Nightly News Full Broadcast (July 12th)

2020 7/14
Nightly News Full Broadcast (July 12th)

Florida breaks coronavirus records with 15,300 new cases in one day, White House officials working to undermine Dr. Anthony Fauci’s credibility, and at least 21 injured in explosion on San Diego Navy ship.



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  • Frank Wolf says:

    Loved your closing story: Dads Dancing with Daughters! In times like this national & local news programs should add more “positive” stories. we all really-really need them; thank you!

  • feefee ollie says:

    Dr. Fauci being thrown to wolves by orange man like he always does rather than admit he trump is INCOMPETENT IMBECILE

  • ed cherry says:

    Something wrong with that story about kids going back to school..ok,so kids aren’t super spreaders..but what about teachers and all the other school workers…it’s all too sketchy…personally, I wouldn’t let my kids go back to school..until there are more safeguards…a vaccine is one..

  • Monte Carlo says:

    The Orange Fat Pig is throwing Dr.Fauci under the bus. What a surprise.

  • larna keane says:

    We are not sending our kids to school. We are going to continue to home school. We are not crazy.

  • Cyrene the Cat says:

    More protesting? A year ago no one would have cared about that poor girl. Any excuse to spread the virus.

  • C. Sphire says:

    More finger-pointing from Trump. This time Dr Fuci. So sick of this gaslighting president.

  • Team Hunley says:

    Protests didn’t spread the virus, only parties. Got it.

  • Nicholas Powers says:

    seriously we don’t like to be indoors year long because just reopen that all malls shopping it’s fine our Budget from malls shopping stores we liked to shop.

  • Christallin Johnson-Smith says:

    Those doctors are stupid! Okay, I’m a doctor too, and I say KIDS STAY HOME. PARENTS SAVE YOUR KIDS LIVES! Don’t listen to those fools!

  • KB inWV says:

    Not ONCE did we hear the percentage of those positives, in Florida, that are hospitalized OR symptom free. What percentage of ICU patients have COVID?

  • Shelly Bee says:

    I’ve never seen so many doctors lie in one segment. I done believe them at all.

  • Rebecca Phillips says:

    If the president had intelligence (he doesn’t) he’d claim credit for hiring fauci and let the dr have more press time.

  • Nicholas Powers says:

    we don’t trust this lady about malls of closing we need to keep up with our budget with money being safe from the bank Mr. banks in Mary Poppins taking his children to the bank I never cross.

  • Dave from Northern California says:

    I’ll believe fauci over Trump anyday

  • Jeanine Snead says:

    WOW !!!! Congratulations. This is the biggest Trump Hater page I’ve ever seen. If you are without sin, throw the stone!

  • Tim Ryan says:

    Let’s just continue to keep the world shut down that seems like the most logical and expert opinion regarding this virus.

  • Sarah Cole says:

    Dear God please forgive us ?

  • NobodyFuckzWitDaKid says:

    Fake virus. Fake news.

  • Truth- Dickhead says:

    15:00 and if you believe that’s a random sampling of doctors, I have some land to sell you, about 40 miles west of Fort Lauderdale.

  • Coco At The Island says:

    Won’t children will be in harms way going back this soon? The numbers are worse than the beginning of lockdown. This doesn’t make sense: we close down when the numbers are low and open up when the numbers are high. It’s like no one values life.

  • Eden Pagani says:

    They are all lying….LIARS! Doctor’s say anything. After watching that 60 minutes “Opioid Special”……I don’t believe a lot of them.

  • Veronica Fulton says:

    I support Dr Fauci

  • Laura Nolan says:

    I’m scared… at a school…. not going back

  • Christopher Colon says:

    Real News Red pill 78.

  • Teri Looney says:

    The daddy/daughter dance segment made me tear up! Thanks for the feels…..

  • J H says:

    Things changed, first CDC said no mask now they think mask can help. so Mr. Trump please do not blame on Fauci you are the one who is not listening you are responsible for everything you always blame on somebody else but I can tell you that it’s always your fault

  • Variety Vagabond says:

    Everyday this country is becoming more of a dumpster fire, Jesus Christ… 😔😞😷💀🖕

  • peepsdtw says:

    This was so predictable. The quarantine should have stayed in place instead of giving everyone false confidence.

