NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 3rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/05
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 3rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Three officers fired and one resigns over photos mocking death of Elijah McClain, new fears Fourth of July celebrations could spread coronavirus, and Washington NFL team to conduct ‘thorough review’ of name.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:34 Three Officers Fired Over Photos Mocking Elijah McClain
04:00 U.S. Death Toll Tops 130,000 On Fourth Of July Weekend
07:03 Trump Event Doesn’t Require Masks Or Social Distancing
09:05 Controversial NFL Team Name Under ‘Thorough Review’
10:44 Fear Of Covid Keeping Patients Out Of Emergency Rooms
12:53 Man Sets House On fire With Illegal Fireworks
13:19 Hong Kong Protesters Outraged By New Chinese Law
15:10 Special Prosecutor In Ahmaud Arbery Case Speaks Out
16:58 New Rules Of The Road During Summer Of Covid-19

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 3rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (106件)

  • Reuben Chin says:

    Very disturbing!! Hopefully people of this ilk are not in control of the U.S.!!!

  • Ashlyn art says:

    People need to be vetted and have continuous psychological testing before becoming cops, this is just sick. I know white people will justify this.

    • Cyrene the Cat says:

      OMG no they won’t. No one would justify this.

  • tony pack says:

    Put the DAM mask on!!👈👈🙊🙊🙊💯💯

  • Ashlyn art says:

    This reminds me of those photo that I see years ago with a black body hanging from a tree and whit white people all around smiling. Another lynching.

  • S. Roy says:

    Make mask wearing mandatory across USA to protect everyone.

  • S.R. Kesti says:

    The R*******s is definitely a racial slur. If they wanted to honor Natives/Indigenous people what would be a good substitute? I really like “The Braves.” I’ll be interested to see what they come up with.

  • charles schnell says:

    Aurora Police and/or Paramedics gave this young man ketamine? Unbelievable!!! A full investigation MUST be started. It’s really time, for 🇺🇸 all of us… As citizens of the greatest nation on planet 🌎 earth, take a long look at our law enforcement tactics. 99.9% of police are excellent, hard working people. Anytime a human life is lost by mistake and/or bad judgement, it is unacceptable. And, we are truly in a time that this needs to happen.

  • luigi 74 says:

    What is the recovery rate of covid-19 we always see the bad news how many cases are is surging while how many peoples recovered from that we never see that

  • Noan YoBiseniss says:

    And cops wonder why people call them pigs.

  • King Moto says:

    Call them Washington Natives!

  • Phyllis Smith says:


  • S. Roy says:

    Make mask wearing mandatory across USA to protect everyone. CUOMO & BLASIO MUST ACT QUICKLY TO PROTECT NEW YORKERS FROM SECOND WAVE.

  • ogeeche says:

    If only the virus only attacked Trumpers, people who refuse to wear masks, refuse to social distance, science deniers, the narcissistically selfless and overall dummies.

  • Rita Daniels says:

    With all these people outside there right now it’s terrible business that is going on here now because nobody is listening to the Government rude because they told us that we have to stay in doors but they outside right now with the fire works shoring lights outside there right now Why don’t these people listen to the Government rude for everybody else right now.

  • Up High says:

    He was an innocent angel, so polite, friendly and wholehearted fill with love. These devils (cops) not all just the demon possess ones murdered him. God don’t like ugly….

  • Shucks says:

    MURDERED. When I saw that video if this DISGUSTING officers injecting a skinny, mild mannered boy on the ground with s god dammed sedative,- It broke my heart hearing the story of Elijah. He was a child and he was MURDERED by a group of officers who better be indicted.

  • David Wild says:

    President Trump, what will you do in a second term?
    Er, Well, It’s a beautiful thing, when I got here to D.C. I didnt know anyone, and now no one wants to know me. First, as Divider in Chief, I will issue an executive order that will force the virus to magically disappear. Future stimulus checks will be traded for votes. Second, toppled Confederate statues will be perfectly rebuilt. American forces in Afghanistan will , oops, just one sec, gotta take this call. It’s my key advisor Putin calling providing me with new policy directives. Finally, in the next four years, I will have many many golf games at my many many resorts. So many golf dates, I can hardly wait!

