NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 1st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/03
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 1st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Coronavirus cases surge in Arizona, California, Georgia and Texas, group of Harvey Weinstein accusers reach tentative $19 million settlement, and father of Elijah McClain speaks out about fight for justice.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:44 Arizona, California, Georgia, Texas Smash Covid Records
04:43 Pfizer Reports Promising Results In Vaccine Trial
07:01 Facts Over Fear: The Danger From Superspreaders
09:15 Trump ‘All For Masks’ But Won’t Mandate Them
09:49 Justice Dept Issues Warning On Fake ‘Mask Exempt’ Cards
10:57 Trump Calls Russia Bounty Allegations A ‘Hoax’
12:33 Police Clear Seattle’s ‘Chop’ Zone, Arrest Protesters
13:43 Father Of Elijah Mcclain Speaks Out On Son’s Death
14:35 FBI Reviews Death Of Elijah McClain In Police Custody
15:37 Harvey Weinstein Accusers Reach $19 Million Settlement
17:43 Feds Warn Consumers Of Covid-19 Online Scams

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 1st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (106件)

  • Just Me says:

    he died because he visited his friends???? how does that work

  • Wounded Ego says:

    [Gen 4:10 NLT] (10) But the LORD said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood [Elijah McClain’s] cries out to me from the ground!

  • VNON KWINN says:

    Every freaking single day since stupid people voted him (trump ) in office’ Scandal and Malachi ( Bull S##t ) has been the theme of this “trump Administration. AMERICA” Can And Will’ Do just Great without Racist Supremacy.

  • Plankton •145 years ago says:

    Theres no way im taking a rushed vaccine.

  • Sam C says:

    Trump really likes the word hoax. Lol

  • Mighty Dacs Games says:

    Anak ng….How can people go to mass gatherings,”parties”, when hospitals are swamped and a health worker says it is taking a toll helping people to survive. How can VP Pense say he is proud of how they responded to the corona virus when 120k people died…Incomprehensible really…

  • VNON KWINN says:

    Stop calling him (trump) President” He does not deserve to be given a Platform or put on Pedestal of which he is unfit. Hes only plain old Humpty Dumpty to me. ( Dumbty ) !

  • MariaTeresa Bissinger says:

    As a former stylist for pageants and a supporter of the value of personal presentation as a signal of respect to your audience, I would love to offer some positive compliments to Vicky Nguyen on her presentation for online news today. I have noticed many men and women taking the stay at home approach to mean that they no longer feel inclined to offer the respect of grooming to their audiences. I believe what you wear is part of your message. Vicky, your look on today’s broadcast was perfect, and I adored how you paired those lovely earrings, with a neat hairstyle and a dress that brings out the beauty of your skin tone. I truly believe that we need to take our news seriously and we don’t need to stop communicating our feelings of respect and seriousness to an audience by dressing in a more casual and “at home” way. Thank you, Vicky, I truly enjoyed watching you deliver important news today and appreciate the effort you made to show us respect as the audience.

  • jose ortega says:

    I think gob.Dan Patrick confusing Trump and Faucci Humm what the heck he,s a politician….

  • Chris B says:

    Yea yea what’s the hospital ization and death rate ??????? 100 ppl got a cold 1 too the hospital & 0 dead ooh ! Fn. Plz

  • Jay Strock says:

    Our goverments responce has been pathetic. Where are our virus grade masks government?

  • brio says:

    Awwwww poor trump , he’s not embarrassed 😳 at wearing a mask 😷 is he 🤣

  • brio says:

    But how long for ??? It won’t be available to the public till next year , don’t get excited! Just follow the distance advice ,wear masks, test test & track & trace !

  • Vicki Gauthier says:

    No joke folks, some of us who have Asthma or COPD have a hard enough time breathing in hot and/or humid conditions, let along breathing in our own carbon monoxide. We too have a right to breath, as long as we social distance.

  • Molly Davis says:

    I worked at the biggest hospital in Tennessee. I was the head nurse on my floor. Our floor specializes in respiratory care and some trauma. I can tell you that NBC, CNN, and. MSNBC are all lying. Dr.Fauci is misinforming and so is the MSM. 2 men from the CDC approach my boss and handed him new guidelines nationwide. But when you go look at that same form on there website its completely different. But most disturbingly,…is what was in that form and what would happen if he didnt comply. He quit and I took over until I read it,…….and I quit. I quit because there telling us too log all deaths as Covid deaths due to a testing shortage. They are lying to us all folks. We hadn’t seen one case in whole time I was there. Several of my Perez’s tried to post videos and they were immediately taken down. There lying to us. It’s less dangerous than your common flu. It’s TRUE.

  • Munoz Kent says:

    I was just about to get evicted & this program saved me, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*

  • Casey Carson says:

    Our governor made mask mandatory and I have been shopping successfully and safely at Walmart, until yesterday, when I saw several shoppers walking in unchallenged and unmasked. All over the store I saw men not wearing a mask. I stopped to talk to a manager about it and was told that because violence was being done to their employees over it, that the decision was to keep employees safe and not make an issue . Employees are required to wear them, but not clientele. Call the stores and find out what their procedures are before you trust the stores. Walmart could hire security to take care of their customers, but has decided to save money rather than hire security.

  • Butch L says:

    This is something I hope all Amreicans see

  • Siham Eltawil says:


  • Stealth 2017 says:

    This is all BULLSJ”*T!!!

  • Butch L says:

    Screw Pence he just said a couple of days ago they have flattened the curve now he is wearing a mask. Finally too little too late, they could have done something to stop this back in February.

  • Butch L says:

    When they come up with a virus, remember its the scientist that did it and not Trump he just waved a wand and wished it to go away.

  • Boris Be loud us says:

    Why not blame the caller to the 911 operator who claimed Elijah McClain’s erratic behavior?

  • McDonald Trump says:

    Corporate News is junk!

  • Child of God says:

    The Cops who swear to oath killing you quicker than the mask ,you could control the mask ,you could remove it when you are not at risk you can’t control the cops knees or hands on your necks,or the Commander in Chief, so who or what is really killing you,,

  • miriam laurore says:

    Unbelievable!!! This country has been mislead from the beginning of this pandemic. It’s basically wear a mask in public area, distancing, wash and sanitizing your hands this virus then would be contained.

  • Radiation is GOD says:

    What an inept and corrupt administration- the worst America has EVER had.

  • Zombie Tunes says:

    It’s only going to get a lot worse before its gets better so go get tissue food antibiotics soap hand sanitizer and gets weapons In case just in case e safe out there god bless remember this virus coronavirus is in the book of revelations

  • Derek Anderson says:



    You know you all were told to wear a mask stay home if you can. But we know not everyone can. But use all protections you can. Don’t go to beach or bars ect. USE YOUR HEADS ..

  • Mark says:

    3:42 “He has been wrong every time”, It’s not Dr Fauci but Trump that has literally been wrong every time


    Lester, can your forehead actually grow any taller ?

  • Jonathan Strange says:

    TRUMP 2020.

  • Wounded Ego says:

    This is a poem I committed to memory many years ago because it was so meaningful:

    A plain white envelope arrived today
    From a friend a continent away
    Strange, I thought, that such a simple thing
    Should so neatly turn a winter’s day to Spring

  • Respire or Expire says:

    Wearing masks under the nose! What a tragic joke.

  • Donovan says:

    *When you have no plan and no belief in science, you hope for “Magic”.*

    If the mask makes him look like “The Lone Ranger”, he’s wearing it wrong.

  • terpmaniac says:

    When did this country turn so dumb…when?

  • Donovan says:

    Enemies of The State should be printed on KFC lids & McDonald’s wrappers.

