Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 21, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/24
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 21, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

President Trump is ‘furious’ at ‘underwhelming’ Tulsa rally turnout, coronavirus cases surge across the U.S., and TSA whistleblower says the agency is failing to protect officers and travelers from COVID-19.

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コメント一覧 (102件)

  • Willie Bateman says:

    Trump aka Jim Jones 👺

  • Rohan Wilson says:

    Protect her.

  • Gregory Alfano says:

    Time to admit that for all the shutdowns and social distancing, wearing masks and hoarding toilet paper, the only thing all this accomplished was to slow down the inevitable rampage through humanity until the virus runs it’s course. When you look at how entrenched and pervasive coronavirus is while advisable to follow good safety standards, in reality just cross you’re fingers. The good news just out is despite increases in new cases, the death rate is continuing to drop. According to a doctor in Italy, the virus has mutated into a weaker variant compared to earlier ones.
    Speaking of batschitt crazy. What’s going on with the radical left these days? A bunch of sick puppies taking pleasure in others misfortunes.

  • james ray says:

    What kind of world you want to live in when people ignore corvid 19 is still here with no signs of endings

  • O’ Hell says:

    LOL someone is suppressing news and dumping this trash in my feed.

  • Masha Kalinkina says:

    They didnt want to show up with their kids due to the concerns of the protestors? Like they didnt want to disrespect the protestors who were out marching?

    Well thats very mature & conscientious of you! Finally, respecting other people for once! Never thought I’d like those Trump rally-goers.

  • Sherrie Owen says:

    You fake news make me sick. It’s ok for the animals you support to protest and no worries but for trumps rallies it’s a bad idea because of covid lol lol. Really? You lie big time. More people are waking up to your lies. Go outside people. No covid will get you lol lol. Wake up and see how evil the news media and democrats really are.

  • Sherrie Owen says:

    All the evil democrats continue to lie. 1000 of people were told to go home and couldn’t get inside for the rally. Why don’t you fake news tell the truth 1 time. Yes 1000s of people were lined up and couldn’t go in because they were told to go away. All you lefties are in for a huge surprise when you learn most of your leaders will be jailed. Corrupt disgusting lefties are in panic mode. They know their time is short. Same to you news people.

  • Mysteriouz Cat says:

    He made a BAD mistake…… As he expected to see more people in his rally….. but NOT really what he sees!!


  • Margaret Boyce says:

    Rally Topic!!!! Ha! What you dish out is you will eat 😋 Later …. So much Killings, Pain, Abuse and Lies… that needed to be Addressed… Nothing about all of this and apart from all that is going on, it is said when the Looting starts the shooting starts….. But you want to throw a tandrown now that there are not the amount of people you were looking forward to come to a Rally 😁.

  • Never Again says:

    The Helsinki sissy ‘is going to go through some things’.

  • Kitty Exotica says:

    Each excuse is a pathetically sad attempt by this administration to try to explain their incompetence.

  • RON JAGRAF/X says:

    We note here that with the initiation of COVID-19 measures CNN has removed conservative commentators from their daily lineup of talking heads. Rick Santorum, Ben Ferguson, as well as former congressmen Jack Kingston and Sean Duffy no longer make appearances on Mr. Jeff Zucker’s air. They too believe that conservatives are bad for public health.

  • bambi lee says:

    Make america dictator again as always !

  • thomas ramirez says:

    The rights to choose is out the door

  • Enrique Espeleta says:

    Since day one the experts on the virus promoted the use of masks and the whole world has been using masks and preventing infecions and you guys in USA still wondering weather to use masks..? 😷no wonder you got over 2 million infected and counting? i hate to say it but your arrogance is getting you all killed…

  • Larry santos says:

    I miss Bernie

  • Romeo Hermann says:

    Mask also has a downside the media never talks about. It messes up with your airflow and breathing. You are basically breathing back your own air you exhaled. 80% of your breath back is not a fresh contract to what they tell you. Wear in it for long term can create bacteria hotspot. You will have a warm humid area in front of your mouth between the mask, your mouth, and nose plus dust particles, bacteria, moisture. yuck. On top of that, it looks like wearing underwear on your face or a dog muzzle.

  • hey handersen says:

    Trump’s ears were burning. He yelled at Pence for hours. He spanked Melanomia with an old rope, until Pence intervened, in light of the screaming. He laffed like a lunatic when caught peeing on some bushs behind the WH. He threatened some ppl watching with a camera and fled for the bunker. He was last seen chewing a carpet in the oval office and glugging Chlorox.

  • Tun. says:

    I often see ppl wearing masks over their mouth and not over both their mouth & nose.. It makes me cringe.. But really all i do is stay away from them..

  • Talibah Braswell says:


    • Talibah Braswell says:

      I believe people’s life are very in but he donot think so he’s worried about the election not people’s

  • Talibah Braswell says:

    😭😭😭😭 slota testing down please

  • John Smith says:

    I’m not going back out into society anytime soon……ive discovered that I really don’t like most of you.

  • John Smith says:

    It’s interesting when a guy like Trump is the best choice available to be president…..the alternative is an octogenarian with dementia and an alcohol problem……sad.

  • John Smith says:

    I’m gonna keep staying away from the public anyway.

  • John Smith says:

    Haha run Natalie run!

  • John Smith says:

    Wait a minute! Natalie white is his girlfriend?……i saw a video with rashards wife and daughter too!……he was cheating on her with a white woman! I’m shocked!

  • Aaron Hemingway says:

    Haha Donald Trump was outsmarted by teenagers



  • Bradley Smith says:

    The dentist wearing the n 95 LASIK song that mmasjk is designed to filter only when inhale not exhale

  • Patbro Bro says:

    The news just don’t want to let go of sensationalism. You telling me there’s not a lot of topics out there? Like injustices around the world 🌍

  • Shae Shae says:

    Yes Trump said to his ppl slow down the infecting ppl

  • Shae Shae says:

    Looking like cloned like Kanye West clone down clone overload

  • Shae Shae says:

    No it didn’t they lying to u folks demon liars

  • utubegirl says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that 6200 is still too big a number for his “rallies”?

  • Robert Desmond Warner says:

    @5:50 ” Aren’t these front row seat just sooooo Special! “



  • saffron wetter says:

    “the Demonrat’s are
    doing all this dirty

  • saffron wetter says:

    They need to stop this killing,

  • Marcus Wilson says:

    The United States Army says you can’t get any help without being able to seal the mask and no one with facial hair can seal a mask. Misinformation.Fear mongering.

  • Jacques de Marigny says:


  • Eric Brant says:

    More testing = better management in containing and preventing further spread. I would prefer a leader more concerned with halting the virus and addressing systemic racism than one more worried about his crowd sizes or how stupid he looked walking down a ramp and drinking water.

  • Markus Müller says:

    The pandemic of improvements: For systematic improvements we need internal accountability towards the grassroots in groups with delegated powers (parties, governments, police, media, banks …)

  • TONY says:

    TRUMP had Largest tv viewership in history. Stop the fake news NBC

  • Ken Ker says:

    Fake AF news!

  • Unknown axb says:

    Fuxk trump spoiled fatshit

  • Karen Belford says:

    You have a great Dad

  • Weining Ding says:

    Stop resting ! then we won’t have a single case .What a smart idea .

  • Mark Solarz says:

    Face Masks! Are really not the point! Your just selling fear! Democrats wear masks! Smart people don’t! But reporters and Democrats always spit in your face! Shut up!

  • Mark Solarz says:

    Twit reporting!

  • Mark Solarz says:

    Dentist report? They talk to you like your 3 years old. Kate Snow. OK Mommy! Tell me about the scary!

  • Richard Liang says:

    Kate I’m hoping your on the Air for another 20 years !! Rickky

  • Richard Liang says:

    HAPPY B-DAY Kate !! Rickky belated

  • maynunal says:

    Trump viewed his brother Robert with utter disdain and drove him out of their company. Robert moved to a farm, never to be heard from again. Laughable that he’s referring to his “wonderful” brother in an attempt to squash a book by their niece, which exposes family dysfunction

  • Nina Toepper says:

    Of course, the more test taken, the more cases you’re going to find- duh!
    Is all he is saying.
    Nobody knows sarcasm, anymore!
    People really need to get over themselves.

  • Bobbo Lan says:

    Did trump just admit to TRYING to put Americans in harm’s way? WHAT A POS!


    “Described as furious…”
    By whom? He had 12 million watching live. I sincerely doubt he was “furious”.

  • TIGGY78 says:

    as we deal with this BIO-WAR we are in as well as global financial war (as we head to a global depression) American’s are attending and going to events regardless of the virus. Regardless of the beliefs people are going to take risks for what they believe in.

  • Darryle Denmark says:

    Do you people ever have anything good to report

  • Jimmy Jacuzzi says:

    No doubt you always find the negative. People stayed home because of covid. If it were packed full of families you’d have more negative to report. You’d say they were bad parents. This president will win again despite your best dishonest efforts.

  • J.D 2.0 says:

    They murdered her boyfriend, she burned the place.
    That’s a ride to die chick.

  • Ronnie Foshee says:


  • Clock It The House! says:

    #protectnataliewhite You go girl!

  • Heavin W says:

    I’m still here waiting to hear from the families of all the covid victims that died. Still haven’t seen any news about that yet… because only deep divers knows that this plandemic is for trump and his partners in crime to push their mark of the beast VACCINATION chip and start their New World Order agenda. And it’s so sad that people of this world are sooooo brainwashed to the point that they can’t even see the danger a head of them.

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heavin W says:

      Don’t be fooled… what do you think the 5g networks is for?????
      They have to be able to track them chips now don’t they.


  • Positive Energy says:

    Chuck D of Public Enemy once said in a famous song “Don’t Believe The Hype”
    It’s 5G People !!!

  • Jacque Kydd says:

    Bunch of liars

  • Michael Cutcliffe says:

    Sick, sick, sick of the current ding dongs running the USA!!

  • swag don tv motivation says:

    If black people was killing white people this racism would stop long time

  • Total T says:

    The dumbest of America are trump cult members.

  • V J says:

    Why are people protesting against police brutality “very bad people” but people with guns protesting because they can’t get a haircut encouraged by trump.

  • V J says:

    four frigging cops, 1 man. I guess the cops were afraid.” they need to have zero tolerance, choke hold and you are fired.

  • Wely Situmorang says:

    Please’!!! Damai’ slalu ych’ family’ ku yg ada disana’ jgn lupa’bahwa kita sudah di selamatkan’ memuji menyembah’ …………………………….Dia’ pasti!!!!!!! aman’dlsb’ BIBLE= BIBLE. IMANUEL.👀💟🤝🕰️🆗

  • Gerald Campbell says:

    If you send Iran boat back, they will start to understand that discussion about the nuclear question must resume asap.

  • Gerald Campbell says:

    Send the boat back.

  • IBMOROnemanarmyagainstracism ChannelforIntelOnes says:


  • Travis LTE says:

    F this! You can’t shut down the world over “covid” why don’t you stop driving… It’s more deadly

  • John Perez says:

    “The 2nd Wave is aleady happening as we speak isn’t it….???”

  • Gary Quarty says:

    11milion watched Trumps rally on tv . It’s Bidens turn.

  • La R. says:

    The Democratic party but a lot of tickets asked AOC she told it right on the news

  • Amber Nyle says:

    Okay so I was watching this live and I can not seem to find where they were talking about sports? Can someone add the time stamp?

  • Jorgeoctavio11 Asodisen says:

    What, slow the testing down? Oh my … Americans are no disposable napkins.

  • Marie Cameau says:

    Lots of demonrats buy tickets to sabotage the Trump rally

  • Marie Cameau says:

    CCP virus never leave,just circle

  • Rudy Alcorta says:


  • Jeff Zabelski says:

    Another one term “President” for the hustory books.

  • Jeff Zabelski says:

    Trumps small crowd makes hustory. One million deplorable pride voters were lying to their cheerleader, who has made more lies than the Bible, making hustory that nobody could have imagined.

  • Angel Gonzalez says:


  • Irma Sotelo says:

    I got to listen to 10 seconds of what you will be talking about and what I persevered is you are huffing and puffing in providing the news of what you chose for people to be feed as news and keeping people scare like children, so sad that you have placed God second in your life for the love of getting compensated well to do this kind of news.

  • Jonnie Mae Middletonlotte says:

    Thanks for the dad, Rob. Very cool.

  • Edward Diaz says:


  • Kevin Brown says:

    Corona virus is going around and now I have to wait,for this to stop.

  • Mike Hinson says:

    F u

  • Mike Hinson says:

    Bring them to the beach them in👍🖕

  • Mike Hinson says:

    This is America or it was until 45 days ago make America great again f u

  • Mike Hinson says:


  • Mike Hinson says:

    Bring it

  • Mike Hinson says:

    Trump 2020

    • Matthew Stone says:

      AOC Admits Election Interference To Cover For BLM Attacking Republicans

  • Ann Leo says:

    Lolol… teens cause President to be “furious”! 😄