    • Cyrene the Cat says:

      Lol it will be tremendous!

  • Rita Daniels says:

    They don’t want to believe anything else but it’s killing too many people here today. It’s so wrong about that kind of behavior problem there now.

  • Rita Daniels says:

    What is this happening right now because everybody seams to be doing their own thing and don’t care about anything else people are die every hour.Why .We just have to do whatever they want us to do just do it for us and your family members and friends too.

  • Rita Daniels says:

    What is in world going on this time no mukes for them to put on now Really wow 😳

  • Rick Berge says:

    HELLOOOOOOOOOO – Until America removes Republicans, conservatives, greedy capitalists, trump voters and Fox News from power, nothing will ever change in America!!!

    • Cyrene the Cat says:

      There would be no one left.

  • PililaCantos says:

    “I’m about as American as an apple pie!” 😂 😂 😂

  • kinabayong dagat says:

    Nobody cares about covid anymore lol

  • 120th Division Prepper says:

    We need to get rid of the bad cops I’m sure they’re listening and I’m sure they know who they are……. Add some psychological reviews on there application

  • meetpoorfor crowinsfo says:

    Since when do cops use injections??!! He wasn’t out of control!

  • Gly Edio says:

    Meanwhile, here I am watching Trump treating my childhood dream country as a joke.

  • Richard Rodriguez says:

    With Gate’s detailed Ted talk on this issue 5 years ago, and how
    much money he stands to gain; with the fact that this virus was man-made; with
    the fact that the covid case numbers and death numbers are being
    manufacture/inflated with policies to intentionally misrepresent them, how is
    this an actual pandemic? It would seem that given the irrational decision
    making & attacks against our world’s economies, something more sinister is
    going on. A manufactured virus with manufactured false case numbers indicates
    criminal intensions is afoot. This is not a pandemic but a crime scene.

    Some things to consider. The death numbers are fake.  The CDC got caught
    fraudulently padded their covid case number and was forced to do a recount.
    Reports showing that up to 50% of people tested are given a false positive for
    covid.  Research what the low standards are for ‘Probable Case
    Definition’, allowing almost any scenario/situation to meet the qualifications
    to be declared a covid case, which are added to the total covid case
    count.  Research the deceptive standards for what makes up a covid
    death  .
    Research how hospitals are getting paid to label death as covid related and
    more than double the amount if they use a ventilator.  You should
    investigate how and why the covid case numbers represents false cases and
    inflated number.  You’re being lied to.

  • spud2go says:

    8:47 – How about the ‘Transparent Epidermises’? That seems innocuous enough.

  • Santacruz Hippysurfer says:

    Trump must go ~ 🐧

  • Jukebox says:

    anyone who experience heart attack or stroke or recently have one please go please you should not be in far of the virius

  • Jukebox says:

    also why isn’t anyone in the UNITED NATIONS doing anything about hong kong isn’t supposed to be 1 rule 2 party



    • Cyrene the Cat says:

      It’s disgraceful.

  • Luckmore Katiyo says:

    USA must leave other countries alone. eg Hong Kong

  • Lynda Perdue says:

    The US is a mess!

  • Summer Sanchez says:

    The man they are mocking played the violen to kittens… was wearing a mask because of an illness and these mother f**kers are making fun of him!!!! #DefundThePolice

  • Sue Anderson says:

    Conduct unbecoming a human, that should be a charge.

  • altamims says:

    @NBC News, Can you please upload Nightly News Broadcast (Full) regularly and a little bit earlier?! There are days where you upload very late at night (news becomes history at this point). Hit likes for them to notice

  • Shaun Vegburger says:

    Abe Lincoln is the only person keeping distance from the other three at the Mt. Rushmore.

