NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 26th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/30
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 26th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

As coronavirus cases surge, Florida and Texas reverse reopening, growing outrage over death of Latino man in Tucson police custody, and Russian hackers targeting Americans working from home during pandemic.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:28 Texas, Florida Roll Back Reopenings As Cases Surge
04:08 Coronavirus Cases Soaring In The South And West
06:42 White House Task Force Holds First Briefing In 60 Days
07:05 Pence Says U.S ‘Flattened The Curve’ Despite New Records
09:01 Trump Signs Executive Order Protecting Monuments
09:32 Video Shows Elijah McClain Before Police Encounter
11:10 Special Prosecutor Appointed In Elijah McClain Death
11:30 Officers Reassigned After Elijah McClain’s Death
11:59 Growing Outrage After Unarmed Man Dies In Police Custody
14:20 Russian Vote Could Let Putin Stay In Power Until 2036
16:04 American, United, Spirit To Begin Booking Full Flights
17:57 House Votes To Make Washington, D.C. A State

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 26th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (102件)

  • Micah Willis says:

    Russia is all about that dictatorship 😄.

  • John Ho says:

    less testing you will have less infection cases

  • Amanda Shaheen says:

    Ketamine is not ‘just a sedative’ it’s a very powerful drug that shouldn’t randomly be used to put someone out that cops dont want to deal with

  • Ryan Montgomery says:

    Stay home and stay safe.
    Workout with me online and social distance- it’s free…

  • Jane says:

    I will look for your show next time I want to be scared to death!

  • It's Academic says:

    Never forget Lafayette Square

  • Amanda Shaheen says:

    No taxation without representation! Founding call of our country – so of course our country’s capital should be a state and equally represented.

  • OD Odin says:

    Police are getting away with Murder..

    • OD Odin says:

      District attorney should be fired and jailed for covering up…

  • 13th Exit says:

    Should I put one of those cheesy corona masks on my dog and cat? 😾

  • Alan Reynolds says:

    The Global Population living in Western countries have been taught for more than a generation to live in a Constant State of Fear ever since 9/11. We have been encouraged to sacrifice our Liberty for a false sense of security, being conditioned more and more each day to rely on the State for protection, and now many of us find ourselves relying on the State to pay our bills and to Lock Us Down!

  • Jeff Keim says:

    It’s all propaganda, all of it, staged, to see what people will believe and I’m not talking about covid.

  • MzFine 1 says:

    Please find the caller. I would like to know how he feels knowing his phone call triggered a young black man to be murdered!

  • Daughter of Zion says:

    BRILLIANT….the MOST HIGH YAH is showing no regard for their young or old and their supporters. Be ready choosen children of Israel😌

  • Richard Lee says:

    Hang all racist cops in front of their own families. JUSTICE.

  • Migdalia De La Torre says:

    No words from the Union but if you mention defunding.. oh boy they cry like babies.

  • Janice Green says:


  • sentenial xmen says:

    America portrait as the land of the free and the home of the brave. What a joke a kid die buying ice tea. You have 4 cops around the un-armed kid..You need to a swat team too to handle this….LOL

  • Loon says:

    TRUMP IS BRINGING DEATH and at the same time taking away OUR ACA (health care). Set your RACISM a side and vote this INCOMPETENT MONSTER, out of office.

  • Bruce Gardner says:

    Believe Science and the facts, not Pence

  • John Prini says:

    that’s trump in a nutshell, sugar coated illusions

  • Time Definite says:

    the MAJORITY of cops are BAD/RACIST/MURDERERS!!!!…….prove me wrong!

  • BootlegGreenThanos says:

    My heart dropped when I saw the encounter with Mclain, he was completely innocent, the officers had horrible judgement. Not to mention he said he was an introvert and they broke his boundaries and destroyed his life. Unacceptable #BLM ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  • Tajai Calip says:

    As I watch the News. I see that a lot of People had the audacity to be offended by things that did not directly affect their lives. In order to keep a lid on violence. People need to stop making up excuses and start being aware that when things do not affect their lives. They cannot be violent without cause. Especially things like People with money wanting to buy something crazy. An opinion or comment about rich People buying crazy things maybe. A crime. That should not ever cross Anyone mind. Brutality and senseless murders affects all of our lives. Trespassers and inequality to be able to at least have the necessity of life affect all of our lives. We are continuing to use vocabulary that affects all of our lives. Most of us are sick and tired of People telling us that we can be killed for being honest. If we use the word killed to describe an emotion that we earned we are a threat in this Country. That one- sided mess cannot keep being allowed. Now as I was fighting for my life to work and have my own Business that I earned sitting in all those College classes and Online classes as a privilege in the Country I was born in. People that I have not affected lives kept contacting my Employers and trying to prevent me from clean housing. I have a big issue with that envy. No Woman or Anyone Else can say anything about me. I do not ever approach Anyone or initiate any kind of relationship first to affect their lives. I did not create this virus or create any of the People who want to be violent. I am being affected by false filings and false records that were allowed again where the last date to show proof was May 8, 2020. I do not appreciate that proof was not shown after whoever these aggressors are continue to mention my home and record but do not have adequate proof. I definitely do not appreciate the aggressors using this virus as a way to not show proof when they keep receiving thirty days after thirty days. The FBI by now should have been enforced the arrests with the President at my home for another attack on bringing up a false record in my name in May of 2020 but not being able to produce any facts that makes any sense. To top this ignorance off. The aggressors continue to lie as if I am the one who cannot let go when I been proved burglary, perjury, fraud, and slander was committed in my name. I been showed my proof. I been complied. The only ones who has not complied and started this slander again in May of 2020 are the guilty ones who did not comply. What kind of Country keeps allowing repetitive public criminal misconduct and stall on the consequences of these annoyances. No One wants to hear that the virus is allegedly the “new delay.”

  • Daughter of Zion says:

    Cops need to go….they are no help but are common thugs and murders and many other cops stay quiet 🤔

  • Gregory McGilvray says:

    NO surprise of the out of control spike in cases Arizona, that ungodly hot, desolate hellhole has the stupidest, most useless Idiots in the entire country and that’s saying something!!

  • Morganna lefay says:

    Is anyone questioning the man who originally made the 911 call?? I mean why would he do this?? someone is acting weird??? he just decided to call the cops because he cannot understand something and they show up ???? Don’t cops know better? The report mentions no weapons, nothing besides this kid was acting “weird”. Who was this guy and how does he feel now?

  • Militantreturns says:

    Covid 19. IS Rising in . 24 STATES.

  • Charles Taylor says:

    Why the CCP want just play with bombs like everyone else why does it have to be the species exterminator viruses what they really trying to do 🧐🤔🙄

  • Ramm Vamper says:

    Whata the point of being tested ..waisting money n time if test today..doesn’t mean u not positive n next he or why gt one…duuuhhh

  • Lucia Seacreature says:

    heartbreaking all these… no winners here

  • Polishedbrother says:

    OK, it’s clear; They’re not going to stop until they see the 56% that they currently see in these streets turned up to 100%. And these non-conviction freebies is what’s going to create WAR..

  • e schwarz says:

    how did a 41day old baby get beaten badly?!!!

  • April Arroyo says:

    I was poisoned with strychnine by the police

  • wen wen chen says:

    No one can avoid to wearing a face mask!

  • Un Good says:

    Human Garbage all over our government

  • RosinDabz 313 says:

    140 pounds he’s incredible strong

  • margie says:

    As much as I hate to see the development of these surges in states that followed Trumps idiocy , the results will add to the dirt on Trumps political casket. His idiotic rhetoric is responsible for these infections and subsequent deaths.

