Nightly News Full Broadcast (July 11th)

2020 7/14
Nightly News Full Broadcast (July 11th)

Uproar after President Trump commutes Roger Stone’s sentence, COVID-19 death tolls rise in Texas, Arizona and Florida, and Disney World reopens amid coronavirus surge in Florida.



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  • Isabel Guerrero says:

    Too little, too late, old man.

  • p v says:

    Wearing a mask is a ‘huge’ shift? Doing the bare minimum is a huge shift?

  • frank magadan says:

    Nice being in Trump’s inner circle of felons..

  • Dora Dennis says:

    Trump wore a mask! Watch as liberals will say that masks are evil now!

  • Darryl Harris MKEsk8 says:

    my civil rights have been violated ALL of my life….welcome to the club mofos. now put a mask on yo nasty a$$ face.

  • Tony Harris says:

    This is no joke people. wake up

  • Jeffda Badguy says:

    Trump starts war❗️❗️❗️❗️

  • blue gill says:

    What?? Trump wearing a mask?? He became a coward! I’m not voting for him anymore!

  • Joanne Fitzpatrick says:

    He’s just wearing a mask to distract from his Corruption of Stone’s commuted sentence

  • Tracybeme says:

    Maybe a pneumo puncture can be used to insert meds directly on the virus cluster. If RT’s can intervene in cardiac constrictions, the same can be done for the lungs. Second, if you can aspirate an infant, why not for adults?

    • Tracybeme says:

      You can die from being shot in the leg, too. Great story. Good Luck with Harvard.

  • David Nicolas says:

    All you have to do is read a few comments in this thread and you will be utterly shocked at the level of stupidity of the people who are all around you on a daily basis. I genuinely cannot believe these people are real.

  • Ric Clemons says:

    Trump is such a liar. Shameful to our country

  • IIIlllBravo says:

    ” i gotta go ” lmao 11:08

  • andy andy says:

    “It’s a shame they couldn’t stop it in Chai-nah”? It’s highly contagious … there’s no stopping it from jumping borders in our connected world. The mighty USA can’t even get started in fighting it on home soil. It’s almost mid July and wearing of masks is still debated.

  • amy benje says:

    what a foolish nation of hard heads !!!

  • Jane D. says:


  • sonyaferd says:

    America ship’s been sinking!
    -sorry for the language

  • Jessica Messica says:

    Looking at cdc data risk of death seemed very low for the young, however we all need to take precautions

    • Really Tired says:

      Ever since they started holding and fondling babytrumps babyballs…..they are not to be trusted.

  • Debbie Harrison says:

    Americans turn away from God know she has got to feel the raft life will never be the same the bible is being for filled so much hate

  • Ester Burrowes says:

    Trump why don’t you free all prisoners that is in person?

  • King Beef says:

    LMAO, American exceptionalism at its finest. LMFAO

  • sushles says:

    11:03 OK. Stop cutting the onions. I’m done.

  • NYC CowGirl says:

    I found my next lawyer! Great story

  • Shelly Liban says:

    Trump said “everything is fine” in beginning of pandemic so I didn’t take it seriously and TRUSTED HIM! Then 2 weeks later my whole family was sick!! Goes to show this mentality of his is killing!!!!!

  • Nimrod Quimbus says:

    fake news

  • Cool Chris says:

    Man that last story was great. Always pursue your dreams no matter what hardships life throws your way

  • Jon Antoinin says:

    FAKE NEWS! So far no leader of any country in the world has offered the China virus swab tests for free to all as Trump did for all Americans. Here are the facts by CDC, over 41 million Americans have tested for the China virus, and about 9% of them are positive for the virus. Those who are positive, have been quickly contacted and isolated, and they have been treated early. This explained why the number of cases is rising. Remember many people who get infected with the China virus, are usually asymptomatic. Without Trump’s tests, these infected people can unknowingly spread the virus to even more people. Despite cases rising, the death rate in America from the China virus is positively going down for 11 weeks straight, according to CDC – – Thanks to Trump administration for fully preparing all PPE, ventilators and medications available to help all the patients and healthcare workers. This is truly a marvelous achievement of Trump administration during the fight against China virus pandemic. Also, Dow Jones Index has surpassed the 26,000 point mark, which clearly proved the US economy under Trump administration is on the right track.

  • Alice Hood says:

    Rodger Stone was given clemency because Rodger Stone has covet watch wait and see.

  • Alice Hood says:

    What band when and we have it’s close to a million deaths this man believes his own lies it is pathetic. His niece it’s completely correct about her diagnosis of him his daddy his daughters son-in-laws Suns just crazy

  • Mysteriouz Cat says:

    Why he wear the Mask?!

    WHY NOW?!

  • Mysteriouz Cat says:

    I noticed that story about that young man and this is amazing story at the last part of Saturday’s broadcast…. Love it!

