NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/11
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Trump blasts CDC guidelines in push to reopen schools, parents grapple with mixed messages on sending kids back to school, and United Airlines warns employees of 36,000 possible involuntary furloughs.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:29 Trump Blasts CDC Guidelines On Reopening Schools
02:59 Trump Threatens To Cut Funding If Schools Don’t Reopen
04:10 New York City Plans To Reopen Schools Part-Time
04:58 Texas Gives Parents Choice For At-Home Learning
05:51 Debate Raging Across America Over Reopening Schools
06:09 How At Risk Are Children Of Being Infected With Covid-19?
07:23 Hospitals Overwhelmed By Massive Coronavirus Surge
07:53 Testing Demand Soars As Some Wait Weeks For Results
09:15 States Struggle To Ramp Up Contact Tracing
09:58 Supreme Court Upholds Birth Control Exemption
10:56 Key Impeachment Witness Alleges “Bullying’ By Trump
11:38 United Airlines Warns Of 36,000 Potential Layoffs
13:32 New Transcripts Of George Floyd’s Final Moments
14:06 Protests Erupt Over Alleged ‘Attempted Lynching’ Video
16:22 New Study Finds Systemic Bias In Jury Selection

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (106件)

  • badlooz says:

    Um… with fewer children in the classroom… does that mean there will be more classrooms??? Or will some children just not go to school? Maybe they will have a 2-day schedule with kids rotating school attendance days? Yup… more thought has to be put into this.

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

      They did say that kids will rotate days of physical attendance. But the school systems will be the ones setting up how it will work, so it might be different from state to state, just like the quarantine guidelines were/are.

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    It is the media that is lying. Here in AZ we have plenty of hospital beds and ICU beds. The system here is corrupt, everything possible is being listed as covid, testing is duplicated and a large number of cases that we are seeing are those coming up from Mexico . Here is a radio show host that has several different pod casts and additional info. on all this check out his facebook as well for charts and other podcasts to listen to all the stories of fraud going on here.

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

      Yeah, I have a friend in Arizona, too. Several in fact. And they say otherwise. Sorry, I’m going with MY friends, not yours. Oh, and the published reports.

    • Septembers Whisper says:

      @AbsentWithoutLeaving If you were so wise an informed you could actually look us the stats for yourself. You need not take anyone’s word for it, the stats speak for themselves.

  • MRO MYM says:

    i keep mine at home and i don’t care what anybody say

  • Yola Montalvan says:


    • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

      Well, jeez, don’t keep us in suspense, person from the future!

    • Yola Montalvan says:

      @AbsentWithoutLeaving – Baaaah!

  • Kelley Greene says:

    Unfortunately for Trump, this is NOT his call! Common sense prevails! I cannot believe the CDC is this incompetent. Our “leaders” are a JOKE

  • A R says:

    “…white men pinning him to a tree?” 🤔 So you didn’t notice the WHITE WOMAN? Interesting…

  • just me11 says:

    Too tough? his response to Covid wasn’t tough and look where we are… if his base want to cont. to support this clown then by all means send your kids… we’re good.

  • chinookvalley says:

    Thank god for the kindness of strangers.

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    Fauci green lights RNA therapy vaccine but down plays HCQ even though he knew about its effectiveness for covid years ago. The guy is a fraud and the left idolizes him. The media will lie to us even if it means our lives.

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

      Ohhhhhhh, well, then! “” is giving us ‘the truth,’ eh? THAT’S where you get your unimpeachable facts? lol
      Clinical trials on both hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir are ongoing. You simply cannot widely distribute throughout a general population a drug that MAY be effective in treating a condition, especially when the proposed drug has serious side effects up to and including death. BTW, clinical trials are always looking for volunteers…if you feel that strongly about it – have YOU volunteered?

  • ADJ says:

    I like the way that this channel pumps out truth quickly in a virtually edible form. Thanks <3

  • Shakira Bells says:

    online school is the safest way than you send your kids in school this is the virus killing humans being and thiers no vaccine yet

  • Singing Playlist says:


  • Queen Janeway says:

    Schools have been open in Sweden this whole time, and no increase of infection in teachers or schoolchildren. It’s ok.

  • MyVideo Buddy says:

    The last story is heartbreaking. Kudos for the man catching that child. The city should honor him and his friend.

  • Kayla D says:

    First masks don’t work, now they do. First six feet apart now it’s not that important. this virus is apparently deadly enough to shut down the whole country and almost crashed the economy but we’re going to send our most vulnerable group of people back to congregate together with less adult supervision because there is one adult / 20 children. No way. Not my kids.

  • Caleb Phillips says:

    Those two men at the end of the video are heroes. Genuine heroes. Bravo!

