NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 21st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/26
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 21st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

FBI says shooting at Texas Naval air station was terrorism related, CDC updates guidance on how coronavirus spreads, and U.S. gives $1 billion boost to Oxford vaccine effort.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:25 FBI: Shooting At Texas Naval Air Station Terror Related
03:17 CDC: Coronavirus ‘Does Not Spread Easily’ On Surfaces
04:03 Doctors: Social Didtance Still Key To Stopping Spread
04:31 TSA Roll Out New Safety Protocols At Airports
04:53 New Study Finds Testing Critical At Nursing Homes
05:26 CDC: Covid-19 Mainly Spreads Person To Person
05:51 U.S. Pledges $1 Billion For Vaccine Developed At Oxford
07:49 New Hot Spots In South As All 50 States Partially Reopen
09:34 Trump Tours Michigan Ford Plant Without Mask
10:21 Trump Visit Michigan Amid Fiercr Battle Battle With Governor
11:30 Over 38 Million File For Unemployment Amid Pandemic
11:45 Small Business Struggle To Survive Against Big Chains
13:51 Covid-19 Survivor’s Shocking Before & After Images
15:56 Man Who Recorded Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Arrested
16:17 Mall Shooting Rampage Leaves Multiple People Injured
17:28 Lori Loughlin & Husband To Plead Guilty In College Scam
19:22 Longtime White House Butler Dies From Covid-19 At 91

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 21st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • amodking says:

    Fake news

  • why can shit be fair for all why ??? says:

    Fools believe ANYTHING.

  • JD C says:

    Parents paid 1/2 million for those 2 little whores. Unbelievable

  • Eddie Bowman says:

    what bs 2 to 6 months the news has to stop lieing .!!!!!!

  • Nelhuiliztli says:

    Utah is a Red state, and we have Mail-In Voting Ballot for everyone.

    • mcse9073 says:

      You have fake elections then !

  • Elzidoe says:

    I’m still more concerened with overzealous whyte cops out here.

  • Islamic Social Media says:

    Islamic Social Media
    Allah please live us free from corona virus covid-19.. amin.

  • joe momma says:

    What really happened with Jeffrey Epstein? Why did the media bury that and hide it from us?

  • misa says:

    America need more immigrant

  • Tiktok Videos says:

    Fake news get your self ture for the COVID 19

  • Anthony Luscia says:

    His forehead should be censored

  • Anthony Luscia says:

    Look how red that nurse was, he was def on roids
    Looking all sunburnt for no reason

  • Donald Bedore says:

    Get them all

  • Shashidhar Shettar says:

    There are two types of information: 1-Cover story spread across Media & 2-Behind the door secretly held fact-factories making PROFITS INSTANTANEOUSLY and dismaying the “True Poor Scientists while “Billion $ Pharmaceuticals Company who have access to the “behind the door info many years in advance and begin planning and ready to release in an unbelievable WARP SPEED (Latter cannot be done in an open universities based too Nobel prize win or winning scientist- not just one but 100’s of them. So take home message is: Don’t watch or believe the news anywhere and from around the world. Enjoy playing outside and spend time with family and let go off Billionaires to keep escalating their wealth and enjoy.

  • Nicki Snyder says:

    The only reason trump wants the vaccine is so it will convince people to work & shop. His big corporation buddies need new jets. Does care if the vaccine is developed safely? Of course not! We could all die from it & he’d just make up a new lie to turn it around & claim he looks good

  • disagree Dinero says:

    This is death to our small businesses, then with a monopoly held by the CEOs Wal Mart and Target, they can raise their prices this is bad all the way around. Little shops need to reopen and we need to STOP shopping at the targets and walmarts. Its very unfare we know target and walmart are selling things other then food. Don’t betray your community — don’t shop there and demand the small businesses open up.

