Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 12th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/31
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - December 12th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Lone survivor of New Jersey grocery store attack shares his story, New York City college student fatally stabbed in shocking attack, and dangerous recovery mission underway after New Zealand volcano eruption.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:36 House Democrats On Verge Of Articles Of Impeachment Vote
4:22 Lone Survivor Of Kosher Store Attack: ‘They Came To Kill’
5:35 Deadly attack Now Being Investigated As Domestic Terrorism
7:21 18-year-Old College Student Murdered, Police Hunt For Killer
9:12 Dangerous Recovery Mission Underway After Deadly Volcano Eruption
10:49 Boris Johnson’s Party Expected To Win Majority In U.K.
12:09 10 EX-NFL Stars Charged in $3.4 Million Health Care Fraud
12:37 115.6 Million expected To break Holiday Travel Record
12:51 How You Can Still Score Big Holiday Shopping Deals
14:45 Families Sounding The Alarm After Ring Cameras Hacked
16:23 Hero Neighbor Saves Dog After Leash Gets Caught In Elevator

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 12th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (136件)

  • uMADden says:

    Nadler seems slow

  • Hypo Xiatrix says:

    that “dog rescue” actually happened almost 2 years ago so… why is it considered “news”, and or is this just a bad example of making news of their own. What happened to fact checking?

  • Saharra Quasar says:

    I’d President Trump is impeached by these jealous haters = low life losers, I am giving up on this country and leaving forever.

    • Brian Winston says:

      Book your flight and start packing. See ya.

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      just don’t go to Venezuela where socialist has done amazing things to create a sinkhole hellhole shithole pretty much like pockets of this country democrats have ruined and wreck they are indeed losers and haters

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      @Brian Winston i want to see yah be gone and i don’t wanna be yah

    • Susan Kay says:

      @Raul Tiangson – _Geeze,_ you’re politically ignorant! The _shortage of durable goods_ in *Venezuela* is a *_DIRECT RESULT_* of an *Import Embargo* placed there _Two Years Ago,_ by the *US!*

      As the US’s *largest Exporter of Petrochemicals,* our _Oligarchial-based government_ can’t wait to get their *_Corporate hooks_* into their people’s supply line of *OIL!* So the *_US destabilizes yet ANOTHER So. American Country_* for _gains to the _*_RICH?_* And you _wonder _*_WHY_* all these *poverty-stricken families* _run for _*_OUR_*_ borders??_ Duuuhhhhhhh!! Thick much, bub??

      *_Stay in School, Kids!!_*

  • Armando Bueno says:


  • paul kramer says:

    This is the only time i’ve seen the democrats at work, hah. Trump is a good President.

  • rv park adventures channel says:

    if your a Democrat in government thanks for watching and support Doug👍

  • jsaiyen211 says:

    2 blue gums killing people like and they still can’t say they’re terrorists when it’s pretty obvious they were Islamic terrorist wannabes. Pffffff. So much for the news meaning anything anymore. Lol as if it ever did

  • E. Johnson says:

    No talk about caged kids or wall?

    • Metalbear 81 says:

      Because things like mass murder, and a brutal stabbing homicide takes priority over SJW lies

  • Arvella Harris says:

    Okay here we go again about the ring camera people really need to stop having those things in there house. Every body wants something easy but nobody thinking of there safety. Sure those thing are cool to look at but are they cool to have all I’m saying is think before you buy anyone of those.

  • Maurice Watson says:

    Can somebody give us some evidence from the autopsy why is the new channels not looking into that also for the two off to the guy the shot that survived where did those bullets come from why we haven’t got the evidence for that IQ is something all it seems like Naruto Naruto Naruto Naruto give us something

  • baba duke says:

    TV worships suspension of disbelief of the masses.
    “Conspiracy Theory” is the least of your worries.
    You’re truly on your own folks.

  • Rorschach Justice says:


  • fah Q says:

    Thank you for saving that dog, you are a hero!

