NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 7th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/11
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 7th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

U.S. approaching 3 million coronavirus cases, Trump book written by estranged niece contains shocking claims, and Tom Hanks speaks out about coronavirus pandemic.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:34 U.S. Nears 3 Million Covid Cases, Over 131,000 Deaths
04:43 Florida Orders Schools To Reopen Next Month As Cases Soar
05:53 Trump Vows To ‘Pressure’ Governors To Reopen Schools
07:52 Why Are U.S. Cases Surging But Death Rate Remains Low?
09:43 Brazil’s President Tests Positive After Downplaying Risk
10:17 Inside Bombshell New Tell-All Book By Trump’s Niece
12:30 Video Shows Police Fatally Shooting Man In Parked Car
14:21 How Safe Is The Air On Board Passenger Planes?
17:55 One-On-One With Tom Hanks

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 7th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (100件)

  • Chase Iphone says:

    Lies 🇺🇸

  • Tiffany Fichtenbaum says:

    the virus being as politicized as it has been caused a huge distraction for politicians to do what they needed to do ,

  • lcso81 says:

    Very sad that Tom survived Covid…..should have took him out…

  • lcso81 says:

    Garcia got justice…

  • Jesse Bernard says:

    Living your life in a state of constant 😱 fear of invisible enemy’s while consuming poison like Sodium Phosphorus and eating your food off Teflon cook wear is more harmful than Covid19.
    Not addressing the BRITISH GOVERNMENT intrusion into US Government and its House and Senate Mossad Government is the Fatal VIRUS!!!

  • Steph C says:

    They way he says “corona virus” creepy but I like it lol

  • Mary Brown says:

    People can social distance and wear mask though that won’t save a person life. There all kind of other illnesses that can cause a person to die. Like vehicle accident’s,plane and train’s crashes,tornados,flood’s,hurricane. You can be walking down a street and a vehicle run into you. We’re not promised another day. Looks,smartness or money won’t give us another day. Our lives are in the hands of GOD. Isolation isn’t going to stop someone from dieing. We all need to get right with GOD. And He won’t let people destroy America. Where was the concern about protester’s jammed up like sardine’s with no mask and leaving a message to be cleaned up? They didn’t care about the Corona virus. No one lives forever regardless how what precautions we practice. We need to get right with GOD and be ready to go when he calls our number.

  • casey simmons says:

    Public Education system should open because….. OBVIOUSLY
    *MONEY**** your kids are to sacrifice so Betsy Devos can scam the PE System

  • Michael Ros says:

    If there’s something weird,
    And it don’t look good.
    Who you gonna call?
    —>>>> “JOE BIDEN”

  • Velvet Parker says:

    She has no motive shes telling the truth in that book

  • SeriousTimes says:

    I just wonder what its like to loose your mind over a fake Plandemic…..

  • P.B. Maverick says:

    Just love the way this media outlet’s opening monologue is always riddled with 100% doom and gloom. Omg! the sky is falling everyday

  • Uashiyah El yisrael says:

    Fake news spreading fear thru this plandemic

  • Evelyn Orta says:

    I completed my last 3 years of high school homeschool and it was better than public school. I’m starting my first year of college but I don’t want to go out there until the school is safe, because I have a chronic lung disease.

  • Dan Mckenny says:

    I believe in Vermont where numbers are so low is only because testing is something Dr’s are avoiding because it wouldn’t look good and most just want to stay at home and get full pay to call you on the phone also I believe our testing is still from china. unreal I came into emergency 3 times and never was testing suggested they only diagnosed me with lyme when I blew up in bullseyes the students are manning the ER. thank god. what else I have wasn’t explored with a simple test on the spot..Why wouldn’t they screen me for it when I was so sick. I have been compartmentalized and dehumanized because I was treated with pain meds after a head injury…3 times people vomiting joint pain and many other symptoms. My grandfather was a DR. the real thing he rowed across floods to deliver a kid in 1927 and during the depression he traded services for what someone could afford some honey from the bee hive or a chair carefully crafted. it wasn’t about the money and law suits there was noting exchanged sometimes and he would work on that person as diligently because he had a oath. I feel the same is lost to so many people in positions who take oaths. the money and power corrupt.