    In a corrupt environment, where whistleblowers receive no protection and only receive retaliations, what did they think would happen…..

  • Michelle Bennett says:

    The president himself is a hoax

  • Donovan says:

    If the Russian bounty information was not leaked to the press, how else would the President hear about it. Chances are the PDB writers were out of crayons.

    Putin instructed Donald to say it was a “Hoax” so that they would be in step.

  • Bernard H says:

    What I fail to understand is why after the broadcast has gone out do we have to wait until 10:00 PM mountain time to see Nightly news on YouTube it’s just dumb

  • D says:

    Let’s head over to the comment section and see what the exprets think.

    • J. F. I. says:

      I’m a real expret myself. 👍

  • Dave Hibbs says:

    I swear 99% of the population could be dying of the virus and they would still want you watch an ad first 😂

  • Accountability Matters says:

    3:04 Why do we need to close everything and start over? Idk…maybe bc of things like the news showing restaurant workers wearing masks that DON”T COVER THEIR NOSES! I have seen this so much:/ wtf do people think a mask is for??

  • Icare says:

    there is a quote that says : Sometimes, the person you’d take a bullet for ends up being the one behind the gun”

  • Chris Jordan says:

    I love how Weinstein fakes that he’s a cripple now that he got caught. What a loooser!

  • Love to Love life says:

    Secret deaths of black men sad the world will never heal until this type of racism stops it time

  • Baybay says:

    Trump was never able to successfully conclude any real estate deals in Russia. However, 63 individuals with Russian passports or addresses have bought at least $98.4 million worth of property in seven Trump-branded luxury towers in southern Florida.

    Russian intelligence agents reportedly went to Ireland to inspect undersea cables, and it’s reigniting fears they could cut them and take entire countries offline.-Feb 18, 2020

    Putin sends military plane to U.S. with supplies to fight coronavirus after talking with Trump -APRIL 1, 2020

    France, England and Russia fought together against Germany.

    Iran and Russia are strategic allies and form an axis in the Caucasus alongside Armenia. Moscow and Tehran are also military allies in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq and partners in Afghanistan and post-Soviet Central Asia.

    Last month, Russia had sent nearly 1,000 coronavirus testing kits to ex-Soviet states and countries including Iran and North Korea.

    The New Realignment Between Russia and the Philippines
    For the first time in its history, Manila is seeking Russian assistance to upgrade its defensive capabilities and, potentially, even develop its energy resources in the South China Sea.

    China began massive dredging operations to build artificial islands around seven reefs that they claimed as their territory. The artificial islands have been transformed into significant military facilities including three runways that have been used for the deployment of Chinese fighter jets.

    Russia and China appear to be increasing their economic, political and military ties amid poor relations with the West.

    The Ukrainian military reported intensive movement of troops and equipment from Russia into the separatist-controlled parts of eastern Ukraine

    Russian exports to Mexico include: chemical based products, metals, helicopters and ammunition. Mexico is Russia’s third biggest trading partner in Latin America.
    Mexico has long-standing military ties with Russia and the Mexican armed forces use an extensive fleet of Russian-made helicopters.

    A hypocrite is more dangerous than a dishonest man. A dishonest man deceives and cheats, and a hypocrite betrays and swindles.

    “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy
    impairs the security of all”

  • Richard Hutchison says:

    I will wear a mask until I am told that is safe not to wear them!

  • THANOS says:

    Lmao. You guys are getting tired of being locked down? Indians have been at home mostly for 3 straight months. You don’t see us being Dumbasses

  • Mark Felder says:

    Here is a true timeline, of how the Corona virus spread, that NBC doesn’t want you to see.

  • Alison Severin says:

    Americans needs to be more humble, everyone wants to socialize but there’s a pandemic out there. So its hard but is better to stay home, wear your mask and practice social distancing. Together we can win this fight people against this monster virus….

