NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/28
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Americans gather for Memorial Day despite coronavirus restrictions, some houses of worship fight to reopen doors, and doorbell video shows Amazon delivery driver praying for baby at risk of coronavirus.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:39 Americans Celebrate Memorial Day As Deaths Near 100,000
04:43 Trump Pays Tribute To The Fallen, Defends Going Golfing
06:39 Brazil’s Outbreak Exploding As U.S. Imposes Travel Ban
08:21 Fierce Battle Over Reopening Houses Of Worship
10:32 Multi-State Manhunt For College Student Wanted For Murder
12:17 Plunging Gas Prices Devastate America’s Oil Towns
14:23 Final Preparations For America’s Return To Space
16:12 Honoring Fallen Heroes And Lives Lost To Covid-19

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



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  • Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG says:

    Every since Virginia has said stay at home the streets have been more crowded because so many people not working. Apparently they are just driving around for no reason. I like the lower gas prices because I am essential personal have been working the entire time. I enjoy not paying as much at the pumps. 👍

  • Loren Smith says:

    The biggest threat is domestic enemies, preparing sterilization vaccines.

  • Growing Stronger in Thought says:

    I bet he comes in alive while black Boyd are dying for jogging

  • Simone King says:

    These patients pictures worth a thousand words….. These patient probably infected with some sort of respiratory system years ago and i bet these news going to label it covid 19 related…

  • Freedom is a Right says:

    Trump has absolutely no right to salute to anyone; Vietnam coward. I want to punch him smack in his choppers.

  • Daniel J. Lavigne says:

    🦊 🦊

  • Tj White says:

    Wtf? Gas prices are waaay to high right now!!!

  • Freedom is a Right says:

    Dear Jason Carey, once you or you your family gets hit, don’t come back crying. And btw, my son is by you in NJ. I’ll seek you out if you or yours infect him.

  • Audriana Pequeno says:

    I blame the private company, Twitter for this because they are compromising our first amendment rights to be toddlers while holding the most important position of authority in the known universe.

  • Dave Williamson says:

    We’ll send our kids back to school,
    when its safe enough to send Trumps
    friends back to prison!

  • Bill Phillips says:

    There is a reason why Trump isn’t wearing a mask because the virus is not as deadly as they claim it’s all BS! Joe Biden on the other hand is part of the left that wants to enslave us so naturally he’s going to wear his mask that’s part of his campaign that he is in the best interest of the people. Most doctors agree that is long as you have no health conditions it’s better to be exposed to the virus now to build up your immunity before this fall. The death numbers have been over exaggerated and it is the extreme elderly and people with respiratory issues that mostly fall prey to this virus. I have to commend and be safe on finding their actors play nurses to give their response and they’re very narrow camera views of Brazil and all of the hospitals they have been built. I have people in the medical field in my family so I know personally that this is all fake and blown out of proportion. This was designed to ruin this country and to run small business owners into the ground. You are selling out your rights in the Constitution by accepting money from the government. They are paying to keep you where they want you, at home! You’re no different than a pet being fed in a cage once they cut that money and the food off you’ll be screwed. You better wake up before it’s too late because a starving dog will do exactly what it is told to do if it is offered food.

  • Salik Talley says:

    Pppp00. Mk

  • tikab says:

    #PresidentPlump strikes again!

  • Paul Ssonko says:

    What would Jesus do in this circumstance? I am an ardent Roman Catholic church goer every Sunday. I am not sure why the push to go to Church so soon…. l think Jesus would work on keeping people safe especially the most vulnerable elderly. At my church about 40% are elderly. First of all most of the priests are also elderly.

  • Peanuts Mom says:

    All those people in a cesspool of covid. Makes my skin crawl.

  • Susan Mclain says:


  • Frank ten Horn says:

    So happy the chosen one is very concentrated and doing all he can to get the best numbers…..

  • Canh Le says:

    Iam not going anywhere on Memorial Day, and want you to know that I am always with you, doctors and nurses volunteers, priests and nuns, love you all. God bless you all night

  • Dirty Autobot says:

    Common sense just aint common anymore. Especially if youre wearing a maga hat.

  • Fatima N says:

    Thank you for having the complete show available for view, not just bits and pieces. God Bless!