  • Rodrigo Lerena says:

    2:24 The stupidity of this guy is unreal. So the experts on this are wrong? What a joke, both President & Vice President are stupid af.

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Oh, brother. I can guarantee you that the same people refusing to cover contraception in their health care provisions are the ones all over the internet whining like hyenas about the poverty-stricken having too many babies. Those self-righteous souls will meet their maker at the Gates, and he will be hitting that trap door button faster than they can thumbs down this comment.

  • josh oxford says:

    We could all take some notes from that child being saved… that’s what the news should consist of. That actually put some of my faith back in humanity

  • Lisa Davy says:

    I bet Trump’s kid isn’t going to join the rest of the children in a public school

  • Ron Willemsen says:

    Just a thought… socialization development can be caught up on… dead kids, then I guess mental health doesn’t matter anymore

  • Avon Danielle says:

    Children could be silent spreaders or super spreaders like Typhoid Mary and take it home to their family and the rest of the community either we’re isolating or we’re not protect our kids. They also said that the average age was what 65 to get this and now look at all the young people with it just because I don’t know it’ll fix kids right now doesn’t mean they might figure it out later

  • Derek Anderson says:


  • Saints Warning says:

    oorah devil dog!

    -Semper Fi

  • Veaceslav Baciu says:

    That guy that almost died had time to take a selfie ?

  • mark cottrell says:

    About the white people on the black man. I’m not saying this is right in any way BUT if you’re going to tell the story TELL THE WHOLE STORY AND NOT JUST WHAT YOU WANT US TO HEAR!!

  • Drew S. says:

    @Brendon Woods, then according to your logic all people have the right to distrust lawyers, prosecutors and defense lawyers because lawyers are distrustful and crooked

  • hd says:

    We didn’t have enough testing or contact tracking back in March, unfortunately, we still don’t have them now.

  • Virus Untreated says:

    Maybe I’m crazy but the scene at the end looks like the kid has clothes on while falling the had no clothes on when he was being carried? Look for yourself….play in slow mo and pause it when needed

  • Deedoc says:

    SAY WHAT! Trump may have to finally disclose to us how much he’s truly worth, and whether or not he is guilty of personal payoffs? I smell a another impeachment or a lost of the presidency to Joe Biden on election night. 👃

  • luis randy says:

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  • Emmet Ray says:

    I am not surprised one bit to find out that United is pulling this crap. They should receive a bill for that money they pocketed while they destroyed the livelihoods of their workers. Stop giving away our hard earned tax dollars to fat rich corporate pigs.

  • Blair Meerfeld says:

    How would orange know about learning

  • Eva Daly says:

    Just put your judgement if it was the other way around, but since it wasn’t this is the result no arests, delayed results. We have to look at the ugly truth and deal with it, Change has to come.

  • justin case says:

    What happened to Skype, zoom is great if you need live video feed, the gov. Idiots obviously have no charactor, create a platform that can fit every coriculum, these clowns talk as if being present in a school environment is relivant at a time like this, parents can monitor their childrens educational courses with their kids an it would be a safe environment at home, you’ll have real live teachers teach on live feed or be recorded at a convenient time that suitable for the child or individual, this would be a great time for you tech hesds to create an offer your talent in creating new platforms for learning technics, come on America dont let them win fight back an change this dead end system, lets fight to enforce more ads on educating our youth, nothings gonna happen if we dont take action.

  • Michael Ojeda says:

    Of course, try getting special education students to social distance and wear masks in the classrooms. Impossible, not going to happen!! Not that the Devil in the Oval Office cares.

  • Bill G says:

    Yeah, we need a monster to tell us what’s safe. I wish trump nothing but the worst. And the real first lady Mike Pence..

  • Teresa Maria says:

    What a beautiful blessing from God watching that little boy be thrown to safety and the brave young man whom caught him….just a wonderful selfless act. ❤️

  • Fumi Yama says:

    Send children by number of last name letter by or per day or certain day.
    Example: A-L : Mondays, M-Z Tuesday….etc
    or: A-L: Mondays morning, M-Z Mondays Afternoon…etc
    Days or sessions that students are not attend will be vitual
    It will reduce student number in classroom and social distance

  • Kevin Is #1 says:

    Government trying to start a race war don’t let them get in your head

  • marci king says:

    I’m a grandmother ready to home school my grandkids one of whom is immunocompromised.

  • James Reeves says:

    Thuse who caught baby are heros sorry for mothers loss

  • bobby says:

    What’s the deal with lester’s lower lip?😁

  • Chrissy Randolph says:


  • LT LT says:

    Bless them for running in and catching that baby! It’s a shame the mother didn’t make it.