  • Grant Shuster says:

    Ok someone post the link to Trump wearing a mask. He says people have seen him wearing a mask. I can only think of 2 seconds at the ford plant.

  • Scott Berringer says:

    Your chance of death if you are under 65. .00095 and we shut down the economy for this? LMFAO!

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    A doctor that speaks the truth, unlike Fauci this doctor is not politically involved and is highly experienced and knowledgeable and this is also from a media that is not fear mongering, or biased. OAN is not an arm of the democrat party like the main stream media is.

  • Bruce Lee says:

    oh man this people are making me sick

  • Echad Lev Shtim says:

    Covid – Certificate Of Vaccination Identification.
    SCAMdemic 2020

    • Madison Wheeler says:

      The virus is real but the numbers are false and hijacked and that vaccine has the chip in it with a quantum dot tattoo that’s powered by an ingredient called Luciferase (take the ase out of that and you get Lucifer)(and the patent number is 060606 and owned by Microsoft and Bill Gates used to work with Microsoft also take the three 0’s out of that and you get 666 it’s the mark of the beast and I’m not taking it)

  • Joebid Touchkids says:

    It’s amazing blue states have way way more death but what’s amazing is the death per infection rate. Foe example in ny 1 in 12 dead in Texas 1 in 80 dead. It’s almost like the state to state. Leftist destroy everything they touch.

  • LUIS Garza says:

    It amazes me me how much attention is being placed on BLM on a daily basis while there’s a U.S. private female soldier missing since April and not a single word has been said about this : maybe it’s because she happens to be of Mexican decent? Human remains have been found and are believed to be hers. This murder happened inside a U.S. military base and has not gained the attention of National news broadcasters. Shame on you.

  • Joebid Touchkids says:

    I’m a leftist easily confused by basic math. If America does 500k test a day and another country does 120 test a day, if America reports more infected I believe it’s do to them definitely having more infected, even though countries like UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden and France have more death per capita. I would also have to believe Americans have super DNA because they have so much less death per infection or maybe we don’t know because countries aren’t testing the same amount of people.

  • heusker says:

    Matthew Martin was basically my best friend as a kid. 10:01 I hadn’t seen him in almost 30 years, and then suddenly he’s on the news, being interviewed by NBC as a U.S. Attorney.

  • Glen Chidley says:

    If pence were any sort of leader he would have been wearing a mask 5 months ago!

  • Jake Russell says:

    “Vote or Die”

  • Steven M says:

    What I don’t understand is why, since this all began, there has been not one person mentioning the obvious transmission medium known as cash money.

  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams says:


    • Madison Wheeler says:

      actually no it’s worse America is actually Babylon the Great mentioned in the Bible

    • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams says:

      @Madison Wheeler no its the tower of babble

    • Madison Wheeler says:

      @Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams no the tower is a literal tower where the tower is at I don’t know

  • EJ watcher says:

    You always get blood sucking, low lives around to take advantage of a crisis. HUMAN NATURE 😠

  • Rita Daniels says:

    Yes let him be punished for doing that kind of evil behavior there like that now they should not be turned down for that evil behavior there today now.

  • E P says:

    The worst president republicans and Russia could buy.

  • Displined Hunter says:

  • Thincow says:

    I have had it with these nurses. Playing the hero character.

  • Diecast collector 303 says:

    Don’t come to Colorado, we don’t want you here. We are on top of our game. Irresponsible people and governors.


    The accounts that Donald Trump is making surrounding the alleged Russian involvement with placing bounties on US soldiers whilst their at war is questionable. He seldom listens to intelligence forwarded his way. Just look at his negligible approach towards the corona virus and the management of this disease – he minimized and dismissed the information then when it was first brought to his attention at the beginning of the year – and look what he did at the time – nothing. I sometimes wonder why he wanted to become president if he seldom takes responsibility and acts in the interests of the American public. Obviously it’s hard and difficult to please everyone but you could at least make and show an attempt that you’re attempting to please everyone and draw a fine balance. Every political party has it’s advantages and benefits but I fail to see just what Donald Trump has accomplished during his presidency? Employment was already on the rise when he took the presidency so we can hardly ‘thank’ Donald Trump for an improvement in the economy. What i have witnessed since Donald Trump rose to power is his ability to disregard intelligence information, distance America away from it’s allies and neighboring countries and has made America a laughing stock for the world to laugh at – all at America’s expense.