  • SassynBlessed please says:

    Hello Damion we are infecting ourselves no need for help. It is our fault. Did you see the beaches and pool party? This is so stupid.

  • SassynBlessed please says:

    Trump you send your kids first mines are staying home. I can’t believe that this is happening. This is a nightmare a 5th grader would make better choices.

  • Kati Cutshall says:

    bad propaganda, should fire this woman shes bad at the fearmongering thing.

  • Alexander Mazilu says:

    No report of hong kong protests?

  • Glenna Vanlue says:

    Dad was in ww2 japan. Motor pool tech# 4. Tokyo.after Nagasaki. Died 2/18/84. Lung Cancer. Had lumps on his back long time. Saw the great bright light! On small ship thought it was the end of the world. My dad worked on the trucks that went to Bataan. He said they drove 6/7 days straight. Only stopping to put broken ones chained together in center pulling + pushing them along. Dad said on cliffs sometimes 2 wheels touched the ground. They all made it! But the prisoners rescued not all made it back. They were living and happy it was over. Dad drove people to the front and back. Got 2 stars a day. He had 2 large coffee cans full of stars. 3 belts with stars. Dad had purple heart + bronze star. I was eight when I saw them he asked me which ones i liked. I didnt understand war.
    To live people /soldiers give their lives. God bless them + Thankyou. Amen.

  • Darren Cheewah says:


  • TimeLess 8:5:3 says:

    3:01 Miguel is walking in the studio with a green screen in the background pretending to be reporting at the beach. This is CGI. C’mon people! Wake up! This is common practice by mainstream media. And this isn’t the first time. Not by a long shot. Deliberately lying to you to push a corporate agenda. If they are lying to us about this, imagine what else they are lying to us about! The TRUTH is an enemy against a System that is built on LIES.

  • Paul Sims says:

    No hello just biden… if he want some thing he can biden… he goes both ways so I guess that makes him biden

  • the bup says:

    3:34 the ability to speak does not make you intelligent

  • Jennifer Braud says:

    Everyone of the places they showed here that were packed with people looked to me like a nightmare, even without a pandemic. As far as the people acting as if this is not for real…you can’t fix stupid.

  • Alexandra Turner says:

    That is not the Government fault! People are responsible for their own action and decision. The government cannot control everything but unfortunately you demos like to control people. Good job brainwashing people as always.

  • Mike McDonald - Ember Art says:

    “All of this because someone wasn’t responsible.” – Eric Chase, blaming his hair stylist and taking zero personal responsibility. 🙄

  • Khmer Guiding Life says:

    Thank for sharing 😊

  • Boogie Blackwell says:

    I love Kristen Welker

  • Don Kantner says:

    My 7 year old is scared to touch any package or leave the house.

  • J F says:

    Holiday chaos??? Really? We did what you needed the people to do. For weeks! Flatten the curve… If this was the consequence, many would not have conformed. Now that we have information and science, that no one is willing or able to put on the table, you want us to continue to be locked down? You don’t ever lock down free people. This is not a commie nation. We will survive we will continue to be free. We will determine our own outcome. It’s only a matter of time that the government realizes they work for the people.

  • Rgb Rides says:

    CDC just radically lowered its death ratio…. they lied again!:
    new cdc best advice? time to test all rats? if they stay at home?? year of the ratmosphere!

  • angelinshagows says:

    Trumps a Joke!

  • Hoang Doan says:


  • angelinshagows says:

    Bone Spurs shouldn’t even be allowed to lay a wreath. He was a Coward then and his actions now are just as Cowardly.
    Not Fit To stand in the shadows of our lost hero’s.

  • angelinshagows says:

    Trumps supporters show how utterly Stupid they are. No wonder they support someone that is the dumbest man in History to get into office.

  • angelinshagows says:

    Trump is proof education is important..but safety first for our children. Their already smarter than he is so they will be okay.

  • angelinshagows says:

    Most of us can’t put food on the table…are they offering a free buffet.

  • nilhyo says:

    omg the bts mask at 4:17!!

  • Chanthachon Senesouphap says:

    Make Brazil become the most infected country, then claim US is no longer and because of your wise supreme leader Trump decision help resolve the problem in US


    Please check the Covid-19 numbers in Houston after these people took their freedom back. Don’t be afraid to do a follow-up video.