  • nope hahanope says:

    Dave Young of Adams County CO (District Attorney 17th Judicial District) doesn’t see any problems with how officers conducted themselves as they brutalized and murdered Elijah Mcclain. Here’s his phone number if you’d like to contact him with your concerns — 303.659.7720

  • PBR Streetgang 37 says:

    Any news on the peace deal Trump is working on with the Taliban? Trying to get troops home from the Mid East for good. In fact Trump hasn’t started any new wars since his election but the war hawking Obama and Biden had several going on; Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen.
    Since when did you Democrats become war mongers?

  • Jennifer Roberson says:

    Amazingly they’re still testing in the throat which does not always prove a positive test even when the person is positive. The test needs to be given up the nose😐

  • Tina Diggs says:

    I pray the family gets Justice speedily!!!

  • Desiree Sandoval Williams says:

    I really like Dr. F… he’s being a watchman but these people are deaf…

  • Friendly Hacks says:

    20/20 vision for 2020 was my new years solution. So sad the vision is racism, viruses and violence.

  • Stephen Stretch says:

    selfish greed will cause americans to die

  • RFI-Crypto Lab says:

    Pro tip: your mask wouldn’t stop a fart.

  • Ellen Weil says:

    Pence is as ignorant as they come

  • Jesse Bernard says:

    I can’t breath!
    💀 OBB 💀

  • White Flower says:

    Pence is such a lier and puppet

  • White Flower says:

    Trump protects monuments and leave Americans unprotected from covid19 and without any plan to fight this

  • netstarr77 says:

    Fire the CDC completely.

  • Go Caps Park says:

    SAD CASE…..

  • Brenda Freeman says:

    Lier they dam devil just evil with all our family’s dieing and people still dieing and they keep lieing in that white house reporters need to stop dam putting them on dam tv to dam lie fine something to dam do

  • Fat Albert says:

    CoVid19 infections will hit new record numbers next week, next month, and next year as long as the number of healthy uninfected people remains high. The vast majority of people will be affected much more by the economic shutdown than by infection because most people have mild symptoms. News outlets are lying to you: it’s not possible to stop a virus by forcing the population to stay at home.

  • don jones says:

    iv had enough fk these cops im arming myself in my fkn house cops ever come hear i will automatically fear 4 my life….n end thrs.

  • don jones says:

    fear russians LOL FEAR COPS YA !

  • Castle J Richardson says:


  • osvaldo ortiz says:

    Why open we know that’s going to happen people donot care

  • dj Curiosity says:

    Many will die the universe love you..

  • katherine mcilwain says:

    Pence is a piece of $hit. I can’t count the times I’ve seen “shoes and shirts required” signs in tourist towns. Why can’t he just say “Wear a mask!”?

  • James Lewis says:

    Just one thought do you really think this about COVID 19 or just news media propaganda with an alternative motive. By the way this does not reflect on President Trump. It is an independent issue.

  • James Lewis says:

    Dr. Fauci talks a lot but has not come up with any workable solutions. Why even listen to him?

  • Pudin Tain says:

    Round up all the cops and put them in prison while this is sorted out.

  • newfreedom21 says:

    undetermined ? lol, best bet is to ask to be handcuffed and taken to the police station

  • Alwyn Lvv says:

    How many fake news are there? Russia hackers target at ordinary people work at home? Bull sh$t.

  • ricky hofmann says:

    Joe Biden and DNC are disgusting P O S’s, he’s too old to be America’s president , he’s weak and racist

  • david olong says:


  • Jojo Bollozos says:

    Now what? because of your stubborn and stupid president and his vice…you diddn’t believe Dr. Fauci…now what Americans?

  • Melania García says:

    Well Chelsea
    You wash your hands for 20 seconds
    Texan girl also drinks and drives
    (Unfortunately I was in the car while she was drinking and driving)

  • noegotdrip Marcelin says:

    VP pence we saved people people lmfao

  • Dick Ritchie says:

    Millions of illegal aliens and border jumpers are crowding the health care system in the sand states.

  • randomstuff yt says:

    The d a is always a lawyer for blue Isis terrorist. The d a is a racist terrorist.

  • redneckhippiefreak says:

    Its 2020..The Police can stop You, Accuse you, Handcuff you and Inject you with Deadly drugs and….Walk away with Impunity. Tell me again why we ALL should not be in the streets? Ill wait.

  • randomstuff yt says:

    Just another murder of a brown man. Nothing new.

  • LA NY says:

    FAAKSPEWS ; BURN MASK…wearing it shows your Allegiance to Deep State satanic hybrids- interdimensional mal sphere Beings aka Draconians/Reptilians/Greys.

  • Malicious says:

    the District of Columbia should not become a state it’s supposed to be neutral

  • Timothy Blount says:

    August will be the month that reveals the most devastating outcome of the Coronavirus!

  • jd2616 says:

    Help me out here, if this virus would have happened in say 2015, who do you think trump would have blamed for it, the president of course and he would have been correct……So why does he NOT feel that this crisis should be laid at HIS feet? Don the Con, this is on YOUR watch….if you want to play lumberjack you have to carry your end of the log.

  • Dr. Tudor says:

    Do not us all dread the drains of this democracy of chains, where we are equal at birth, equal in death but never equal in life?
    The remedy should come to you swiftly and be as water quenches the deepest thirst, there is no more room for dialogue, for debates, for useless words and hidden hates. Crush the leeches, fight the frauds, struggle and oppose the power, fight this world that is so hollow, win for us and ones to follow. Time for mild change is long gone, this is time for a new dawn, from the ashes of today, with deep fray will build our way. Either fight if not then die, there are no more tears to cry, in this combat for world’s core the only creed is nevermore.
    Dr. Tudor

  • Rezonite says:

    I blame the people who hire the cops and train them.

  • Kiki Tilly says:

    Elijah McClain looked like a talented and gentle young man who was robbed of life. May he rest in heaven.

  • D Morgan says:

    Even Pence didn’t believe what he was saying … When did the Republican Party become a suicide cult?

  • Bernard Roe says:

    the news is all fake

  • Butch L says:

    What about all the Americans that clapped for the doctors and nurses and now they just gave them a ton of work.

  • film don't lie says:

    Close to 90% of the American people took it seriously then you and when I say you I meant the government the president his advisers told them that it wasn’t necessary all them that were being over precautious now look at us the cases of Corona are at an all-time high and only seem to be getting worse all because they didn’t have the gumption to stick to it by this time we could have been doing all these things and everything would have been fine but because they told some states that’s fine you want to go to church it’s fine you don’t want to wear your mask hey but you know what we’re going to allow these police officers to get Hands-On with people wearing no mask and wonder why this outbreak is spreading rapidly throughout the community and on the same breath the people that are wearing their masks are getting harassed cuz they look suspicious why cuz they have their mask on

    • film don't lie says:

      Now I’m Elijah McLean how is it that some walking down the street during his mouth like he’s supposed to be carrying groceries heading home can’t be stopped and harassed by police officers for no reason the man had no lawful Duty to do anything that was being asked if I’m because he had broken no laws and the officer tells him for your being stopped for suspicion but could articulate no laws that he had broken yet from a law-abiding citizen walking down the street is unlawfully detained restrained then. Officer authorizes a medical person that came in the ambulance to give the man a concoction which the man didn’t authorize and without his consent they cannot give it to him even though this person wasn’t being irate I have seen many people being I right and if that’s what they call irate that’s crazy guarantee there’s no drugs in the man system either so the reason for giving him this concoction was completely invalid the stop was invalid they have every right to walk up and talk to him in a consensual conversation but once the person showed no interest and wants to move on about his business they cannot stop him from going unless they believe that she has done ARS about to do something unlawful and they must prove this articulate their suspicions of why they believe this they had nothing cuz he was doing nothing but walking home and after encountering those men his family will never see him again but she would be here with us today if not for his encounter with the police that’s a shame yet more officers not prosecuted because they’re protected by the color of law which is blind when it comes to the police and sees nothing how many of the higher-ups had a hand in this cover-up and why is it that even in the midst of all that’s going on they’re still trying to claim that the officer did nothing wrong when they had no reason to stop the young man to begin with what sign is if it was a young Caucasian man there’s no way that that man wouldn’t be with us today and he could have been throwing a fit because you see videos on YouTube everyday yet a large percentage of those men are not considered a threat because there is standing up for the rights or if it was a colored man he would be shot dead are strangled are giving a shot to help them relax that ends up killing him and they said the cops didn’t directly caused the man’s death but if this man wouldn’t have gotten the shot which whoever gave the shot should be convicted because the medical field is not allowed to do that without the consent of the patient and what’s sad is I’ve watched videos where young Caucasian man checking out the car slammed to the ground put into a coma left to live on for breathing tubes and I just so happened his dad was a cop what happens when police officers Authority and lack of responsibility goes too far you have someone who can do anything and get away with that what is that result in normal everyday citizens who pay those police officers getting slaughtered in the streets nine times out of 10 they’re completely innocent and have done nothing wrong yet because they have went too far with a suspect they have to charge him with something and what do they do get them with whatever they can pound to accept a plea deal so is locked in stone they get their jail time officer gets his conviction the government makes its money and everyone but the innocent man is happy

  • film don't lie says:

    And even the vice president is sitting there insane do what we say not what we do to younger generation that’s just not going to happen so now it comes to those on top are supposed to lead by example instead the example they’re giving is not to do things like wear masks and the youth are running with that go out golf hang out with your buddies and friends chat it up little less than 6 feet of space between you and no mask why because our government officials are doing it so this must all be just blown out of proportion and this is the example that’s being painted for us by our leading officials come on people you’re supposed to lead by example ask anyone in charge of many people and they’ll tell you this

  • Argentum Boyle says:

    They opened their state just do more people can get infected ….they knew this new surge of CoronaVirus cases will happen but they were stupid and stubborn… do now they have to find it out the hard way… BLAME THIS NEW MESS ON THE GOVERNOR

  • Argentum Boyle says:

    They fought against nature and now they have to pay with their lives….

  • Argentum Boyle says:

    Blame this new mess on BLACK-LIVES-MATTER…… why the fake news refuses to admit that this new wave of CoronaVirus is due to the BLACK-LIVES-MATTER protest… blame this new wave of cases on black people

  • Argentum Boyle says:

    Societal responsibility???? That died back in the 60s….

  • Argentum Boyle says:

    Yeah, Trump wants to protect a heritage that the American people do not want

  • Argentum Boyle says:

    Minneapolis, and now Aurora???

  • Argentum Boyle says:

    Minneapolis, Tucson, Aurora, etc all in one year???? That’s on the police……

  • Argentum Boyle says:

    Drive people, just drive… it’s best to get there late and long then to get there DEAD…

  • Nickolas T says:

    The Bio weapon from China ! Quit killing babies !! Liberal ideology never works. This country was build on a republic. And it will stay that way. Don’t be a migger. Lol wew !!!!!!

  • Angel Contreras says:

    Las Vegas ain’t the same a lot of stuff close

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    Meanwhile, we have dems pretending to care about blacks, and you have chucky schumer and pelosi who cannot even remember his name Shows you just how much they really care about blacks.

  • su mun says:

    not wearing face mask is a clime & homicide.

  • su mun says:

    most of protesters are homeless…

  • Pamela Franklin says:

    Now the young girl wants to stay home

  • Michael Farojoye says:

    Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to just cancel year 2020 and restart it all over again.