NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 6th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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Demonstrations take place around the world over the death of George Floyd and two Buffalo police officers charged with assault as outrage grows over clashes with protesters.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 6th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar tamsinwood2 says:

    Defund the police – NOW!

  2. Avatar tina king says:


  3. Avatar k.v says:

    If you love your brother like you said you would help him by sending him money instead let him used a fake money.

  4. Avatar JOLLY CANNA says:

    what if the police decide to quit!

  5. Avatar Rozlin 5 says:


  6. Avatar A ccC says:

    MSNBC has become s disgrace and corrupted US Media to promote criminals and terrorists! Floyd was a person with multiple criminal records! He was a recidivist, not a good man or hero!!! Whatever MSNBC has been doing now, like the other Medias was doing such as CNN, CBS and ABC or whatever, will face the justices soon some days!!! Americans will found that what these disgrace medias and Democrats had done!!!

  7. Avatar I hate you mother-fucker! says:

    We need this uproar against the central banking system NEXT!!!!!

  8. Avatar Pilar Burgs says:

    Urge action to reverse this unequal and unfair scenario and move towards zero discrimination!

  9. Avatar Javier Solano says:

    No more silence

  10. Avatar leon Richmond says:

    Also call for the past killings of black men and women and children to be retried and convict officers call for those guilty policemen to face trial and conviction of murder

  11. Avatar leon Richmond says:

    coronavirus that’s the purpose of it but we cannot do anything and process f*** them

  12. Avatar leon Richmond says:

    Continue to protest f*** the government f*** .all need to change.

  13. Avatar Angela Taylor says:

    People are risking their lives protesting because Black Lives Matter! Black Lives are and have been destroyed all this time on this American continent since the first black life was kidnapped and brought here. What’s a little Covid compared to that?

  14. Avatar Feng Zhao says:

    is that fine Floyd’s siblings wearing all white?Can anyone tell me?

  15. Avatar Juan Herrera says:


  16. Avatar Angela Taylor says:

    Ok. I don’t think how peacefulness from protesters had much to do with the aggressiveness coming from the police. I think that they (the police) were exposed for what they did in the past, what they did to protesters recently, and know a reckoning is coming. I think they may have been shown there will be changes and the ones who are criminals(cops) are the scared ones now.

  17. Avatar Deb warmeagle says:


  18. Avatar Lynn Ward says:

    This is was not about protesting. It is about looting and rioting and they are Antifa who destroyed the America with the support of Democrats

  19. Avatar Lynn Ward says:

    This was never about the protesting. It is about looting and rioting, terrorism and not all Americans, they are who destroyed the America with the support of Democrats. The whole world laughing at us. Don’t insult your intelligence. Shame on American 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. Avatar Sarah Sarah says:

    Your reporters should report more about the behavior of a criminal. A criminal’s illegal conduct and rebellion against the police to perform tasks. The police should severely punish criminals. The American police and American soldiers are the greatest. The Lord Jesus is with you. God bless you and your family. Amen.

  21. Avatar Schools Fan says:

    Don’t people have jobs they have go to or working from home.

  22. Avatar Da To says:


  23. Avatar Kelley Boyles says:

    Stop with the propaganda already. You need to be able to prove your reports. The media is a huge part of what is going on. Your script reading has been uncovered for a large part of the people.

  24. Avatar vshah1010 says:

    400 year anniversary of slavery in the US (actually 401 yrs). And pandemics are happening every 100 years. Coincidence?

  25. Avatar Felipe Rodriguez says:

    Everyone yells out George Floyd but no one yells out police chief Dorns name, where are Mr Dorns murals black lives matter really! Apparently not.

  26. Avatar . says:

    If this can be allowed with no objection then no one should have any objection to voting in person in the November 2020 Election, this is just an observation

  27. Avatar Nikeita Misner says:

    Why does coumo seem like a constant voice of reason throughout covid and BLM protests? Why is it not our president saying the things coumo does? Why has Obama been a voice of reason and info more than our current president? I mean, these things are concerning and we all know the answers.

  28. Avatar Ekim Suahyam says:

    Things are not going well, we all know where it started and I don’t like where it’s headed

  29. Avatar Dawn Roper says:

    Colin K’s rights were violated back then. He was always right to take a knee then. I couldn’t understand why it offended people so. Hope he will be properly compensated for it. Restore the man’s career and give him back pay for all those years he was not playing.

  30. Avatar love goodness says:

    Heal Our Land

  31. Avatar Kati G says:

    Ok people we understand your protest yes…. but we still need police to apply order in our society. If you wanna life without laws and order go try to live in a jungle and see how it feel to be acting like a savage. This is a society weather, we like it or not we still need policemens to apply order in our society. If you don’t wanna see unjustice Go register to vote, and see who are you voting for a mayor in your city because those are the ones who tells policemens to apply extra force to our communities.

  32. Avatar Josue and Judith Correa says:

    As Christians, we have the RIGHT and POWER to speak truth, love, and life. It is our duty to spread the gospel, raise children in the way of God, and be the church we’ve been called to be. Wake up church. We cannot allow the devil to no longer abuse, speak lies, or destroy families, neighborhoods, and governments. Church, as we protest, remember to be the face and voice of Christ. Be led by the holy spirit and use the sword. We need to fight with Truth and love. The government has been silencing people for many generations and abusing the people. Church we are in the end times. Wake up. We are in the end. Rise up church and let’s be the body of Christ.

  33. Avatar MAKEDA DE GANNES says:

    “If you vote stupid you get stupid.”🤣🤣🤣

  34. Avatar Jason Sturgill says:

    Check out this song about the protests and the injustice going on.


  35. Avatar x3542 says:

    據美國一些誠實、嚴謹的學者在20世紀80年代末期到90年代初期依據史料重新做出的推算,當哥倫布1492年「發現」美洲新大陸時,在現在美國境內居住的印地安人總人口在3000萬至1億之間。到在20 世紀70年代,美國被迫分散聚在美國全國各窮鄉僻壤的「保留地」里的印地安人總人口還剩下了多少呢?據美國官方統計,還不到80萬人。

  36. Avatar benzclkguy0310 says:

    Crazy crazy crazy

  37. Avatar MAKEDA DE GANNES says:

    What about the injustice by the NFL to collin? How is the NFL going to fix that? They to placed a knee on his career because of his peaceful protest.

  38. Avatar Zach Dancy says:

    Cops that Do Not stop in when a Garbage Cop does wrong should be charged for aiding!

  39. Avatar MelanatedRN #reparationsnow says:

    Goes to show you how evil cops are! Anytime you push an elderly person down and feel nothing, and to support it, you’re just down right EVIL 👿!!!

    I applaud the Caucasians they are flooding the streets all in the name of Black lives and calling for justice!!!

  40. Avatar John Stibal says:

    Cheering cops who push over an elderly agitator? Detain him in a humane way, etc, don’t push him over like a bunch of brutal cowards!

  41. Avatar Triple20X says:

    BLM? Because looting matters.

  42. Avatar Jeanette Ameer says:

    Manuel Ellis couldn’t breathe either. He’s black and the officers are on Administration leave SMH

  43. Avatar keith wilson says:

    stop lying about covid 19 virus people aint buying it no more

  44. Avatar Brian S/ブライアン says:

    China is ASSHOE😁

  45. Avatar John West says:

    George Floyd did a home invasion on a pregnant women in Houston he pistol whipped her and pointed the gun to her stomach. Google it. WOW what a hero. LOL.

  46. Avatar Channah Racham says:

    NFL now you know u got it wrong?? FOH! The NFL players were cowards!

  47. Avatar Julian Doty says:

    God is not happy with this! Justice needs to be served one way or the other because the system failed people who paid into it! Some may disagree! Because they really don’t know nothing about that!

  48. Avatar V' GER LIGHTNING SARASON says:

    Watch out for the K K K, they and their fiery hatred, will soon claim innocent black victums; now their ready for all out “WAR”. They have military grade arms, which will be used, like in Iraq, and KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN.

  49. Avatar Banzz Blanco says:

    Is carona virus a threat I don’t know but racial protest is a global movement no justice no peace

  50. Avatar keith wilson says:

    truth be told we aint buying it no more yes its out there but not as bad as u news guys say and stop saying fudged numbers

  51. Avatar keith wilson says:

    and the players have every right too they can take a knee its a free country right and we have freedom of speech even if you dont agree with what someone saying

  52. Avatar Rose H says:

    Wow, who are the Mayors and police officials trying to convince? The corrupted cops, paid politicians, or rich donors?
    If they can’t be apart of change then all of them should be fired, mayor included. If you vote for stupid you get stupid.
    Like Seth Meyers said its not a few rotten apples that’s the problem it’s the whole bloody orchard that’s rotten and going unchecked. Come November bring on the change!

  53. Avatar Åvery Leigh says:

    Lets be clear. Its not an american flag. Its a USA Flag. AMERICANS where here prior to quote, settlers.

  54. Avatar Jared Blackley says:

    My pp smells

  55. Avatar Barbara Troha says:

    I think that officer should be helt countable for the murder of George Floyd ,but George, the Angel wings on the man is wrong. His criminal record isn’t spoke of. But people should check it out, before holding him up as a saint

  56. Avatar canal amante de los gatos says:

    Hey everyone ​,this clothing design is to promote to people that black Africans are equal to other ethnic groups. You can buy this shirt on below link.
    #GerogeFloyd #BlackLivesMattters #JusticeforGeorgesFloyd
    #BlackCommunity #ripgeorgefloyd #ICantBreath

  57. Avatar David Daugherty says:

    I would bet that the job index is fake and a lie to the people to try and make side show stump look better than it really is just because a lot of people lost their unemployment benefits or have been denied for some reason why the unemployment rate is supposedly looking better than they expected in my opinion

  58. Avatar L T says:

    They lit the wrong cop on fire. Roll out chauvin.. BBQ time…..

  59. Avatar angelrosec says:

    The best way to not get harmed by police is don’t be a criminal… it’s not rocket science…

  60. Avatar angelrosec says:

    NFL– keep the American flag out of your games… no anthem, no flag, problem solved.
    Kneel for the flag, leave the country.

  61. Avatar Sandra Hart says:

    Just wanted to save a life? I understand that protesting is our right but girl you may have infected a baby or an elderly person! I wanted to do this protesting too but I have a responsibility to myself and my family first! I have to stay alive because I’m always prone to getting bronchitis! I had pneumonia once and I was told that just a cold can set this stuff off! Coronavirus pandemic is not over yet! PLEASE I AM SO SORRY FOR MR.GEORGE FLOYD’S DEATH BUT I’M ALSO VERY SORRY FOR THE LOSS OF OVER 100,000 PEOPLE’S DEATH FROM THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC! GOD BLESS YOU AMERICA AND THOSE IN OTHER COUNTRIES…SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS!

  62. Avatar Bunker Sieben says:

    The sign that reads <> is so true.
    These disgusting cops will never change! They are cheering for a cop who almost killed an old guy by knocking him down.
    I hope we can keep pushing until these shitstain kkkopss get ousted and held to account!

  63. Avatar im ani says:

    okay 14 days before it shows up in a test how can people have tested positive?Lies

  64. Avatar Nery Maltu says:

    It’s all over the world… why black people protest in other part or other countries??? I thought someone is at the back of these protests…. there is PANDEMIC where is the rules of social distancing… ???

  65. Avatar Waters Above says:

    1:50 Richard Engel looks to be the only sane on this panel. #NoMaskForMe

  66. Avatar beachbum Lifestyle says:

    World wide pandemic and world wide protest = huge second wave population control I guess rip to all the people that will die from the second wave

  67. Avatar Sucessful Billionaire says:

    Black people create your own business stop appending on other people give you money learn financial literacy and pass it down to your kids. It’s free knowledge on YouTube everyday reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, Dave Ramsey.

