NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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New coronavirus cases break records across South and West, outrage over Elijah McClain death as police nationwide face new investigations, and Biden leading Trump in key battleground states.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:54 COVID-19 Surges In U.S. As Several States Break Records
02:09 CDC: U.S Cases May Be 10 Times Higher Than Reported
02:33 Coronavirus Cases Exploding In South And West
03:16 CDC Issues New COVID Warning For Pregnant Women
03:35 Florida Doctor Who Died From COVID Hailed As Hero
04:08 Texas Halts Reopening, Hits New Daily COVID Record
05:21 Houston’s Hospitals Being Pushed To The Limit
06:04 New Model Predicts Masks Could Save 33,000 Lives
08:14 Millions Demand New Investigation In Elijah Mcclain Death
09:05 NYPD Officer Charged After Using Banned Chokehold
09:41 North Carolina Officers Fired For Racist Remarks
10:28 Biden Leads Trump In Six Key Battle Ground State Polls
12:20 47 Million Unemployment Claims Amid Pandemic
12:52 Extra $600 In Unemployment Benefits Set To Run Out
14:30 Massive Racial Disparity In New Orleans COVID Crisis
17:14 Eiffel Tower Reopens After More Than 100 Days

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar missconduct024 says:

    Do NOT renew the additional $600 in unemployment!!
    Approve hero’s bill to pay a living wage to working Americans!
    The unemployed are making more then the employed!!!

  2. Avatar Hope dontmope says:

    Maybe the people not wearing masks are actually the sheep, following a different herder.
    Reverse psychology works on the dimwitted.

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      Well Donald Trump himself seldom wears a face mask or adheres to social distancing. If he’s not leading my example then what chance do the rest of us have. Changes are usually more effective from the top before they filter down to the rest of us. A fine role model Donald Trump has proven to be lol

  3. Avatar Dani Mooti says:

    I’m so glad I’m a New Yorker and so grateful to have a governor like Cuomo. I wish the southern states weren’t so rebellious and listened when they informed us about the spread. Now we are in lockdown again while other countries are opening back up

  4. Avatar Gary Bone says:

    Yeah and how the protest go nobody wearing masks a couple weeks later Corona comes back says I’m back baby we really got to start thinking about this crap people

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      People have simply stopped caring.

    • Avatar Gary Bone says:

      Your right can’t argue against that

  5. Avatar Mary Hornbostel says:

    The people saying they can buy beer and smokes in their neighborhood but not fresh produce, can not blame the people in the next neighborhood that have produce markets. Demand drives which vendors are present in an area and what they carry. Our town is a food desert because most work out of town and buy groceries after work. The store didn’t stay open late and couldn’t keep fresh produce on hand due to low sales. So it closed.

  6. Avatar Dani Mooti says:

    What a disgusting place my home became, racism, protesting, covid and hate. I would like to here everyone’s thoughts on how they believe we can fix this? ☮️ and ❤️ to all.

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      Obviously policing needs to change. You can only do this with the younger generation of the police force in terms of their induction training. You can change laws and police practices but those who have served in the police for many years will find the change difficult. Reminiscent to the saying that you ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. The corona virus will just run it’s course as most of us will be exposed and probably will become immune to it. It’ll surface every so often like the common cold. Sadly those who have a compromised immune system will not be as fortunate. But the flu and colds have killed thousands of people from around the world each year – even to this day. They’ll always be hate and discrimination due to a clear divide between poverty and wealth. People aspiring for more and people envious of others for what they have or what they’ve achieved.

  7. Avatar Jackie Caldwell says:

    The protesters are the reason the virus.spread the people came from everywhere and they was not protecting themselves! They was too busy fighting with law enforcement and destroying and burning and stealing to even care!

  8. Avatar Terry Greene says:

    Surgical masks don’t work…. need n95 masks and need to get everyone back to work with these type masks….

  9. Avatar Terry Greene says:

    Biden is clueless

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      Maybe so but have you actually listened to Donald Trump’s speeches? Both Biden and Trump are just as bad as each other. Should be like other countries whereby you have three or four political parties to choose from. With both Biden and Trump being the only ones you can vote for – it’s enough to deter some people from voting at all. Again, they’re both as bad as each other and pathetic creatures. An embarrassment.

  10. Avatar Velma Edwards says:

    Why didn’t that young man just stop and obeyed the inhuman robot cop, maybe he would have gone home or jail but at least he would be alive

  11. Avatar Eddie Escobedo says:

    Police screaming needs to be better. Check they’re online history before giving out🛡

  12. Avatar caroline hand says:

    You guys just will not stop with the racial baiting,which in itself shows you care nothing for black ppl.

  13. Avatar The George Anton Show says:

    Wait. The cop Said on a recording he is going to slaughter black people?

  14. Avatar Malik Goldberg says:

    00:31 excuse me, but where are you ladies coming from? Lmbo

  15. Avatar Bdpjev says:

    These cops need to stop putting hand cuffs on people for minor offenses. Detaining people simply because they look suspicious is an unnecessary and illegal interaction. A better tactic needs to be administered so as not to put people in choke hold positions in order to restrain them. Neck chokes are the fastest way to get control over your opponent, but they should practice joint locking more abundantly. The question is what is the best way to restrain someone who is not compliant without killing them?

  16. Avatar Elaine W Brown says:

    What a man! What a humanitarian, what a wonderful soul. I wish I could have had a doctor as dedicated to my health as well as to others . the world has lost a wonderful human.

  17. Avatar Shag Well says:

    Why is a that kind of person a cop,in frost place,sickening,

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      Great pension and fringe benefits lol

  18. Avatar mike barrett says:

    Save “33”k lives?

  19. Avatar SweeZ_PlayZ says:

    So when the bigest doctor said we should not reopen
    States should have listened

  20. Avatar G Will says:

    We can’t live our life in fear we was born to die cdc dr Fauci no science no data will stop you from dying you can stay in the house and never come out it will not stop you from dying if they find a cure for the virus they will never find a cure for death don’t live the rest of your life in fear we are all going to die one day you don’t have to live until you die in fear and one day you will and no one can reverse it it will happen to each and every last one of us

  21. Avatar Tina May says:

    Don’t forget to consider the msm spin take everything with a grain of salt and fact check

  22. Avatar G Will says:

    Why are so many people afraid of dying a lot of people are so wicked greedy liars ungodly the true be told death is better than living man have messed God world up

  23. Avatar SweeZ_PlayZ says:

    Want to hear a good news

    Biden is beating trump

    • Avatar Dreyhov says:

      Biden winning is end of America, if that is good news ok then…

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      Jumping the gun aren’t you? Look at what happened the last time when Trump was way behind on his opponent – Donald Trump rose to the presidency. Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. Don’t underestimate Trump and his administration.

  24. Avatar Steve Eck says:

    Is America tired of winning yet? Elections have consequences!!

  25. Avatar Iburn Lowhi says:

    Lllll lol ok

    P lol like to l look l lol lp lol ll. I p.p.lp lol lp.l.lpllpl.ll lol. Lol. Lol lol lol lol l I l lol lol lol lol lol lol l lol lol l l
    L lol lol.lp.l.llll.lll.llll.ll.llll lol pl look l. I. Lol.l.llll I ll.lllll onl..pll I.P lol lll..pll
    Lplll lol. L.l.ll.l.llpplp. I am lllllll.lpl.lllll.llll.l.ll.llllll.l.lll.lll.ll.ll.ll.ppll.lp lol. Llll
    Lllll..l.ll.l.l.l.l.l.l.llll.lllp.l.ll.ll.lll.lll I lol lol. Lol l.llplll.ll look lol l
    LL lol ll lol lol lol l. Lol Llllll.lll I lol lol lol lol lllllllll lol l lol
    Llll lol lll lol l lol l lol lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lol lllll