  • Ralanda Richard Boone says:

    America this is your invitation to the Midnight Drop Prayer Line: God is doing great things while on this amazing prayer line and at Midnight God has been dropping wonderful miracles!!! You don’t want to miss out take the time and make the call! 1-605 -472-5300 Acess Code# 535199 11pm Eastern time zone… It’s worth your time and effort!!! You won’t be disappointed The Lord Jesus Christ’s spirit is evident each and every night!!! This was supposed to be for one week but has now gone on for over two months now!!! This is every single night… Please don’t forget to mute your phones to eliminate background noise… Thank you! and God bless you! This is your time and moment in the spotlight of God himself shining the light of His Love upon your souls… Miracles, Signs, and Wonders are taking place Now!!!! There has been a cosmic shifting upon the earth and God is involved with shaping and transforming a better future for you and darkness will not win, You win! Your family wins! The Human race wins! We win! Trust God Hope in God!!! For the winning is indeed yours today!!! See you on, The Midnight Drop…ON NOW

  • WhatAreFacts says:

    How come nobody mentioned the role of the district attorney? He is the last and only defense against police brutality. Police and police union are going to do whatever to cover themselves up. District attorneys are the only means common people have to bring about some impartiality. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases/places district attorneys are the ones to blame because they let things happen without serious consequences.

  • Shaun Vegburger says:

    I will not be surprised if Herman Cain claims that Muslims gave him Corona virus.
    This Pizza man has wrong mix of toppings.

  • Cyrene the Cat says:

    The Surgeon General is a sellout. As a doctor he should be ashamed of himself.

  • Nancy Valladares says:

    Straight to the point news.
    I don’t trust news but the start was dead straight on
    No nonsense seemed credible good reporting.
    Good anchor work!

  • nigel lei says:

    the district attorney and coroner in the Mcclain case need to get fired.

  • Rb M says:

    That doesn’t look like their mocking her death. Wtffff


    He is right. It’s not a yes or no answer. Every individual needs to take responsibility.
    You can tell the frustration on his face.

    • Cyrene the Cat says:

      He’s a sellout. From a medical perspective it IS a yes or no answer. He’s supposed to give the best medical advice, not wishy-washy politispeak.


      @Cyrene the Cat, even if he says, yes will everyone in America do what he says? Remember the first thing that comes to our mind as a American is the word FREEDOM, because of freedom we think we can do whatever we want to do.
      Examples, we need to wear a mask when we’re going among people but others are not.

  • Mary S. says:

    Those cops have NO conscience, NO souls , they’re NOT humans .

  • FamilyFirst!! says:

    1. Surgeon general has no balls. Shame. He fears that trump won’t approve.

    2. So sad to hear of that 38 year old Husband and father dying .

  • Ray Ibo says:

    How someone can smile after causing a death of any soul, special an innocent one.

  • Cesar Ordaz says:

    Herman Cain

  • Ray Ibo says:

    Elijah was way better human then combine those police officers and their families.

  • Gregulator says:

    Is anybody really surprised?
    Policing in Donald Trump’s America.

  • Gregulator says:

    We’re in the fight of our lives and we have a president who thinks the whole thing is a hoax.


    Only a shame because they got caught

  • Patrick Quinn says:


  • carla turner says:

    hate theses people and station all they are doing is trying to build the race problem

  • Shane Cormier says:

    Do you really think those officers were “making light” of that kid’s death? Or were they doing what millions of other men have done and put their friend in a rear-naked chokehold and snap a photo.

  • YOTA 27 says:

    Why do black people hate white people? The whites are very, very good.

  • breakaway2x says:

    wow so american news is now 80% about black news.

  • Trevor Jones says:

    slimy . they are so slimy with people’s lives. I feel sorry for the americans. Your government is abusing you

  • royale44 says:

    I mean… just gotta watch em burn now, no? What else you gonna do, they wont listen.

  • Fanny Beuchat says:

    No, no, no Hong Kong will be please to send all riots to England 🤣😂🤣

  • Constance Jones says:


  • Randall Trantham says:

    staged fireworks; so much for displays in the future

  • Cute LadyBug DrSBMid says:

    It is these types of officers, the members of the KKK, clearly, that make us feel they are all like that. Why aren’t these people in jail? Who hired them and why did they not know they were sociopaths?

  • Satria Melayu Terakhir aka Red Alpha says:

    I hope my policemen not like them.

  • Cute LadyBug DrSBMid says:

    If the name “Redskins” means honor and respect, why not change it to the Washington Pinkskins? Wouldn’t that be equally as honorable? Learn to empathize folk. Put yourself in someone else’s place and stop being stuck on stupid.