  68. Avatar Dj Tan Montréal says:

    America is a shithole

  69. Avatar ji gero says:

    time will come when white will rally showing their placards ‘white lives matter ‘

  70. Avatar John Hand says:

    dang that’s savage removing his mask then peppers spaying him in the face

  71. Avatar ticklemaster says:

    yea those cops that pushed that old guy are heros, smashed him up good, dangerous old man lol really? the usa is a joke. cops are a joke.

  72. Avatar Lenny Freedman says:


  73. Avatar Melody37 D says:

    What an amazing story of that Barber and heart of real American.

  74. Avatar Ladydeathaly Nation says:

    Hope all protestors gets covid just becuse they ignor the healthkear laws

  75. Avatar Lenny Freedman says:

    This two officers look like criminal faces.

  76. Avatar Lenny Freedman says:


  77. Avatar Lenny Freedman says:


  78. Avatar Maxwell maxwells says:

    Asians /China must demonstrate to show that they support BlACK LIVES MATTER. Otherwise they are the real enemy now.

  79. Avatar Lenny Freedman says:


  80. Avatar Lenny Freedman says:

    racism racism racism will split America into TWO country a soon a later.

  81. Avatar Angela Daye says:

    The World is Watching but are they Voting?????😠😠😠

  82. Avatar Frank Ramos says:

    Mr. Floyd did not ignite a movement “”THE POLICE”” ignited the abuse the acts of the peaple is a reaction from THE GREAT ENEMYOF ALL POLICE OFFICERS “”the poor””

  83. Avatar Dawntessa Hills says:

    The police is showing there true colors on how physical aggressive they have been toward the blk race every where for a very long time in open view for the world to see on camera&before other races eyes.they hv upgraded there preference on the race they attack now they not only are abusing blk ppl but all races now these peaceful protest that are trying to be stopped by trump&the police by starting riots with peaceful protesters we all know all these many tactics delivered by them will not stop what the world has set out to accomplish”Change” why is it so hard to get rid of bad cops& hold dem accountable for there actions? You would think it would be simple but when you have a incompetent racist childish tweeting leader driving the car this answers everybody’s question,but when you have God&this unity that “we” the ppl of all colors have come together as one, we shall over come this , we will over come this!! “Change has already started(unity)togetherness , No justice,No peace, BLM…

  84. Avatar Flipper says:

  85. Avatar Robert Jones says:

    Between the covid and the riots both engineered by the deep state that few %% of blacks who were starting to support trump and probably would have won him the next election will mow be caught ip in this farce of poluce brutality.we lost more young people in a 50 square mile area in massachussettes in 1day than all blaclen killed by police all yr.most of them white BTW

  86. Avatar ElPocho DelMundo says:

    Pigs will be pigs.

  87. Avatar bj photography says:

    #Walmart #Kroger #Samclub Speak Up!!! ???
    Black Lives Matter? You with Trump or The people? Don’t speak in the gray with middle of the road words trying to play both sides. You make money off the people so who you with? speak up! everyone pls repost

  88. Avatar Tim Yu says:

    a real crisis caused by a $20 fake bill …

  89. Avatar Mr. Banana says:

    “Breaking news. The world wide protest. From New York to Washington to blocking Golden Gate Bridge…”
    *Breaking news: That is only America not world wide. America is not the entire world you know.*

  90. Avatar Mohamed Mbarki says:

    الروح عزيزا عند الله يمهل ولا يهمل تحياتي للقناة أمريكا

  91. Avatar Octavio Terrazas says:

    If you watch the whole video of the old man being assaulted you’ll see the only guys that go to this old mans aid are the only two soldiers in the group. Why don’t the police help him… it says a lot about how police are being trained.

  92. Avatar Henry Collins says:

    Zzz’sZ xss CD is vvt bbn

  93. Avatar Jack Of All Trades says:

    It is going to come to the point where people won’t want to be cops and then America is screwed. Wake up idiots.

  94. Avatar Lady-in-Red - says:

    This could go one of 2 ways. Either things WILL change or this will be the demise of the the human race… It’s very scary to think about the things ppl are doing (riots)

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