  • Hector Carrillo says:

    People voted for him so that’s not dictatorship

  • Ranaldo Bobsled says:

    This impeachment is about Donny Trump and his wrongdoings not the Bidens. If the Bidens can be investigated and/or be charged with something it has to be done in a different time and place. Any attempt to bring the Bidens into the Trump impeachment is purely to convolute and distract from the Trump impeachment. Also, if there actually is something on the Bidens, incorporating it into the Trump impeachment lessens the due process of punishment to the Bidens.

  • BiG JuiCe says:

    I’m ur best friend. I’m Santa Claus! Ok creep!😒

  • Ranaldo Bobsled says:

    Matt Gaetz looks and acts like an 11 year old drama queen.

    • Hope Springs says:

      No. They’re way more mature! Lol

  • Ranaldo Bobsled says:

    An attorney general should not be allowed to wear religious head gear. Being that America tolerates many religion’s, America needs to keep separation of church and state in tact. To allow an official to wear religious anything is a direct kick to the stomach of all other religions. Shame on you.

    • Brian Winston says:

      “In God We Trust” has been on our money for, well, QUITE some time.

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      @Brian Winston And remember Omar saying its about the Benjamin oh well

    • Susan Kay says:

      America allows the free practicing of *ANY Religion,* and the _Government may NOT interfere or adopt any of them._

      *THAT’s* the true _Constitutional Mandate_ – Not the _shaming or hiding_ of ANY Religion that *YOU* suggest!

      *_Stay in School, Kids!_*

  • Oma Cool says:


  • Ranaldo Bobsled says:

    After well over 10,000 lies in less than 3 years (roughly 10 lies per day) Trump giving his opinion on anything can’t be taken seriously or believed.

    • Hope Springs says:


    • Larry Robinson says:

      He’s scripted to lie like all news.

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      @Hope Springs and Obama was always honest and has never been deceitful yeah right 😅😂🤣

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      @Larry Robinson i don’t know where irony ends and sarcasm begins with you just saying🤔🙃😑🤔

    • Susan Kay says:

      @Raul Tiangson – _NEWSFLASH!!_
      Obama’s NOT the president any longer, nitwit! tRumpfulThinSkin is . . .

      BTW, punctuation is your friend, ‘brainiac’!

  • Oma Cool says:


  • H H20 says:

    This is the ONLY NEWS YOU CAN FIND????

  • H H20 says:

    The Lamer and Lamer USELESS NEWS!!!!

  • Hope Springs says:

    Will never stop hate with BONESPURS at the helm.

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      The Democrats is always with the Nazis

    • Susan Kay says:

      @Raul Tiangson is a _Faux Nooze-watching, under-edumukated nitwit tRumpfanZero!!_

      BTW, _it’s democrats ‘are’ not ‘is’!!_

      *Stay in School, Kids!*

  • mainengv says:

    NBC thanks for uploading the news quickly!

  • Troy Evitt says:

    Speaking as a Democrat, no congressperson who thinks Guam is in danger of sinking due to the added weight of US Navel vessels needs to be involved with impeaching ANY president.

  • Troy Evitt says:

    Boris Johnson looks like Graham Chapman in a Python skit.

  • Marc Huerta says:

    Who puts cameras in the home? If there is no mental or physical disability to monitor, then ya just paranoid. Put the cameras on the OUTSIDE! You want to watch people steal your stuff? Lolol

  • Boss Honey Love says:

    So much evil in the world.

    • a little bug says:

      …And Trump, Kim, and Putin at the helm…

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      @a little bug the evil doing of the democrats done in the dark is now coming into the light

    • a little bug says:

      @Raul Tiangson “Paul and Ringo”…”Raul and Pingo” 😜

  • sunkiss says:

    The dog girl should not have kids. Negligent b

  • Browne Sugarr says:

    To the🔥Viking 🛡️hero who safe the 🐕 thank U darling, 😌 for jst being curious…💕💋👏🏾🙏🏾👍🏾💪🏾😻🎖️💜n’ cuteeeee¡!

  • The AcGuy says:

    Historic because it’s the most ridiculous thing this country has ever seen. End the globalist agenda now. We’re not buying what you’re selling.

