NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/13
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

COVID-19 testing lines stretch for blocks as cases surge across the U.S., what the U.S. can learn from Europe’s coronavirus strategy, and schools struggle with high costs of reopening.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:29 Hospitals Under Siege While Testing Demand Surges
04:50 Inside Covid Unit In Hard-Hit Hospital
07:14 Europe Gets Back To Business As U.S. Outbreak Soars
09:33 Trump Visits Coronavirus Hot Spot Florida
09:58 Trump Postpones Rally Citing Bad Weather
10:19 Trump: Dr.Fauci Has ‘Made A Lot Of Mistakes’
10:47 Trump Vows Executive Order To Preserve Daca
11:09 Trump Commutes Roger Stones’s Prison Sentence
11:31 Tropical Storm Fay Lashing The Northeast
12:59 High Cost Of Reopening America’s Schools
15:11 Disney World To Reopen As Covid Surges In Florida
16:09 NBA Begins Practicing In Disney World ‘Bubble’
17:06 Ghislaine Maxwell Asks Court For $5 Million Bail
17:33 New Video Of ‘Glee’ Star Before Her Disappearance

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (102件)

  • Wait And see game says:

    The difference between Europe and the US is that the US president/officials/politicians are hungry for the dollar 💵

  • don brennan says:

    You propagandists should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Mpls Maven says:

    I support Trump giving those who have grown up here a chance at Citizenship. I would hope its as easy as, “where have you lived, worked, gone to school for the last 10 years”. Do a background check for felony’s and minus that if everything is straight give them a path to full citizenship. But 2020 is the cut off. No more making exceptions. No more chain migration. Unless it is a working mother or father of DACA young people. Those who came after such & such date nope, nada. There has to be laws that are enforced to run this country.

  • Farns Worth says:

    Why, simple Trump!

  • Faded Tiger says:

    You people have noone to blame but yourselves for not wearing masks and being careful. Serves you right.

  • zoe Grace says:

    Remember The President Fired The Task Force Without Even Telling Them He Had To Reinstate Them r/t public Outcry !!!

  • Travis Stoudt says:

    Hmm I wonder many corona deaths have been people who already had serious health issues besides corona???

  • Megalodon65 says:

    I live in New Hampshire, not even 10 minutes from where Trump’s rally was being held. “Tropical storm”? It didn’t even rain lmao, blue skies all day

  • MrGolddiggerjoe says:

    Protests and protesters are spreading it

  • M C says:


  • tw_bass says:


    Provided by

  • Everardo Gutierrez says:

    get healthy. Build your immune system. Protect yourself and others. The right to pursue happiness. Sick or weak stay home.🇺🇸

  • MOB ENT says:

    3 million people has it in the world.

    8 billion people in the world.

  • Johnny Williams says:

    Stop lying it’s amazing that China has 0 new cases but America is the only country skyrocketing wake up people

  • Zw An says:

    God didn’t plan her death
    It was satan, come on!!!😡

  • Raymond Hughley says:

    Trump and betsy are messing with people’s kids …this will not be tolerated to expose the dear ones of our nation to Covid-19. Trump and Miller are satanic agents killing people.

  • Daniel Gibbie says:
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  • Jay Thomas says:

    They forgot to mention in Texas they are counting contacts along with confirmed contacts. It NEVER was a shortage of ventilators. 2/3rds of them are banned as they only use the Intubation ventilators

  • Michael says:

    I live in europe. YaY 🙂

  • sarah kelly says:

    Scary Buggieman Rona😂😂😂😂

  • Lee Nelson says:

    FEAR FEAR FEAR CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL I can’t believe these people are still in business.

  • Chou Lo says:

    President trump is spreading covid 19 through out USA

  • Flor D. says:

    He has been waiting to eliminate Dr. Fauci because he hates that everyone trust Dr. Fauci. Can you imagine the children’s death toll that will come from him pushing children to return to school ? I wonder if that is why he is doing it because everyone knows children and elderly are the most vulnerable. Do you would think he already knows that? Remember while Putin puts bounty on U.S. solders while the man on the WH lets the virus savagely destroy the nation. He slows down testing and doesn’t do anything to help the people dying from the virus. Do you think this is his way of helping Putin DESTROY the Nation/people?

  • SOD says:


  • Three60radio says:

    Fake News!!!

  • Wilbur Ash says:

    Good thing didn’t nobody call the police on him.

  • Jane Herman says:

    Liked watching after COVID-19 reports, the correspondents and anchor just talk to each other as if they’re neighbors shooting the breeze.

  • Mr. Gilbert H. says:

    I hope I catch Coronavirus. Anything to get out of work.


    Why doesn’t president coward. Go visit his dying supporters.

  • Dacia's D.I.Y's says:

    But they are opening , Disney world Tonorrow 😡

  • Jeanne Bollweg says:

    Send a kid to school?

    • Ian Carr says:

      That’s what 47 governors are doing.

  • Anne Goldie says:

    FAKE NEWS!!!! Get the real news from ALEX JONES!!!!!!

  • Ron Wuerch says:

    Watch The Real News…Europe Is Worse Off Than We Are…These IDIOTS Are Nothing But Fake News.

  • deano2000nz says:

    I’m so lucky to live in New Zealand ,good luck America

  • Nate Highlander says:

    God forbid we rely on the parents of each child to provide a mask for their kids and a bottle of hand sanitizer. I guess we all want the government to just take care of everything so our kids can be taxed to death. We did the same thing with college! Charge college students a ton of money so they have to live the rest of their adult lives in slavery.


    Look at New York now. This has to happen to get it overwith.

  • Emmanuel Gaviero says:

    Jose Diaz-Ballard interview to Trump is just a way to sell news. His trumpist propaganda tells the quality of his journalism. The news about DACA??? Yep right, it is just for the election campaign, it is not going to happen, he is a visceral liar, with no regard of means to get a TV Image. For Diaz-Ballard: I feel very pity of you. I rather get fired than accept this interview.

  • I Flick says:

    Fausi has questioned The Leader’s judgment in public several times. He should be fired immediately.


    The greatest President of the USA . President Trump turned it over to the State. Stop drinking the cool aid that Trump is to blame for everything

  • Brooke Maley says:

    He does not care and we need someone who does bc we have ppl that do and all ppls opinions r important bc we have needs. Trump stopped caring and we need a president that gives a rat’s butt. Sorry but we do cause of who we r. Were good ppl in this world too. It ain’t just the bad. It’s all of us. That’s all. You’ll need to make more sense. Fr rl.


    It’s not that bad yet. When these fake news people give percentages that means it’s not bad yet. Triple can be 1 to 3 people. They did this same thing when it first got here.


    Why not fuckchi you are in charge.


    We screwd up when we shut everything down. It has to run its course. We are still way way below the yearly flu. 3 million cases. VS 68 million.

  • KAY RUSH says:

    Time 2:32 you quoted that it is skyrocketing more than last spring we did not have covid last Spring

  • Rey Molina says:

    The media is the problem. They don’t work with the president only attack him. Thanks God he believes in God. God is part of his plan or God’s plan . Trump 2020.

  • Passion says:


  • mel41138 says:

    Stop tubing people endorsing comma it’s what’s killing the people

  • mel41138 says:

    Seriously people… Lots of those tested were tampered with this virus already in it. So who knows who really have this virus.

  • Denise Means says:

    RJF, answer the question. What does this clown called a president actually do?

  • mel41138 says:

    Seriously… Where in Florida are this hospitals? I have seen none not one in my county…all the hospitals are normal.. in my county.. stop entubin this poor people thats why there not surviving for God sakes

  • mel41138 says:

    Can someone please explain… How do a particular stablishment si call scan the customer for fever but not the employees… How does that makes sense.. maybe enforcing this important part would help stop the spread….

  • Lynda's Hemp oil says:


  • Lynda's Hemp oil says:

    stop causing panic with your false lying

  • mel41138 says:

    Here we go…. I can see how pretty soon the lock down it’s at the door ..oh but it’s all for your safety.. it’s part of they’re plan ..right Dr fauci?!?🤔😷… I’ll advise parents to stock on food water meds. Vitamins.. don’t wait till they tell you … God have mercy on us all

  • mel41138 says:

    Less likely to spread and or get sick??? Can they guarantee 💯 that kids are exempt from this so call mutating GMO virus? Didn’t I saw children in NY with some sort of covid with a rash and respiratory distress etc… Then the young adults?! After they Say only citizens and people with immune system compromise were at risk? What happened with the young getting sick and getting grandma etc sick?? ….🤔😷👍👍👍👍 No thank you… Distance learning it’s ok

  • Maria Lucha says:

    have not seen it yet. Some people said they had covid 19, but did not die. Everyone has an opinion. I have been healthier now than before since people are keeping their distance a very good thing. You go to the hospital today you died next day from covid 19.

  • Deb Griffin-Wamser says:

    To risk the safety of our children at this time is nothing short of insane!

  • Steven Grotte says:

    trump should be charged with all the deaths by corona virus in the US.

  • Damned says:

    This would be close to over if these devils kept the country closed

  • Damned says:

    Trump is a devil

  • Larry Smith says:

    They don’t have a election coming

  • Me says:

    I wonder how many covid transmissions are because of not wearing a mask, and how many people did wear a mask most of the time but still got sick.

  • Ann Lyons says:

    None of this crap will stop until we get the traitors behind bars.

  • Ashley K says:

    Covering your face isn’t gonna help you. I don’t understand why people haven’t opened their eyes this is only a way to take away your rights, they already are working to take away freedom of speech ( ridiculous) people have become as soft as butter rather then tough as nails. I pray people open their eyes to the lies being told to them.

  • Amateur Beats says:

    There ARE NOT studies to show how many children are susceptible and able to spread the disease because there are a limited supply of test, and you only get a test if you are sick. It is almost impossible to show a chart of asymptomatic children spreading the virus because their is none!

  • Gabby serna says:

    No way sending my kids to school are they crazy😈

  • Joey Blankenship says:

    Fake news

  • Joey Blankenship says:

    Trump forever

  • Gabby serna says:

    Is Disney crazy to reopen at this time shame on them 😈

  • Ronda Leistiko says:

    I will follow the professional Dr and my children Will not be going to school.

  • Chris Brown says:

    I hate updooting main stream media… but covid needs more coverage so fine. Take it. And thanks for not spreading propaganda, this time.

  • sunsetlights100 says:

    Fake news

  • Roy Chui says:

    “We are in a good place.” Yeah. Looks like it.

  • rosenthalcloseout says:

    can we ask someone to paint ALL LIFE MATTER in front Di Blasio home area????????????????????

  • Tracey Cook says:

    No we are not following a winning follow… we should have never left the decision up to the governor of each state !!!! How ridiculous

  • Martin Kalajzich says:

    Covid is a bad version of the flew. you don’t need to count who has the flew !!!!!!.
    STOP USING VENTILATORS !!!!! NEBULISER WITH BUDESONIDE, kids use it for chronic asthma. $50 to buy a nebuliser, the doctor will give you the prescription for the budesonide. Use it when you have asthma or hard breathing and you will be fine.. It works perfectly on covid 19.

  • Doodle Captain says:


  • Tammera Beach says:

    It’s sad how americans don’t trust our goverment. And I believe that is why people are so conflicted about wearing masks and if the virus is real we need to rebuild American so we the people can have a better life.

  • TheWynch says:

    Cannot blame a person on a virus that has no boundaries. As far as I know it isn’t just infecting Democrats or dark skin people, it isn’t political. If you can’t be part of the solution then don’t be part of the problem.

  • Mike S says:

    Fake news!

  • luis Silva says:

    This happen when health is a business and not public like a human right.😒😒😒🐀

  • Jon Antoinin says:

    *FAKE NEWS!* So far no leader of any country in the world has offered the China virus swab tests for free to all as Trump did for all Americans. Here are the facts by CDC, over 41 million Americans have tested for the China virus, and about 9% of them are positive for the virus. Those who are positive, have been quickly contacted and isolated, and they have been treated early. This explained why the number of cases is rising. Remember many people who get infected with the China virus, are usually asymptomatic. Without Trump’s tests, these infected people can unknowingly spread the virus to even more people. Despite cases rising, the death rate in America from the China virus is positively going down for 11 weeks straight, according to CDC – – Thanks to Trump administration for fully preparing all PPE, ventilators and medications available to help all the patients and healthcare workers. This is truly a marvelous achievement of Trump administration during the fight against China virus pandemic. Also, Dow Jones Index has surpassed the 26,000 point mark, which clearly proved the US economy under Trump administration is on the right track.

  • Diane Baker says:

    I don’t believe ABC bunch of liars I don’t know how they can live with their hate for the United States Of America quite lieing to the people we are a wake…..

  • persevere4 says:

    Just as in late March and all of April: the same scenes, lack of PPE for treating the poor souls, pity
    those never making it to see a doctor, left to die at home. Hours upon hours pass when positive people should have
    been to and logged into a tracing and tracking system, including an ICU bed using our cell phone to say goodbye,

  • Tattoo Dave says:

    You gotta ask yourself what so different from the U.S. on the rest of the world. Trump! An now he wants to force states to reopen schools! If he gets reelected the death tolls will be in the millions

  • Dennis Sutton says:

    That’s because of the “ORANGE” factor which is a very distUrbing illness which gEurope doesn’t

  • Fredrick McKenzie says:

    12 million worldwide cases,less than 1% of the population has this virus, sorry the math doesn’t justify the response.

  • Eric Boyum says:

    This is so stupid yes there’s a rising cases no there’s not a rising death rates no there’s still plenty of beds available

  • Keyronday says:

    Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies the NEWS TELLING…………

  • J Mendez says:

    Close Walmart , who’s wipeing down all products and surfaces constantly? Let’s try closing the business’s with the most people inside at any given time. Disneyland should not be opening now in America. We all need to stay safe. Disneyland is not an essential business. All governors should take a pay cut during the pandemic.

  • Willow Bee says:

    I’m sorry but why they always pick the melanated women who looks HIGH off something and has a BAD WEAVE WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xTempusxFugitx says:

    Y’all wanted to get your hair done and go to the pool sooo….

  • xTempusxFugitx says:

    We need to shut everything down again. I never liked it but it’s necessary.

    Send out those stimulus checks.

  • maurice thomas says:

    THE STUPID IS REAL IN THESE COMMENTS!!! (you cannot reason with STUPID) stay safe😷🤧🤒

  • Kathy Mitchell says:

    Wow! I vote you in as president 2020

  • adam christner says:

    N-95 mask and u can stop worrying about everybody else

  • adam christner says:

    Wear a mask they tell us…. But they are wearing the wrong mask

  • Peggy Eastwood says:

    I thought he wasnt going to do this.

  • adam christner says:

    Wow evil people are rich af and all I ask for is a couple grand that’s all it’s not that much to them must be nice to be rich

  • maureen coyle says:

    Trash Trump can point thr finger at anyone hed wants…that does NOT change the FACT that it is Trump’s Blatant IGNORANCE & ARROGANCE!!!!!!
    Trump made this the worst possible country to live in across the entire globe!!!!!!! Yet he still blames President Obama and his legitimate administration for “wire tapping” him!!!! Trump is a pirriah!!! He is actively trying to murder as many Americans as possible. He had tried to muzzle our beloved man of medicine, Dr Fauci, a man who has truly been on theside of the American people since day 1. Trump is lying through his teeth, no apologies, takes no responsibility!!!!!! FAKE prez. Lier…FRAUD…CRIMINAL!!!!!!