NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 2nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/04
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 2nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

U.S. records more than 50,000 new coronavirus cases for second day, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell arrested, and how wage and wealth gaps are hurting African Americans.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:34 Record 50,000+ New Cases In U.S. For Second Day
04:15 Explosion In Covid Cases Pushes Hospitals To The Brink
06:34 Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Accomplice Arrested
09:01 Testing Demand Soars As States Struggle To Keep Up
11:05 Record 4.8 Million Jobs Added In June After Spring Plunge
12:53 Elijah McClain Death: Officer Resigns In Photo Firestorm
13:36 WNBA Star Helps Free Man From Prison After 23 Years
17:57 Broadcasting Legend Hugh Downs Dies At 99
18:37 Does Air Conditioning Spread Coronavirus?

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 2nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



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  • bluezinnia847 says:

    Vote Blue, oust Trump and his affiliation partner Vladimir Putin! What fools you are to think this dufuss will bring you help!! OMG, what fool thou Art! I will puke on any and all Republican for being a traitor for American’s!

  • Samantha Devlin says:

    This news network just wants to pump fear into the American people. I’m ” WOKE” to the crazy bias in the news media. Its crazy!!

  • bluezinnia847 says:

    Republican’s are terrifying to all Americans… Jail these frauds!

  • Marsha Mercer says:

    If Maxwell ends up in the same jail she will die as well.

  • Dan Lauchengco says:

    Yeah the lost of job as Biden or anyone else say is it really Trumps fault ? What about you n all of you ? Do you think you can do better ? I don’t think so so shut up…this Corona Virus is not Trump’s fault

  • Butterfly Sky says:

    We never should of come out the House yet justing joy the holiday 🌍🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Gutchie Spencer says:

    Kim Kardashian must be kicking herself in the teeth that she’s not the one getting that attention….😝😷

  • ?:? says:

    5:24 come home to papa

  • Lynn Adamson says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid……make those students work in the hospitals where are the really ill people are……teach them a lesson.

  • D J says:


  • Butterfly Sky says:

    We look like we going back to the old days no A/C soon 🤣🥵🥶😡what next

  • Dan Lauchengco says:

    1918 Pandemic that’s how they defeated it…mask n social distancing on top of added WWI

  • Butterfly Sky says:

    Wow I was thinking about the A/C long time someone wood say something about the A/C next 🧠🙏🏽🌍

  • TametheTiger says:

    17:27 Is no body going to talk about this guy’s set up in the background?

  • Max Kronader says:

    More Communist propaganda.
    You notice that these anti-American leftist drones never talk about past flu seasons or about China’s involvement in the coverup of the Wuhan flu. No, it’s always America’s fault that Chinese Communists poisoned the world with the Wuhan virus.

  • john giglio says:

    “The press is our chief ideological weapon.”
    – Nikita Khrushchev

  • Septembers Whisper says: Way to go democrats, you can continue to slaughter and dismember babies, but sing in church, no way.

    • Susan Kay says:

      Dont make us cancel christmas! 👉🏻🎅

  • Exitof99 says:

    9:16 Sad that a reporter has to follow something Trump said with “that’s true”, because so much of what he says is BS.

  • Connie’s World says:


  • Connie’s World says:


  • Connie’s World says:


  • Jason Kukacka says:

    This Coronavirus bs is such a joke how can anyone take it seriously

  • Carolyn Reed says:

    Why is this c.virus when it be gone???

  • 199331939 says:

    A mask 😷 reduces o2 to your body and effects bodies performance!! All facts! I could understand a mask indoors but outside then your trying to control me!

    • Susan Kay says:

      Nope. Fi02 at normal barometric pressure is always 21%, masked or not. Your body will increase your respiratory rate naturally, to blow off excess C02.

      You may not _want_ to wear a mask, but using physiology to support your misinformation is both disingenuous and cowardly. Get your priorities straight, amd grow up.

  • birdlynn hubbard says:

    Foolishness is not attractive or smart.

  • John Omalley says:

    Did you see that house, that epstein girlfriend, paid in cash for.???? Who carries more than a million dallors, in their purse???

