NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 27th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/30
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 27th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Florida reports nearly 10,000 new coronavirus cases in one day as state halts reopening, massive Sahara Desert dust cloud reaches America’s south, and protesters demand justice for Elijah McClain as outrage grows.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 27th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (100件)

  • Sovereignmind 1969 says:

    Bull patties and the mainstream is serving as many as you will buy… Say no to the bs and live your life as we did. No more this is the new normal

  • Osiran Rebel says:

    Only the officers who understand there is a problem should keep their job.
    And only around 10% of the police officers are needed anyway. So future qualifications should involve not being stupid as a start would help😆

  • Reokus Reoku says:

    COVID 19 is a scam. Don’t believe the news. Open your eyes and see that people around where you live are not dying left and right like the news are reporting.

  • Browne Sugarr says:

    Is it POLICE OR KILLICE?!?! Or simply MIU- Murderers in uniform.👮
    We can not keep saying RIP, because “our ppl” are not resting. It’s every other day, weekend that a black person dies at the hands of police. This have to STOP!!!😥😢😡
    I think Ppl should take the protest at De’ White House. And camp day after day, until something is done. Jstsyin..🤔😷

  • paul starr says:

    Worldsmasterofspiritsspiritseekers… so if you want to know who killed you it was black lives matter it was passed from city to city as for the masks trust me they couldnt stop a cold

  • Joe Cannon says:

    Don’t believe the hype. The mainstream media is ruled by satan , and he executes his will through the willing Democratic party who communes with satan.
    Fight on Christian soldiers because we know that-
    Ephesians 6:12, NASB: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”
    Put on the full Armor of God.

  • Memo says:

    What a load of info fear delivered as ‘news’

  • Kat D says:

    So why is the vice president canceling his trip? These “reporters” are no more intelligent than parrots.

  • Jessie G says:

  • maelstrom200018 says:

    Garbage fake news

  • Judy Inselman says:

    You know two guys wee bit alkingvone said I don’t know where I went wrong I tryed too be his friend buddy the other man said sorry you can’t be his friend your his father as a govener or mayor your not our friend your like a patent to look out for us some may not be all pals with you but saveing lives is part of the job you wanted

  • Retire14 Pattaya says:

    These media outlet’s are so divisive and skewed against trump. They literally cause innocent people to lose their lives and businesses.

  • sxextc says:


  • Mary Brown says:

    Why don’t the news media report on how Obama,Biden,Hillary,Eric Holder and other’s in on the deal want to sale USA uranium to Russia if they are considered our enemy? Why not report all the news? The American people see what is happening.

  • Stephanie P says:

    We choose money and fun over life and love. We’ve lost the purpose of existence.

  • jage says:

    Opening businesses B4 curve flat listening to ppl instead of CDC Dr Fauci this is what I get.

  • northside lunatic says:

    t hank u to all the white bankers

  • slayer 1 says:

    Let’s open up beaches bars churches clubs an indoor meetings of all kinds it’s okay it’ll just go away or maybe we can just pass it on to the other people if we don’t get sick. Are you for real America

  • northside lunatic says:

    red bulls

  • Tony A says:

    NBC stop lying to the people and tell the truth. It was all these protests that increased the spike in COVID. This is why people call you fake news.

  • Patrick McCarthy says:

    Idiots at NBC Nightly News distract viewers with non-sense and BS while our cities are being burned and looted by violent thugs.

  • John Vo says:

    Will the real Greg Abbott please stand up and take responsibility.

  • face plant says:

    Not the protests or riots or gang wars, its some white kids at some bars. 👌

  • Anna-kaye Jenkins Cattan says:

    Jamaica newsupdate

  • David says:

    I have never seen so many young, uniformed, stupid add college age kids in my life.

  • Randolph Jerome Talosig says:

    Party Party motherfathers!!!

  • Unapologetically BLACK says:

    The Republicans 😂

  • Retire14 Pattaya says:

    Their is no more balanced reporting anymore in this country. The Democrats are attempting a coup
    Like a third world country of a duly elected president like him or not.
    That should scare any rational person.

  • child of the universe says:

    I’m so late! because I dont watch these fake covid-0 stories no more!!

  • irma Mund says:

    My heart hurts for his family. May he rest in peace.

  • Aidan Convery says:

    Couldn’t happen to a stupider People,

  • Norm Detels says:

    Why do we have the CDC when all that happens is we give them billions of dollars to come up with a cure for things like cancer, hiv, and covid, but they don’t want to cure anything, because we continue to give them money. This virus is an embarrassment! If they are so smart, why are we wearing inferior masks? What have they been doing with all the money received every year? This is the most ridiculous, greed motivated, mass controlling fear mongering issue I have ever seen. This is something that should never have happened. I blame the CDC directly. They are inadequate, and incompetent. We need people that actually research for cures not remedies for symptoms, and then release the cures! How about transparency? And why can’t I find any names that go with the covid related deaths?

  • Charlie 525 says:

    Yeah it’s the bars, has nothing to do with the thousands of looters, I mean protesters, day in and day out. How can you call yourselves real journalists without mentioning this? ##One night out is all it takes## for thousands of protesters in close proximity looting ,I mean protesting all over the cities!!!!

  • Charlie 525 says:

    Hundreds in Colorado protesting, not social distancing and no mention of spreading Covid 19, really?? How do you expect people opening their businesses, going to bars to take you serious when you make no mention of protesters spreading the disease??

  • Angel Lopez says:

    They probably a sprinkled a little covid 19 in that sand storm explains the numbers going up

  • Dave Truth says:

    Blue Wall of Silence..Only thing that will make a difference is to outlaw Police Unions…

  • GALE GRANGER says:

    Cp m.p

  • Byron Brown says:

    Sounds of new war with Russia

  • GA Rattler says:


  • Focus on Nature says:

    But idiots protesting and rioting is juist okidoki and nothing to do with the spreading and spike of Covid….oh no….you fkers are disgusting the way you “report” your news. This is why people don’t trust the media.

  • Zakaryah says:

    I’m glad Covid is infecting the whores….

  • Standard Flight says:

    Was Arizona one of the states the protested the lockdown?

  • Joe Costantino says:

    Bar flys spread the virus. Trolls say the virus is a lie. Karen’s and Kens feeling get their egos hurt. Racist ramblings. Government is divided. The sensational media tells us subliminally to react to their partisan views. Crooked cops. Crooked president. Gosh I could go on but what’s the point?

  • MyEar IsAlwaysHere says:

    So when I tell people that I’m not coming outside until 2021 ya see the reason now why I stand my ground I will not be coming out for anything unless it’s food until 2021 I am financially secure ya just need to be more cautious and prioritize

  • Rene McIntyre says:

    Please do not burn down the colorado appellate courts.

  • 201cag says:

    What happened to the Hornets?

  • Wednesday's Child says:

    Russia russiarussia… the Russians hate the afghani. Ha they cut off Biden before he had a senior moment.

  • sk8queen says:

    I’m not going near a restaurant for at leas the rest of the year. . . Not even for take out or delivery. These people don’t have to worry about me going to patronize a business. Anyone other than the grocery has the lights on for nothing. I’m not showing up.

  • DarkRed G says:

    This news station is very misleading

  • Dwight Young says:

    Biden please stop talking.

  • sk8queen says:

    Poetic justice that a dust cloud from Africa would choke the southern states….

  • Lynne Dare says:

    Who are the brain dead morons that think COVID is all political – no big deal! Go visit a hospital – what rocks did these amebae crawl out from under?? Unbelievable! Get that booze guzzled down, get your bootie tickled ladies! ! It’s all about you inconsiderate degenerates!! Don’t be a carrier, don’t bring death to those who are protecting others by wearing a mask.

  • TheTricky38 says:


  • TheTricky38 says:

    A shark fin in the background at 4:19! Morons shelter

  • Adonis Sesson says:

    Am I the only one that saw this coming two weeks ago ? 🤷

  • Mac Daddy says:

    Abbott is full of it. He admitted he knew more cases and deaths would happen when he reopened the state.The Lt. Governor in Texas said that people should be willing to die to keep the economy going.

  • Randall Knotts says:

    The sun is falling

  • Jane Townsend says:

    Super spreading of corona…packed bars. Ahh your script left out rioters screaming spitting not wearing masks, socializing in their busses, tents and closed meetings, the virus miraculously leap frogged over those individuals. Jesus Christ, please for the sake of your profession, break from the script. Facts.

  • D Mason says:

    Wash rinse repeat 2016. Watch the masks and scamdemic disappear after Trump wins in November. Observe the optics.

  • gdvibes1 says:

    We are all going to die!!!!!!!

  • Boo Bear says:

    People just don’t have patience at all rushing to get back when obviously change is here the kind of change that we need to stay home wear masks

  • mdocod says:

    What do the other 90% of people in line to be tested have? Seems like whatever they have that isn’t covid is far more pervasive. Probably should look into that if you want to retain your media credentials.

  • Hinatchii says:

    I know America always wants to be the best and be #1 but, I ain’t trying to be #1 with the most corona. We are screwed. T_T

  • Devin Marks says:

    Notice how all the focus shifted to cases now that deaths and hospitalizations have dropped dramatically. The virus has either weakened dramatically or the death rate was never higher than 0.5% to begin with. Total lies about hospitals being full. Fear, fear fear.

  • ibissilkti says:

    Am I missing something? Why are they just blaming the bars and restaurants….never mind the hordes of protesters and looters….smfh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Peterson Monteiro De Jesus says:

  • James Eck says:

    You will not stop the spread of Covid19, it’s like trying to stop head lice in grade school once it starts. We will have to reach a herd immunity for it to stop spreading. This goes for any flu, it’s also funny there weren’t any spikes until a week after the mass protests slowed down. I am sure its being spread in the other ways, but you can’t deny the protest were probably the jumping off point. After all its spreading in younger people, l iui keep those who hff ave weeks to protest. But if course it’s not that it’s the bars, ok if you say so. Sorry if I cant believe what the media tells us.

  • RC/Skater says:


  • Gerardo Concepcion says:

    Fake liar NBC the minion of the leftist lib dems communists! Why listen to this & other cohort neyworks, cnn, msnbc, nyt etc all full of fabricated false news to delibetayely fool the american voters yo syeal our sacred votes! Never listen to them at all. Stay away they are poisons!

  • XxRaliXx says:






  • Bee Dee says:

    murica, what a model nation

  • Scott Pierce says:

    The news isn’t showing the 23 year old black kid fighting with the Cops. No mention of the fact that he was high on Meth. Lets make him out to be a Quire Boy so his mom can sue the Police. Tire of seeing the same old game out of Blacks.

  • Patricia Cratty says:

    Protesters should also shut down, until this all blows overs, I can only imagine how much they are spreading Covid! They should have to social distance as well

  • Dieno Vandale says:

    Let the stupid go get together & die ! That’s nature at work .

  • Maria Nunez says:

    Covid doesn’t discriminate… whether your young or old…male or female….you can and will get sick. How do I know,…you ask?
    I’ll tell you why,….. because I work at a hospital and see it every single freaking day💔

  • Blessings Nfavor says:

    I know there’s more going on in the world besides covid-19…the constant reporting on it is meant to keep us afraid. Pray and Praise God during this time and always…plead the blood of Jesus over our country and world everybody. Put this virus in His hands. God will Bless and Keep all of us. May God Make His Light Shine On You All. Don’t give in to fear. Have Faith in Him. 😃😃😃

  • Michael Jones says:

    Why would you give a sedative to a person who says they are having trouble breathing?

  • Barbara Luhrs says:

    most police are not out their to help people their out their to wright tickets and make arrests and hurt and even murder poor people so so sad.

  • Joann Preston says:

    I live in Florida and I am over 65 when trump opened up I knew it was too soon…but people were so tired of being shut down that they believed trump and weren’t even wearing mask… first of all if trump said it I wasn’t doing it… I don’t trust anything that he says…Vote is A** OUT!

  • James Mappy says:

    Who, seriously, who gives a crap? Answer: N-O-B-O-D-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of clowns. I can tell who is a fool by gong out locally – those wearing face-masks R those w/ a limited IQ & will need mental help after the age of 50……………….or put to sleep.

  • bear crane says:

    The test kits are tainted.

  • Esteban Molina says:

    Oh it’s a part of your history?
    Well sorry honey but that photo comes from a time where white people were part of a culture that oppressed black people.
    Tear it down…

  • Don Antonio says:

    Like ahhh, like I’m healthy like, I barely sniff coke, likeee its all good

  • Jeff Ratcliff says:

    Wow at all the Brainwashed sheep in this comment section. Turn off the propaganda and look outside all around the country for proof of a pandemic. When I imagined a real pandemic, I didn’t see hospitals laying off tons of Dr’s and nurses due to lack of need. Then they get paid handsomely to label a person that was going to die anyways as a covid death. They need the money because they are all close to bankruptcy. Now we would never know there was a pandemic unless we turned on the tell-lie-vision. Then they make up the perfect system to cause fear by saying most of us have no symptoms. Well if the only ones dying are the ones that are already very sick, why dont they just stay quarantined and let everyone else go about their business? Maybe it’s because they are trying to cause fear and chaos in order to bring about their Marxist global government! Now is all the One World Together and Global Citizenship propaganda themes starting to make more sense? We are being lied to and being divided on purpose so that the Elites can usher in their false peace NWO.

  • Different People says:

    LOL NBC DELETED MY COMMENT. yassss wilding. Must be a white moderator. 😁

  • Different People says:

    They hate to hear it, white people are trying to end human kind. 👀🤔

  • 森田. Morita淳一郎 Junichiro says:


  • Carol Guzman says:

    Wow police murdered that kid. Since when is it ok to arrest someone for looking suspicious? According th o who? Must have reasonable cause! Those officers need to be arrested.

  • Regina Santos says:

    God help America…..Things don’t look good….

  • B.r. Lee says:

    She said,” NBC News has NOT confirmed this reporting.” On the Russian targeting of American Soldiers story. If it’s not confirmed why are you reporting it? Y’all want war with Russia so bad to cover Biden’s money laundering.

  • drepachi77 says:

    Now Imagine if the President was BLACK…

  • Sheila Bell says:

    This is only my opinion. The blame for all this belongs too the greedy leaders of governments all over the world. We have always been and will continue to be test dummies without our consent, I don’t know about anyone else but my eyes are widely open. This is nothing new.

  • Valhura77 says:

    “If it’s true” well that is the thing again these crazy allegations against Russia and not a shred of evidence to back it up, since when do news agencies report on rumors? Oh I forgot this is not news its propaganda

  • steve harrigan says:

    So thousands of people traveled all over the country protesting, then went home. What did you think was going to happen? …..But its some people at a bar, and some people at beaches that are at fault………Sorry, but nobody’s that stupid.

  • Chris Skiffington says:

    YouTube autoplay you failed me. I don’t watch fake news! Lol. 1:23. Next vid here I go.

  • Warning: Alert says:

    At least Hillary didn’t invite the killers from Benghazi to the g7.

  • MeJust BeingMe says:

    stupid liars

  • JustOne Voice says:

    Omg. The brainwashing on this channel is too painful to watch. You people are soooooo pathetic. THETE IS NO RELATIONSHIP WITH PUTIN, AND TALK ABOUT RUSSIA GROM TRUMP, EVER! F***In’ liars. Interesting covid only rises among democrats. Interesting their doesn’t appear to be many sick people until there is mass testing ( or seeding?). Interesting how many positive tests ends up being false positives. You people are sad.

  • Ion Ion says:

    police shooting a man with a mask which comes back from shopping ? your country is so stupid !!!

  • Saranyah Rujireck says: