🇺🇸 US gym fires staff after racial profiling accusations | AL Jazeera English

2020 5/29
🇺🇸 US gym fires staff after racial profiling accusations | AL Jazeera English

A US fitness company has fired three of its staff after two black men accused them of racial profiling.

Videos of the men being kicked out of the gym have gone viral.

It follows another incident at the coffee chain Starbucks.

Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo reports from New York.

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コメント一覧 (117件)

  • Ronicko Keith says:

    This junk is getting ridiculous

  • BLT4LIFE says:

    I hope more people film and document situations like this.

  • OceanBlue says:

    Do you people understand the importance of racial profiling?… You clearly don’t because there was no “racial profiling” here!… He was asked to scan in his gym membership card and he gave them a hard time!… He went out of his way to start trouble and now is playing victim hoping to sue and make some money!… The guy is as phony as a $3 bill!

  • Ryt5014 says:

    So much for brown and black coalition I told u black people you’re better off with whites than these brown from southeast Asia or India that did benefit from the civil rights laws that your ancestors marched lynched and died for …

  • Caroline White says:

    But the manager looks black

  • TheLifeOnHigh says:

    The racist lezbon desk clerk started this bullshit.

  • Wolf says:

    This Gym will now hand out free Star Bucks to all Black people.

  • Johnny C says:

    Let’s be honest, all of us are racist. I often seen Blacks using the racist cards too often when things are not in their favor. Always complaint about being oppressed and it is their rights that the country provided them with handouts. But I hardly see Asian using the racist cards except on education matter I supposed. They knew they have to work hard, no one is going to give them handouts. They actually are racist towards non-Asian including Whites. Not that I admired them but we cannot denied that they are what they are today is through their hard work. So stop complaining and do something meaningful for a change.

    • Christopher Neal says:

      M Webb well said

    • belly tripper says:

      MAYBE “” **YOUR** ALL OF US””

    • PsychedForLife* Eva says:

      Christjohnny33 you are really wrong if you think it’s about handouts! It’s about being treated fairly with dignity and respect and equal opportunity. You are really eating up the lies Faux News or whatever extremists from the right wing have sold you but it’s not true and you are just wrong. Surrender your prejudice and open your mind to what has been going on for far too long; racism and it needs to end.

    • Ki The greatest says:

      Christjohnny33 congratulations!! You’re an idiot!😄😒

    • the way I see it says:

      Christjohnny33 You are an idiot with a lot of time on your hand.

  • Brooklyn Thomkins says:

    What truly makes me laugh is every time a black person is mistreated for anything but especially by the cops and in the workplace and found to be right and innocent in the situation, the first thing you hear is we are re training our officer’s and our staff if you’re officers and workplace staff doesn’t have common sense why are they in that position but sooner or later they gonna get tiered of getting sued then they will get the picture

    • Krystal Gacha says:

      Exactly. If not that, if a black person is shot or killed by an officer, the officer isn’t fired or arrested. Instead of cuffing them, the first thing to say is, “the officer did all he could in his power” I really hate this society. I really do

  • M M says:

    How many times a day does this happen, without apology or consequences.

  • Kong Lee says:

    Starbucks/ for me I’ll kick them out too because this an a place to chill out. What if me and 15 of my friends just come and sat around your business and don’t buy nothing. You going to tell us to get out. Your business is not making anymore money. Me and my friends took all the seats.

  • O. NEAL says:

    The only crime I see is the gym employees don’t workout.

  • Blockchain Bot. says:

    So much for all men is equal. Meh..

    • morris rider says:

      Yes seems Some! People think their ‘more’ equal than others though.

  • Mad max says:

    You failed, a..hole, so resign!!

  • Lazarus says:

    No surprise to see the the entire problem here was the asian manager! Asians in general actually think they’re more superior than people of colour – Hilarious as asians themselves are shoddy business operators..

  • Free 1 says:

    Cleaning House!!! #realdeal👏👏👏

  • Mental Inlander says:

    The owner have a right to ask anyone in the gym

  • Rufus Dean-Bey says:

    Wow….I called this cop a sell out….and after his post on the matter….he apologized. I knew it…the brown commissioner conformed to the his cops were justified…then turns around and apologizes???? Why?? I thought his position was that his offocers followe the law. SMH!!!

