NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/14
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Coronavirus cases surge in multiple states, CDC releases guidelines for reducing COVID-19 risk in daily life, and President Trump plans to issue an executive order on police reform.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:32 14 States Report Alarming Surge In Covid-19 Cases
05:17 CDC Releases New Guidelines For Return To Daily Life
06:00 No CDC Or Task Force Briefings On Camera In Weeks
07:07 W.H.O.: 36 Percent Jump In Daily U.S Cases From June 6-9
07:33 Trump: Chokeholds Should ‘Generally’ Be ‘Ended’
08:19 Trump’s New Messages To Protesters And Police
09:22 Trump Says Abraham Lincoln’s Legacy ‘Questionable’
10:20 Trump Responds To Top General’s Photo-Op Apology
10:58 Trump To speak At West Point Graduation Tomorrow
12:23 Wall Street Rebounds After Biggest Plunge In Months
12:51 Seattle In Standoff With Protesters Occupying Blocks
14:50 ‘Breonna’s Law’ Bans ‘No-Knock’ Warrants In Louisville
17:11 Pride Month Returns To Its Protest Roots

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • JulianaHereOnEarth says:

    More endless propaganda from the gov’t/corporate-owned mainstream news so they can sell the vaccine and make billions. But they don’t talk about how hospitals are literally murdering people by putting them on ventilators who don’t need to be, blowing out their lungs by using way too high pressure and putting them on extreme doses of IV sedatives and paralytics for weeks on end which results in brain death. They are putting people that just are having anxiety attacks on a ventilator! They are literally killing people in the hospitals from TREATMENT, NOT FROM COVID — and it’s mostly happening to BLACK, HISPANIC and other minority patients on medicare since they get a big payout from Medicare from any covid patients they put on a ventilator! Many nurses and doctors are speaking out about this, but mainstream news hides it since they don’t serve YOU, they serve the government and the billion dollar corporations. If they actually thought black lives matter, this would be the top headline! Here is the latest nurse speaking out about this – watch at:

  • Mint Ranch says:

    Are we going to ignore the fact that the covid killed more people in the US than world war I ? The protesters are spreading the virus. Tell them to go home.

  • altitude illume says:

    #IRRESPONSIBLErepublicanism #IRRESPONSIBLEtrumputinINC

  • dorfus71 says:

    America has been determined to teach the world everything not to do during a pandemic.
    The shutdown of the economy was pointless if they were just going throw all the measures away and let the virus spread like wildfire.

  • j lanz says:

    Interesting, positively entertaining!

  • Shae Shae says:

    I will never stop until you motherfukers are in prison

  • Shae Shae says:

    Wow do they have the people indoctrinated or what it’s my money and I want it now what a great commercial

  • Shae Shae says:

    What a lie

  • Avery Grham says:

    What about the pictures make Christians think it was beautiful?

  • altitude illume says:

    WE DO THING’S LIKE THAT, NOT YOU, YOU DIVISIVE #NEONATIONALISTtrumpf. *#MUELLEREXPOSEDTRUMPFbarr** -> **#PUTINtrumpf2016** = chaos-terrorism-murder.*

  • Shae Shae says:

    Pride is what got Lucifer throw from the HEAVENS

  • Glenn Cole says:

    Almost all the places they had riots.

  • Rob reviews Tech says:

    This delivery driver is nothing more than a delivery driver. HEROS are individuals who help someone in spontaneous situations. Not delivering packages. This man may be a good person but he’s extremely FAR from a HERO!..

  • M D says:

    No we do not agree with you holding up that bible like that. No we don’t.

  • Monti Miller says:

    If President Trump unleashes the U.S. military on American soil he will have broken the Constitution which strictly forbids it. If American’s stands by and do nothing while our military goes after U.S. citizens then there is no law as far as I’m concerned!!!

    • just so ya know says:

      real Americans must be protected.. Trump 2020

  • Thomas Neal says:

    Abraham Lincoln only issued the Emancipation Proclamation to win the war, and it did NOT include slaves in union states. Stop it, he was not a hero to the African citizens of the “united states “!!!

  • Tommy Westbrook says:

    Democrats and protesters fault

  • Monti Miller says:

    What’s sad about Breonna case is you don’t hear any officers offering an apology to her family, no nothing for killing her in cold blood!!! Jesus please save this country of ours from imploding from within & help us to keep loving other when everything else fails!!!