  26. Avatar ginalepa says:

    Hahaha… masks can save 33,000 lives… what a interesting number
    I am just questioning myself… how come your brainwashing doesn’t work on me… maybe I am defective model😂😂

  27. Avatar Cindy w says:

    I said 3 weeks ago they all gonna get virus

  28. Avatar David Jarvis says:

    Well what do you expect when you protest by the thousands arm in arm unity good to be a lone wolf after all

  29. Avatar Elizabeth Brocato says:

    Your polls sucks . We no better to think that your polls are right . We can not believe anything you say .

  30. Avatar USS Pandumbic says:

    Now you know what Rome looked like in its final days. This is what happens when empires fall & this is only the beginning. And Emperor Zero golfs while the US burns.

  31. Avatar Love Otis Hickory says:

    It’s sad he couldn’t breathe. It’s also sad that black people keep telling cops they can’t breathe when in fact they can.

  32. Avatar Love Otis Hickory says:

    The cop who killed that guy was wrong from the beginning when he said “I have a right to stop you.” No, We have a right to travel unobstructed.

  33. Avatar Septembers Whisper says:

    The media and their lies. What is worse is all they hide from you, because that is always where the truth is. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/06/ag_barr_is_under_attack_by_most_of_the_media_and_other_democrats_because_they_believe_obama_admin_criminals_are_above_the_law.html They are great at twisting and turning stories and ignoring the truth.

  34. Avatar William Burris says:

    its just this simple;;;; America has evicted God from the law,, the schools,, the courts and police stations and if the liberals have there way the next step is to outlaw all christian churches and dismantle them. now God has removed his hand of restraining grace from America. not a very popular opinion but 100% true. America is now ruled by Satan and he is having a ball watching one nation ,under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all now transforming into the next Sodom and Gomorrah,, destined for judgement.

  35. Avatar Loren The Squid says:

    I knew America would fail

  36. Avatar people of life says:

    I think the co-vid is a fraud and a way to lock us down.

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      Fraud or not it’s certainly made the world a greener place and reduced air pollution. So it’s not all bad lol

  37. Avatar Go Trump says:

    They never said they could stop covid19 they just dont want hospitals over run.Look think about this every new case is anew pandemic that is the truth . The only way to stop covid19 is full chemical suit every day for three weeks evrey one

  38. Avatar Steven Clevenger says:

    I’m finding it disgusting how the news, and mind u this is a new channel I watch very often. I’m finding this gross that we r trying as hard as possible to keep the separation of colour between people. Please, please stop seperating people by the colour of skin.

  39. Avatar SP p says:

    Skin color is a suspicion. MAGA!

  40. Avatar Caleb Sizemore says:

    Who In the comments has corona??!

  41. Avatar Rambo4104 says:

    New iPhones can be fastcharged wirelessly if put in the microwave for 45 seconds

  42. Avatar adam kolendorski says:

    You could hear the type of person Elijah McLean was, it is absolutely criminal

  43. Avatar URBAN JUNGLE SYSTEMS says:

    Joe vs Donald …no contest
    Biden 2020. No doubt..

  44. Avatar Claudia Montoya says:

    You guys should do some research on a comparison of African American death numbers in other parts of the world compared to the numbers in America
    Could be very interesting

  45. Avatar Iam Awake says:

    The media is far more deadly than covid19.

  46. Avatar Dreyhov says:

    It’s real but masks do nothing.

  47. Avatar Chriss says:

    Where is Lester? 😔

  48. Avatar Dreyhov says:

    6:50 not worth it, don’t wear a mask

  49. Avatar Dreyhov says:

    6:57 this dude doesn’t know anything, just a liar/plant

  50. Avatar Dreyhov says:

    Biden will literally be the end for America, final nail in the coffin

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      That’s exactly what the mass majority said about Trump. Whatever happens you can dispute that change is definitely needed – whether this be by Biden or Trump. Both parties have plausible and appealing agendas. Likewise they have agendas which are pointless, make no sense and shouldn’t even be considered in this day and age.