  • MRO MYM says:

    well you put your son first and i keep mine at home



  • Muscles Mouse says:

    Florida is a crazy

  • Dan Mckenny says:

    P.S. we all need to stop and have an open mind, empathy, use common sense and gratitude for all that is good and all that we have I have been happiest in my life when I had nothing I was free from it all.
    it is ok to disagree with others and speak your mind it is not ok to work for the nation and work to split it thru lies and disinformation. I appreciate history and respect the civil war all participants it was and will never be again the civil war that is .. The USA is a great nation. when a great battle ends both participants were respected for each sides belief in statues or art work. So many had to die to get to a point of the belief. there is room in the world for us all.

  • te ga says:

    my kids and i were always so healthy and the only time they got sick is from school where everyone was sick and passing it around.

  • Compass Amour says:

    None of this makes sense to me. If this thing is a bad as they say it is, then why are they so eager to open up schools? 🙄

  • Richard Lapanne says:

    I got married at the wrong time an wrong year for my wife to live with me in canada.this virus has stopped us from being together an her son.she cant take a plane now an niether can i to see her.who know if we will ever be together😞😞😞

  • rumbellefever says:


  • lithium darko says:

    So why dont they just give the kids 1 year of no school to prevent a rise in cases they can easily just do home school what’s so hard in that, they are just gonna let the virus mutate if they can’t get more serious about this

  • lithium darko says:

    In my country we only had 13 cases and all recovered 3 months ago because the people was serious about preventing an increase i don’t want it coming back again because of people not being more serious about this pandemic

  • PASTOR TOP says:

    breakin news mo liberals are dyin 🥃🕺🏻🎈🎉

  • Tamara Russaw says:

    Here we go again. Keep marching. Keep protesting. Keep lifting our voices till we break hell’s play house down.

    • MORE SCIENCE says:

      Keep pushing the love of my life towards death. I defidently wont care.

  • Donna Littlejohn says:


  • Nick Leche says:


  • Randi Jones says:

    This is a lie! This was taped on another day prior to July. My sister has a daughter by his first cuse he is in jail!

  • Jean Hubley says:

    This is crazy

  • Jean Hubley says:

    It’s like do or die we cant keep this up the police are out of control lime the virus 3 million why not just say we all have it

  • Jean Hubley says:

    People are scared confused its not good now open schools not totally that is crazy no way I did not send Mine in a snowstorm let alone this

  • Alun Churcher says:

    maybe now the feds can look deeper into his connections with the paedophile Epstein. there is never smoke without fire.

  • Alun Churcher says:

    opening up schools in the fall is madness, reason will become evident when this years seasonal flu also hits america. This current virus is not showing signs of leaving us anytime soon, added with the seasonal flu come mid October hospitals will be searching for beds nationwide. then there is the high probability that this flu will mutate as the Spanish flu did in 1919. when the Spanish flu mutated it starting killing off all ages not just the sick and aged. it doesn’t have to go away to mutate its possible that both will keep killing together, the mutated virus and the current virus, then add the usual numbers for seasonal flu.

  • Susan Travis says:

    Lock down

  • George C says:

    Man this is like deja vu… but the first surge was not over yet..

  • Sheila Williams says:

    But the kids can go home and give it to family members and all those along the getting home!

  • Enlightened Perry says:

    That was a gang execution

  • Sheila Williams says:

    We will then have children without parents, a family with 5 kids both parents died of this and left 5 kids all under 12 years old!

  • Sheila Williams says:

    Remember you can go online to homeschool for free!

  • Lucia Seacreature says:

    “I have not yet to see the book however it’s a book of falsehoods… “

  • A D says:


  • Mimi Morgan says:

    Lester Holt you are my one favorite news reporter you got a great voice pretty awesome 👍 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Iamtiredof 2020 says:

    If a man is ARMED then they have to protect themselves unless they can do without lethal force.

  • Michael Otoole says:

    How are students supposed to concentrate on school when they are afraid for their lives and children are people to and are afraid, so why would you put your child in this situation and then get the Corona virus and bring it back home to you. WTF is wrong with people and why would you put your child in this situation?

  • Michael Otoole says:

    I love you tom Hanks remember me Michael O’Toole Christmas Eve when Obama was elected at sun valley Idaho you talked to me when I was on a walker with both knees in a cast and it was snowing and you were so kind to me and signed a autograph for me saying what knees and I told you that I took your mother as a guide on a salmon fishing trip at coyote rock resort on the siletes river in Oregon thanks Mr Hanks. You have been a great person that I have so much respect for you told me that we would meet again and I believe that also I still have the picture of you and my from the chatuea pharmacy in sun valley Idaho

  • M R says:

    Garcia should have cooperated. Garcia should not have pointed a gun to a cop, or anyway, for that matter

  • John Cheung says:


  • Google User says:

    Wildly out of control? It’s less than one percent and the death rate is incredibly lower. I’m not saying it is not tragic but to call it wildly out of control is insane

  • Amber Sinnamon says:

    I think it’s so terribly important that the people in the United States keep their children at home homeschool them or through the school system do virtual classroom. This is I completely devastating pandemic. It will end it could be a year or two. We could not subject our children to this sort of disease that they could bring home to their parents grandparents or any other loved ones. They will be educated

  • Richard Benz says:

    More #fakenews

  • 1tonykirk says:

    Rockefeller Foundation document was secreted to the Pres. of Ghana, and he reads it to his public.
    The whole thing was planned. It is moving forward on schedule. What is coming is worse, unless the evil is stopped.
    Very Serious Message

  • ROO says:

    Ever done dry wall with a cloth mask. Nuff said

  • Julie Casey says:

    Covid911 Insurgence video must see to believe

  • Aarón V says:

    the surge is here in AZ, I am hoping the freeways start to clear up in the am…there are still tons of people slowing my morning commute.

  • Hofni Amwaalwa says:

    Body cams should be mandatory on duty. The cops are known for lying.

  • Tamra Alexander says:


  • Marie J says:

    Wonder. Revelation Chapter 22 12 And, behold, I come quickly;
    and my reward [is] with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Please repent my friends, and turn from sin. God is just,
    but you must do it before he comes back.

  • Lillian Lin says:

    Talk about this so people’s life will be saved :
    Stop fake news.

  • Hani Barghout says:

    BLACK LIVES MATTER #blm Jefferson County Courthouse July 21 8am -1pm show up and show out!!!! Colorado

  • gary fontez says:

    Watch this short, informative video about what wearing a mask will do…

  • gary fontez says:


  • Juan Doe G says:

    All the more reason to Live you in Every Moment 100%, and don’t take the presence of your loved ones for granted.
    Don’t Worry, Live Happy!

  • MsJgreen77 says:

    “We want to get them back quickly, beautifully in the fall”! Oh Lord we are so screwed! I want to see him put his youngest son in a rural school in Texas and see how wonderful he feels about it. How does Kayliegh know it’s full of lies? She’s a typical a.. kisser. On to Garcia. Of course he did nothing wrong! He’s a brown man, the gun was planted, and the family wants $200,000,000 for his innocence. Right?

  • lisa thomas says:

    Plandemic! Billions for vax😠😠😠

  • ELFANTASMA24 says:

    🚫9:24 the reporter asked the doctors from different states ” do you expect the death rate to go up”? And some answer “yes” with the biggest smile on their faces… dam so creepy those are doctors with lifes in their hands and they look at people dying like a big joke lol wtf?!!

  • RaYahshi says:

    The Plagues are here!!!

  • Alex Rosas says:

    lol i’m gonna have PTSD every time i hear this intro music jk not jk

  • K Lu Quinn says:

    These schools reopening is going to be an even hotter mess than the economy reopening, and it’s a death sentence for these children, staff and their families. Smh.