  • invisible guy says:

    To much freedom will suffered the virus

  • Dan Anthony says:

    Oh wow black American being left be hind from being hired ? I wonder why that’s happening.

  • invisible guy says:

    They thought they will die if they wear facemask

  • Russell Gong says:

    Americans should have done all the things in April as the Asian did 3 month ago.

  • Vera511 says:

    “for then there will be great tribulation  such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again.” (Matthew 24:21)

  • Ian Howell says:


    • Susan Kay says:

      Said no one, ever . . .

  • Gilbert Counts says:

    How badly could a group like Donny and the Trumpettes have mishandled this outbreak it seems almost intentional

  • Rando Dude says:

    I remember when the lockdowns and quarantines first started, at the time according to google the confirmed cases were at about 3.5 million. They then dropped to about 1.5 million. Now I know those numbers are not entirely accurate as some people don’t get tested but those numbers give us a rough estimate proving masks and quarantines work in combating a pandemic. Then the people started protesting the lockdowns and everyone told them to go home. Then people started protesting and rioting over the death of George Floyd, those people weren’t told to go home, in fact they were encouraged. Now cases according to google are about 2.7 million. I don’t have a problem with wearing a mask or people being in quarantine if they have covid. The problem I have is the blatant hypocrisy, telling one group protesting to go home but to tell another group protesting that they are perfectly fine.

  • Whirlwind S says:

    Too busy gun practicing and not reading or listening to an intelligent conversation.

  • Eric Wallace says:

    Thanks China.

  • Mark ! says:

    Maxwell will get wacked by the left she knows too much about corporate donor money and hollywierd

  • Tommy Alexander says:

    Please stop showing us the staff & dr’s, show us the people being treated in these overflowing hospitals…

  • Tommy Alexander says:

    ….and they are likely cutting hours because no one is in the hospitals

  • Leo Da Leon says:

    is it just me or all cases that they make light of people that are dying or dead are obese why ain’t mainstream news spreading the word for Better Health so if you get the virus you have a lot better chance of beating it but the mainstream media wants to blame it on the young healthy people!?!?!! I hate this culture of blaming your problems on other people!

  • Zakir Hassan says:

    back in april, we were shocked by NYC daily new cases up to 2k 3k….but 50k….sad….America have their freedom but to many American it wont last long coz u will not live that long to enjoy your sacred freedom….r.i.p America!!!

  • chad altenburg says:

    Why is half the segment dedicated to covid?

  • Zakir Hassan says:

    America health care is so bloated….big medical company and pharmacy are making billions of dollar not all American can afford for even simple flu or fever….and your goverment allow this big company to monopolise market. In Malaysia for a mere usd 0.25cent you can go to the goverment hospital for flu, fever even ears infection…. land of the free….. sad nothing is free…

  • Fumi Yama says:

    Please mandate face mask outside. No one is invisible

  • jerry V says:

    Its are own fault no one else’s americans don’t know how to listen that’s what we get we are to blame for our own.

  • ShotsFired andMissed says:

    hepa filters are expensive

  • lola johnson says:

    Wow! If they’re going to put her in the same jail, they’re setting her up for someone to take her life.


    Muahahahaahhahah – NBC the greatest propaganda media in USA tries to scare the people again with a virus which does not exist and everyone knows it.

  • Joet Jong Lim says:

    Send them to WH if there is no place at hospitals

  • Vinod Somareddy says:

    fear fear fear fear…story of the days

  • Mary Alexandria Mailler says:

    Now he begs. Now. Complete and utter incompetent. The SG should resign. Resign, please.

  • Brigitte de Roch says:

    I have been posting all the warning since February on the virus as well as that it is transmitted through air conditioners:
    I don’t know why both the people and the media do not listen to save their own lives when all the accurate information is provided to us along with the solution:

  • Ying Ying Wu says:

    The ad of Vitamin C is a lie about corn coming from China! We all know China buys million tons of corn from America where Trump’s supporters mostly reside, now suddenly America is using corn from China to make Vitamin C now? Who are you trying to fool? Those stupid people around you?