  • Jason Montgomery says:

    Get the facts right.

  • melvina628 says:

    6:45 Dr. Fauci is a scientist. He has the latest on COVID-19. We should ALL do what the scientists tell us to do. Period. Governors, get your information and advice from the scientists. And, do it! Changes are OK. Everyone’s on a learning curve with this new virus.
    12:55 Pediatricians study children, not COVID-19: “I would definitely send my children into a burning building. My children would have asbestos suits, oxygen tanks, fire hoses, ladders, and axes. Children are able to run away from the flames faster than adults. Children are very short, so they are able to run under the toxic smoke and shooting flames to safety more than adults are able to run. Yes, I would definitely send my children into a burning building without hesitation.” LOL!
    18:22 Malls should become additional bed spaces for hospitals, or homeless housing.
    18:52 Those are very lucky daughters.

  • Jackson Jackson says:

    And why they open Disney world Again!!! Smh

  • Mary phelps says:

    DiVose , provided ample evidence , day one of here current job , that she is ignorant , ineffective , spineless to buck the ” system ” . NEVER DESERVED THAT POSITION , OR AUTHORITY

  • Jackson Jackson says:

    Dont worry Dr. Fauci, we behind you 100 percent!!!! Cuz you have been saying it is Too soon to be Opening the Economy!!!! Hopefully this time Parents and several educational administrators listen to you about waiting to reopen schools!!!! There is always distance learning!!!

  • Chang Chung says:

    Don’t forget Dr.Fauci advice to wear mask and Trump said covie19 is HOAX and no need mask.

  • Jackson Jackson says:

    Can we sue each doctor that says it is fine to send kids to school during Covid-19? Two days ago, there were also 5 doctors to include Dr. Fauci that does not agree to send kids to school as of right now, til it is completely safe? ( why are aome parents gambling their kids lives?)

  • Rudy Trijanto says: coronavirus live update

  • Rita Daniels says:

    Oh oh wow really people are dieting every where right now why did they not listen to the Governor’s right now because it’s not correct about this evil demonic virus running everywhere right here now.

  • Tj White says:

    Apparently none of the Doctors have seen a classroom full of snot nosed kids.

  • Michele Ries says:

    I am sorry, but Politicians should NEVER attempt to recommend when Dr. Fauci speaks you all need to shut up. We need to listen to him.

  • J.Carlito Rook says:

    Are schools safe again ? I don’t want too proceed a Premonition , #NationalGeo , I predicted separating mothers ” from children could cause deaths ” in children before it happened , not sure if being a house in self made me “God” instinct too save llifes” no one thanked me or gave me credit for speaking out as a civil rights” activist instead assumed a conspiracist? Honestly ? I hope you have un tampered documents of predictions ” I just don”t speak I am choosing too be silenced now I deafened myself , lets” see if the country is of Sound and Mind like our partners in @BBC community and Russian , Italian allies even the Chinese are’n’t being so extra about masks ” its” a choice . #Constitution @Pelosi = Looting influenced your party this action for attention did ” Pelosi clap appropriate , human rights” shredded not so much – said Yoda “baby “

    • J.Carlito Rook says:

      #TransLatina +witness at General Cuomo = cleaning the streets ” and the world ”
      God Bless The Pope Francis

    • J.Carlito Rook says:

      P.s “Make Jump “start “Reprogramed ” better graphics .
      made me a genius , my older sister was assigned a computer because she was poor and in school while I was too young and open minded All cities Statez are created equally . not as funded as Trump should fund all of them equally , and Militarize public protection for them with security checks , covid =mental illness = revenge not the #Answer , greed , I #care , #puppies

  • youngmc diablo says:


  • Susan Woodson says:

    Trump is more than 100%wrong on everything

  • youngmc diablo says:

    Vanessa GILLEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sean temple says:

    Kids spread germs use common sense

  • tumadrepinchependejo says:

    So the school thing makes me feel a little bit better, but I would like general federal guidelines working with local district guidelines to protect the children and the teachers, but I recognize that this is the Trump administration and who the secretary of education is…so that won’t happen

  • Brenda Wise says:

    Hi-5 to all the daddies that are going to ballet school with their daughters.