  • Marvin gurford says:

    huh, weird that after u guys were like go outside burn America to the ground till the election, then when they died down now your saying everybody has to go back inside. sounds like youre trying to say, if the people wont do what you want, they get punished. is that why when America elected Trump to make real changes you pushed the Russian collusion story which has now vanished because it turns out there was a plot between obama admin and the news to leak trump information and ruin his presidency. turns out clintons, harvard, and media have all be funding a secret push to villinize conservative thinking and force young Americans into electing “educated” elites who claim to have the philosophical and moral high grounds. call em wine and cheese democrats. epstein was one, funny how that guy was tied into the clinton obama administrations.

  • castlev1986 says:

    c virus is old news go back to the riots

  • Stephen Erickson says:

    CoVid doesn’t like the taxes in CA

  • Kendall Roberts says:

    Would you stop deceiving people and tell the truth stop trying to control society through your propaganda

  • Kendall Roberts says:

    they’re trying to stir us up with bigotry and using racism then we’re all of one race the human race to stir you up with bigotry we’ve been getting along for years stop listening to them start loving one another not trying to provoke one another

  • kmbutler04 says:

    Loved the appreciation shown to the UPS driver!!!

  • says:

    Lies, lies, lies…..

  • jngregg says:

    Draft dodger giving speech at West Point commencement? Odd choice

  • Kendall Roberts says:

    We’re all different shades of brown majority of people know that stop deceiving the young people

  • Kendall Roberts says:

    young people take a look is your little group so-called racist that’s the way the rest of the world thinks you have all different colors and shades of brown don’t be deceivedmajority of people think that way within your group are you so-called racist don’t be deceived by the news

  • Kendall Roberts says:

    young people the way you think of each other in your group this way the majority of the world thinks get off the deception of racism we are all of one race the human race and different shades of brown acknowledge this most of the world knows this

  • Jose Guzman says:

    Trump had the Bible upside down, on his stunt to St.John’s Church!

  • AD says:

    I only watch the intro of the nightly news now bc I hate everyone who is stupid

  • Joanna Snyder says:

    Couldn’t it be possible that there is a spike because of all of the protests?

  • LIZZIE SANGI Sangi says:

    When bush jr took away our WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS nobody did anything. Our right to know WHY we are being arrested or WHY we’re being held is gone. They can hold you and never tell you why. THAT DEMANDS PROTEST. How many know that our WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS is gone?

  • Angelina Boyd says:

    Lmaooooo & sad … juggling these 2

  • abcde f says:

    your nbc news channel is BIASED, people now are getting smarter and smarter you can not mislead everyone!

  • michelle brister says:

    Lester Holt has an evil grin on his face every time he reports dark news! As a Behaviorist of 25 years, this is disturbing behavior!!’ Creepy!

  • Gene Reynolds says:

    Wastington, Orgen,Utah, probably seeing covid-19 cases cuz homeless

  • Bri Bean says:

    Remember guys we are all posting pictures of Obama on Trumps birthday 💅💕

  • Shawn Sereal says:

    When will people learn. Going to church is unsafe. Taking cruises is unsafe. Going to bars is unsafe. Going to partys and clubs is unsafe. Being around crowds is unsafe. Are people just that Stupid! Wait for a vaccine dummies. Be patient!! If an astronaut can live on space station for 6 months to a year, then you can isolate yourself for a few months to prevent the spread. Wow! People! Sheeezzz

  • sef man says:

    Its all so confusing. I mean who can understand a virus. Maybe skydaddy. lol

  • Josh Bell says:

    These people need to be in jail for DOMESTIC TERRORISM

  • ElPocho DelMundo says:

    BT go t killed because of the cops going into the wrong place, not because of noknock warrant. They tried to serve warrants at the wrong place.

  • Wally Davidson says:

    So many liberal protesters getting sick

  • Paul Green says:

    I think if we cure stupid the virus will go away.

  • Charmaine Swinney says:

    People are still walking around without a mask and all those states in the south for the most part refused to shut down.

  • Randy Joe says:

    Surging 40% of what ??

  • Ethnically Leo says:

    police are oppressing women in protest

  • Steve Murphy says:

    Donald Trump is a public health crisis.

  • James Bond says:

    Replace chokeholds with K-9’s, and problem will go away.

  • Мадина Тулеуова says:

    почему внашей стране нету прямого эфира нбси???

  • Natalya Cervantes says:

    Dear police, leaders, and civil people of U.S. People please stop killing black people, yes even the crimes they didn’t commit, to those who are working as any job of police, STOP BEING ARRESTING BLACK PEPLE FOR CRIMES THEY DIDN’T, YOU ARE RACSIT’, DO WANTED TO BE DEFUNDED, THEN STOP IT!!!!!!!!! join me all of you people of all races to stop the police and defund the police for good, for our sake, just like Martin King Jr. did protect people of differNt races from harm, join are support for black people and may God bless you. I convince you to join.

  • 1Corinthians2:2 says:

    Are they going to shut down the protests/riots then?

  • Gabe Moran says:

    durring this whole plandemic i havent even seen people sneeze or be sick at all no stomach ache , nor do i think exosomes counts for covid19 the disease a virus thats a instant viral disease yeah all subversion strait out the kgb destabilization handbook with undocumented people that are not black yelling black power right do not belive the jesuit cdc fauci there all putting way to much dont be a meat puppet use your vigilance dont let them tell u how to live during a live drill

  • PyroRomancer says:

    Trump rumored to be seeking shelter in whitehouse bunker: Left: where is our leader where is he?!

    Trump attending church: Left: You are suppose to be setting examples!! why aren’t you in self quarantine!

    There’s no satisfying these hypocrites. When these leftist riots contract the virus they are going to blame Trump.

  • Judi W says:

    Please NBC, stop being hypocrites! You judge a gathering with Trump for not social distancing but don’t judge the LACK of social distancing with the riots and the new “country” in Seattle???? What? So, the CDC says the virus is stablizing but NBC says it is not. What? STOP the hype!

  • Harumi H. says:

    This country might have ceased to exist, replaced by Trump’s Violent Divided States of Bloods. Trump seems to be enjoying the violently fightings taking place all outside the case blanca, when he was the one who used the military to cause more violence among the people. Saying “chokehold” seems innocent and sweet, Trump showed his true self, which is a cruel, inhuman, brain-damaged coward who has never had real courage to do things alone, always needing his servants to do jobs.

  • Ace Dodge says:

    People need to realize when comparing countries population percentage!
    Germany is no bigger then Wisconsin. That’s just one state out of fifty!

  • Commando Master says:

    Most of those masks people are wearing are not very effective in preventing you from getting infected.

  • dj Curiosity says:

    Put own kids at risk especially for the poorest..

  • Judi W says:

    Just came back from vacation in the US…………..where do one cared about “the virus”. It was fantastic.

  • sarah kelly says:

    Protesters bringing on Rona19 again with George & BLM.

  • future animator says:

    I skipped everything just to watch the end. I needed this happiest

  • Scott Strandberg says:

    NBC is pure DNC propaganda.

  • Chad Hurley says:

    She was shot 8 times ?

  • T P says:

    Let’s not forget how the protesters have contributed to the Coronavirus. Out on the street in such huge gatherings squished together like sardines. Most with no masks. We all knew this was going to infect more people with the virus, and now it’s happening..

  • Saralee Coleman says:

    I live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, and walk around everyday thought The Autonomous Zone, and the newscasters are lying. Nothing violent is happening. People are taking caring of one another, and businesses are providing food, water, bathrooms, and many other services. There is volunteer medical care. In the evening it is peaceful, and quiet. I live two blocks away. The only time there was violence is when the Seattle police were brutally gassing, and rubber bulleting peaceful protesters. Our City Council marched with the protesters. I live here. Listen to me, not by lies of the National media. Also, some local politicians are using this time to push forward their campaign, and lie, and exaggerate what is actually happenings.

  • Fergustine Feart says:

    2 weeks of “protest” the MSM promoted. While COVID symptomes present in as little as 4 days?
    But blame businesses that enacted distancing and occupancy restrictions and PPE rules?
    Y’all promoted people to gather in mass, but are against businesses opening… If THIS is a spike that can’t be handled – What are you going to do in w weeks if you think that the numbers now are only due to business opening? What happened when the people that YOU told to gather are sick?