  • Agni Ban says:

    Fire the Police Chief NOW! She is oblivious of that Police Department’s Operations. Then punish those four miscreants and Killers of the poor boy in an unprecedented fashion to make a sterling example of what real punishment can be like if laws and human rights are flagrantly are violated.

  • The Reality check check says:

    The news media is the worst. Liars and more lies. They do nothing but cause division. Speak truth.

  • Blank Blank says:

    Most cops are just like mafia with a badge. Abuse their power and completely useless when you need them

  • julie araiza says:

    I read the rules of engagement for active military who are in the middle east and the police should absolutely be required to use them.
    Anyone with a weapon not being pointed at them can ask for the individual to put it down n. The subject doesn’t have to comply and can walk away without any repercussions. If they decide to fire ob the subject they are hauled before a military court and charged with murder. Period.

  • Fonz Productions says:

    Learn truth about media

  • Ola Dapo says:

    What the heck of a difference does “We are ashamed” make? Wake up people…this is a systematic media plot to make swarthy people appear absolutely hapless and helpless at the mercy of the superior paler shade of “white”. Total Nonsense!!!

  • julie araiza says:

    I hope this time change actually happens.

  • cheng zhu says:

    Of course not safe to travel in current time. News shows how seriously the situation takes up, although many of them gathering together without mask! Do you see these doctors and nurses armed completely?

  • Regina Santos says:

    The officers will proberly get a job in the Trump administration….

  • BossMan says:

    The doctor says put the dam mask on ,but he’s not wearing one man laughing in background and on the other side Trump says no mask no social distance WTF🤔. Doctors should protest. Hong Kong there goes the neighborhood. Covid 20 sec wave.

  • Joaquin Praveen Vishnu says:

    Ski mask bro?

  • Linda Terry says:

    How can the cause of death be undetermined? He was alive after the police had him then the medics gave him a shot. I wonder how long he was in the hospital for before he died. There’s always a possibility of an Angel Nurse or medical malpractice.
    The cops are dumb but they shouldn’t be fired. They’re majorly stressed out.

  • J.R. 48 says:

    After listening to those women , now let’s talk about the trump heritage .

  • Ron Wuerch says:

    What A Bunch Of Losers On MSNBC.

  • Zeppytrue Dove says:

    Tolerated killing looting riots but dont tolerate beach goers n ppl celebrating is madness cv 19 was spread by RIOTERS cv 19 has incubation period of 2 weeks


    They say he died days later but I seen footage of the officers being told at the murder scene that he’d died! So what gives.

  • Romeo Francis says:

    Babylon is falling,they do not See iT yet,ws is over

  • Askar Niko02 says:

    Got it .

  • ManEqualsChimp says:

    All those doctors and health care workers are true heroes. Trump is a coward. Shame on him.


    The officers should be arrested and charged with murder period !!!

  • Dozilla says:

    No news about China VS India? Not even a slight mention? I gotta tell you I’m disappointed

  • Stephanie Jackson says:

    Myself and my daughter and son but my daughter beers the resemblance or we have a distant relation with Rosa Parks…
    . Nya Reign Jackson

  • Mohamed A. Hussein says:

    i can’t watch this…

  • Ciao Jeff Italia says:

    When a “Blue Life” speaks, you stop and listen. Don’t challenge and there is no problems.

  • Norma Hernandez says:

    People in America Please wear a MASK…be responsible. Our care givers deserve our respect and consideration!!!! Peace

  • J. F. I. says:

    “Mount RussiaMore”

  • J. F. I. says:

    “President Clump” 😁👍

  • J. F. I. says:

    🎶”Saturday In The Park”🎶~ Chicago

  • Ms So says:

    Instead of worrying about changing team names, how about supporting the actual native american communities in this country which are forgotten and invisible. Many reservations are still dealing with decades of poverty. They are not allowed to open or start certain businesses due to restrictive and ridiculous government rules…so unemployment is high.

  • CaliGaming says:

    Can we just have the fbi

  • Allen Todd says:

    Anybody who yells racist, is a racist!