  51. Avatar Paul Dorsett says:


  52. Avatar Dreyhov says:

    11:50 you are one creepy looking black dude, something is not right with this dude check his hard drive immediately

  53. Avatar Wess Chalender says:

    There’s a lot of stupid people out there.

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      Sometimes it’s good to be ‘stupid’ because you can excuse your behavior with substance lol

    • Avatar Wess Chalender says:

      @PAUL ROLLINGS that usually works with alcohol

  54. Avatar Versaceking says:

    Of course 33k lives smh

  55. Avatar the4thj says:

    DE FUN THE POLICE! #D.F.T.P #BLM #trumpdiapers COME ON NBC SHOW THE FULL VIDEO OF ELIJAH MCCLAIN! SHOW THE VIOLENCE IT’S NOT A BOOB! Isn’t just a small fragment enough for us to have sh!t changed? WHY ARE WE STILL SEEING THESE THINGS HAPPEN? Hey what about those people held in Cuba, and those kids in dog kennels? America is so great burn it down and start over.

  56. Avatar Alina naghi says:


  57. Avatar Samuel Mahmud says:

    In the words of Forrest Gump stupid is stupid does the proof is in the and the numbers and it’s seen all over the US and all over the world wearing a mask can protect you and protect others and save lives

  58. Avatar Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V. says:



  59. Avatar Telengard Forever says:

    I am so glad all those people who filed for unemployment don’t have student loans or any medical conditions that need attention.

  60. Avatar Mandy Hampson says:

    Freedom alway go toward freedom. Biden is the exact opposite of freedom.

  61. Avatar Mandy Hampson says:

    Science is clear. Surgical Masks / homemade masks don’t work. Droplets are so tiny it can get through and your droplets will come out not as much much it does come out your mask. It can get in your eyes even skin some scientists say. Masks are just a power issue. We are free. We don’t live in communist China…. yet. Your choice. Personal responsibility all the way . Why are people so gullible?

  62. Avatar pokerfred68 says:

    Liberal media making it seem much worse than it is. Cases spike due to testing and morons acting like they are invincible.

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      Cases are naturally going to ‘spike’ and rise following a lock down. People are social creatures so it’s inevitable that viruses pass from person to person easily and quickly.

  63. Avatar Mandy Hampson says:

    Polls all bullsh*t… these people have an agenda to push! Wake up people…

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      The polls are misleading and don’t mean a thing. If they did then Donald Trump wouldn’t have made the presidency – if we were looking at the polls from last time prior to the presidency being taken.

    • Avatar Mandy Hampson says:

      @PAUL ROLLINGS It’s all to mess with the masses heads. Which is so easy to do.

  64. Avatar Patricia allen says:

    Wouldn’t you want a little inconvenience, as opposed of 6ft. Under? I do it to protect me and others
    I want to be able to spend time with my family, but people are still not wearing masks and social distancing, and this will never be over, if people don’t start paying attention to COVID-19. I DO IT TO KEEP ME AND OTHERS SAFE. WHATS A LITTLE PRECAUTION, COMPARED TO PEOPLE DYING? AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WEAR A MASK and SOCIAL DUSTANCE SO WE CAN GET THIS MESS OVER AND DONE.

  65. Avatar Patricia allen says:


  66. Avatar Myriet Lewis says:

    Gateway to VACCINE, ID 2020 and Digital Certificate.

  67. Avatar leroylem51 says:

    As before, it’s all based on faked stats… What is real is your paranoia. Who is feeding on that ? Think about it…

  68. Avatar Michelle Doss says:

    Inequality i work get paid less than my child on unemployment

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      Swap places with your child then. Situation solved lol

  69. Avatar Barbara Beagley says:

    I saw the sign MY CHOICE NOT YOURS. What do you bet they have the opposite opinion on abortion?

  70. Avatar Barbara Beagley says:

    I’m happy to hear about Laura Trump’s book!

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      No doubt the book was written by someone else entirely. Should Laura Trump release a book herself then it’ll probably be a picture book for kindergartens lol

  71. Avatar Scott McKee says:

    we wouldnt have as many spikes in all these states if they would just put down all these protests and riots – we need to untie all the hands of the police and military so they can do whats necessary to bring this country back under control like all the rest of the world is starting to do. stop worrying about every ones ” feelings” and get the population back under control

  72. Avatar LJ Santora says:

    I just watched doctors in Houston saying they are NOT near capacity and are prepared. That the public is unnecessarily alarmed
    Such liars.
    Msm IS the virus!

    • Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

      They’re obviously privy to information and data that we’re not. Unless you work in that field or area then try and reserve judgement and view things more objectively in preference to taking a subjective stance. It may aid your understanding and ease your frustration and anxieties.

  73. Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

    Well, we all heard that from a patient receiving treatment for corona virus – how complacent he was for not wearing a face mask and now suffering the consequences. Maybe Donald Trump should lead by example and start adhering to social distancing and wearing a face mask. If he adopted such a stance then maybe the rest of us would follow suit. People scream-and-scream about living in a ‘free’ world but they don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions which subsequently impact upon the rest of us. Wake-up America.

  74. Avatar PAUL ROLLINGS says:

    Amusing to see the police coming under more scrutiny surrounding their whole behavior and conduct. They’ve been allowed to do what they like and when they like for so long with so many investigations in to their conduct being minimized and dismissed. Now changes are being proposed the police are going to struggle to change. The only way change is likely to take place is if NEW officers are appointed to replace the majority of the existing ones. Naturally the new officers would be privy to a new and updated basic training program. Many of the existing officers are now accustomed to reacting, intervening and behaving in a set way. Difficult to try and teach an old dog new tricks. Change will take years. Until then we’ll continue to see more police brutality, excessive force being used and sadly casualties.

  75. Avatar colette s says:

    the spike in virus cases has to go back two weeks incubation time line and the only thing going on were the riots, so there is the cause. Democraps want the economy to flat line they are working hard to shut us down, I saw a comment where it was suggested demented democraps are given vials of the virus to make sure cases spike and media is making sure to deliver nothing but gloom and doom with no way to trust that any of it is even true. Its no wonder fox is #1.

  76. Avatar Beware Of Child says:

    Good nuggets in this show. I watch Fox News primarily and the footage of the politician from Az. who said “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” in opposition to mandatory mask wearing made me wish Fox would show this story as an example of shame, good grief. Also the stories of the African Americans who have been killed by police, specifically the young man who was initially stopped because ” you look suspicious…”. Thanks NBC News for this. I argue a little more than I do with NBC than I do with Fox but watching both prevents (for sure for me) ideology taking over more reasonable common sense. Neither side of the news is innocent of having an agenda. Which common sense would support, well that’s how people are so get on with it.

  77. Avatar Manuel Desalamanca says:

    I will take a bet on deaths over 300K ….. by Christmas

  78. Avatar Sean Lewis says:

    Lets all just bowl to tne African Americans. Get rid of police get of laws let themso whatever they want. Thats what tbey want. Anything is appeaarntly racist…wtf

  79. Avatar Shellie Huckabee says:

    Oh its spread especially since when people pass away they list it as covid. That’s fact not fiction

  80. Avatar Eddie A says:

    You guys the NBC news station look completely Miserable ..

  81. Avatar Nam Nguyen says:

    I work in EMS, this was on our reddit not that long ago. Without a doubt, the police killed this kid. Placing him in a choke-hold for 15 mins, the kid went from respiratory arrest to failure on top of aspirating vomit. Police told Fire/Rescue he was in excited delirium and they gave him 250mg of ketamine. Elijah went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital where he later died. Things like depriving him of oxygen for a prolonged period of time is what ultimately led to him coding.