  • A. Cheese says:

    “RUMP” talking about education: another relevent subject he knows nothing about, reflects his obvious incompetence. He should be forced out of office immediately. Trump is a sad, weak, sorry

  • David Zwicker says:

    If you’re afraid of bullies I don’t want you running the military and thank god he didn’t spike that catch. Looked close for a second

  • av mail says:

    What was the point of having Dr John Torres on. Brought zero information to the table. thanks

  • Fonny Lau says:

    President Trump is wrong. He only care about his re-election and he does not care about the death of the !20,000 American now nor death of students , teachers and stuffs. So the people
    who die of Covid-19 , their families should sue President Trump for their damages.

  • Grandfather Clock says:


  • SuperAsianDriver says:

    If school funding is already at zero how can you take away more funding

  • A. Cheese says:

    Jussy Smollett?

  • dadon says:

    the only way to test that many people (4 million a day) is to use this >>

  • Tres Patines says:

    Thank you Lester

  • LeavingIt Blank says:

    “We don’t want the guidance from the CDC to be the reason schools don’t open.”

    In other words, “We don’t want appropriate protective measures in place.”

  • LeavingIt Blank says:

    Why are they blurring the faces of those people in the Vauxx Booker video? They’re absolutely guilty! They shouldn’t have their identities protected. ABC didn’t blur their faces.

  • Julie Casey says:

    Covid 911 video must see to believe

  • Jessica Djonne says:

    Hero’s caught on tape! Now these are the stories of our brothers that we want to see! Thank you! What a catch, still tears blurring my vision as I write to thank them for their heroic actions!!!

  • gd bracken says:

    Marine should get a medal, president needs prying out of the white house and arresting for a whole load of offences to humanity and truth.

  • gdvibes1 says:

    yeah we all gonna die Trumps fault.Stay inside be safe

  • Ed says:

    If kids go. Back to school they will become carriers and take it home to their families

  • Bridget Moody says:

    So United executives are hard hit with furloughs as well?

  • tamoon sonalin says:

    Thanks to save that boy

  • Rob reviews Tech says:

    A white man tying a black man to a tree?. This type of thing hasn’t happened in over 60 years in The United States of America and now all the sudden during a nationwide race war you want US Citizen to believe that these situations aren’t fabricated by the media or politicians?. This race war is 100% politically motivated and it was started by George Soros!.

  • Métiers International says:

    They “don’t know” if children can spread the virus? if a student is infected and coughs on another student who happens to be a “human being”, does the virus stop in mid-air first and take the time to determine how old the “human being” is before deciding where to land? What if the student who is coughed on is 16 years old and happens to physically be the same size as the teacher? Couldn’t the virus then become confused at that point and make the decision to land on the 16 year old human being without realizing that this adult-sized student is not quite an adult yet? Or are all students immune to this virus no matter what their size…And what about the school staff, who are usually full-grown adult human beings?  

    OR, is it that the lives of students and school staff just don’t matter…?

  • Granny Gooch says:

    And don’t forget how many students that have an autoimmune disorder that the parents don’t even know. I know this because my daughter of 33yrs past away from multiple sclerosis this year, she had MS in 10th grade and I didn’t even know the signs and symptoms.

  • Porcsha Smoody says:

    There is a vaccine. Why are they keeping it from us?

  • Gerardo Lira says:

    The enemies of the United States are licking their chops. We look foolish on the world stage. Running short on PPE, short on testing, no plan and outright denial from 50% of Americans and the current administration. No end in sight!!!

  • Mysteriouz Cat says:

    #45 must OUT from the office in November!

    (In fact: #45 hates Lester Holt too…. It means, he is a RACIST!)

  • Mysteriouz Cat says:

    Absolutely DISTURBING! Here’s another pinned choker again….. And all because of TRUMP’S RACIST PRODUCTS, IT’S DIVIDING AMERICA!

    Last time, at a restaurant. There was a CEO of a giant tech company in San Francisco, CA was caught on camera, he middle fingered to an Asian family (they are Filipinos), he attacked them and the waiter of said restaurant was so mad at him and she kicked him out to the restaurant…. A few hours later, he apologies to the victims but it was too late for him!

    #45 OUT!

  • Mysteriouz Cat says:

    Oh my! That’s the good one but the mother of the child did not survived from the fire…. I just seen on FB yesterday…. I am sad for that.

  • Vlad B says:

    No one is even worried about the children but are about their parents and grandparents. There’s no way that the kids will not bring covid home…schools are basically sewer hot tubs.

  • C. Sphire says:

    Is it safe to go back to school this fall? The short answer is no.
    But the question I ask is, how come there has been little to none mobilization and planning to continue at homeschooling?
    Schools had all summer to come up with various action plans and now it seems they’re scrambling last minute for solutions.
    The sad fact is this is not going to magically go away. Face reality already!