  • Pete R says:

    That clear tape on that black truck made me cringe 😰

  • Arthur Winchester says:

    My doctors disagree with that

  • Andrzej Pasek says:

    wyjebajcie sie z tym bulshetem

  • Estebahn Quantum says:

    Black soldier killed her with the help of white woman . God O mighty !

  • Heli Haung says:

    He not 100% right. Maybe 99.

  • Work says:

    Across America we have statutes of Union&Confederate Soldiers, names of bases and faces on mountains for people who oversaw the GENOCIDE against an entire race of humanity. Instead of worrying about a teams name, how about you erect statues across America of Native American heroes that gave their all in protecting their native land….beginning at the DC.

  • Elena Campos Macias says:

    The best for kids is to stay home for his own life and parents. Life’s is too short for risk it. Is more time than life. If the person has life is time to learn.

  • Marie Espinoza says:

    Trump wants to open schools but will not take any responsibility when people start dying because of it.

  • Sara Mattei says:

    Watch the medical practices in these hospitals if they are like elmhurst hospital in New York then pay attention the reality there is that they are blatantly killing people. The are putting negative people with infected people. Research it.

  • Sara Mattei says:

    Strange that these are Red states that they want to turn Blue. These people are disgusting. Putting non infected people with infected people and releasing prisoners to save THEM.

  • Ivory the Blue point says:


  • MPR says:

    NBC News is sooo disingenuous! They did the same thing Conman Don did, they didn’t play Fauci’s comments in context where he specifically said if the virus spreads we’ll need to be worried then (paraphrasing). And the virus DID spread rapidly! #traitortrump

  • TheGhostDogg100 says:

    NBC is fake news. Slandering people because they refuse to live in fear. PATHETIC!!!!!

  • Constance Deise says:

    If they think they are dying then give the. Hydroxy Chloroquin plus zpac. It’s ridiculous that they let people die because politics rules instead of intelligence involved in what to do. Catch this supposedly dying people and let them live!

  • Ernest Chacon says:

    Yeah, thanks to you trump and his supporters !!!

  • Allan Simoes says:

    Check out the same cases with another meter from some third world countries or even Russia or France or Eastern Europe.
    Recommend Murder by injection by Eustace Mullins.
    Spanish Influenza of 1917 made in Kansas as a Zoo Bioweapon.

  • Allan Simoes says:

    The Shell Faucci, Dersowitch ,and Gates are sacrificial pawns for the Agenda 21 as David Icke has called it.

  • FEI TAN KUNG says:

    Maybe the white house can withhold federal payment to states that does enforce the wearing of face mask….just like the department of education can withhold funding to schools who doesn’t get their kids back to school.

  • Marie A says:

    hmmmmm havent met anybody with this yet nobody.

  • Kimberly says:

    This is so sad nothing is safe

  • Kimberly says:

    Why r u people not wearing mackes,

  • Kimberly says:

    I am sick and dying why aren’t u concerned or wearing a mask

  • Rene Halstead says:

    She’s addressing the Nation wearing a Mask?!! Come on!!!!!

  • Kimberly says:

    She has no idea about kids in public school she is only concerned about private schools

  • Kimberly says:

    I am a gramma baby-sitter and am very concerned about getting sick

  • ngina muli says:

    Discretion of Dr. Fauci’s is wrong because he has been giving evidence-based/ scientific strategies to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 Virus but some political leaders failed to comply as a result The country is at Margin point.

  • Chrissy L says:

    Don’t know why they cut Fauci’s interview. For all anyone knows that was back in March when that was filmed. So good at cut and paste. If what he has to say is important then they should have shown more than a sentence of the interview. Thar just shows NBC is lying.

  • Dan Thomas says:

    All those pediatricians will gladly allow their children to go back to PRIVATE school with a class of 10. Good they exposed how terrible pediatricians they are.