  • disagree Dinero says:

    This is ridiculous. The states go after the actors for their money, but the state itself, usurps the constitution, illegally detains US citizens without due process— rules enforced by the CDC are causing people to die by blocking hospital access, and major attempts to push HR6666 on citizens and usurp our constitutional rights? People… fight back. Say no. Dont shop at Target or Walmart those big CEO owned companies—they sell goods more then food, and yet force small business to stay shut with threats of fine or jail? Say no, demand small business to be open, and get out and practice your freedom to speech, of not being illegally detained without due process, say not to them obtaining your private medical information, they cant come into your home,you are to be safe in your person ( no invasive injections like vaccines), and your papers and effects are to remain private tell them NO you will not comply and you do not consent!

  • Stevena Carlos says:

    Terrorist are stupid ! Virus better than guns

  • Irene Comunica says:


  • Urkle Steve says:

    So with all that’s going on a gun randomly decides to attack a military base ? And per usual he’s dead! I’m not into politics, but damnit when Trump says fake news he’s actually telling no lies!

  • Tish Smiddy says:

    Can anyone tell me how many Convicts have been released???

    • Grma akww says:

      TOO MANY !!

    • Tish Smiddy says:

      Grma akww somewhere I heard ( internet) 43,000 across America… yes too many !! I guess if you committing a ,crime , NO worries 😉 Coronavirus

  • Jada Starr says:

    Rich people should serve time just like the poor. You break the law, you should pay like everyone else Lori & hubs.

  • Jim Reitenbach says:

    Sleepy Joe dissing black voters. The Dems better put him back in hiding to save what chance they have left.

  • Cherylene says:

    It’s really sad that a 91year old man lost his life to covid-19 after such an amazing life that still had a lot more life to live

  • Nancy Smith says:

    You have had enough. Stay out of peoples private business you obviously don’t even know. Wackos.

  • cocoa banks says:

    The “vaccine” makers are trying their best to try to profit off of peoples fear and the passing of their loved ones due to their version of “Covid19” which could have been due of natural causes, either way, RIPeace. “Covid19” is used as a fear tactic for a bigger plan. Stay Woke people!

  • kay cartledge says:

    I wish I could have had one conversation with Mr Roosevelt…may he rest in Peace 💙

  • J G Frakes says:

    I don’t trust any news coming from the MSM, any longer.

  • J G Frakes says:

    Why do they keep letting Muslims on to our military bases??

  • Itismeagainb Itisnotme says:

    Through a window? IMO, that’s just wrong especially when we can shop for groceries were many are not wearing masks including the tellers. Why not let the family wear masks and eye protection even a gown and let it be their choice? Enouph of these double standards. And why through away ppe when all one needs to do is set it aside for a week or so, long enough for the virus to die and reuse it alternating that way will help keep us well supplied.

  • Sky Ryder says:

    So a drug manufacturer has mapped the RNA…and viruses are now smart…lmao…what a scientific leap for mankind.

  • HighTech Bryan says:


  • Helen Driggers says:

    God bless

  • Butterly Stww says:

    Mhmm sure Im going to stay and continue wiping down my packages I bet you in a month they’ll say the exact opposite

  • Andrew O'Rourke says:

    we can be broken down in math as far as density with pressure from old movement, that old movement has evidence as the black hole is a landing zone from an old movement science uncollided with in-active chemical reality. math and expression is limited due to control.

  • Junk Finger says:


  • Ben Garrett says:

    T0 STOP COVID-19 DEATHS FROM COVID-19, please read this information that I have posted May 24, 2020 and advocate for adoption of this medical breakthrough. There is now a 100% cure for COVID-19 that was recently developed by Dr. Thomas Yadegar, ICU Director of the Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center in Tarzana, California. Due to his success with COVID-19, he is currently supervising the COVID-19 treatments at 6 major hospitals in southern California. A transcript of a recent interview with Dr. Yadegar discussing his cure is available online at the Glenn Beck radio show website in the news section for the news of April 28, 2020. While we are all waiting on a vaccine, thousands may die in the meantime, unless something changes. This new cure is one of the changes that needs to be adopted as soon as possible. Because, with ventilators there is about an 80% death rate. But, treatment with Yadegar’s cure has a incredible 0% death rate. Please read the transcript. Then, consider contacting your politicians in Washington, DC to inform them of the cure and demand that they adopt Dr. Yadegar’s cure as a national health policy to end COVID-19 deaths. We are all going to die someday. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do our very best to make it later, for everyone. People with COVID-19 in hospitals aren’t even aware, except in California, that there is now an option to ventilators. So, how long will it take before the Yadegar cure is available nationwide? We’ll see. Get involved.

  • apexiblaster says:

    that wasnot 6ft apart. that was more like 1ft

  • A sincere Salafi Muslim says:

    Ask the CDC what’s in ya kids Hep B shot

  • A sincere Salafi Muslim says:

    F social distancing I need some new kitty

  • Breezee Boy says:

    5:48 sounds like Stewie Griffen lol

  • A sincere Salafi Muslim says:

    Human trials? Virus spreading in the south suprise

  • Jane Doe says:

    so, they shot and killed the suspect, and then they handcuffed him. Very interesting. Did they then also read him his rights?

  • Betsy Ross says:

    More propaganda!, we are at War, and we start fighting back, by arresting all The Communist CEO at the Media, Michael Bloomberg

  • Brian K says:

    fake. news.

  • Russell Griffin says:

    good to see all the stimulus monies is going to Target-Walmart-Amazon. The uber rich get richer. This government is a joke.

  • HighSpeedTraveler says:


  • Oddvard Myrnes says:

    USA. People that corrupt the system is not punished. Fines are lower than the fees they where willing to PAY for kids in school. No jail time. While poor people have no food. Lester Holt just keep on trucking! This is where America is now.

  • Apache Whitecrow says:

    …tel it like it really is: an act of Jihad-Islamic Muslim Terrorist Attack. We have been at war with Muslims, but mainstream media, like this fake news fails to give the Patriots of America-the true facts. Experts fear many more could die from both CV-19, plus annual respiratory disease before it is over. But we have long disregarded a far more deadly threat to mankind that over the past 1,420 years has killed no fewer than 270 million people, and continues to take lives today. That threat is Islamic jihad/Muslim Ideology, and it targets both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

  • Darkness Fallz says:

    The cdc lies we dont trust them

  • TJC2 Cooper says:

    🔥Lol DON’T trust the CDC!!

  • Debbie Rogers says:

    Wrong to arest the photographer !!

  • Rich Mountains says:

    Fake News.
    Fake Scamdemic.

  • Pawg Lover says:

    I touch my face atleast 50xs a day ..
    But i wash my hands maybe 80x’s a
    day. If i go outside and come home , I immediately shower.

    I hope i make it. . .

  • Sunny Quetzalcoatl says:


  • 310california love310 says:


  • Prof. A.K.Moyeenuddin Ahmmed says:

    Too fast makes wrong result.Every step of making vaccine,
    It can not be consider under political

  • JJ says:

    Ahmen Aubrey was a criminal who shpuldnt have fought for the gun. Luckily georgias stand yur ground law should protect the individuals arrested and demonized by the media.

  • JJ says:

    Corona cirus has killed 92k the flu killed 112k last year. Propaganda here is worse than Chinas.
    Oh wait…… Our nedia is run by china.

  • K L says:

    The vaccine will spawn the zombies 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟..

  • Kamar G says:

    I don’t trust American news. Hillary Fairbrither’s reviews as a doctor were not great…..and it’s weird how they are calling everyone’s death C19 related.

    They are eagerly trying to force vaccinate people. Get ready Americans. Your constitutional rights are already being taken away. And noticed they want children to get the vaccine too.

    And the icu beds being full…not the case.