  • Mash Matlalepoo says:

    In Africa people are everywhere in the streets bios they need to make a living…and in the US people are packed in the streets without masks……..bcos they are tired of being locked in? Talk about privileged..

  • Shawn Sereal says:

    How many people have to die before states crackdown on people breaking all the rules of social distancing and wearing masks. And, why are people reopening without permission and not getting in trouble. The U.S. is one mixed up country. We are worst than a 3rd world country.

  • Yohana Vega says:

    sir-hoax? how do you fake deaths & numbers plus tombs?hmmmmm=take it up with the man-JESUS CHRIST

  • Yohana Vega says:

    church should open for FATHERS DAY-may-be=what would JESUS DO? they didnt OPEN for memorial day…………………….

  • Tiempo Nuevo says:

    I wonder what the next crisis will be. How many here are sic of the roller coaster ride? I’m sure glad Trump is president. I can’t imagine how bad it would have been under crazed Hillary.

  • Leo Leo says:

    When does your right begin and others end don’t infringe on other people’s right to be safe because you want to be wreckless follow the rules

  • John Herr says:

    Wow! I’m heading to the ICU this morning to work. We saw a slowing down with the lockdowns in Boston. Now we are expecting another wave of patients when we see this irresponsible behavior.

  • Rigor Mortis says:

    let it spread. the more die. the more houses and new jobs get avaible

  • Suzetta Squire says:

    God is everywhere … you dont need the church to beleive in him…stay home stay safe!!

  • carlos rivera says:

    Let’s vote this fool out of the white !!

  • charlie akin says:

    Incredible . This is what the government had do let happen. The Government will now respond with the military on the streets to ENFORCE THE LOCK DOWN. Cases Will skyrocket. wow how could you fools do that ?

  • charlie akin says:

    Please document and make a library of pictures of the one’s openly mocking the seriousness of this Pandemic. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MEDICAL CARE. DR’S ,NURSES DIE ALSO TAKING CARE OF Victims….

  • charlie akin says:

    Brazil should remove that president with a cough to his face by a infected Victim/…

  • charlie akin says:


  • MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster says:


  • Jon Harmon says:

    Amazon driver prays….prolly gets fired. the world we live in. she should get promoted just for having empathy towards customers. rare quality that doesn’t even require prayer.

  • Christopher Colon says:

    Only good for stupid peoples Funny videos — try not to laugh, smile or grin while watching comedian Vic DiBitetto. Please share and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

  • Sharon Adams says:

    The big joke. Thousands claim they can’t go back to work for fear of contracting virus. Yet, the very same thousands are okay to pack in like sardines at parks, beaches, etc..

  • Sharon Adams says:

    Obama played golf, while his wife were telling people to stay at home. Trump like everyone has the right to days off. And gulfing does not make for a crime. Truly ignorant, bullying, hateful, racist to comment on Trump playing golf. Savages like you teach children to be ugly. You offer nothing positive to society.

  • Sharon Adams says:

    Allowing people to gather by thousands on parks, beaches, restaurants, etc… Yet, deny churches to open is a very real violation of our Constitutional Right. Churches can sue. For the moment people were permitted to gather by quantities larger then a church hold, proves the state is prohibiting freedom of religion. The strict guidelines they are placing on churches are violation of their constitutional right. For the same rules have not been applied to multiple other open areas/businesses.

  • Raymond Terwilliger says:

    Let them go out if they end up sick they get sick 😷 I’m a otokou so I’m at home playing my new game never go out

  • danielpalos says:

    Is it possible to pour the oil back into the well?

  • Huni Brown says:

    Remember when Faucci said if we got to 100 – 200 thousand deaths were coming. How shocked we all were. It’s here. He was right. And its still going.

  • Huni Brown says:

    Is it just me or is spending money to go to Space in the middle of a pandemic seem a bit odd? I mean we have millions of Americans unemployed! Death is ravaging our country and they wanna go to space? Lol where are this administrations priority’s?

  • Don Embrey says:

    The democrats are the most evil trash on earth.