  • Oct agon says:

    There you go
    ..trump. petofiles and his daughter

  • Jay Kahekili says:

    if the communist chinese government weren’t so ignorant and shared the virus breakout in november ad “who” acted accordingly, i think we could have saved so many of our beloved Kupuna’s!! it is a virus. it is not anyone’s fault, but the communist chinese government should have been little more open to “who.” we have so many doctor’s and scientists that are so much intelligent, we could have had 3rd stage or final stage of vaccine tests being conducted by now. i want to know what happened to the doctors that were tying to share the pandemic in the early stages of the pandemic.

    • TheDragonSsJ says:

      The CCP got rid of them, makes sense why are media doesn’t cover them anymore. China has deep, deep pockets

  • KiddKain says:

    Thumbs up if she dies from Corona Virus or Suicide or some mysterious way before she speaks!!!

  • Parichehr Nasiri says:

    So, if you put Maxwell in same jail, with same guard, perhaps she will commit mandatory suicide too?

  • Linda Lakersfan says:

    I’d be so upset !!!!

  • FIT 4U says:

    You know America.. we laughed for years at your ignorance. But I think now, I speak for myself. I hope you all will be ok🙏 please just work together and be safe!!

  • Nancy Deis says:

    Its like this virus just came yesterday and they didn’t know about it. SHAME ON YOU AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. I feel so bad for those who are suffering. The lack of leadership and utter lies they spread is DISGUSTING.

  • Steven Bryant says:

    Texas: We”l follow Trump down the rabbit’s A-hole.

  • mohammad sareh says:

    Changing AC filter alone is not enough. The coil is where the dense pollution resides and must be cleaned regularly. Dirty coils contribute to asthma in all ages.

  • Tashae Tash says:

  • Gary Bone says:


  • Hans Lennros says:

    *Everyone of those newly detected 50,000 ‘novel’ cases will be well within 14 days.*
    Aside from a very tiny portion of which a majority will be well within another 14 days.

  • Yahye Nur says:

    Happy new 4 for jjuly

  • francis blodgett says:

    Alleged? All the lies you puke 🤢 and you say alleged! Your a piece of work Lester

  • Joe Zyzyx says:

    the only reason there are more cases of covid is because of increased testing, that’s all. Most are totally asymptomatic, and many others have mild cases. This is all very much over done. More a fear-demic than a worrisome pandemic.

  • clint michels says:

    Lmao…what 50000 flu cases. Omg enough w the bs. Nobody is dying unless you’re already one foot in the grave.

  • Kevin o brien says:

    Americans always best at everything ,, NO 1.

  • Dee Ess says:

    How much you want to bet that if Maxwell is put in same jail as Epstein she ends up “committing suicide” as well?

  • Shackartion Mchenry says:

    What about old bill? BS)) No justice

  • Diamond Ruby says:

    That’s why we say we can’t fixed stupid.
    If only Trump is working in the hospital front line .
    How Dare he telling people he is doing a great job?
    He is not, he not caring for people all he knew is how to keep him in the office.

  • Ms So says:

    Sigh… I really wish folks would actually listen to the doctors and nurses who have been dealing with this virus for months. They are still seeing people die from this. Even folks who recover, may have long term damage to their lungs, hearts, etc.
    We have to wear seatbelts in our cars. It’s not that hard to wear a mask and social distance for a few months to help stop the spread. But then I remember that we are a country filled with adult children instead of actual adults.

  • Sakura Kumari says:

    Herd immunity is working in USA. Very good!

  • V J says:

    how about supplying masks to those who can’t afford it? We now how this will be selectively enforced and who will be targeted

  • Sally Vi Serquina says:

    I am glad to see and hear that Biden cares. At least his attention is diverted and not looking towards small kids because I must admit he is creepy sometimes. Are they trying to build a case against the Pres using the girlfriend of Epstein? Or just a smear tactics to combat the scandal of Biden’s preference. Getting all the goosebumps how this is being handled. They keep attaching his name on the news with Creepy Bill . Well the right should prepare, must be wiser the second time. While I watch the comedic chops of both Right and Left as they screw their citizens once again.


