Nightly News Full Broadcast (June 28th)

2020 6/30
Nightly News Full Broadcast (June 28th)

HHS Secretary warns ‘the window is closing’ as coronavirus surges across South, Vice President Pence in Texas encourages residents to wear masks, and President Trump says ‘nobody briefed’ him on alleged Russian plot offering bounties on U.S. soldiers.



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  • George Duncan says:

    President is helping Russian cleptogarch launder money thru bounties..,.

  • George Duncan says:

    Sadistic sociopath using strange hypnosis

  • George Duncan says:

    He’s withdrawn from human Rights and reasoning AND Justice. The EPA has been disbanded there goes environmental Rights and other essential scientific vigilance .

  • J. F. I. says:

    R.I.P. Tyler Charles Gerth. 🌄
    “Louisville, KY Victim” BLM

  • BestMusic says:

  • Oscar Banuelos says:

    America has ignored the advice and the pleadings of her physicians and scientists.

  • J. F. I. says:

    🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸”Go, Joe, Go”🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

  • George Duncan says:

    Covid-19 testing in USA is insufficient. For each Case only 10 points of contact are investigated vs China’s 270 per Case

  • J. F. I. says:

    All “School Officers” should exercise “self-control.” 👁️👁️

  • J. F. I. says:

    Lester will be back on Monday, cry babies !!! 🤗

  • Tigest Tadesse says:

    That not fair they caused the pandemic China now they have it contained when we have deaths everyday 150000 deaths

  • Tigest Tadesse says:

    Helping communities getting kids involved gives they something good to do

  • Jay Inslee says:

    It is so weird that a country where the virus came from can contain the pandemic, but our country which having the “best” president still in-surge in this pandemic!

  • reg fleming says:

    Trump for Corona 2020

  • SN says:

    Wow Pence suddenly wearing mask..too late!!

  • Andrew Leach says:

  • Amy Heyart says:

    That 23 year old blonde is obese, she should be worried!

  • William Reffett says:

    Medical professionals are baffled and don’t understand what’s going on that’s normal why do we even rely on these people for anything

  • Dragonz Izland says:

    Trump’s slow response to the panademic declaration has revealed his failed egotistical leadership style and has damaged the credibility of the USA’s health and economic policy!

  • Alexis Frost says:

    We need some type of policing in schools, we can play like these kids are okay but their, they bring guns to school to deal with their problems, this generation is the most disrespectful and sensitive ever!!! Just ask the Golden Girls.

  • Eric Morse says:

    Yup the Bible says lawlessness in the last days from lack of home dicipline and self control people think they can do whatever they want and rules and laws are for better living for all and causing more violence rioting solves nothing , evil wins if this stupidity continues and we ALL LOSE

  • Alexis Frost says:

    Some ppl cannot handle confrontation or change and that is what happening with the ppl with the mask, BLM etc. A lot of ppl are not in their comfort zone anymore because of all the changes that have been happening in 2020 !! Everyone need to get use to Rona cause she isn’t going anywhere! As for BLM thank you for everyone participating in the protest we need to weed out the bad officers and I do emphasize the bad because there are some good officers.

  • Carl Pelz says:

    Let them died, fkv those Karens and idiota

  • stephen gibbs says:

    but he said it was a hoax
    which is it?

  • Miss Awhikau says:

    So Pence is running his own circus ‘wear a mask’ show…🙄🙄🙄🙄 confused meets confusion…

  • James says:

    Covid has already mutated to D614G.
    The window closed, got boarded up, welded and cemented just in case.

  • Anon says:

    Corona is a condition, masks won’thelp

  • Mark Peters says:

    The despicable presidency of HIM ! The new christ of the Deplorable .. they lie for him As far as the Covid idiots go .. let them infect themselves .. less idiots in the world to have to deal with

  • Cherokee Mack says:

    Good for those kids!


    These spikes are as a result of stupid people following stupid. A blind man could have seen this comming when they rushed to reopen. Smh

  • LJ Santora says:


  • Rai Combs says:

    👏🏽👍🏽🙏🏽 Cafe Momentum in Dallas-I salute you chef Hauser for your dual efforts! You epitomize the best of what this country claims to be. Bravo! 🖖🏽

  • Anna Hollifield says:

    Where’s Ross? We need to pivot! PIVOT!

  • Julian Trieste says:

    Wearing a mask is not a sign of capitulation its a sign of solidarity and more than that its a celebration of humanity. Choose Life ! Masks For Life !


    Who cares about starbucks?

  • Dr. W says:

    Our country has come apart at the seams…

  • Mark Rivera says:

    Oh they can get tested every day but yet them two are doing nothing to help out the states with testing wow this is what we get when their is an administration in the White House that have no ideal on what their doing traders

  • Darrell Harper says:

    He lucky i wasnt thei.r they have a second amendment in Kentucky right. they should have filled him up with bullets .

  • Mark Rivera says:

    Brown power Black Power Asian power Oriental power American power

  • Crystal Vinz says:

    Where’s Lester?

  • Dora Williams says:

    Stay at home, don’t go out unless you have to, people, nobody with any since, wouldn’t trust Putin.

  • Sammy Boyde says:


  • Anthony Zarudski says:

    Police are not the problem in schools the kids are / the lies and and what’s no true about another student that has too deal with it/ the pressure of that makes a student/ child crack / man I have seen it all/ it’s the clicks / don’t join them and your the weird do / doesn’t anybody life time movies/ I’ve seen it all been there got threw it / it was tuff but brush it off / those who done harm it always comes back to them / catch you guys on the flip side 👍😀

  • Locrian08 says:

    It’s amazing that schools would allow psychopaths who get off on beating kids to police their hallways.

  • human zalez says:

    I knew it would happen another trumper on a killing spree hating life hating Americans just like potus trump

  • William Runner says:

    You liberal media idiots have been crying wolf for months now. The Sky is NOT going to fall! People are not going to be fooled again!

  • Renstein45 says:

    Well people aren’t doing what they’re suppose to be doing of course somethings going to happen. If the People who are selfish and not smart about this, and because of them they’re places are heading backwards in this.

  • Roger That says:

    So dramatic! Calm down

  • kim 67 says:

    Chef Ur Awesome😁!

  • Erika Comstock says:


  • TheCarmel1Light says:

    Testing will not stop the Covid 19 it is an indignation,
    the Earth is being swept,

  • Ryan Black says:

    The second the virus left Wuhan, it was way too late to “contain”. It’s just far too contagious.



  • JAMES D says:

    Remove resource officers?
    People were just begging for resource officers after Sandy Hook.

  • Donny Abrahamson says:


  • Marjorie Dillard says:

    So nice

  • Dave Haynes says:

    Tubers in Arizona obviously just don’t think it’s coming to their houses

  • Dave Haynes says:

    Bone spurs has to send out his lickspittle window lickers to be shown wearing masks.

  • Dave Haynes says:

    Thanks Governor.
    Another real leader.

  • IAM Me says:

    I need to see ICU Beds, arriving in Texas. NOW !! Thanks for saving lives.

  • Dave Haynes says:

    Imagine those singers spewing

  • Kosovo Republic says:

    I like to know wtf it took him so long to ask people wearing mask ?

  • Wayne Kirby says:

    Ironic that White Privilege reporters telling how bad blacks have it…..WAKE UP BLACKS….IF THEY ARE WHITE DON’T LISTEN TO THEM….. ALL LIBERAL NEWS STATIONS SHOULD HAVE NO WHITE REPORTERS.

  • Michael Baldonieri says:

    Kudos to Chef Chad Houser it’s nice to know there are still good people left in this world 👍God bless America 🇺🇸

  • Wayne Kirby says:

    The father of the girl in school incident blames the cops…. YET she started it by not complying and refusing…..FATHER OWN THE BLAME, YOU RAISED HER TO DISRESPECT THE LAW.

  • Samun McQuinn says:

    Time is running out for what EXACTLY?

  • Stacey Story says:

    Cool our kid’s our helping

  • R Ethan S. Kelly says:

    Im pretty sure that was a black officer in that first video…

  • Mar Lin says:

    “BLM isn’t political.” That’s what they said about feminism and now look at the discrepancies men face in education, the workforce and society in general.

  • Natural Technologist says:

    Interesting. The majority of humans still refuse to do their own in-depth research on viruses. Yet they’d jump off a building if their favorite news media told them to. If they really knew what is happening they’d really freak out.

  • Madelyn Nazario says:

    Children should be allowed to make mistakes and not be penalized…BUT parents must raise their children right and stop enabling/turn their heads in another direction/reward bad behavior. Education begins in the home. Values are a parents job to teach, not teachers. This is why so much chaos is present in today’s society. Your rights end when the other person’s rights begin. The teaching of values: self respect, boundaries, value of human life, respect of others, etc. Are important social life skills for the present and the future. The teaching of values come back. These help shape a child’s character as a civil member of society.

  • T M says:

    “Due to the recent increase in Covid-19 cases, we ask that protesters now work from home and destroy their own property.”

  • bob jameson says:

    Fake news. Aka Trump and his no mask

  • T M says:

    The medical doctors interviewed on this video wear NO MASK – their actions speak volumes!!!

  • Kelly Clement says:

    Yay!! Let’s be like Beijing!!!

    Said no conservative EVER!

  • Elijah Sexton says:

    America. Like I don’t see you preparing vast populations to survive off food banks OMG MAGA

  • Charlie Joost adventures says:

    A lot of people don’t care and think the virus is not real ..and all thanks to mr 45 and vice president. Because they didn’t wear a mask from the beginning of the pandemic

  • Charlie Joost adventures says:

    Where is Vanessa guillen….????? Bring her back

  • Charlie Joost adventures says:

    Black lives matter…..until black Americans are treated with dignity and respect …we should protest

  • Steve Wright says:

    How do people stay home when landlord kick people out of their home.what are church doing to help the sick don’t last forever.

  • kithiekat says:

    The man just say.white.power. that is not racist. No more then block power

  • kithiekat says:

    Its getting us ready for the great.reset 2021

  • kithiekat says:

    Its All lies. Its a demacrat. Cover up. Why can someone can say black power but not white power. Who is being racist..NONE

  • su mun says:

    not wearing face mask is a crime & homicide.

  • Stella Davila says:

    Ron desantis shouldn’t be a governor

  • su mun says:

    not wearing face mask must be in prison for minimum 1 year.

  • Luke Williams says:

    😷 = 🐏

  • Fumi Yama says:

    Don’t worry until you get sick

  • Jonas Elbert Gray says:

    #45 didn’t hear “white power” yelled in the video. Bull-shyt!

  • The Truth says:

    Just because he is constantly tested, doesn’t mean he can’t get..🤣🤣🤣

  • Linda Haro says:

    An no one mentions looters wow there all looting an rioting

  • mike swiental says:

    rumors that biden is about to drop out of the race

  • Linda Haro says:

    Stop blaiming the President. It’s old already. It’s only making you Democrats hated. Because the rest of us love our president

  • Linda Haro says:

    Everyone’s life matters you Moran

  • Linda Haro says:

    I would not trust anything China says

  • Susan Kay says:

    “COVID is going to break our healthcare system.” ( 2:42 )

  • Regina Santos says:

    The windows has closed ….Trump& administration are all traitors…..

  • GiantArc SFORA says:

    gunman is a criminal.. not a suspect. Someone caught red handed is not a suspect but a criminal. This is different if you have about 10 suspects and you don’t know who is the actual criminal

  • Stephen Good says:

    Zuckerberg did nothing back when he was asked to do the right thing but he’s all ears and repentant when it costs him money. defund Facebook

  • Ronald Smith says:

    See they listen to#45 and the Republican’s said yes to the Orange one,don’t worry the Virus won’t hit my Southern Citizens so go out and PARTY no Mask because I’m the Smartest#45 said!! Remember it will be gone in 2wks?? Go figure B.L.M😷🙏