  • manaohar samtani says:

    Black people are exploited when they try get a car loan. All these loan sharks charge them such high rates and result is they cant pay, You know i have had many black people work for me and cut grass or paint. They are a whole lot cheaper than white and very thankful.

    How can you call it an advanced society when you mistreat them.

  • Boqoreh says:

    The tipping point has been reached and corporate HQ’s are not stupid.

  • Nuff Said says:

    It’s 2018 🇺🇸, enough already.

  • Jack Carth says:

    Thought he said leave because he was recording with the phone

  • Bryant Mungo says:

    its a WHITES ONLY facility

  • Elite PrettyFeet says:

    black cops are useless

  • Jaavon says:


  • lonnielrc says:

    thank you jesus there is hope..

  • lonnielrc says:

    Thank you. jesus

  • lonnielrc says:

    thank you. the owners

  • In Yeshua's Holy Name says:

    Saw the first video……glad dude got some kinda justice 😎

  • Tony L says:

    This happens because blks nuisance. If BLK people would just behave like civilized humans their wouldn’t be incidents like this.

  • king bibibear says:

    All those gym employees are fat….ijs…

  • tricky dicky says:

    there are no black own businesses but if there were am sure blacks would find a way to ruin them as well

  • ChutheeOriginal says:

    If you’re a Racist, there’s NO Amount of Training in the Universe that’ll help get rid of your Ugly, Racists, Pathetic Ways!.. Ugly is what Ugly does! 👿

  • saiyid Rizvi says:

    L A Fitness SUCKS!!!!

  • Racheal Israel says:

    Every black person that is a member of that gym need to get their money back. It’s important that you know that the 2 men arrested at Star Bucks had only been at Star Bucks for 2 minutes before the manager called the police, and she Never asked them to leave. Please give those details they are important no matter how minute they are. In addition many black people have a problem with Star Bucks asking the ADL to come in a do racial bias training. Please help me understand why when black people are having problems with racism they call in white Jewish people to do the training? They have never been slaves, nor have they been hated for the color of their skin. They support the Israeli slaughter of Palestinian people ( people of color) they treat the Ethiopian Jews like white folks treat blacks in America. These people lived in Israel before the Ashkenazi’s ever invaded. They come from the ancient fallen Khasar Empire in Europe (at the fall of the Khasar Empire the Ashkenazis fled into Europe, Germany, Poland, and Russia) they have never lived in that land, they are converts to Judaism. They are not of Afro Asiatic decent which is the definition of “Semitic”. So to truly be anti Semitic, means you are anti Afro asiatic decent, rather anti black. But even if you didn’t research these historical facts, or believe what I’m saying. The question still looms and you must ask yourself, when Jewish (Jewish, with the suffix “ish” means “like,” so Jewish means, “like a Jew” ) people feel discriminated against do they call the negroes, or the NAACP in to help? Why are they involved, clearly they are not a race of people of color, they are genetically European and have no genetic ties to the land of Palestine (Israel) or the people of color who lived there in biblical times. In addition in all accounts are prejudice, towards, Africans, Ethiopian Jews, and Palestinians all of which are people of color. Matter of fact their is no such thing as the Middle East…….it’s all part of the continent of Africa. And if there is a Middle East, then where is the middle west, or the middle north & south. I like Aljazeera but I don’t understand why you perpetuate all those fallacies, are You also owned by the rich and power Jews too?

    • Pizza_Dog says:

      You are VERY wise. For more details, search for “ALL WARS ARE BANKERS’ WARS Full Version” OR find the censored video link –> QlunSNY5B48

  • Valerei Renfro says:

    Clearly the White staff got scared & racial profiled the two young men.

  • Danni Piazza says:

    Apologies not accepted

  • Elijah cesspoole says:

    What many don´t know outside of the u.s. is the level of hostility and conflicts that blacks carry around with them. Colin Flaherty documents much of the black criminality and black mob violence in america. Look up how judges are releasing blacks just because they´re black. They say there are too many blacks in prison. It´s as if they didn´t do anything wrong at all. Don´t let their victim mentality scam you into thinking they are somehow little angels.
    That´s something that couldn´t be further from the truth.