  • Pamela Charles says:

    Afirca is calling our brother and sister back home

  • Amelia Hernandez says:

    So sad that the soldiers who fought for this country are not even visited .. this is just a holiday for everyone to party. It’s sad. And churches want to open to start getting money. What other reason. Let’s be reasonable

  • Aniceto Rivera says:

    Thats the acid test if god permit all us with this human invented virus ..

  • Marie Halwani says:

    The young people have never been in lockdown. Only the stupid old sheep and the dumb cattle.

  • Marie Halwani says:

    We will be locked up over and over it’s the new normal. The Government owns you weather you like it or not. And Trump knows it and also all the parties.

  • Carola Brandsborg says:

    I really dont get it . Amerika lost 100.000 peopel and you dont care

  • Abdul Saifee says:

    Kingdom of Heaven is at hand…in the kingdom of our Lord there is no geographical boarders…The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven. The doorway to the Kingdom of Heaven is through Christ, our Savior…into the Kingdom Heaven…where you will live in peace. To reach that peace some times or often you have go through some battle ground…a battle worth fighting for…the hard work is already done for you…have the commander of army of host in your side…Love you…I did not know about Love until Christ showed me…He told us: greater love has no one but one lay his life for his friends.

  • E Randco says:

    Has anyone noticed we didn’t have much news before covid and now we hav none? Apparently everyone has ceased to have conflicts or wars, our government officials have found Jesus and no one has had any groundbreaking successes that will better anyone’s lives or create a new US business boom. It’s always the same half baked reporting and stories sourced from Twitter or viral videos . Huge waste of brain cells.

  • Alexis Koslow says:

    Let thos that want to party and get infected “let them”. But when it comes to the idiots wanting schools open in Aug to be used for daycare that’s where It stops. Kids should not return to school until covid-19 numbers are almost 0. If not! Kids will continue to do homework on chrome books.

  • No go says:

    It doesn’t look like everyone in America cares about the Covid 19 deaths 😔 they go out to celebrate only spreading the virus even more. And Memorial Day is about souls lost, isn’t it? How do they even use the word “celebrate” . It doesn’t make sense.

  • Carolyn Harris says:

    It feels so good to have someone stand by your side, when you falling down…Thanks to those that stand with us. The African Communities..I see you N thank you’ll

  • Jackie Devaras says:

    No wonder the death rises…self discipline is gone😰

  • Marsha A says:

    Classic Headline, “#covid19 destroyed the lively hoods of the world.” Meant literally. ashame

  • FOH SMD says:

    Less ignorance for 2021….. and look at who’s the majority

  • new ham says:

    Amazing! 100,000 dead from covid. But no deaths from heart attacks, cancer, auto accidents, falls, poisonings, murders, etc. Every one a covid death.

  • Ming Li says:


  • John Thomas says:

    How’s that 60 day free trial of Communism working for you

  • M r. says:

    I’m sorry that it’s that bad but we have the right to live. If u want to go to the beach,then go. I wish I was there, I would have your back. It’s a god given right to be free.

  • Escape From Zombie Island says:

    Media whores.. lolz

  • Patrice Marie says:

    Bathrooms ….. back * logged???? …… Urinate in the pool??? You have plenty of company!

  • sᴀᴠᴀɢᴇ sʜɪɴᴇ says:

    We will revenge our american brothers and sisters deaths china will pay for the cost of every death of our citizens I CURSE CHINA ON THE BOTTOM OF THE EARTH OF WEST WINDS AND SOUTH OF WATERS

  • Super Kid says:


  • Super Kid says:


  • Super Kid says:


  • Alan Simmns says:

    As always pure Fear Mongering news reports! Why no body count on Cancer , and other deadly illnesses? Same results death! I’d give anything to have complete power over all news stations, and would flat out ban any form of a Death Toll Count! It serves no purpose for anyone to need to know how many people died each day, hey News broadcasters go F yourself, and stop running such unnecessary stories!

  • Rose Rodriguez says:

    When are we getting the 2nd Economic Relief check, like we received around the End of April/May??? On another note I’m excited to see what the astronauts find out in Space. 🚀🌎🌠🌌☀🌘

  • FullOnDoubleNamaha says:


  • Blackhatter says:


  • ghazi kutbi says:

    as to this point all evidence has shown that the status America is in right now is more than a miracle, and Almighty Allah himself is protecting it. I don’t think there is any fear on the Americans as the situation there is