    (And sorry guys, that story was already featured on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir’s Person of the Week segment last Friday Night)

    ¡Gracias, Jose! You’re back!

  • Charles Burkins says:

    Very tru wat she said in Detroit shoot him in the leg…. The killing has too stop and stop today…. #livesdomatte

  • Larry Lucas says:

    Politics = Sick & Tired.

  • Mihai Birzu says:

    Mr Trump YOU are right about Roger Stone case ,justice stinks but about China not they created the virus but have less victims according with the population so TRY to see results….pay less lunetists snipers,vigilantes (cops judges…) government should pay money even TO invisibles (homeless)citizens or illegal immigrants /

  • tiesiog ba says:

    aww im so happy for that guy getting into law school

  • Pensa Simpson says:

    This administration wearing black masks makes them, very appropriately, look like the bandits that they are. Barf on all of them. And deport this traitorous and corrupt administration. Send in our military.

  • OceanBlue Heart says:


  • Pensa Simpson says:

    All the countries run by women have seen massive reductions in the virus whilst all the countries where the virus are out of control are run by men.
    Countries where the pandemic has been handled exceptionally well by women: Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

    Countries with the highest spread of coronavirus pandemic are run by men: USA, Brazil, Russia, Spain, the UK, Italy and France.

    Maybe it is time to let women run the world and men go do something else. Golf and paintball wars on each other?

  • Christy Hernandez says:

    Sadly Hispanics will not social distance. My neighbors of illegals party every weekend, drinking ect.. Tons of people coming and going all the time, with No masks or consideration of others..

  • Christy Hernandez says:

    Good for you Buster. Smart move.

  • Rand Y says:

    What an interesting time to be alive 😂…

  • Deborah Ecklund says:

    i will be the mask police no mask no service don’t like it stay home

  • YoutubeOverTV says:

    This is so unfair! Nobody deserves this! All this for an insecure guy to not lose face and win an election?? America is not supposed to suffer like this. It’s so shocking! This entire fight against mask is so unnecessary.

  • Luguru says:

    They let out that Pedophile rapper cause of his safety. Rodger Stone was really old. Not some 22 yr old Pedophile candy rapper

  • Michigan Wolverine in Dallas says:

    Why would tRump wear a mask for a “Democratic Hoax?” Well now that we got him to wear a mask on his orange face, can we get him to wear a CONDOM on his tiny 🍄 next time he cheats on Melania with a pornstar?

  • Latti Latti says:

    why the f is comrade trump wearing a masked for ? comrade Putin does not wear one. comrade trump is so weak. very sad !..

  • MG Chronic says:

    Please keep the kids safe dont send them back to school .

  • JoJo Rey says:

    Breaking News? Big deal. Why aren’t you hypocrites upset about all the violence in Democrat run cities? NBC News By Communist

  • Ziqi Chen says:

    Yeah with the most superior treatment and tests, THE UNITED STATES ended up in the top for confirm cases. Great job!

  • Ryan Gunwitch-Black says:

    16:16 Awww, stfu. If you point a gun at me, you’re dead. Sorry. I’m not shooting you in the leg.

  • VOTE FOR TRUMP 2020 MAGA says:

    The protesters looters and arsonist get of why not

  • Max Powers says:

    Did any white people make the news today?

  • Sarah McCoy says:

    Hey what’s this, Donald Trump wearing a mask? Doesn’t he believe that wearing a mask is a sign of weakness? Or has he come around to embrace the leadership shown by presidential candidate Joe Biden? Leaders lead and followers follow, right?

  • Flor Estrella says:

    😂😂😂😂😂 he Is desperate to get reelected

  • You’re Beautiful says:

    Our country legit being run by mobsters.

  • Bayah Bass says:

    Put demonrats i jail. SCHIFG IS UGLY JEALOUS

  • Alex Bitcoin says:

    YOU SHOULD ALL BE SITTING IN PRISON! You think America is THAT stupid? You will see in NOVEMBER.

  • f c says:

    These are the only thugs in the world that don’t need to wear masks, but now they do.

  • Tyrell NM88 says:

    Too many ppl on the planet.. the Government is behind the covid19. They’re trying to control the POPULATION. Global warming.

  • Ann Moore says:

    LMFAO! Hey trumpie, you had to have 10 Guy’s wearing a mask! Before you showed up? GIVE me a Break! Your Poll numbers are in the Tank! 😘

  • Michelle Powell says:

    Don the con for 3 and a half years he threatened the dreamers and now the polls are not looking favorable for him he is trying to get the brown vote let him sign the bill and vote him out of office because if he wins the re-election trust me he will turn on the dreamers again

  • Donna Payne says:

    It’s killing him look at his eyes good thing he didn’t serve in military

  • n m says:

    ” do not take someones life”. Umm he shot at a police officer trying to take a life. what is wrong with people. if you fire a gun at a police officer you should die. period. doesn’t matter who you are.