  • MegaTamarra says:

    There is no way you can train a racist from being a racist. they were taught to be that way by their mothers, fathers and their communities from birth.

  • Shandra Newell says:


  • Glorious Quran says:

    Human behavior is taught by an external source. And we get to choose our educational sources.
    Have you considered who your sources are? The social ills of the world were once isolated to different regions of the world. Today, thanks to information age of the internet, the sickness is transmitted on a global scale, then we wonder why humans behave the way they do. Racism isn’t only found in the United States, it’s a global sickness.

  • Carly says:

    Why were the police called?
    All I got from this clip was that he swiped his card and was asked to swipe again and then the front desk apparently called the police but I am not understanding why.

    Was it that he became belligerent after being asked to swipe again?
    This story just seem to be missing some elements so I am just asking, not making excuses.

    LA Fitness admitted fault and said the guy had a valid membership but still doesn’t explain what actually occured and why police were called.

    Also businesses need to understand that 911 and police are not their personal security guards.
    If there has been an emergency or a crime has been committed, call 911/police, not because someone is perhaps disagreeing with you in a store.

  • Kirkland Young says:

    my whole company i got a membership for at all the la fitnesses….and im white but after seeing this im.cancelling it…..smh

  • Louis Beelen says:

    Bla bla bla!

  • This is MAGA Country says:

    They probably went outside and came back.

  • Myke Ford says:

    ok so the dude says he’s always had problems there…so my question is why doesnt he just take his money and go support a black gym?…stop begging these people to take your money SMDH

    • Waxoff Waxon says:

      Myke Ford Black gym?? Tell me more 😁

  • Togbe Amega says:

    Black people just don’t get it. Stop trading with these institutions. Period.

  • Shannon Bailey says:

    White Americans are worthless, hopeless.

  • Shannon Bailey says:

    I love you Al Jeezra for your unbiased journalism.

  • donald new jr. says:

    “this is American” once again.

  • John Smith says:

    Asians are one of the most racist people.

  • Blaq Suga says:

    still waiting on that explanation Elijah!!!

  • JayJayKinG3030 says:

    Stop saying 2 black men just say men .

  • Darian Grier says:

    lmao …ready for it? playing in the background.

  • the way I see it says:

    Haters sacrifice their lively hood because they can not control the evil inside.

  • KevZen2000 says:

    When things get too dark, you see an adverse criminality correlation. It’s only wise to limit the number. It’s about safety, versus racism.

    We need designated area for blacks and Hispanics. This is where we can limit the number of criminal acts. It’s not bigotry, nor discrimination.

  • Patrick Debellefeuille says:

    *Those are examples of Racism! Its wayyyy more complex than just using a stupid word, and absolutely appalling to see people get treated like this!* i am white and i choose to take a stand against this kind of treatment, ✊ to my black brothers!*

  • hill monica says:

    i dont know what was the ” situation” ??? staff got what they deserve!!

  • 410 Kane says:

    I Hope it’s on their job history so it’s harder for them to find work in the future.

  • MBENFORD512 ATX says:

    That is soooooooooo awesome that all of them involved were fired 👍👍

  • Collins Nwanojuo says:

    Racism is inborn in the people we often call “white” people. (Meanwhile nobody in this world has a white flesh skin, just a label)

  • llw53one says:

    I’m so happy to hear that termination was in order. Don’t ever conform to the nonsense!

  • Lupeachra Davis says:

    Staff was fired.

  • Adrienne Brown says:

    They should use THE WHITES ONLY

  • The English Gentleman says:

    Negative profiling anyone for the way they look is VERY impolite!

  • richard thayer says:

    Dude lose the dreads…you look like you sell weed and Rob people.

    • My Intent says:

      richard thayer Get a more white man haircut?

