NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 4th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/06
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 4th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Family, friends and community mourn George Floyd in Minneapolis, gunman in Ahmaud Arbery death used a racial slur after fatal shooting, and coronavirus continues its economic toll as fears grow over spread.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:54 Calls For Change At Floyd Memorial: “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks”
06:46 Community Hopes George Floyd’s Death Will Bring Change
09:32 Thousands March Coast-To-Coast Demanding Justice
11:41 Robert E.Lee Status To Be Removed In Virginia’s Capital
12:04 Suspect Accused Of Calling Ahmaud Arbery A Racial Slur After Shooting Him
13:55 Trump Condemned By Retired Military Leaders, Hits Back
16:09 Protests & The Pandemic: New Fears Of Covid-19 Spread
16:47 42 Million Americans Unemployed Amid Covid-19 Crisis
18:08 U.S Navy Veteran Released By Iran After Two Years

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 4th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • Billy Luna says:

    Send patches of doctors to these protest sites and free test the people. Not obligated but recommended. It’s simple.

    • a little bug says:


  • Lori Ellen Brochhagen says:

    “Abolishing the police” is not an unheard of way to do things. In El Salvador, there is a town called Nejapa. They got rid of the police and turned the station into a library. … And the town has no crime to speak of.

    • nomey black says:

      Good point. Tribes in the forests of the world do not have police with guns patrolling around them everyday.

  • Eihwazone says:

    I’m not a Trump supporter but looters are just thieves. Looting mars the memory of George Floyd. These looters need to be stopped!

  • gladitsnotme says:

    All these videos of cops abusing protesters and journalists, and NBC Nightly News only shows 2. Wow.

  • David Rimanich says:

    This news media coverage is one-sided without objectivity ,it become a political spokesman for liberal propaganda.

  • Am9Now says:

    Don’t worry Trump everyone goes through things in their journey to achieve powers like no one ever seen before. 😉

  • mike b says:

    Wow al sharpton still being racist in 2020 good job race baiting

  • Fuzzybeanerizer says:

    U.S. Navy veteran released by Iran and forced to go home.

  • King James says:

    “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but the McMichaels look like racist murderers.

  • lovethebattle livethedream says:

    No more police, welcome to the purge

  • Pavel S says:

    That lady’s idea is great but not realistic. Police will not go away as long as there is rich and poor, as long as class/racial tensions still exist.

  • Josef Taghizadeh says:

    ❤🙏Skin collor is only a envirmental adaption to balace between sunburn and vitamin-D prodution. Black skin near equator do not burn from strong sun but do less vitamin-D and white skin in norths is opposit, burn from sun but do more vitamin-D from weak sun there.Please,spread science to wash ut darkness in brain.

  • kirk partney says:

    Given a choice, I’m sure George would prefer not changing the world…a breath of air would suffice.

  • R R says:

    When is the grocery store “the dum dum” who assumed George gave him fake $20 bill and called the cops on George is gonna get charged?? Media please expose that person(s) because of them George is dead and the homeland is in chaos

  • Amy Amy says:

    Can everyone sit on Buckwheat?

  • randsterama says:

    Hey NBC …. no mention of Methamphetemine and Fentynol in George Floyd’s system when autopsy was done ?? How convenient to leave that information out of your report.

    • Truth- Dickhead says:

      The pandemic was losing traction in generating panic, the media/ government needed something else to focus on.

  • Coreena Boyer says:

    What we need is a new institution that is separate from the police and our justice system. An organization that investigates police brutality and judges and attorneys and anyone who abuses the justice system. All of these are usually investigated by internal sources. the justice system can not police itself. We need a bipartisan subjective organization that will hold people accountable for their unjust actions.

  • Nicolas says:

    Oh you guys are smart, get a Candice that is also black, to counter a Candice that said that George once held a gun to a pregnant woman, is that true btw, because besides propagandin’ or whatever it is that you are doing, you ought to tell us the full truth, not only your truth, P.S. abolishing police in favor of whatever the f that b said is the dumbest idea EVER!, we will loose with your level of STUPID!