  • SinWithaGrin 420 says:

    11:05 poor guy! Breaks my heart 🥺

  • Wes Wall says:

    I love PRESIDENT TRUMP…he probably wore a mask because he was in a HOSPITAL…DUH

  • Child of God says:

    What a hoax

  • Sam Smith says:

    Suits him. I like my highway men to wear a mask.

  • Johnny Bandersnatch says:

    Yeah, opening states far too early despite endless warnings is totally China’s fault. Nothing to do with politics lol.

  • OregonOutdoorsChris says:

    Those were some interesting rates you showed there. When did covid turn into ebola?

  • Matty Young says:

    unfuckingbelievable. the guy literally shoots at an officer and yall want to march for this guy like he was a saint?

  • KAIJU MECHA says:

    Trump focuses on DACA coz he wants them to vote for him…don’t be stupid, u know they won’t.

  • Patty Brubaker says:

    Trump is wearing a mask to give people something new to talk about and move away from the Roger Stone story.

  • Ron Nguyen says:

    That stupid mask don’t work

  • Luv Provida says:

    Oh please! 🤣😆😂 Benedict Donald jumping thru fire hoops, like the mascot he is desperate for votes! Lmao If u look closely he’s fuming under that mask! Discredit, lie, cheat, etc as he campaigns! He’ll be doing it all just to stay a float!
    After all the mask shaming & deaths he has caused! smh

  • Javaris Hall says:


  • Johnny P says:

    Darwin Award , Covid is making natural selection matter again. Now though, it’s survival of the smartest. Bye bye maga fans, don’t wear your masks, were all behind you. Idiots.

  • Johnny P says:

    He’s such a liar, Trumps bone spurs preclude him from being a wartime president. Which is nothing to be proud of when you lose all your wars and people follow you out of fear and stupidity.


    President Trump called the Corona virus a Democrat HOAX (February 2020) would you really want him for another 4 years? (a narcissistic, pathological lier.).

  • David Oisten says:


  • Roger Simpson says:

    If you are gonna keep telling LIES and keep showing the same pics and videos of the lies, at least do it from a different angle. You people are sick. Good thing this country is on to all your media lies.

  • Bobbie Jo says:

    That black guy was a Drug Dealer and he was pointing his gun at the police. Pointing his gun high, like trying to shoot at their hearts or chest areas. So that black woman saying that the cops should have shot the black man in the leg, when the black man was not trying to shoot the cops in their legs. This Protest for this black drug dealer man is NOT right and these protesters are going too far. Drug Dealers are bad guys.

  • Roger Simpson says:

    It’s surprising how ignorant people in this county are. Do a little research and you will find the big lie. Don’t trust the media, state, or Gov. Your being played for the fool you are.

  • claudia says:

    protesters…..GMAFB..Idiots. That “kid” deserved to be shot, DEAD.

  • Franco gudado says:

    Thier you have it trump supporters he has bow down and waving the white flag HIS WEARING A MASK

  • The Appointed Time says:

    Trump is a desperate man. And what do desperate men do? They feign…desperately.

  • demarkus wilson says:

    🤣 He wore his mask to distract you from the fact he was bailing out his homie.

  • Yoel Taveras says:

    Trump is also part of the cabal

  • Dave A says:

    Trump, did Roger Stone tell you to wear that dahm mask.

  • Chengfu Saechao says:

    NEXT DEATH..Lets hope

    • Patrick Pelletier says:

      You’d really wish death on him ?

  • porc garden says:

    To many dieing just a shame how long with this go on keep safe

  • Robert Cowdrey says:

    Trump is a liar get out of that office he is good enough to the president his is fake president he can’t tell the truth

    • Patrick Pelletier says:

      If you stick to them standards you’ll be hard pressed to find a former president that’s not in the same boat lol…

  • J H says:

    Stone, He is not trying to save your life he’s trying to save his life

  • J H says:

    Those people who refuse to wear a mask I hope you’ll get virus

  • Mary Opperman says:

    Trump you said the people will get another stimulus check.. Making people BELEAVE there was hope.. Now ALL I’m hearing is $40.000 and under will get it. We All need it !!!

  • LeftHanded nDamnded says:

    His buddy kanye will steal all of bidins black votes. So hes gonna win 2020. Im niether left or right so dont break my white hetero jewls.



  • Daniel Hoffman says:

    He’s literally killing his supporters 🤦‍♂️

  • Steve Heston says:

    Adam Schiff is a liar, a disgusting man. Winner of four Pinocchios! He needs to resign!

  • Dan Thomas says:

    Funny how fast they release bodycam and footage instantly. Not when they’re guilty though. Requiring lawsuits from families. DEFUND ALL POLICE!!!!