  • roham71987 rob says:

    Why do you not do any research on what you are telling people you spread lies and false information to induce shotgun rage mobs

  • acousticgirl2 Vlogs says:

    If we want to know if Trump is a passer or failure then give him a SAT and an IQ test tomorrow

  • Shirley Freeman says:

    I would love to know if tje testing has easier to get it done, for those of us who need to have the test done for covid 19 , I am praying that doctors can come to a positive vaccine, and we could wait in line for the vaccine. I don’t know what is required to be able to have the test done for me, a resident 65yrs old with handicapped health issues ,plz let me know ,thank you

  • Rosa V. Arias says:

    It is better the students can take the online classes it is more secure.

  • Rosa V. Arias says:

    No way is better the children’s stay safe for security they can get sick if they are in the school.

  • jenifar peter says:

    God Bless. stay safe n stay home ya… We have through it 4 months. n now we are slowly opening Schools..Love from Malaysia

  • Maxi Max says:

    America Dream, Out of control Convid19 & BLM and shooting…………….hahaha……..a laughing stock to the world now…

  • house music says:

    The more the government keeps opening up places, the longer the infection is going to stay and spread. And more and more people are going to get sick and more are going to die. The government needs to shut down for a while to get this really under control like, they should have done this in the beginning, but help the people financially at least until they get this under control, because doing it the government’s way it’s not working, they should have listened to the doctors and the scientist who know best, instead of trying to be a big shot and listen to their associates which they do not know nothing.

  • Flynn News Blog says:

    It is now the Communist Democrat Party.

  • Juan Rivera says:

    He talks like a kid.

  • Morgan says:

    Let’s go and get tested if I test negative or positive the good Americans will say it’s my right to still go out & about & pass it on maybe America appears not so financially well off as it makes out keep on wanting to open everything up the virus will not stop unless you use some common sense something that is missing

  • Sabrina Villanueva says:

    Wearing mask is simple way to protect each other, stop looking alibies not to wear mask..

  • Bradley Smith says:

    If more people got VD tested, then guess what, cases for VD would go up.

  • Redgang 313 says:

    Why is everybody geeking it up. I took my niece to the hospital a couple days ago. Here in Michigan and the hospitals are empty there was nobody really in there?? Wheres the sick..???


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  • Redgang 313 says:

    This is just a scam damick to collapse America.

  • db B says:

    The only one that needs to go back to school is trump to really take the tests !!! What a cheater !!# ashamed !#

  • Sweet-T-777 says:

    Who wants to sit on chemical laden seats like that on a plane? I feel so sorry for people who still have to travel for work!!!

  • Project Bass Hands says:

    Children will continue to fall behind academically whether the school is open or closed???
    That’s how you know the indoctrination is working.

  • Perla Ayala says:

    I’ll send my daughter to school if he sends his son. But both schools must have the same protocols in place.

  • Tamarcus Williams says:

    Trumph Must Play His Part His time Will Past . Gods Plan!!!

  • Sara Burke says:

    Do not send your kids to school. Do not go to work. Do not pay taxes. Demand that this country change. Unfettered capitalism must end. It is costing everyone family members!

  • Rockxy Rockxy says:

    why most of those who are not following police orders are LATINO AND BLACK???no lives would have lost had they just followed.

  • Blessings Nfavor says:

    Good job NBC with the steady dose of alarmism scaring people…have you no shame? God Bless America and our world. Blessings to all. 😃

  • Sara Burke says:

    Tom Hanks for president. ❤️

  • Tanner Denny says:

    yo im so glad tom hanks isn’t a molester yo

  • Mauricio Al B Sure says:

    Media NBC, CNN, TIMES, be honest…are ya just gonna keep doing this til the election??????

  • Alex says:

    13:51 This just validates the phrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub”

  • Gamerman reviews says:

    Stupid as f*** all you people are poisoning yourselves with a f****** masks. More people are testing… Geniuses, do the math, there’s going to be more rises in cases. And yes schools need to be opened, are you people that f****** dumb? do some f****** research. Think… use some brain power… the un is trying to take over… Trump is trying to stop it as much as he can’t. You people that fall under control of the media, you should be ashamed of yourselves. This s*** needed to be stopped in the 50’s but people were too stupid… now we’re all going to continue to be that f****** stupid? Wake the f*** up America!!!