NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 29th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/31
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 29th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Fired Minneapolis police officer charged in death of George Floyd, New York City on track to begin reopening as San Francisco takes step back, and how movie theaters hope to adapt for social distancing.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:31 Fired Officer Charged With Murder In George Floyd’s Death
05:29 Massive Protests Across U.S. Over George Floyd’s Death
07:34 Multiple Arrests At George Floyd Protest In New York
08:35 ‘Inherently Dangerous’ Knee Hold Used On George Floyd
10:47 Trump & Biden Speak With George Floyd’s Family
11:25 Twitter Flags Trump Tweet For’Glorifying Violence’
12:37 Biden Calls Floyd’s Death ‘A National Crisis’
12:49 Obama: ‘This Shouldn’t Be ‘Normal’ In 2020 America’
13:04 Trump Says He’s ‘Terminating’ U.S Relationship With W.H.O
13:43 NYC Targets June 8 To Finally Begin Reopening
14:17 San Francisco Extends Stay-At-Home Order Indefinitely
14:43 Mississippi Reports Largest Single-Day Spike In Cases
14:52 CDC: Coronavirus Began Spreading In U.S In January
15:19 CDC Unveils New Guidelines For Reopening Offices
16:03 Movie Theaters Still Hoping For Blockbuster Summer

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 29th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (108件)

  • Martha Martinez says:

    No justifica que bandalicen agarran el pretexto para bandalizar y son los mismos que bandalizan nuestras ciudades deberían hacerles cargos a esos que bandalizaron a target o otro lugar , no es una manera de protestar , se pasaron de listos. Nuestras ciudades están en peligro también en manos de esos jóvenes que bandalizan , agarran cualquier oportunidad para robar , para bandalizar , apruebo 100% que nuestra guardia nacional tome el control.

  • Mr Kmm says:

    The philosophical philosopher presents street life philosophy written by royalty available on kindle books

  • Teresa Yang says:

    Kneeling on one’s neck ? Overkilled by that cop intentionally

  • K S says:

    Putting a knee on a handcuff person is dangerous… really, why. This should be banned and illegal, not called dangerous on tv. You really see where their heads are

  • RB Chill says:

    you know going out to protest will not change a thing. Only more deaths and arrests. Maybe try to get people to sign a petition. Please don’t be a reckless moron.


    Half a million times…..are the victims ever white? Probably not. Racist police officers are doing this to and targeting people of color. It has to stop now. It is a visual representation of the repression and oppression of people of color, which was discussed in a post from Barack Obama where he was speaking about a friend having talked about this to him.

  • Denzil Rowe says:

    the president is not real

  • Pulley Pruitt says:

    The report that the officers gave was most likely lies just like they did in the Geroge Floyd report…

  • Pulley Pruitt says:

    He was absolutely in a blackout zone as he kneeled on his neck. He looked like he got a high or nut while COMMITTING THE MURDER OF GEORGE FLOYD. EVIL

  • Dupa Essex says:

    Police – “We investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing.”

  • Adrian Power says:

    What more do you expext from paid, well armed thugs, paid for and armed with your tax dollar

  • Randall Gaddis says:

    it should be murder 1-2-3. and a accomplice to muder.

  • jack li says:

    USA :Shut up. that’s my human RIGHTS.

  • PranksterGL25 says:

    police in our country are trained with cowardice FIRST, all the time, protect themselves no matter what or who they hurt, that needs to change

  • Prince says:


  • sharklife says:

    Democratic and republican gone to take back America

  • buckshot says:


  • Stacy Clarkson says:

    I wonder where those people will shop tomorrow or next week???
    Glorifying violence, NBC/TWITTER FAKE NEWS.

  • Paul Herzog says:

    SoyBoy mayor not up to the job. HaHa What would Stain have done? He was a Communist Too. Right?

  • Joe Zyzyx says:

    “Anger Pain & Protests” but you forgot to include “Burning, Property Damages, Violence, and Looting”. Did you fail to understand that also?!! YOU ARE ALSO PART OF THE PROBLEM THEN!!!

