Warren Buffett: The insurance business has been the most crucial factor for our growth

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Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett and Vice Chairman Greg Abel discuss the risks of capital-intensive businesses, including the railroad it owns. Insurance, which is a less capital-intensive business, has been key to Berkshire’s growth, Buffett said.

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8 thoughts on “Warren Buffett: The insurance business has been the most crucial factor for our growth

  1. zxcvbn Reply

    Lots of MBAs, nobody works.

  2. John Johnson Reply

    “Control of both houses and the presidency”. Is that what he thinks? ☺️

  3. 🌟 The Investor Center - Learn Investing Reply

    Buffett is the best investor of all time. I could listen to him talk all day

  4. 🌟 The Investor Center - Learn Investing Reply

    Berkshire is going to do just fine in the future

  5. Kyle Edwards Reply

    He really shouldn’t worry about the Dems winning the House and Senate.

    • Neilski Angliski Reply

      Buffett is a Democrat himself. The markets also did better under Obama than Trump and that’s not including the recent crash due to Corona. The stock market has never paid much attention to which party is in the White House.

  6. Mohammad Faiz Reply

    Wrong title. He barely spoke about insurance. The title should be around capital intensive businesses.

  7. F3ND1MUS Reply

    Youre really something special.

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