    Bonjour monsieur et dame je suis heureure de voir le president trump sur cette page de video, merci.

  • Patti Hainline says:

    People being forced to go back to work & opening things up & also refuseing to wear masks is the whole issue! When asked now if i know anyone with covid-19? No their both deceased! 😨😨😨😱😱😱 masks people if not for you for the ones you love! 😷😷😷😷😷

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  • Makaila Jaiden says:

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  • Megan Gallagher says:

    Fake news

  • Scott Kraemer says:

    It’s time the hospitals start turning away patients with COVID. Why should doctors and nurses and their families be expected to be placed in harm’s way because of stupidity? Send patients home. Let them stay home suffer and die. When the host dies the virus dies

  • MD AFSER says:

    Habit Change.
    COVID Gone.
    All Food Hot Better.
    All time Hot Water.

  • Dawn Sylvester says:

    This is a plan pandemic it was planned when Obama was President dr. Fucci Bill Gates Rockefeller and a lot more China we’re all involved in this this is the plan they lock us down they give us a little leeway they see there’s a big break out again they lock us down again they’re trying to get out this vaccine they want everybody to take this vaccine for the distinction Aransas so we can drive so we can go to the store just like China don’t fall for this no more American people this is corrupt what was in the vaccinations HIV malaria in Corona it’s all out there the governor’s give us a little leeway and lock us down again this is a corrupt thing that’s going on we had a fight don’t believe in this coronavirus it’s inserted in people’s blood thank you dr. Fucci thank U China thank you Bill Gates and everybody else was involved in this it’s out there you have to do your research a lot of African channels know about this I’m letting this all known I don’t give a s*** no more watch this is the plan this is what they wanted this was all in the Rockefeller papers they probably took it down by now

  • Dawn Sylvester says:

    Texas Florida and everybody else shut down you Governors should be ashamed of yourself because you know this is a hoax and you know it’s in people’s blood be ashamed of yourself cuz you’re falling for the s*** you know this was planned you going to ride along with it so you’re just as guilty as the rest of them

  • Dawn Sylvester says:

    And those are all videos people those videos I’ve already seen that ain’t happening right now drive around your hospital see what’s going on do you research go inside see what’s going on don’t let these companies don’t let these people corrupt us don’t let them

  • Dawn Sylvester says:

    The test a false positive so a lot of people test false positive which means you’re negative they say it’s positive it’s not true be careful American people be careful of your surroundings and you higher up people look around you and use your brain you see what’s happening around the world it’s time to fight back

  • Dawn Sylvester says:

    For all the people who used to look up to taxes I’m ashamed to you

  • Dawn Sylvester says:

    Remember what I said it’s inserted in your blood probably from the free flu vaccine so I believe these people but it isn’t contagious like they say

  • Dawn Sylvester says:

    This is so corrupt dr. Fucci Bill Gates to be a shame to themself this was all in Rockefeller papers lock them down give him a little leeway and shut it down again what do you got going is getting paid for this I’m letting it all known it was all in the vaccinations it’s not contagious it was HIV malaria and one other thing this was all set up when when Obama was president open your eyes people the governors are going right along with it it’s time to fight it’s time to fight back you got protesters in the road fight and breaking into buildings we need to fight for this

  • Dawn Sylvester says:

    And you doctors oughta be ashamed of yourself you need to speak up you need to tell the truth you know what this is what’s going on you know this is an autoimmune disease you need to speak the truth you need to come out you’re just as guilty as the rest of them

  • Amazing videos says:

    Happy 4th of July 2020 🇺🇸 Be safe be smart wear a face mask and be safer vote no on Trump …

  • Marie Si says:

    Didn’t they say that this virus cannot survive high temperatures and would not be around in the summer? You can’t believe anything they say

  • le93ndary reviews2020 says:

    Actors ?

  • carloz middlemiss says:

    more fake news

  • Chaos Forever and always says:

    I live in WV and I can honestly say I haven’t seen a mask on a person in weeks now. I always have mine in anywhere I go. Always getting stared at like I’m doing something wrong!

  • Robert Herron says:

    Happy Meal….mask included