  82. Avatar Dexter Eng says:

    MAGA or is this MAGA? We are being laughed at by the world….

  83. Avatar Bambi Able says:

    The problem is Elijah was smarter then the Police Officer who stopped him. I was a Constitutional attorney but I released 25 years ago it does not matter how much law you know, you will only get the Civil Rights the most ignorant of Police officers have. The Police officer is lied to so much that they don’t listen – all the ‘perp’ ( and we are all perps in their mind) says is a llie to be ignored. Now what is important here, THE PEOPLE HAVE TO REALIZE THAT EACH ENCOUNTER WITH A POLICE OFFICER CAN END IN YOUR DEATH, AND YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE…..and the Police need to learn to listen, don’t believe everything said to you is a lie and if a person warns you of a condition they have – the Police need to modify. Many people have hidden disabilities – asthma, COPH, cardiovascular issues, emotional instability, phobia’s, delusions and some may be psychotic. The officer needs to hear a persons pleas of weakness and THE PEOPLE HAVE TO REALIZE THAT EACH ENCOUNTER WITH A POLICE OFFICER CAN END IN YOUR DEATH, AND YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE. Making this about CIVIL RIGHTS and RACE doesn’t address all the facts : There will be cops, they will have guns, the law will upheld – Don’t play the fool. Don’t fight the cops, cops are not suppose to be street fighters or tough – they are a symbol of THE STATE and their power comes not from how tough they are but because of the power of the STATE. You run 1,000 cops off and there is 10,000 applicants to be a cop behind them. Learn how to behave when you are stopped by a cop.

  84. Avatar Ryan Montgomery says:

    Stay home, stay safe, and workout with me! Let’s get in shape together!

  85. Avatar Amelia Cook says:

    The only FAKE NEWS I see comes straight from the KING of fake
    Donald j trump
    How many decades have people been getting their news just fine!
    Like if u agree

  86. Avatar Alex Reyes says:

    Maybe those are don’t want to wear a mask will ” Cull ” out the stupidity in our society and then our planet will be that’s much smarter because they’ll be dead

  87. Avatar Chris Hogan says:

    We created a music video for you and the first responders and care givers – https://youtu.be/WB-K6VLVcGA We Honour You!

  88. Avatar Dawn M Sparks says:

    Stop listening to this fear propaganda Lil 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

  89. Avatar Mohamed A. Hussein says:

    Fact (maybe): Houston running out of ICU Hospital Beds!!
    Fake: New York is to blame! New York should have warned Houston about this. Gov. Cuomo was hiding this from us.
    Trump is a New Yorker… He hates Texas! He doesn’t want to test anymore. He will not give us ICU Hospital Beds.

  90. Avatar Tekumah Rescue says:

    Trump Rocks!

  91. Avatar Dead Fan says:

    1-year-old dies following double shooting in Englewood .. Don’t cover it NBC .. NAHH ..its not a problem. Police are the problem. Sick.

  92. Avatar joyce Loesch says:

    Gee, I wonder why the jump in coronavirus cases? Oh, yeah, too many not wearing a mask & in close proximity with others in crowded places.

  93. Avatar joyce Loesch says:

    As for the bandana, head guy, the flu wasn’t as deadly as the coronavirus, nor as wide a pandemic. Let this be clear: A daily dose if ignorance guards against good health.

  94. Avatar Todd Greninger says:

    Are you a true Christian? https://youtu.be/_FGfRipaAvA

  95. Avatar YASHARAHLA YAGAI says:

    She lie

  96. Avatar joyce Loesch says:

    That masked man was covering his true, identity. He is a sleaz monger, Republican. A con artist, trying to impress a crowd. His stupidity showed, loud & clear.

  97. Avatar bowlingballmagic says:

    That Biden guy seems out of touch

  98. Avatar Joseph Charlemagne says:

    Amen and Amen

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