  • Hawaiian gunner says:

    HCQ zinc FTW!!!!!

  • Oletta Wisemon says:

    ___Do I look that Dumb Biden??

  • Glock D says:

    Trump!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♪┌(・。・)┘♪

    • Glock D says:

      Yea that’s my victory dance getting it perfected for November..

  • Lynn Boynton says:

    Biden will add your naming dementia. Glad to.

  • Lynn Boynton says:

    He tops the list.

  • Lynn Boynton says:

    I hope it killing the progressive millions. Please let it shows.

  • Yuv Hai says:

    Hey, I am from Israel, one question: wth? wtf? what is going on there? since when americans started taking this type of carnage sitting? its just a virus, you called it a war, lets fight! come on lets fight! now!
    everyone else fought it…..

  • Lynn Boynton says:

    Abama and many have.

  • Lynn Boynton says:

    Why would they do that ..

  • Lynn Boynton says:

    Democat idiots they demand answers from Russia

  • Divine Angelic says:

    I don’t care about that stupid stay on Russia.

  • molson12oz says:

    Nancy Pelosi said Trumpoff is a hoax
    Bout sums it up for me

  • Leslie Moguel says:

    Yall gonna lie to the end. Distractions are not going to make amerkas murderous past be forgotten. The subject was reoarations

  • Leslie Moguel says:

    Fyveegee. The 1st wave was just the test run. I believe everyone has had, will have , or does have it. Only a FOOL with no regard for life would take this drug. There is NO safe vaccine & NEVER has been. Next the goddam chip

  • Jose Rodriguez says:

    There’s not going to be a vaccine

  • gdvibes1 says:

    Yeah we are all dead thanks to trump.What else you got???How is the job market? any jobs?

  • Nikki Travis says:

    “We’re WINNING!!!”😎🤢☠

  • zijkantroller says:

    Freedom to bleed agency.

  • Louis Ocampo says:

    Trumps only defense is to call stuff hoaxs and fake, easy way out has ALWAYS been his way! From Tax evasion, Bankruptcy, leaving worker’s dry! His “real” University 😂 the list goes on and on! Some people just can’t lose alone, they have to drag everyone they can with them! 😅

  • joe joser says:

    Fake news

  • Gerry Meneses says:

    Leadership failures.. Disappointing!

  • Deb M says:

    what is he talking about, Fauci has not been wrong on anything

  • Alysia Williams says:

    I hate wearing a mask but I use common sense to know that it could prevent me from spreading particles to anyone else.

  • William Smith says:

    Vegans have 3 times more chance of surviving the Covid-19 infection, as the research shows. Why don’t we ask patients to go Vegan (at least temporarily).

  • Eamon Gilbert says:

    Miguel doesn’t really talk like that right?

  • Victorious Victory says:

    Healthcare providers are you tired? Racing for a vaccine faster than an HIV cure. This must be race-related. I wonder if black lives are getting the trials? Should we get the vaccine like the hep B vaccines? All the healthcare workers should be the first to get the vaccine, not the public. President Trump doesn’t have to mandate me to save my own life. Rest in peace Elijah! Ladies, Why accept the money? Don’t take the money and write the book collectively ladies. Russia doesn’t want this smoke!

  • Spyrit2011 says:

    Use paypal to buy online, they will get your money back.

  • Ancient Engineer says:

    Does Fox News even cover the coronavirus pandemic? Maybe Fox is partly to blame here.