  • tonycoolfox prepping says:

    The black hats black coats white face long beards if there are God chosen people then I am Santa Claus Right!!!!🤔🤔🤔 creepy looking people

    • Paul Ortiz says:

      tonycoolfox prepping —– you is a creepy sounding person!

    • Susan Kay says:

      Tony “coolfox” is a Racist ingrate!

  • tonycoolfox prepping says:

    What kind of parents put their kids In Harm’s Way oh yeah white people … you play stupid games you get stupid prizes

  • Gw Gw says:

    People watch you kids and Dogs!! Be responsible!! Big up’s for that young man who save the little doggie truly a hero!!! And for the parents who take your family on an active volcano 🤬🤬🤬🤬!!

  • moon starchild Johnson says:

    Black hebrews are NOT antisemitic.

  • xFREERAVENx says:

    The Republicans have no shame! Or no brains, or spine, or honour.

    • Amalgamaite says:

      Conservatives are the only ones who have remained true to our Judeo-Christian heritage that the Founding Fathers, pilgrims, and colonists set-up at the beginning this country. The Democrats have taken another path, and that’s why we are on a fast track of decline.

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      if the Republican is that i hate to imagine the worst about the Democrats just see my message above☝️🔼👍

    • Susan Kay says:

      @Amalgamaite – And exactly which, _”judeo-christian heritage”,_ is that? The *Puritans,* who immigrated here _first_ from England?!!

      You would be *burned at the stake* for _heresy for using ungawdly technological devices!_ Is *that* what you want, *Pilgrim?*

      FWIW, the *’Founding Fathers’* mandated a *’Separstion of Church and State’* for everyone’s protection! Do you want the _government dictating what to believe_ – like *China* does?? *_Think, Amalgamite, Think!!_*

      *Stay in School, Kids!!*

  • Kate Armstrong says:

    Can no watch this bias garbage. Shame on the media.

  • Wanda Smith says:

    Why what Hunter doing/does have to do with anything, his father running for president. Look like we are being entertained by a bunch of 10 year olds.

  • MAKER HAPPY says:

    As a reporter If a prime minister or any government officials stole my phone my camera I would call the police on them because that would be a bigger news story.

  • JETT MNXD says:

    Dat science class who would NOT want to take that class I know who all the Jesus people who think the earth is flat😏 all they want is to here from a dead guy and learn about the holy bibble 😂

  • Gladys Compere says:

    Thank you nightly news

  • chilly dog says:

    Matt Gaetz, govenner daddy got him off his DWI rich white boy has a future lieing for his rich doners MATT thanks for the laughs when you talk is funny trash tv ,but screw’s with the facts ,democracy your a lier

  • Frank Smith says:

    Those camera hackers are absolute legends

  • mark haas says:

    Demented Squirrel with Rabies Eats its own Tail

  • zemog says:


  • Nhd Qatar says:

    INDIAN NRC CAB parliament bill dec 2019

  • zemog says:


    • Susan Kay says:

      @zemog – These lawmakers are obviously _mentally impaired._ What’s _your_ excuse?

  • Arlitha Goppert says:

    This is not the time for black people to get into trouble but they keep doing it. Dumbasses are only making it easy for so called nationalists to feel justified.

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      @Sun Kiss the one who we referred to as Black America your question is dumb

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      @Sun Kiss The one who carried out the terror and horror in Jersey City NJ

    • Sun Kiss says:

      Raul Tiangson Oh the one you refer to as Black but are they really black. I wouldnt want anyone to call me a name I dont approve of..

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      @Sun Kiss self identify yourself then beside sun kiss there’s a music from Earth Wind and Fire Sun Goddess familiar with that one

    • Sun Kiss says:

      Raul Tiangson No. I identify with that because the sun loves me. Can you say the same?

  • Sa Hoang says:

    US political stage is very much like dogs , cats . . funny .