  • Joe Zyzyx says:

    Street interviews, and several “crisis actors” placed there for that purpose.

    • Ninef Sargis says:

      you’re embarrassing

  • My Stock says:

    These protesters are crazy. Is it worth it ? if you protest , you can get corona easily..after that, u will spread it to your family members… protest for one people and spread virus to family members and it worth it???

  • Joe Bloe says:

    Since it is abundantly clear that black people are not happy living with whites in America it seems only right that we repatriate them to their homeland in Africa!

  • Byron Anderson says:

    Who protecting police officers families while they’re tear-gassing and shooting at your families?

  • Teresa Fuhr says:

    Send this murderer to God and these things will cease happening. For when this murderer arrvives in heaven, God Almighty and Mr. Floyd will be waiting for his murderer. Woe !

  • Joe Zyzyx says:

    Why is George Floyd dead? It’s because he was resisting arrest. Never a wise move. He could have easily got in the vehicle, gone downtown, gotten bailed out, and been alive and on the street within a day. Instead he chose to die.

  • monarkigirl says:

    Well let see what happens . How many people are going to die from Covid19? All those people were volunteer guinea pigs.

  • Gloria Steadman says:

    Every time I see the video with George floyd I cry then i get so angry how can you treat another human being like that. I dont understand you hating another human being because of the colour of their skin.

    • Madison Wheeler says:

      well it’s probably based on their belief maybe anyways we all came from Adam and Eve and the only reason we have skin colour differences is because of the amount of melanin in each of our skin the more melanin you have in your skin the darker it’s going to be and the less melanin you have in your skin the lighter it’s going to be

  • Gwen Lusane says:

    This is Trump’s great America…racism in all it’s glory. The other three should be charged as well. They all contributed

  • Pohaku Kealoha-Cambe says:

    You fuken idiots you guys want essential jobs taken away bcause ppl are looting?!?! SHOOT THOSE MF THEY ARE NOT HELPING

  • Karen Hughes says:

    Anyone seen his arrest footage or his mug shot? We did with the Aubery arrests, why not this one?

  • Nacho Montenegro says:

    Fuerzas pueblo norte americano!!!! Desde buenos aires!!!!

  • Princess Rose Doll says:


  • peter geda says:

    Wtf is 3rd degree murder 🙄 really mfers. Come on system

  • Private Private says:

    Why did it take burning a cop shop to get cops to get right and stop killing minorities. Why did it take riots. America asked for this when they tried to destroy Colins peaceful protest.

  • Robin Sears says:

    Death penalty for cops that murder us.

  • Mlty Sugimoto says:

    what i cannot understand is that why were there three or four policemen doing whatever to floyd who was already handcuffed and pinned down . what we’re doing to him and why it wasn’t discussed. was he injected with something or whatever… we cannot tell but why so many policemen ???

  • JASON LEBRON says:

    R.I.P. smith i will alway rember you

  • GoTocco says:

    “The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by a sense of futility.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  • sham hisham says:

    Looting is not protesting.

  • Robert Mearns says:

    Why is there no mention of agent provacateurs added to the mix of protesters, purposely fanning the emotions of peaceful protesters by breaking glass, setting fires, throwing firecrackers, and shooting guns? This is another George Soros funded effort to create chaos and decoy the news cycle from the Flynn release of the classified documents that highlight the Obama administration’s treasonous illegal coup to remove Trump from office.

  • Vinícius Silva says:

    And Minneapolis’ major knows nothing about the strength of a good comb.

  • 김덕진 says:

    Yankees psycho

  • 김덕진 says:

    Victim ㅡonly asian

  • 김덕진 says:

    Only asian victim

  • Kokodaboss says:

    Yes I get protesting is allowed I’m a 100% with it fully but at this point it’s going to far in my opinion we’re not suppose to destroy our country we’re supposed to make it better and improve ways to fix the problems burning down places looting isn’t just bad but taking away peoples jobs

  • Nicole v says:

    Please people be strong and BE SAFE!!!!


    Hasn’t anyone seen Battle in Seattle? I’m not buying this. I think this was incited by the EL-ite…

  • artimus says:

    Thank you, Donald Trump for doing what no other nation could do to us:
    Bring the U.S.A. down!
    You have proven that you can do ANYTHING if you put your ignorant mind to it.
    You won. The USA is over and done. Thank you.

    • Madison Wheeler says:

      your pfp is baal

  • patrick jimenez says:

    You know NBC, your news is obsolete the minute you post it

  • 加油中国和巴西 says:

    after talking with tump more pain

  • Nicole v says:

    We need change

  • freedomfyter says:

    This racist hypocrite has an asian wife who just divorced this pig!

  • Lou Chris says:

    What has Obama done for the blacks, NOTHING!!! Be quiet dude!!

  • Juan Wick says:

    Why are you killing blacks in your country-President Duterte when asked by a foreign journalist about charges of extra judicial killings in his country.

  • New jack says:

    Gotta say, amerika is looking really bad to the world right now it’s sad really.

    • Madison Wheeler says:

      okay also I do believe America is modern day Babylon

  • Shirley McBride says:

    They have just announced that they have enough evidence not to charge this officer that killed. Just heard this on another news broadcast.

  • ClarksoninJapan says:

    People are sick of the Plandemic, so now let’s move on to racial division. This also looks like a staged event.. I hope people are aware of how evil the government and mainstream media are..

    • Madison Wheeler says:

      NBC Nightly news is the only news I usually watch anymore (I sometimes watch news channel 5 and sometimes news channel 11 also I’m aware some news stations read from the same script) also I like NBC Nightly news when Lester Holt is on I just like the sound of his voice

  • ClarksoninJapan says:

    If you watch a baseball game, and a streaker runs across the field – they will not show the video. They don’t want to encourage that behavior. They don’t want the TV audience to see that..

    Why is it that the news is happy to show you a white cop (supposedly) killing a black man? Why would they want to encourage that behavior?

    • Madison Wheeler says:

      I suppose because of their agenda and I guess to promote racism

  • ClarksoninJapan says:

    Beware of the information you deem as factual. Be very aware.

  • Bird Man says:

    CNN is our friend my people

  • Jacqueline Wagstaff says:

    It stupid that one dumb cop murdered someone and now because of him everyone is in danger cops are the only reason we are still living

  • Jacqueline Wagstaff says:

    And most cops are actually really nice

  • Ciao Jeff Italia says:

    When is the Autopsy Report made Public ?

  • Renee Gabriel says:

    The video makes me sick . So heartbreaking.

  • Judi W says:

    His death was murder. However, the riots are a result of the “straw
    that broke the camel’s back”……………..last straw………….a
    reaction from people being locked up for too long…………….and
    sick of government control from the FAKE never-ending “pandemic” —
    especially in these democratic run states: california, new york and
    minnesota……………..think about it.

  • Kenichi Tanaka says:

    Why are protesters looting? Why?

  • Judi W says:

    Biden — SHUT UP you RACIST

  • Esk8 Forum says:

    What’s happening just goes to show how their lives don’t matter, good job

    • Madison Wheeler says:

      well your comment sounds racist also I do agree that this riot should’ve been a peaceful riot ya can’t fight fire with fire (also we all came from Adam and Eve the only reason we all have different skin colour is because of the amount of melanin in our skin the more melanin you have in your skin the darker it’s going to be and the less amount of melanin you have in your skin the lighter it’s going to be) also all lives matter regardless of the person’s skin colour

  • Rokchant says:

    “When the heat comes the protests will go down….like a miracle….we have the best police officers….beautiful police officers……we´ve done a pretty good job. I will rate it a 10 out of 10! Were making tremendouse progress in not doing anything….like the letter…its just perfect…..! Anyone who wants to get police violence or a virus can get violence and a virus! We have the best violence and viruses…….what do u have to lose? Directly injecting huge potions of guts directly into my body sounds not…interesting to me….”

  • Joe Reyes says:

    Stupid people !!!!