    • burg is says:

      richard thayer If you’re gonna troll at least be good at it 😴

  • Lungani Ndlovu says:

    for racial traiiining!!!!……RACIAL TRAAAIIIIININGGG!!!?!😂💀

  • Mateo says:

    Guy NEED serious advise.
    Gym staff In San Antonio la fitness told one of my friends that they believe iam charging my workout partner and I should stop having workout partner because it’s making them feel uncomfortable. What to do? Keep in mind I’m middles eastern and Muslim and I’m sure they can see it in my membership through my name

  • ‘HONEY says:

    I say we create a second black wall street

  • Not active account says:

    They scared of black men getting stronger

  • Tommie Bravo says:

    See that’s why I didn’t get a LA Fitness membership even though I get a discount with them through my job. I go to Planet Fitness and their open 24 hours.

  • Anthony Kirkwood says:

    Yes maybe they will learn the right way to treat people.

  • LOPIC says:

    Blacks have the worst hair style, look at that punk

  • Ayden Haggarty says:

    Just imagine the embarrassment

    Of being in a coffee shop with a bike helmet on

    In front of all those people

    And expect to be taken seriously.

  • kenny says:

    “The store is watching you for something get stolen stolen stolen” -50 cent, window shopper

  • Vanessa Bayardo says:

    I had an incident like that where I just went to sit down in the lobby after working out for half an hour, mind you, it’s literally 1 step away from the front desk. When I walked back in the guy asked to see my thing to scan again. I told him I was already there, and how I just sat down for a few minutes. He insisted on seeing it again. Afterwards, I walked back in and rolled my eyes. I didn’t even realize I was been racially profile too. They don’t like us (mexican americans/chicanos) for their own ignorant reasons.

    • Spacely Man says:

      It is so sad what thier doing to people.

  • Spacely Man says:

    I’m glad he exposed them for what they were doing.

  • 1 deep says:

    O my can even work out any more:]

  • Jerry says:

    Its Always Black People

  • Im_not_a_furry_ BSCO says:

    Bro am not even black but WTF is are world

  • Brezzelee Young says:

    *racism is like a fat person going to a gym and everyone else judging*

  • Haitian To Nice says:

    A lawsuit is the best.

  • Haitian To Nice says:

    A country without God is dead. YAHUSHA is coming soon. And you can call him Jesus too.

  • John GTA says:

    racial profiling happens so often in america – that im thinking of moving to saudi arabia- i heard its better there

  • brandenburg2388 says:

    The LA Fitness manager seems to be a Hispanic yet he is openly discriminating other non-whites…….pathetic

  • Sebbas says:

    Hey, I just wanted to leave my comment so all the hate and fighting down here stops, (remember you can leave your opinion).
    I’m from Colombia and America at the same time, I am just 12 years old, and i really get what these people are going trough, look, there will always be people in the world who will want to pull you down, race, language.. The reason dosen’t matter, just remember you don’t have to let yourselves go down by these type of comments, I wish the best of luck to all of you who are going through this situation, and i really hope you get better. Bye.

  • Sandra Johnson says:

    Stupid dumb ignorant employees. How can you be that stupid?

  • BehonestAboutIt says:

    how can you afford a membership there.

  • Jamarquavis Jefferson says:

    Everything is racist to black person LOL

  • x2 Baby pandas says:

    Dude has been a memeber for eight years lol so of course LA fitness would be against their own employee, that employee doesn’t need to work if they act like that. Especially acting like that to a long time member

  • Princess Weyma says:


  • John Adams says:

    That manager is always using the N word

  • Unknown Unknown says:

    Normally, I disagree with 99% of the bogus “racial profile” incidents… But in this case, I have to side with the gym member. He belonged to the club for 8 years, and had his gym access card. There shouldn’t have been any incident.

  • Rabbi Shekelstein says:

    Lol I love being white

  • perryandy2 says:

    That gym will be closed I will bet

  • David Howard says:

    The manager looks Middle Eastern. That would explain the racism.

  • Javier Cecilio says:

    They should be glad the weren’t sent to Africa they always complaining

    • santana says:

      What if they where born in america

  • Riyan Osman says:

    We went through the same thing with the exact same company but in England.

  • Emilio El Jaguar Sax says:

    Segregation is coming back

    • The Lone Wolf says:

      Emilio El Jaguar Sax Yes!!!!

  • Miss southerland says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever go to another LA fitness again