  • Kaptain_Derek LavaKomiks says:

    A Lady was Screaming CALL 911 ESTAS MUERTO ESTAS MUERTO (HE WAS SHOT HE WAS SHOT) in West 228 Street Near Broadway Bridge

  • Luciana Drehmer says:

    They say Brazil is dangerous, but USA is not different…I see mass shootings everyday in the news….

  • William Anthony Leasure says:

    “Facts be dammed” 🙂
    Marry Christmas America our gift is the present.

  • John Edward Jones says:

    Gaetz, Nunes, Jordan= Major dysfunctional mess. Represent the core of Rs. Facts dont matter. Party over rule of law and The Constitution.


    LINK 👇

  • Teresa Thayn says:

    Why were they allowed to tour an active volcano?!? The tour conductors knew it was a risk! Go Bernie!

  • Teresa Thayn says:

    Fly Boris and Trump to Mars on a non-return flight! Go Bernie!

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      self hating jew marching in Lockstep with anti Semite Corbyn and Omar

  • Xtina says:

    My five year old says she wants that teacher lol he’s the kind of teacher that gets the information to stick in your brain. We need more like him !!

  • nunya biznez says:

    The fact that those security cameras can be accessed via the internet is disturbing.   I would NEVER have my cameras connected to the internet that way.    All mine are connected by wires kept inside the home.   Only the outdoor cameras pointed away from the house have a connection to the internet but not via wifi.  They are still connected to my computer via wires.    Then I have to access them via a computer using a password that is not easy to guess.  If someone did hack those all they will see is video of the street, my front lawn or my neighbor’s front lawn.

  • Melody Lin says:

    While democrats are “busy” dividing this country and attacking a great president, they have no idea what is going on in the world. And Trump is the first president after Reagan who understands what is going on and what US should do to protect us and the world. Wake up before it is really really too late!

    • Susan Kay says:

      Melody Lin – Your _’hero’_ is a moron and a criminal. Pick a better icon to worship, he’s not worthy!

  • Laure Murkuns says:

    Love the awesome teacher, and the hero who saved the dog. It’s stories like these, that get me through the day.

  • wolf 2490 says:

    The dog saver definitely got some that night

  • Punisher6791 says:

    Wut? there is a store Called BJ’s? Lol.

    • a little bug says:

      There was a t.v. show in the late 1970s through the early 1980s called “B.J. and the Bear,” too.

  • The Cyberspace Shuttle says:

    I’m so impressed by the Physics Teacher who goes practical for his students to understand Physics!
    I wish I had a teacher like him!

  • Marine Veteran USA says:

    I’m always actively looking for dogs to save.


    Gosh I wouldn’t mind that hunk saving my pooch lol … very sweet guy. Thank you!

  • Mitten keat says:

    Thank goodness for the ability to seek and skip.
    Can totally skip the entire political fiasco section, every episode.

  • Irma Vera says:

    Gaetz how much did your father pay to get you out of that DUI situation? 😉

  • Irma Vera says:

    They must be the blacks for Trump, people.

  • Brian Winston says:

    Republicans defending Trump is like the builders of the Titanic defending its safety record. That ship has sailed, and sank.

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      Democrats has outlived their usefulness and lose their way like the Titanic sinking Nero Nadler is fiddling while they slash and burn America

  • C M says:

    US Vladimir Putin Party = GOP

  • Metalbear 81 says:


  • Ken Tillman says:

    There is truly evil in this world!

    • baba duke says:

      The human aspect within the “world” might be. The “world” is far more than the human anomaly…believe it or not. 🤔

  • Paul Ortiz says:

    Dog guy is a hunka hunka hunka burning live! He’ll be getting some every night until next Christmas. Maybe longer!!

  • Paul Ortiz says:

    If Republicans can’t put our democracy and the USA above politics then all really is lost.
    Trump is the single biggest threat to this country that we have ever faced.
    Don’t forget Rome fell from within. And it appears we are about to as well. Or maybe we already did fall, sometime in the past 3!