  • Michael Sanchez says:

    CDC should realize that POTUS will not be here long enough for his threats to matter! His threats and Lies won’t matter when he’s not around-

  • Sean Noriega says:

    I wonder how many times the pregnant lady whose stomach he out that knife to said “please do not hurt me”.

  • Sean Noriega says:

    I wonder how many lazy, and spoiled parents who don’t want to be bothered with their own children will send their children out into the worst pandemic in 100 years, and then want to blame Trump when they get sick, or die

  • Truth Lover says:

    Why Is Everyone On TV So Weird Looking And Ugly??? I Thought TV Was A Place For Beautiful People…..

  • Roberto Katindig says:

    A very nice ending of this ending and a good start to my friday

  • Paul Kelley says:

    America has two alternate realities. There’s this and there’s Trump rallies
    Paul Kelley
    Paul Kelley
    50 minutes ago
    Trump is the Virus hopefully somebody will pull a JFK on him but this time the bad guy loses not the good one that could have changed the world for good
    Trump killed us all People and ruined America forever the damage is done the worst is yet to come with the more aggressive mutating second wave coming were in big trouble big time specially being so weakens by trumps disaster plan to contain the virus 2 months ago when he had a chance to stop it from getting past 1000, and then opening America at the worst time when the lockdown was starting to work but all cares about is money and the stockmarket Trump is trying to create a pandemic big enough to cancel the election. So he can become dictator.

  • Mark Robertson says:

    It wasn’t long ago when they were saying that the Coronavirus was causing some other illness in children, but now they claim it doesn’t affect them and there’s no evidence to suggest they are transmitting it. They are human.
    Things don’t add up here and when things don’t add up it’s because it don’t.

    There’s no evidence that children are driving the transmission of the virus..
    They are humans are they not?

  • Todd Adams says:

    Identify those men that attacked Mr.Booker arrest them prosecute them and JAIL them

  • David Torres says:

    And why nbc and cbs always show black people doing good deeds what about us latinos or asians or whites??

  • Gordon Welford says:

    What those guys did was amazing! Tragic ending, but it could have been much worse if it wasn’t for those real heroes.

  • jacob madar says:

    You really gonna make people take there kids to possibly get sick

  • jacob madar says:

    Trump been saying this whole time it’s under control it still isn’t. Kinda like what the country if came from did.

  • Donny Mathis -Topic says:

    I have grandbabies and am concerned about them going back to school . I am praying for us all that all I can do

  • David Stone says:

    🚨 Let’s not forget Communist China gave the United States and the World 🌎 Chinese coronavirus 🦠 not President Trump. Don’t buy Chinese products most of them are cheaply made and end up in the trash 🗑. Boycott China made products that will send them a message for sending us Chinese coronavirus 🦠 besides now they’re brutalizing protesters in Hong Kong violating their promise to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • linda mcdermott says:

    The schools can only open if parents and teachers work together to make it happen…. teachers should not have to do everything ie buy supplies and monitor social distancing alone.. Just like anything else in this country if we can work together it will happen.

  • linda mcdermott says:

    It is BARBARIC what happened to Mr. Booker in Indiana. How ashamed we are of those ignorant people who attacked and yelled those indignant words!

  • Joe Smith says:

    Why is that rich white guy on MSNBC Brian Williams still on the air?

  • Ylara Kuh says:

    USA reopening schools??? Hah, good luck to that!


    For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins that who so ever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life

  • Dilip Chatri says:

    Dilip k chatri
    How did people please somebody had people please no money no problem no money no nothing so much Coronavirus that is too much people died no please help me my China nothing

  • Fat Albert says:

    NBC wants your kids to stay home so you can’t go to work. Then they will self-righteously claim that it’s Trump’s fault for not acting soon enough. These are YOUR kids thet they’re doing this to. Are you willing to give up their future along with your job just to get Alzheimer’s Joe elected to the White House? CoVid-19 stats show deaths down, recoveries up. NBC is lying to you. See the real stats here:

  • Emely Pogorelec says:

    Omg so 😥

  • Zizou Tthans says:

    How about asking students how they feel about it aswell, don’t they get a say in this

  • Zizou Tthans says:

    Threatening to cut school funding should be a crime, education and health care shouldn’t be a negotiation where we cut money from them. It’s sickening that anyone thinks this is ok.

  • MariaTeresa Bissinger says:

    I’m glad to hear people saying things on the news that reflect how a scientist would view a problem. Saying “There’s no information that children spread the virus” is a completely different statement than “We aren’t studying children, so I can’t answer that, because I don’t have ANY data to go by”. Thank you for allowing someone to make that distinction.

  • MariaTeresa Bissinger says:

    Why did you blur the faces of the people in the video???? That is unacceptable, they should be shown on the video, because that’s them doing something public.