  • JRPRNYC says:

    Corona Virus Higher than NY in Florida …….. Disney world Opens? WTF 😲

  • Dan Thomas says:

    Military investigating themselves, how wlltaht turn out? Oh just like police, innocent of all wrongdoing and nothing to worry about. DEFUND ALL POLICE AND MILITARY!!! WE ALL KNOW THE MILITARY MURDERED PAT TILLMAN BECAUSE HE WAS GOING TO SPEAK AGAINST THEM.

  • Karmic Wheel says:

    Greetings you fabulous Earthlings and Happy Monday!! 👋👽I bring coronavirus-free thin crust pizza to all you friendly Earthlings 🍕Don’t mind me, just cruising by:::::::::::::::::🛸

  • Sanjuanita Saenz says:

    I’m not sending my kids back to school, I do care about them , and I don’t care if the government doesn’t like it . They need to close everything asap

  • Irritating Indiana says:

    Why don’t they demand masks every where

  • Irritating Indiana says:

    Hey get this Fool out of office

  • apostle gladys Johnson says:

    Be careful about RFID chip when you go to the Hospital

  • Eric Navarrete says:

    Kelly at the White House doesn’t know what she’s talking about!!

  • Eric Navarrete says:

    Hmmm “13” miles??

  • Gigi Devoe says:

    I agree 💯% w Florida being open. . The more test the more C-virus will be found… Let it run its course. Since when have we lost our Cojohns.. NURSING HOMES are NOT NOTORIOUS for poor hygiene and housekeeping so this is not surprising these places are FILTHY to begin with… FAUCI is in the pockets of Hillary & Bill Gates, Let that sink in, he’s not for the public. Schools to deal with the number of kids will need go to a 24 hour open .

  • Eric Navarrete says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t watch NBC News anymore I’ve already spotted too many [FF’s] and I hope people that watch this doesn’t believe any of this crap it’s all bogus if you want the real news your gonna have to go find it yourselves sry!

  • Kevin Parks says:

    Now, that’s calling the kettle black, if white people do that and you put it on your news, it would be called racism, well enjoy your dance, Kevin Parks Vincennes Indiana USA email address

  • Pamela Capozzoli says:

    If my son was going to school still there would be no way I would allow him to go to school he would be homeschooled even through college..
    if the adults can catch this virus the children going back to school can really catch the virus for sure.

  • harry # says:

    This proves that stupid people are more vulnerable .

  • Lloyd Harper says:

    What I believe in lockbourne I believe you cuz you ain’t a doctor or whatever how about that President y’all listen to him.

  • Richard Iles says:

    Fake news

  • Richard Iles says:

    Your polls are wrong..and no one I know trusts Fuaci NOW!

  • Kate Ford says:

    Ware a mask red dust ciming ♥️👍👀👀

  • B Storm says:

    We MUST mandate the wearing of masks nationwide.  It is NOT a joke!  Just because people say ‘I never get sick’ or I don’t feel sick’ that is zero reason to NOT wear a mask.  It is the honorable thing to do – protect your family, your friends and fellow citizens.  Instead we have a Republican controlled government that is pathologically resistant to taking the steps necessary for insuring the safety of American children returning to school.  They are outright refusing money to the public education  systems to put measures in place to prevent disease spread and then demanding they reopen or receive zero federal money.  We need to be placing shields around the desks as they did in S Korea, alternating in-class courses with computer courses, drastically decreasing the number of students in classes, and hiring increased cleaning crews to disinfect the schools every night.  And mind you, that is the bare minimum needed prior to reopening schools.

  • Kate Ford says:

    Fauci has his own agenda population control jail jail ♥️👀👀

  • Kate Ford says:

    ♥️🙏For the front line heros all 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • d h says:

    Trump does not care America you are fools

  • Bladecraft says:

    People getting diagnosed over the phone.

  • The useless Account says:

    Not suprised it was a BLM mofo who killed her…..

    Black Lives Matter ………………why ?

    Floyd who ?????????

  • Kyle Patterson says:

    REPORT THIS !!!!!