  • Harsh Gadley says:

    News media = fear mongering

  • Armando Mariano says:

    social distancing is in preparation for facial recognition of 5G

  • Kevin Huguet says:

    The most robotic production quality imaginable

  • Kevin Huguet says:

    You sheep cling to every word these evil liars speak don’t you.

  • Kevin Huguet says:

    They want the social distancing because of the facial recognition software that was having trouble with large crowds.

  • Rambika Kc says:

    I’m going

  • Samiki Booker says:

    People been in the house catching this so I’m thinking it’s not working

  • Dana Smith says:

    Cops are clearly the terrorists, that is why they have to carry terrorist insurance. FTP

  • kingleksie 21 says:

    so we could go to parks

  • Gordon Chase says:

    Notice how breathless these narrators and reporters styles are fear and hype doom and gloom masks usless but don’t tell them. Darn vaccine on the harozon lester holt loves drama doent he hype network

  • Joe Jefferies says:

    I don’t know what to believe about the news, they have been caught in sooooooooooooooooooooo many lies. It has been proven that a lot of hospitals are almost empty. The Demos are using this to get back in power. They rely on the ignorance of us all. And businesses are using this to make money.

  • Mark Schaffer says:


  • Hemingway M says:

    This president is absolutely the worst and most embarrassing leader of USA ,Refusing to wear masks.

  • steady says:


  • Kishoreda Songs says:

    We were happy to see titanic movie because its based on a true story in history,,,,,in 2095 we here today will ba all dead but the generations in 2095 will see their movie about 2020 true story ,, the coronavirus in history where many people died,,,,,, so sad we are in the history ,,,, god bless everyone

  • Libre verdaderamente says:

    WHO , CDC are a joke,!! Not , they are busnisses getting WE THE PEOPLE S MONEY, while playing games on us

  • Lovetta Dennis says:

    Take. My. Profile. Off. Public

  • sweet tooth says:

    Romans 10:13

  • intrinzik Gaming says:

    yall acting like the news is a good news source lol. wake up

  • stixria says:

    Omg, this virus is non-stop spreading. I don’t know if the world might end..we set all our prayers for our lives and this horrible, deadly virus.

  • Patrick Hosino says:


  • M Green says:

    The male nurse looks like he has aids not coronavirus

  • Jay Con says:

    Steroids and covid don’t mix eh

  • Jay Con says:

    The covid news. Still beating that dead horse eh

  • Tico Bone says:

    national LGBT festival ? no wonder

  • 1234BABBS says:

    This a small virus?…

  • Hakumen Date says:

    I don’t know they still sound like lairs to me

  • TheAlyxzander says:


  • Luis Perez says:

    Good News to California 😁😁😁😁

  • Wilhelm Sarasalo says:

    Why is social distancing the key? Unfriending somebody on Facebook does not seem as effective as keeping a physical distance.

  • barbara thompson says:


  • mcse9073 says:


  • Virtual Audio says:

    Yeah, we know if it was Pelosi that did this with her daughter or her sons or whatever there would have been no charge at all, right.

  • Virtual Audio says:

    Look if they want more code somewhere all you have to do is use just the place with it, Just have a vehicle run through town blowing the stuff out the out the window, Then you get an instant hotspot in the matter of days are just playing games this is deep state crap. They can do only want to try to fool us but “the Patriots know”

  • Kim joung _un says:

    I hate china

  • David Powers says:

    States are open why do these LIBS want money again, just to pay illegals money so they get the vote, California is already losing all those idiots no one voted for, because it was rigged like they always do. Trump fixed their fraud and we will see the Libs dropping like flies our of congress.

  • Nancy Barretta says:

    Fakes news

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    Liberals say they listen to science, yet 90% of you idiots do not fall in the category of a fatality rate for this disease.
    yet you mock people that are your same age that fall into the same category of either not contracting it at all, having no symptoms.
    And your reasoning behind being terrified your whole life. It’s simple your snowflakes

  • Matt Grele says:

    Plandamic not working! Quick get out them terrorizers!