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      America was in decline under Obama Trump saved the Day with all due respect to you

  • Ricky Raven says:

    Of course the white supremacist MSM labels 2 black shooters as domestic terrorists and quickly posted their pics.. the routine white male shooters are never pictured or labeled terrorists 😈

  • Lord Bayla says:

    All Republicans are guilty criminals.

  • Alto. J. says:

    Women who walk to college needs to walk in pairs, not by yourself in a new town. The college need to make that mandatory, not greed for tuition only. College cost too much to be killed there.

  • Sharon Freeman says:

    Strange the whole story. This is a tight community. More to this story, sad to said. May the wounded heal right with the protection of God🙏😢

  • RWHEEL LOVE says:

    Impeachment…… ALL THEATER……not real. This is all there to keep the populations galvanized and distracted as our biosphere implodes. Melting glaciers and polar caps, waters rising. Ozone layer nearly completely collapsed. UVC reaching the ground.
    Please investigate yourself.
    Credible Data 👍

  • a little bug says:

    👎🏆Arrogant Republicans 🏆 👎

  • a little bug says:

    What a sissy killer gang of thugs !!!👎

  • Waldy Tarasewicz says:

    Dont put those cameras in the house if they can hack them anyone can people are so simple

  • Mojo W says:

    The guy that saved the dog 😘

  • Bill F says:

    exactly what he is a dictator and the Republicans are nothing more then a bunch of scums defending him..

  • fruitofcreation says:

    Wait a minute….. The shooters were not part of the Black Hebrew Israelite, but you said the black Hebrew Israelite are a hate group? Not responsible reporting by any means m

    • Know Thanks says:

      Technically this could be considered Hebrew on Hebrew violence.

  • Raul Tiangson says:

    When Bernard Sanders willingly take the endorsement of an anti semite like Ilhan Omar what message is that sending to the rest of America in the wake of the horror and terror in Jersey City NJ

  • SearchForTomorrow says:

    I’m in New Zealand,and they won’t forget them here,they’ll never be forgotten… God Bless Amen

  • Judsonistically Thweattantinobly able' says:

    Yay another night of watching the democrats try to impeach trump

  • Susan Kay says:

    *Rep. Debbie Lasko (R-AZ)* _claims no evidence for impeachment?!!_

    Take a look at the *LIVE STREAM CONFESSION by tRumpf,* and his *Chief-of-Staff’s* claim of, *”That’s how we do business in this White House – Get over it!”* at the _Live Press Briefing_ in the White House, _the very next day!_
    RethugniCONs are criminally negligent in this matter! *_Let’s vote them out for it!!_*

  • deniece donnafield says:

    Time to impeach the Nazis, communist socialist Marxist, and other terrorist leaders on the new fake US Democratic party side back by the United Nations and other special interest groups… And get rid of all corrupt fake news groups….
    DT 20 ❤️ 20 🇺🇸

  • DB Cooper says:

    I’m sick of hearing about jooooo’s!!! Blacks and Whites need to rise up against the joooo.

  • Onpoint oo9 says:

    Blacks and Jews?!? Makes no sense

  • roachndacukyjar says:

    No you throw that camera away…don’t add more to it…where is commonsense

  • Janet Jaggers says:

    Darren Anderson – You are closer to the Kingdom of God than you realize.
    With that said, the God of my salvation is HOLY. PERIOD!
    He that is GOD is coming for a Holy, PERCULAR, people, comprised of EVERY
    nation, kindred, and tongue. The fact that every people, nation, and tongue can be found on earth in AMERICA, this so happens to meet the qualifications to be the designated local of why THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is where HIS coming will take place, in the continental USA.
    However, the USA also qualifies AND IS, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, [the Mother of all harlots] and the great day of HIS, (God’s) Judgment has come, and who shall be able to stand?
    NOT AMERICA, that’s for sure.
    Mr. Anderson, know the prophetess by the phophesy.
    Mark it down, and understand what is being stated herein, for the great day of the judgemental WRATH of MY GOD, (the SAME God of Abraham, the God of Issac, and the God of Jacob,) has come, and America has fallen into the hands of a ANGRY GOD.