  • Will G says:

    I see white/brown/& black getting along just fine in the streets; the problem with racism is in the institution and not in the streets!! ✊✌️✊

  • winnie says:

    Though I never liked a Republican Governor of my state, Romney did do good in MA. I respected republicans then, now they are cowards and are undermining our democracy. Except Sen. Romney, he is the only one with a spine and balls to match. He has proven this. Lisa Murkowski has rarely done what is right. Action is louder than words.

  • Wasatch Range Railway says:

    No matter how you dice it up, we will be found on the right or we will be found on the left—there is no longer neutral ground for anyone—-that’s just the way it is!!! I like both Trump and Mattis!!!

  • Antonio Deleon says:

    Heartbreaking just heartbreaking😞💛

  • Cherie Woodruff says:

    Who was walking for Mr. Dorn, and the other officers killed during all these riot junk. Stop lying

  • Susan Kay says:


  • alfredemma71 says:

    Amazing how the sign language is keeping up unscripted

  • wayne cao says:

    Excuse me, where can i search and get whole transcripts?
    need help

  • Keith Brooks says:

    Hahahahaha! Are we having fun yet.

  • Mistair Arts says:

    The government can ignore a single voice, it can ignore several voices, but the voice of thousands and thousands of American’s can’t be ignored. The strongest voice you have, is the one you use. Do not be silent. Stand firm, be loud, keep talking, and Vote! Trump has shown you who he really is. Get him out of office.

  • Katrina Winchester says:

    There is a lot more to the argument going on between Mattis and Donald Trump. There is SO much wrong with Donald Trump announcing he would simply “invoke” a very old law in our nation’s history in order to support his threat to bring regular military against American citizens and American property, whether it is public or private, than this action by Donald Trump being merely unconstitutional. The law itself is from 1809, that’s about 70 years BEFORE the US Civil War even happened. The map of the USA at the time didn’t even have all fifty states yet and our modern southern border with Mexico hadn’t even been established yet like it is now. The fifty States we have now, some of them weren’t even named by the state name we now know them by, and there was a place on the map called “Indian Territory” at the place where Oklahoma now stands, predominately. There WERE NO STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES established in every STATE like there is now. That is why at that time the military was deployed against the types of people they would have called, “Indians”, “Mexicans”, and “Runaway Slaves”, and “outlaws”, and things like that. WE HAVE LAW ENFORCEMENT NOW. It is their job to enforce the law. So there is that, and even more to it than that. Donald Trump does NOT KNOW how to DO THE JOB OF President of the United States. He gives the appearance of legitmate government where none actually exists and that is unconsitutional as well, but even having stated that, THIS IS ALSO NOT HOW THE LAW WORKS IN AMERICA. Not just that statement of “unconsitutuional” used to describe the actions of a government official when we see what they are doing. What it has to be is ILLEGAL. and it IS in this case, ILLEGAL for Donald Trump to carry out his threat against ordinary US citizens and our property, even state or public property. and thank God for that, BUT here’s more problems with Donald Trump and people who are working for him and for our government. They don’t know that the law doesn’t work like that. And they don’t know how to do their jobs, either, just like Donald Trump. And they are SUPPOSSED TO KNOW, in order to have a job like they have. American military is for fighting foriegn armies. Armies of other world leaders, fighting in wars against their ARMIES is what those people do and why we have them. SO what we have to do is realize that this is actually a fight about what is legal here in the USA and HOLDING ALL PEOPLE, even the POTUS, and LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS all the way down to regular citizens to the letter of the law and charging them with the crimes they commit when we see them comiting them ACROSS THE BOARD. That means no matter who you are. And to affec t change we are going to have to hold our government leaders to this and they also must bear up under scrutiny as to whether they are even doing their job correctly or not as well. And Donald Trump is not. Not doing his job right or well and is even criminal in his threatened actions against the people of the USA.

  • S Lee says:

    Lester’s dry cleaners must still be on lockdown

  • Katrina Winchester says:

    Donald Trump openly comits crime every day here in the USA from his position of President of the USA, I see him do it everyday. But just for me to comment that it is “unconstiutional” (like I do, I admit it.) It isn’t ENOUGH, ok? the crimes he comitts openly in front of everyone everyday, however ARE and I can see them. So why is no one in our government who have titles and positions of their own doing THEIR JOBS that they can do in order to make him either stop, or behave right at the very least in front of everybody, why are they not doing this?