  • andar komeng says:

    -US protester for lives : *THUGS !, *Angry MOB.
    -HK protester/rioter and Michigan with machine gun : are HEROES.
    — 👺trump 🗣 — (Hyprocrite)

  • Joe Reyes says:

    Bring the National Guard ..ASAP

  • Archangel says:

    Trump : China is behind this chaos

  • Mar Lin says:

    Reporters being arrested as looters and vandals run free? Burn it all down. The elites have ruined everything so throw them on the pyre and see how they like suffocating to death.

  • Saint Robert's says:

    Here’s poetic justice, many of those rioters caught the virus and will either be dead or on ventilation by the time this is over. Many caught the virus and took it home to their moms, dads, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, not to mention friends. Some will be buried in the cloths they robbed people of. Hope them Nikes are nice!

  • Destry311 says:

    Will war and violence ever end? Yes, Psalms 46:9 promises “He (God) is bringing an end to wars throughout the earth.” When and how? Please consider this short video for the Bible’s answer: If you would like to learn more or if you have a question please feel free to email me Our work is non commercial and is done in 240 lands and over 1,000 languages.

  • Rlinda mcfarlane says:


  • Rlinda mcfarlane says:


    • Madison Wheeler says:

      well some people are asymptomatic also I do believe the virus came from a lab also some people are immune to it also Sweden kept their country open to build herd immunity but they still wore mask and stuff none of this lockdown stuff should have happened in the first place (also I’m your 1st like)

  • Arshad Mahmood says:

    Police training has an issue. Their trainers did do a good job in their traing.

  • Zerg Cerebrates says:

    The USA is cursed this year.

  • jeep2007mb says:

    This reporter is the absolute worst he needs to be let go…
    I just watched his headlines and they were all set up to politicize every aspect of the news tonight. This reporter seems to be obsessed with this ticket is ratings regardless of who are arms by creating animosity. That’s why I stop watching this news program I just checked in to see maybe they would have turned around by now.. so disappointed….

  • jeep2007mb says:

    I mean God we had the first two astronauts fly from America for the first time in over 10 years… In the first privatized re-entry rocket, with the newest and most advanced spacecraft in the world… and President Trump actually making an incredible speech for the first time, And they continue on covering the whole episode with political uproar. I’m not anti protesting, put my Godis this all they have to show us what’s going on in our world..

  • Barbara Heed says:



  • A Danam says:

    America is hopeless. This is done after all that is caused and this pathologist report is a farce. Should fire that pathologist immediately, Attorney Foreman should be fired immediately, and arrest the remaining police officers immediately. Otherwise, these officials and people we give power to are the problem. Get rid of lying, corrupt and no good officials be they police, representatives, or presidents. Kick them out until they do their jobs and start telling the truth and stop their discrimination and anti-black racism.

  • Basho says:

    No one:
    Covid19: Hi remember me?

  • A Danam says:

    Police are cowards.

  • sdl sdl says:

    What prove can you provide the public that the virus came from China?

  • The3DShow says:

    I doubt recoveries going to happen.Minneapolis is probably about to be sued into bankruptcy for the riots they caused nationwide.

  • Indio Peltier says:


  • Bobbi f says:

    This destruction had nothing to do with floyd now… sad…

  • Mike Joao says:

    Unbelievable what’s going on over there back home, my goodness

  • Angela Black says:

    Protesting a life while putting thousands at risk of COVID

  • Freedomring 1775 says:

    lol ignorant fools

  • Bunlert Elizabeth Khampha says:

    This is a Murdered. How can all these Cops able to live with themselves.

  • Film Feline says:

    Unless the cops are trained in martial arts and understand pressure points they are oblivious to what they are doing to that man. This was clearly murder. Every martial artist will agree with me there are major pressure points on the neck and thighs and the lower leg. Three grown men sitting on these pressure points with their full weight I’m surprised he didn’t bleed bc his heart would have burst. He must have had several minutes of internal bleeding. Ask any experienced martial artist or accupubcturist or acvupressurist. Floyd’s lawyer has to do his homework

  • Winfield Scott says:

    Dont burn down your neighborhood. Go to a traitor trump neighborhood.

  • Snow Witch says:

    Wrong statement ” Life after the virus” more like” Life with the virus!”

  • Raza Rehman says:

    Chaos – only the guns are missing (so far)!!!