  • Al Mappes says:

    1950-2020. Not much has changed

  • K DC says:

    He didn’t do criminal justice reform.

  • Laker 4 ever says:

    Hmmmm we have had looters protesters gatherings last week in most major cities god forbid we got a increase of convid

  • Ergenta says:

    Sitting down at a restaurant = not ok
    getting a haircut = not ok
    walking around any store that’s not a giant multinational department store = not ok
    Standing shoulder to shoulder in groups of thousands in the name of ‘anti racism’ = Perfectly fine

  • King OfTroy says:

    Lol i live in az bobody cares trust me

  • Ergenta says:

    Looting stores = no threat of virus
    Shopping in those same stores = A great threat to humanity

  • Ergenta says:

    The looters are trying to fast-track the death of the virus by burning everything. 👍

  • Luke Abers says:

    People are still buying into mainstream news?

    You might want to sit down for this….remember what I told you about Santa?

  • Jennifer Myers says:

    Just in case anyone cares…

  • Thomas Engelke says:

    Tax payers money going where?
    Into the one way file called

  • havokterra says:

    Is trumps super power his ability to be so mind numbing stupid, is trump a stupid genius, or is he just a thief seeing how much he can steal from you ???

  • mario johnson says:

    i hope it spikes greatly kills off half the country!!

  • TeslaMachines Cazares says:

    Just let those people die. Not my problem

  • Rays woodshop says:

    This country has lost its freaking mind. Im out.

  • ddd ddjd says:

    The witch hunt begins

  • orion9k says:

    Big time fake news 2:00 no healthy person bellow age 60 dies from c19, proven fact from real data

  • Eric Edwards says:

    Right wingers can take there ar whatevers and occupy a state Capitol nothing happens to them. Progressives occupy there city and planted flowers, we must call in the military?

  • joseph gunter says:

    Wow..I watched this show enough to know..this is nothing but a group of political hacks…that don’t have one positive thing to say about President Trump…!…Pushing the lockdown…but protest..riots..and looting…well Holts cool with that..this program is nothing more than platform for the DNC….!

  • Over50andFantabulous says:

    Many have and are spreading the virus unknowingly. My company never closed. I started wearing a mask immediately and it was found amusing because for 2 weeks I was the only person doing so. It is now mandatory – the laughing has ceased.

  • VideoDoesNotLie says:

    It’s Sunday morning 6:45AM Eastern time. And the Saturday night broadcast has NOT yet posted to YouTube. Did someone get fired at NBC? Is NBC quitting its YouTube channel? Can someone recommend another dependable source for US news?

  • Tony Wiedner says:

    Protesters choked street preacher ,protest the protesters

  • NicoAlreadyTaken says:

    Doctor Fauci told if you reopen to fast the second wave is going to be worst than the first wave. Trump is not listening to the doctor and fact. Trump, ” this diot” , want more people to die over public health.

  • Mary Brewer says:

    Trump has no authority to invade an independent State’s internal decision for its citizens. This is what caused the Civil War in 1861. Of course Trump doesn’t know anything about the constitution or American history so he wouldn’t know.

  • Jammie Brooks says:

    Testing is up by 200% and causes are up by 25%. Some people don’t have any under standing of math.

  • Str8 4ward says:

    Not renting to black folks and being sued over it…MAKES YOU BETTER THAN ABE LINCOLN? 😂TRUMPNOCHIO STRIKES AGAIN….

  • Jeremy Hempy says:

    CDC arent Great Experts at Fighting the Disease Since they Dont mention adequate vitamin D or lowering inflammation markers to limit cytokine storm

  • Dee Ravenwolf says:

    I have lost faith in the human race. Stupidity has overrun the population and it shows every day in the news.

  • Thomas K Geydan says:

    Pres. Trump: “Nobody else could have done it”!

  • gene dietz says:

    This is the summer season and we still have thousands of new COVID-19 cases?

  • Fat Albert says:

    How come NBC won’t investigate who has been providing stacks of bricks in US cities where riots are occurring?

  • merchant blitz says:


  • Elijah A. Alexander, Jr. says:

    How many of the new Covid BLAMED deaths wore masks MUST be known. Masks keep carbon dioxide in front of our nose and reduce the amount of oxygen to the lungs that cause oxygen deficiency. For proof ask surgeon workers and REPORT their replies.

  • Michael Gray says: