS!! = People who don’t follow Guidelines..
    Also Elderly people aren’t the only ones Getting Severely Sick…Younger Healthy people are too…
    2:53…25% Capacity?LOL Nope

  48. 699sports Reply

    They’re all going to die

  49. Ray Santiago Reply

    this ad is weak, be straight foward, you’re not cute

  50. michael p Reply

    Unlock everything and let Darwin settle things. America is too divided for mandated public health

  51. gypsy nasada Reply

    Fake news

  52. andar komeng Reply

    US to date: *99,620 deaths.
    +21,000 infected/day
    Trump 🗣: we’re doing great😎
    Covid: make my day👹👻

  53. Scherry Pierce Reply

    Wanna bet they’re fudging the numbers!

  54. ardently100 Reply

    United States still #1. God bless America. #1 in military, #1 in economy, #1 in corona virus cases and deaths. US always wants to be #1 and on top!

  55. Kate Gainer Reply

    Biden 👍👍👍🏿👍🏿

  56. Sharon Chase Reply

    If you don’t care about yourself it is one thing. But taking children out in this pandemic is sad. Parents of course can do what they want but please remember this pandemic is not over yet.

  57. S. White Reply

    Can’t hear you thru that stupid mask,,, this is a news cast?

  58. SWSIREN Reply



    Erin didn’t your mom tell you it’s not polite to talk with your mouth covered?

  60. [TnKz] Fr0st3d W4rrior Reply

    pop home but de safe

  61. CrisMelo DotCom Reply

    Those reporters wearing masks is just there to mess with people on a subliminal level. It’s unnecessary! propaganda

  62. Domenic Grande Reply

    So what !!

  63. Sean Noriega Reply

    In Every other country, people can bunker in place…. Social distance..wear masks…and work with their doctors and government for a common good.
    Only in America does every high school dropout know more than medical doctors and feel that their right to unfounded conspiracy theories gives them the right to put others’ lives in jeopardy.
    I have no sympathy for this country and what it is getting ready to go through.

  64. Domenic Grande Reply

    People are people

  65. Sean Noriega Reply

    Any parent thinking of sending their children back to school before the surgeon general says its crazy and should be charged with child endangerment

  66. Jeremaine Martin Reply

    The world should not be opened

  67. 4yellowwolf Reply

    The irresponsibly by so many us everywhere! The death 💀 rate will raise!

  68. armand tamzarian Reply

    what a great dad!!!

  69. Stop Talking Reply

    What if, this pandemic is only starting?
    Suppose our assumptions are wrong. We produce a vaccine by Spring 2021, only to learn it is 20-30% effective.
    The new version has mutated so that it is more virulent, the R value is @5! We can’t catch up, as it moves via any contact association, children and young adults carry it for weeks without symptoms.
    The cities start to depopulate from death and fatigue causing an exodus to rural towns which only act to further spread the disease.
    With healthcare finally unable to care for the tens of millions of critically I’ll!
    The fatalities are in the low10-12%, much higher than in the first wave!
    That’s of the total global human population!
    And the a new virus emerges from Africa that cuts Africa to 300 million by 2023!
    And a fourth virus emerges in Egypt and pushes East and North. Europe is left with 24 million by 2025. By 2027, globally humanity is below 800 million.

  70. Stop Talking Reply

    Bolsonaro is committing a crime against humanity, and should be prosecuted at the Hague.

  71. Stop Talking Reply

    Sad! We could have it so good, except for greed and hate!

  72. Stop Talking Reply

    Yay, Summer is here and I can see the case load skyrocket like a 4th of July mortar shell!

  73. Rafael Garcia Reply

    As optimistic as people were after the first wave in 1918, wait for the second wave in October. Many politicians will have blood in their hands. Not that they care.

  74. Stop Talking Reply

    By Labor Day, 134,000 dead in America!

  75. a little bug Reply

    President “Morbidly Obese” Trump

  76. Frances Morales Reply

    Impressive!! WooooooW!

  77. Lily Rose Reply

    This country is under attack make no mistake about it…trump knows it Washington knows it our military brass know it…and not only do they know it they are all in on it…genicide is happening across the world…..ask yourselves who is being sacrificed…shame shame on you all that are willing to be guilty of a holocaust right here in the good ole USA

  78. Francisco Soriano Reply

    Reopening the states..
    COVID-19 Screaming “HONEY I AM HOME!!!!!”…

  79. Arnold Mccoggle Reply

    Lord we. Need. You

  80. Elizabeth Bielic Reply

    The beach pictures look empty for holiday weekend.

  81. Robby 1st video 070218 Reply

    Thank you thank you for telling us that

  82. phuckme running Reply

    event 201 Bill Gates

  83. rottvang Reply

    I love all the American freedom. Enjoy it for me everybody!!!

  84. Brian warshow Reply

    A nation of lab rats waving the flag. The Eugenicists run this country, on with the body count…

  85. Javus Bonmon Reply


  86. Timothy T. Reply

    Please think twice before you do things that may effect other citizens around you…

  87. Rob Meyers Reply

    Seriously, how many people would love to see Trump get Corona… That would be some amazing karma.

  88. hanz patinski Reply

    the virus knows not to affect ppl in abortion clinics and liquor stores, but mabey it only affects those who go to church

  89. bud prepper Reply

    breaking news tonight “panic panic panic!!!” fake news channel

  90. Vanessa Yarbery Reply


  91. Phoenix Rose AsheYah Reply

    As far as school goes…let these kids learn at home with a parent…teacher assisted. Do testing at schools with socially distanced seating. May bring our families back together…to me its a plus.

  92. Joe Zyzyx Reply

    These states have the highest death rates per million residents above the overall US average death rate. Of course their numbers are also included in the US average death rate. If only the death rate per million in the other states is counted, then that average would be much lower. I believe all these states are Democratic ruled. May 25 2020 stats.
    New York
    New Jersey
    Rhode Island
    The other 39 states have a death rate average per million residents of 98.5
    The top 11 states have a death rate average per million (excluding DC) of 721.2
    Those top 11 states have an average death rate per million residents that is more than 7 times greater than the other 39 states average.

  93. Angel Dust Reply

    SET BACK? For Sure!

  94. Andres Weinman Reply

    The woman says the world change everything changes but I didn’t change it’s always the saaaaammmme.🤓

  95. Andres Weinman Reply

    Bolsonaro doesn’t like poor people, gays drugs favelas better a deep cleaning an honest cleaning so he can begin the NEW ORDER🤣

  96. Jane B Reply

    Tick tock. 2 weeks whell know.

  97. Will Perry Reply

    Why are any of these media folks not wearing masks? Whether in the office (Jose) or reporting from the White House, please lead the charge by wearing a mask on air.

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