  • a little bug says:


  • Katrina Winchester says:

    OUR GOVERNMENT has failed so badly here in the Covid19 Pandemic crisis and the protests, that you have to admit, our country is in chaos because Donald Trump and his partisan and bi-partisan constituents are FAILING. Because they don’t know how to do their jobs and don’t know who is the one out of them who is supposed to be doing them and so on and so forth and things get done badly or not at all or FAIL COMPLETELY because of this, and I also know that it is legal for people who aren’t the President at this point to move in and have even The President removed from office for it and they can arrest him as well and bring him up on charges this way that he would have to answer in court when they see that he has done these things, and they CAN do it to him even if he IS the President of the USA and to other people in this administration now as well because of HOW BAD THIS IS. How badly they have failed. It can be done legally at this point against him.

  • Erik Collins says:

    Abolishing police lmaooooooooooooooooo

  • Katrina Winchester says:

    people are dying here in droves and also being murdered outright in front of everyone in broad daylight. and he has failed and is failing everyday, so yes, he can be even removed from office at this point for it legally. It is possible.

  • a little bug says:


  • amir brgo says:

    I really think that since he died we need to bring up our behavior to Donald Trump and teller while we want to do we don’t need a die and we don’t want to do rude stuff to America guns we are black we don’t stay we don’t care I have we are black 10 or anything any age matters you matter don’t trust matters to why does he do nothing

  • Sqeaky Wheel says:

    MLK would be so disappointed in these thugs

  • Damien Bosse says:

    Thanks to the nbc team for showing more and more of the videos of police brutality every day. I know you have a large platform here so this message needs to ring loud and clear for us to really grapple with much needed police reform

  • Gideon 454 says:

    You’re not worthy news if you only report on black deaths. You are a main contributor to the chaos. You are divisive and will surely pay a heavy price for it. Robo journalists reading a script without the ability to go against the grain, otherwise you’ll be fired.

  • jay gwilym says:

    Robert E Lee.statue. people really need a hobby. Some people fish others work. Americans cry over statues

    • nomey black says:

      The image of the statues are the equivalent of the kkk burning a cross on a black person’s property.

  • Mista PiNUSS says:

    No if’s but those four officers and the other cops were there are just as guilty of misconduct and murder, wearing a badge gives you the right to protect everyone regardless of race. Most of police officers are very nice and very respectful however one person doesn’t not represent a whole race

  • Sam C says:

    George Floyd didn’t deserve death sentence by using counterfeit $20. However, he was not pure innocent. He went to prison for 5 years for robbing and pointing a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly. He was not a hero for sure. People around the world have donated more than 20 million dollar to the family of George. They are probably richer than any of you now.

  • Robert Smith says:

    Joe Biden is very upset about George Washington being killed by the Police . He said that it was disgraceful that a boxer like Sugar Ray Floyd should be treated like that by the Cops in Maryland . Get the nurse !

  • L.D. BRITE Denver Art Collective says:

    He had Corona Virus and didn’t know it, and was sitting in a car with 2 others. think of how many people have it. Floyd had corona virus.

  • bademoxy says:

    more media lies. There isn’t a scrap of evidence Robert E Lee  supported slavery.  most southern laborers  considered slavery a threat to their job security and resented being compelled by the state to capture escapees. Lee fought because he was a soldier just as cops today enforce laws they disagree with.

  • Grossdeutschland Panzer Div. says:

    That,s what they said about Rodney King and the LAPD Scum who caused the death of 50 and made L.A. burn 28 yrs ago. Where is the change! Dumb country. That was 27 yrs after Watts riots!

  • Richard Mortellaro says:

    And remember were not going down the hill were going up the hill . George Floyd is the standard. We must hold the standards up in this great nation. Let all men respond let all woman and respond are children are delivered from harsh tiryane our future is the shining example of freedom. We must understand that freedoms sometimes come at a very high toll. God bless America.

  • Reginald Brown MUSIC says:


  • Eldritchinator says:

    Count how many times Lester says “hope” or “change.”

  • Melissa P says:

    This coo is meant to to put more pressure on our necks. Wake up people! Mainstream pushing agendas and deception

  • john noble says:

    Lol Lebraun

  • hello everyone says:

    The street should rename after him and statue of him in his honor. Because of him a movement.

  • Topper lady says:

    Trump, the people you attacked in the park and all the protestors across America add up to more than a million people strong and growing. But remember, they have friends and families. Russia can’t help you now.

  • Topper lady says:

    Not all police are cops.

  • Topper lady says:

    You would have to be a sick racist watching that video of George Floyd dying and not wanting justice for him not being angry and not wanting to reach out to the pain Americans are feeling. This type of person is the president of the United States. Trump. Instead Trump wants to turn our own military on us . Attacking Americans is treason.

  • Willy Bill says:

    So far in 2020 there have been nearly twice as many whites as blacks killed by the police. Racism or criminal involvement?

  • Darlene Jones says:

    “Every human being in America should be called a hero and honored for being able to put up with the President of this country….”RIP MY BROTHER MAY THE ALMIGHTY FATHER HAVE MERCY ON US ALL!!! “I don’t think people realize why this cut so deep it is because they didn’t care that they had audience….”He was posing like he was saying look at me I can get away with it… “That is why the cry was so loud…”There is another cry coming because people are still being on looked…..”That cry is going to make this one look like a puddle….

  • B T says:

    So he had the corona virus? What was he doing with no mask passing fake money at stores infecting other people?

  • abmong says:

    If you’re not “woke” after this, you’re pretending to be asleep.

  • Rachel Melendez says:

    Trump is killing us !!!! Enough is Enough !!! How many more people !!! No more any kind KKK !!!!!!!

  • John Smith says:

    This is just the beginning of chaos…..and rightly so…..its gonna be a year to remember in this land.

  • King El says:

    Al Sharpton is an agent for central and fed…. This a matter of record and fact… What is wrong with y’all?

  • Rachel Melendez says:

    Vote 💙Blue Be strong 💪. Vote 💙 Blue 2020 ! Make a change !!! 2020 Vote can change 💙💙💙 Vote 💙

  • John Smith says:

    Trump is kinda quiet…..i don’t think he’ll be the president much longer…..and the next person that sits in the seat will be the one that ends this country as we knew it.
    America is terminal.

  • REMwell Foundation says:

    Maybe they will all catch his COVID and then they can’t breathe 🤷‍♀️

  • John Smith says:

    Most of the reopening will be a failure…..many people have closed their businesses for good… withdrawing from economic activity and going to a safe observation point to watch America burn to the ground…..and plan my battle strategy against the left…..its gonna get worse before it gets worse……and many people will die…..i can’t change the past… I’ll secure my own future……may good people prevail.

  • Zvonko Peric says:

    Watch Candace owens videos what are u afraid of it just a video

  • Zvonko Peric says:

    Trump 2020 a sure win

  • Jaslyn Kingston says:


  • ClarksoninJapan says:

    Social distancing not necessary anymore, obviously. .

  • ClarksoninJapan says:

    I need to get a sign language person. No need to use scrolling text on the screen anymore..

  • ClarksoninJapan says:

    This is not a race issue. This is decency issue. But the media likes to spin things.. The media is awful.

    CNN is awful. NBC is awful.

  • G Works . Grow says:

    Get George Zimmerman

  • ClarksoninJapan says:

    Lester – 6 ft. Good! But we’re not doing the COVID thing anymore. . We’re onto race wars, now.

  • ltuomela says:

    I think everyone is bored..just stop…the guys are being prosecuted..end of story..geeeze…

  • Kevin Bardy says:

    DUMP TRUMP, get rid of the TURD on November third!

  • James Barlow says:

    Brought to u by your friendly neighborhood CIA

  • knihtsliht says:

    What is the legacy of Civil Rights / The Civil Rights Movements beatens. Thats your Legacy

  • Pam says:

    What exactly is “shocking” about the use of that word by Ahmaud’s murderers?

  • Raymond Sterling says:

    Why the Doctors and the Cops them Lie so. God will judge Y’all.

  • the doctor airsoft says:

    So we can’t go to church but we can protest or go to a bar?
    Has beer become our god now?

  • Suzann Puppies are precious says:

    George Floyd Put A Gun On A Pregnant Woman Stomach while his friends robbed her.
    This was on George Floyd Long List of Criminal Activities.
    Joe Floyd was high on Methamphetamines and Fentanyl during the time of his arrest this was shown on his toxicology report .

    No one should ever die the way George Floyd did and The Police Officer is in Jail awaiting a life time Sentence ,All Other Police Officers’s are in Jail .

    So why are People Still Roiting ,Looting ,Burning Down Businesses, and Killing innocent people,
    A Honest Law Abiding Elderly Black Man was Killed by Rioters for Protecting His Pawn Shop Business.

    This is Violence Civil Unrest Domestic Terrorism, No matter how you want to word it.

  • gms sona says:

    What about all those innocent killed during this?Are their lives less important.Not only Black lives Yellow white loves too matter.That a fact that you should know.If I am unhappy with someone I am free to leave so just leave.

  • Marie Holloway says:


  • Joseph Embury says:

    How Many Times Does To Late Have To Be? Before Yesterday Has Been More Then Enough Time To Stop?

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    Remember when NY and Calif release thousands and thousands of criminals from their prisons? Then now we are looking at riots ? Coincidence? Whats more, those that we are arresting are being let out and supported by democrats If that is not bad enough, we have hollywood demcorats and Joe Bidens staffers paying to bail the out Ask yourself, is this the world you want to live in, whats more, now we have these people wanting the rest of this country to bail them out for all the damages and debt they caused themselves, Calif was already 53.4 billion in the hole before all this began, same with NY, Chicago and the list goes on. Keep voting democrat if this is the world you want.

  • Mark Arnott says:

    Cop filmed Again today using a knee in a guys Neck and then 2 cops pushed an 80 year old over and bleeding from his head they walked past until told to stop reported The GOOD COPS should bash bad cops on the head till unconscious 😬 Maybe some cops need an electric dog collar or suit if doing bad get shocked from the head office sargent 🤣💗👌

  • Germaine M 💜🎤🎶🔥 says:

    News pushing racist propaganda again! Those communities that’s racist code speak for black and brown people! Mainstream news does this daily! And y’all wonder why black lives really don’t matter in Amerikkka! Hilarious!

  • Isaac Mamora says:


  • wendy chou says:

    Where is the justice for hard working policemen? Where is the justice for hard working taxpayers business owners? DemocRATS political gangsters leaders are always supporting thugs and illegal aliens instead of hard working Americans.

  • Matthew Browna says:

    Joe Biden is the person who cannot be president of Unit State. He is dirty and undulating water… No help for USA country. He also had oil in the field for more fire to help the protesters.

  • Jeremy Bennett says:

    rest in peace

  • Lionheart says:

    “Forgive them Lord, they no not what they do.” Jesus said that of his adversaries as he hung nailed to the cross.

  • Calvin Abbott says:

    George Floyd was killed for drawing attention to the money laundering operation at the Club that Freemason Derek Chauvin had guarded for 17 years, this was a Freemason assassination, the LaRaza Money Laundering operation and child Trafficking operations have been burned down across the USA under cover of these riots.

  • Tom says:

    The attorney for the family mentions all these names of the people that were shot by police and how we fight for them. Michael Brown from Ferguson Missouri got what he had coming to him by his actions that night, but they don’t stop with his name. Read what happened.

  • Joseph Castleman says:

    What more can be asked How’s the government the police officers been fired they’ve been arrested the phrase facing murder charges in yet you morons keep pushing this narrative that there is a social divide there is racism in our country grow up takeoff your democratic classes and be Americans is racism exist but not the way our pushing it these protesters are criminals they should be arrested or shot

  • Corperateties S says:

    I was almost killed by police brutality in the jail. nobody is crying White Lives Matter. Go get a job!

  • Little Pete 871 says:

    Police go on strike nation wide