NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 24th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/27
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 24th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

States see record high coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, 3 men indicted on murder charges in death of Ahmaud Arbery, and appeals court orders judge to dismiss Michael Flynn case.

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00:00 Intro
01:56 U.S. Record High Covid Surge With 36,000+ New Cases
03:55 Alarming Rise In Covid Cases Among Younger Americans
05:54 Three Men Indicted For Murder In Ahmaud Arbery Shooting
07:00 Officer Fired In Shooting Death Of Breonna Taylor
08:09 Appeals Court Orders Dismissal In Michael Flynn Case
09:20 Prosecutor Alleges Pressure To Cut Roger Stone ‘A Break’
10:01 A.G William Barr To Testify Before House In July
10:20 Trump Welcomes First Foreign Leader Amid Pandemic
10:54 New Poll Show Biden Leading Trump By 14 Points
12:55 Medical Experts Cite New Progress In Treating Covid-19
13:19 FDA: ‘No Evidence’ Covid Spreads Through Food Or Packing
13:31 Cities Report No Surge In Cases From Massive Protests
13:40 Experts Fear U.S Deaths Could Rise To 300,000 By Winter
14:50 Many Covid Patients Have Symptoms For Month
17:31 Bubba Wallace ‘Relieved’ He Wasn’t Hate Crime Target

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 24th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • Ray Sunshine says:

    Thankfully my relatives have recovered and are doing well now.

  • Doc Atheist says:

    If you have prolonged symptoms after COVID-19, see this video, in case the overlap is more than just coincidence:

  • crenshawchris says:

    I guess all those callin people who wear masks and stay indoors Sheeple are feelin dumb right about now.

  • Own it RC. says:

    The average American stares at a screen for thirty four years of there life. you can believe in the make believe world of television all ya want still won’t make it reality your news has been underwritten for decades corporate fascist rule your life

  • Wanda Letney says:

    All the protests caused this surge in the COVID 19 VIRUS patients. God let Your Healing Mercy rain down on this pestilence..!

  • Cheryl Conway says:

    The worst is on the way😷

  • Valerie Shutiva says:

    🤡In the oval is a sociopath, he probably has ice & chocolate cake everyday with 2 scoops of ice cream, like when he bombed the middle east, with xi sitn next to him @ covidlago. He feeds off our misery & devastation.

  • - Mikhail says:


  • Angie Middleton says:

    You know if we shut the media off everything would be ok. This is just a bunch of hype. And Joe Biden is a sick man. They’re probably lying about the numbers like they did with Hillary. At her Rally’s there were like 200 people and they made it look like they were packed. So sad. God be with us

  • HOWARD BOYD says:

    Virus has weakened see Italian study. Many countries in Europe reopening. 50 years old and under had 1% death rate. Now that rate is lessening as virus not as strong anymore. Many elderly recovering including a recent person over 103 years old. See news.

  • Fean Marie says:

    Please Pres Obama help us guards our votes on November

  • Ken Pusillo says:

    Trashy bimbo

  • Fean Marie says:

    This prexy from Poland should quarantine himself before returning to Poland

  • Get it MiMi says:

    They definitely covered that up quick! All you need is the media.

  • Lilac says:


  • HanaElisheva says:

    The news desk lady isn’t warring a mask. Fauci isn’t wearing a mask. The governors aren’t wearing masks.

    The high school student who died was obviously in poor health, you can tell by her picture.

    The fact is that we are responsible foe our iwn health. Abstain from poisonous pharmaceuticals. Take Vitamins C, D3, and zinc. Exercise in sunlight without sunscreen and chemicals on your skin, which are carcinogenic and high in chemical estrogens. Wash thoroughly and use a mask when dealing with vulnerable populations. It’s not rocket science.

    We all have E. Coli, streptococcus, and every virus and bacteria we’ve ever naturally contracted or been inoculated with by vaccination to “protect” us. WE have to educate ourselves and exercise good sense, not be mandated and cajoled by the government that is supposed to SERVE us, not mandate and imprison us under their authoritarian rule.

    And it is mortality that determines a health emergency, not contraction of an illness. This virus kills 0.0002% – 0.0003% of those infected.

    Look at the Orthodox Jewish community who self quarantined and did not wear so many masks. They are surviving and now supplying the plasma to treat the weakened infected who are panicked, inside their houses outside of fresh air, terrified of their neighbors and asymptomatic people WHO ARE NOT A THREAT.

    Wake up!

  • Lisbeth B Åkerman says:

    The only possible answer is Trump together w devil getting red of people To Create a their new world.

  • T Wang says:

    Can’t wait for the post–Thansgiving big Live Matters Sale!

  • hu edison says:


  • terry bigler says:

    Well, we know that entering a crowd of strangers boosts the transmission,so maybe we should spend more alone time. People don’t like that,but it may save your life. Maybe we should do what we don’t like and start thinking of others instead of just ourselves

    • terry bigler says:

      Personal self responsibility

  • terry bigler says:

    It appears that you can talk yourself into anything and right out of life

    • terry bigler says:

      A virus doesn’t care how old that you are.

  • IK Rico says:

    “We did it,” Vice President Mike Pence triumphantly declared in Iowa on Tuesday. 

  • RomanceR says:

    That what happens when you see the world through BLM tinted lenses.

  • J Ozzy says:

    We The People are on to you, all of you and your-psyops ! Maybe the sheep will awaken when a leather boot is standing on their face, but no promises.

  • brentis2529 says:

    NBC, NOTHING BUT CRAP news network

  • Angela Bowman says:

    I don’t want my children to have the values of any of these politicians dems or reps.

  • Valhura77 says:

    Why they still calling it a noose it was a garage door rope that was there for years, I know these guys don’t do news so I guess its not strange they are pushing fake news

  • Hilda Lam says:

    Florida Governor is a joke. He was the one who’s so against quarantine and encourage business to reopen, didn’t give a sh’t about lives.

  • Unnamed Tributary says:

    Hospital get more federal fun for listing patient as covid 19. So if you have minor flu, and they suspect it is covid19, they will list as covid19. Case report = covid + suspected + antibody test.

  • Rhonda Sandoval says:

    My son was held hostage in A trailer for 25 minutes, and the e911 answerer just laughed when I saw d he was abducted, hey even had A car speed it of the neighborhood, when he came out of the hospital he was crying and he told me he wasn’t going to the police Shelbyville tn James sandoval Twitter social media

  • Txart* chick says:

    Project it in blue please .dont feed the false president do not feed his ego

  • Ric Di clemente says:

    Let more people into the country ?

  • clever monicker says:

    To bad no deep pockets.

  • borg386 says:

    The only way to manage this pandemic is for folks to wear masks in public. If they are unwilling to do that, the virus will continue to be a threat to our country.

  • Arlene Aldridge says:

    N.Y., NJ. are doing the right thing. Florida should have stepped up early on and kept the snowbirds out of here. Now we have these young people, thinking they are above it all. If this continues, only us “seniors” who have isolated for months will be left.

  • Da Truth says:


  • Timothy Paul says:

    Lying to you all fake Now you can get in food fake fake death Trump 2020 Wwg1wga Do you really thin politicians will tell the truth Scientist don’t even tell the truth they lied about climate change

  • Dodge Testicles says:

    American police are more dangerous than the covid-19. True or false, white police in America kills black men for sport.

  • Elena Staffy says:

    Why doesn’t the government concentrate more on people’s “MENTAL HEALTH”

  • Michelle Peacock says:

    The last story made me cry. Nice to end on that note.

  • Coco Nut says:


  • Coco Nut says:


  • Coco Nut says:

    FAUCHI is LIAR!!!!

  • Candido B says:

    Yet freedom is not a privilege granted by the government. It is a God given right. It’s not up to you to decide who can exercise their Constitutional rights. Tyrants do that.
    ‘Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded. – Friedrich August von Hayek
    COVID-19: There have been approximately 454,380 deaths reported worldwide. In the U.S, 118,435 people have died of COVID-19, as of June 19, 2020.*
    Flu: The World Health Organization estimates that 290,000 to 650,000 people die of flu-related causes every year worldwide.
    a bit older info but still a good perspective
    As of Sunday morning, more than 24,300 people across the country have tested positive for the coronavirus and at least 376 have died.
    The flu is notoriously infectious, and, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus has infected up to an estimated 49 million people in the U.S. between October 2019 and February 2020. It’s also estimated to have killed up to 52,000 people this current flu season, according to the CDC.

  • Punkin Pie says:

    All this thanks to our president!!! America what do we expect when we was pushed out of lockdown without even a vaccine as humans we must now use our own common sense of what to do and what not to do and I see as stories are on the rise alot of us ain’t using common sense it’s like this since we have no one that would fend for us we have to defend ourselves

  • Erica Grant says:

    Don’t see how Biden is leading he’s doing nothing or saying anything I’m interested in .

  • Steve Eisinger says:

    People in NY are required to wear a mask in public but half of them do not! Why don’t they get ticketed?

  • Iama Wanderer says:


  • Steve Eisinger says:

    Trump wants to give tax credits for people to go on Vacation. LOL

  • patriot 1776 nemesis says:

    Everyone stand in line” help is coming ” im with the government ” and I’m here to help ” so stay in your house with your mask on until they take it” or you run out of food” or call NANCY PELOSI ” she might share her ice creame with you 😆😅🤣😂 but you will be safe until your immunity is gone 🤤

  • Nobody Here says:

    Notice how they are calling it Covid-19 and not Corona now it’s because their plan fell apart and now any sickness is being put under the Covid-19 label……. don’t fall for the lying B.S. totals from the lamestream propaganda people!!!!!

  • hung nguyen says:

    The young think they are God, immune to everything until they are infected with the virus then it’s too late.

  • Amelia Cook says:

    36,500 cases in 1 day!
    THE highest 1 day total yet & 150,000 dead in one month!
    What does Trump do?
    NOTHING + don’t worry about masks🙄

  • Amelia Cook says:

    Just one question
    WHY are people ‘thumbs downing the News?
    What, u DON’T believe that the news is real! 🙄

  • Mildred McLarkin says:


  • Paulus Rex says:

    Lamentably, the U.S. is being run by a ruthless ruthless dictator and his crooks.

  • Debbie Gerard says:

    Want to explain how corrupt the tests are!!! Goats, fruit and transmission oil test positive for the virus!!! Communist take over and the stupid sheep don’t see it!!!

  • Anita El ghandor says:

    Yes it is beautiful,thanks for sharing 😊

  • Kirkwoodclay says:

    Remember everyone, nothing is safe to do unless u r burning down buildings and ripping down statues. Please protect ur health.

  • Mikel1618 says:

    Really, how stupid can people be? Do they think that the last three months have been a joke, or do they think that their status will prevent them from catching and spreading the virus. Wear masks idiots.

  • tenz kenz says:

    Go ahead and open more beaches..

  • So Fru says:

    11:00 …it’s real subtle, and you need to KNOW what to look for to realize you are being manipulated. Look very, very closely…and THINK. On the left is Biden. He is smiling ear to ear, looking approachable and charismatic. On the right is Trump. He is not smiling, he looks almost angry, if not a little aggressive. That’s textbook psychological manipulation, or rather “influencing”. If you want to make people choose between two men (and by that I mean if you want to make them choose the man YOU want them to choose), just use a picture of him smiling, and a picture of his opponent where his opponent is not smiling.

  • So Fru says:

    18:50 …so if the noose was not for him, was not a hate crime…then take back the ban on the confederate flag? But what am I saying, of course you won’t. Because Murica! doesn’t do logic. Especially not since about 1-2 months ago, when your entire country went apeshit for no reason at all that a logical mind could understand. But hey, your construction firms are going to have a blast, rebuilding everything you’re destroying and burning to the ground right now. THere’s always a silver lining somewhere.

  • Pies Thighsnfries says:

    Yes cops are too excessive at times. Arbery — he attacked, just like the criminals that die attacking police, and shooting at police. If someone has a gun And you attack them you risk your life every time. But shooting if you could use a bullhorn is bad.

  • Pe Wu says:

    5:10 17 yo and 170% over weight. Whats to say more.

  • Mildred McLarkin says:

    I already saw the rope on alternative news.

  • Petru S. says:

    All fake news where are those people infected show their names and photo ?? Where is the virus coming from if flyths over seas are shut ??

  • Not Sure says:

    Just have a full blown reopening everywhere and let the weak and stupid stay home.

  • Petru S. says:

    So 25 000 protesters where fine no virus but now they get in bars and churches ?? Strange !

  • Olwen Morgan says:

    Sucking a skunk’s tool would be better than a second term of Trunt.

  • Pharaoh's Medjay Dynasty's says:

    Be Safe Everyone in the World 🙏

  • S. White says:

    The REAL reason NY and Massachusetts have lower infection rates? They got a ‘Herd Immunity’ effect, by having more cases early on. Now, the states who suppressed infection rates by forcing people to stay home, and go broke, wearing masks, etc, will now have their big spikes in infection rates SIMPLY because it was deferred. Politicians know nothing about how to effectively handle an illness, it HAS to sweep through at some point, no choice. So it is far smarter to allow the infection rate to rise in summer, so exposure will bring ‘Herd Immunity’. The idea that our country should close and let people go broke/lose their homes over an illness that 40% of people won’t even have symptoms from is pure political cowardice. The virus won’t go away until almost EVERYONE’s had it. The mask is stupidity, if we don’t get broad herd immunity this summer, it will occur in winter. Theres no avoiding it, all we can do is time it the best way to ration hospital resources.

  • Mady Maguire says:

    “I’m guilty, I’m guilty!” “No you’re not, no you’re not!” “But, but, but.” “Shut up–who’s the judge here–you or Trum … uh, I mean me?”

  • Mario Castro says:

    Texas gov wears mask but was not mandatory for public until 2 days ago! Moron!

  • James McGowan says:

    The looters wore a mask

  • Abdullah says:

    bubba you know deal if your brown stick around Nathans changed..I know your quite aware

  • Abdullah says:

    so is obama

  • Suzy says:


  • Bee says:

    Lester, I miss your voice! I wanna have that k8nd

  • amanda martinez says:

    War with china inching ever closer

  • Christena Walker says:

    All those people who left New York for Florida are not laughing now! WEAR YOUR MASK so we can start living again.

  • uda wyma says:

    Will New covid-19 cases be 90+% 0-mild symptoms, heal, and aquire HERD IMMUNITY?

    HOW CAN MASKS HELP WHEN MASKS ALLOW corona virus to pass through in and out, allow collection and pass through of harmful pathogens, reduce oxygen up to 50+%??????

    Masks hold up HERD IMMUNITY????

  • Sara Dwyer says:

    we are becoming prisoners of our own homes

  • justrosy5 says:

    You want to go out? *GO BECOME A NURSE OR DOCTOR FIRST*

  • yvonne khan says:

    Trump must resign.

  • justrosy5 says:

    That’s what’s wrong with airlines! Why should pilots be allowed to fly OUR family members, but not their OWN??? I would feel MUCH safer on board a plane where I KNEW for a PROVEN FACT that a pilot’s entire family was on board!!!!!

  • William Mount says:


    • Glen Whatley says:

      Are you sure you don’t mean Fox News? Fox News now sponsored by Depends because we’re just as full of it as your Depends.

  • Hush Money says:

    I’m out. Too much spin. GN internet
    Not even going to watch this crap.

  • Romano Coombs says:

    @18:25 That was CLEARLY a noose…

    All those NASCAR drivers/staffs were comfortable with that LOOOOOONG before Bubba Wallace got there…
    They probably assigned him that stall intentionally. They all hugging him, but silent back in Oct! -_-





  • Tony Lopez says:

    I am from Cochise county ,, and don’t see people with out masks ,,

  • Eugene Noble says:

    Well when we going to get the new cases of $1,200 a month oh yeah.

  • R Jones says:

    This poor screener in that PPE on her feet all day putting swabs up strangers noses. Yuck. What an awful job!! I wouldn’t do it and you know there are idiots that won’t appreciate her.

  • Paul Kelley says:

    Donald Trump did this with his arrogent attitude that the virus would disappear somehow in a couple of weeks and magically everything will be normal again with his death trap rally and stupid phrases like stop testing to the morons who showed up actually listening to that garbage and more lies like usual. Its like bolten said in his interview all he cares about is his reflection and the stock market and nothing else when the summit in north Korea happened to get rid of nuclear weapons bolten said all he cared about was getting pictures of him shaking hands with Kim Jon u and being the only president to do that in history and also getting the most people to show up at that summit. To show to the world that he was in good standing with North Korea by appearance and approval only. But behind the scenes nothing got accomplished with getting rid of nukes because thats who Trump is abunch of smoke and mirrors and no substance behind the wizard of Oz just a show to dazzle the crowd at the moment to get votes and make him look good. While now the USA meltsdown and the covid 19 epidemic explodes and while we suffer the horrible consequences of the worst president in the history of the united states ever in history that keeps jeopardizing are survival and killing are families and loved ones just so he could look good at his death trap rallies and fake administration is happy for themselves only. While he rather care more about the stock market and his wallstreet cronies plan as the American people are silently wiped off the planet

  • Awoke! Awoke! says:

    Trump supporters are raising the numbers!

  • Paul Kelley says:

    I saw this coming when they said they were reopening early with no realistic plan that works no vaccine nobody wearing masks and everybody congregating in herds everywhere people dont get it the virus makes the decision what happens next we have no clue and no control over that without a real defense like vaccine and until then we are sitting ducks for this epidemic specially with the leader making it easy by brainwashing people to go without masks and stop testing and jam pack the church’s and bars and we got this licked attitude so the virus can keep picking us off one by one silently in mass numbers until we stop reopening and start reversing everything we’ve been doing wrong and regroup the only reason why the virus counts started to level a little bit in the first place is because the lockdown procedures were starting to work and we didn’t give it enough time to really kick inn until dumbassvtrump with his the stock market and economy need to be firstnplan is more important than humans survival and well being bullshitbplan destroyed are chance for the lockdown to work the right way and followed the cdc and doctors and science plan that was working we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place but no rush rush rush we go into another massive epidemic explosion of covid cases all over again but way worse than in April this time and much more states affected to with no end in sight and the second wave on its way.
    It’s all thanks to are Hocus Pocus President Mr smoke and Mirrors and The new Wizard of Oz Donald I care more about myself and Money the Lier Trump.

  • Bruce Behnke says:

    All people protesting never had spike in covid 19. The hospitals should have had spike then! AND DIDNT! 😤😤😵

  • Bruce Behnke says: