NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/16
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

California rolls back reopening as coronavirus cases surge, Washington’s NFL team retires name widely viewed as anti-Indigenous slur, and body of ‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera found at Lake Piru in California.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:30 California Orders Sweeping New Shutdown As Covid Surges
02:37 Florida Reports Over 12,600 New Cases In A Single Day
03:15 Coronavirus Cases On The Rise Across 41 States
04:04 30-Year-Old Dies After Attending Covid Party
04:50 Health Care Workers Warn Hospitals At Breaking Point
07:01 Long Lines And Delays In Results For Covid Testing
09:30 White House Goes On The Attack Against Dr. Fauci
11:40 Largest U.S. School Districts Defy Trump’s Call To Reopen
13:03 Three Arizona Teacher Infected After Sharing Classroom
13:18 Many Student Concerned Over Returning To School
14:05 Navy Warship Inferno Still Burning After 24 Hours
14:25 Washington’s NFL Team Changing Controversial Name
17:52 Actress Kelly Preston Dies At 57 After Cancer Battle

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • Animals Are Our Angels says:

    I pray to God that this does not spread to Canada!!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Belle Woods says:

    Lies lies lies. Florida double counted and failed to include negative cases. Can’t trust any of their BS anymore.

  • keto1year Robert says:


  • Patrica Dyson says:

    The only way this will stop is that if the people would listen.
    And wear a mask . And stay out of the water .

  • Gr rs says:

    We took their country, remember? But a name is out of the question. I guess just give the country back? Unreal

  • QQurious mQQe says:


  • derrrick 77 says:

    If Trump doesn’t like Fauci’s expertise, maybe he should fire him too. I mean, Trump is a medical expert, too, right? So smart, he never cheated on an SAT exam, right? Coronavirus is a hoax, right? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Patrica Dyson says:

    And keep at a distance.Please People listen you are killing your self and others.

  • Patrica Dyson says:

    It take a long time because you are not the only one that got tested .DA. There are a lot of other before you.

  • Patrica Dyson says:

    I think the doctor knows much more about the virus than Trump.

  • Elizabeth Garibaldo says:

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  • Matt Bybee says:

    Get the cattle to police themselves and turn on each other- bad actors and a predictable scrjpt.

  • Adonis Sesson says:

    We all gonna die folks.

  • Mrs. Joanne M.Fortier says:

    I agree

  • Lee Nelson says:


  • Jamie Ward says:

    Yes blame the gov’s blunder on the ppl,smfh.X(

  • Brandy Wasay says:

    China used AI to analyse American behavior and psychology (information gathered from Apps like Tik Tok and hacking), and predicted that millions would be infected. Americans love to shake hands , hug loved ones , and Kiss goodbyes. China just killed hundreds of thousands of Americans without firing a single shot. This is clear proof of the genius of the Chinese.

  • Ethan DeCarlo says:

    Lmao no one cares anymore. Everyone out and about and no one is dying! We are being lied to people! They want this country to turn into communist China

  • Cynthia A. Reinking says:

    Again telling us 🇺🇸 what to do. I’m fighting for my freedom.

  • still online says:

    if don dump did give the 1 % a trillion . 5 dollars , we would have money to help the small businesses.

  • board guy says:

    lol BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID…. The government can help you hahahahahahaha

  • Cynthia A. Reinking says:

    It’s a preplanned man made “War” virus bioengineered.

  • Cynthia A. Reinking says:

    “Fear not” I love the LORD lol seriously. Liars won’t get away from the author of truth.

  • Janet Trepanier says:

    The answer to covid-19 is to find out what Bill Gates’ connection is to the virus and why is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation financing the lab that owns the patent for the virus!!
    I would like to see the news media have the courage to investigate this story!!

  • K K says:

    Remember about a month ago, alot of ppl were complaining because their State shut down? Now look what happened when we opened back up! Stupid af

  • sweetie pie says:

    Fake news at work. Dont believe anything they say!!

  • change plate says:

    They want is lying as the president he doesn’t know anything about it..we all need to focus in what the doctor and the scientists are saying that’s what the truth is

  • Lee Martell says:

    oh well did anyone notice that most deaths under 40s are all obese. So why the news doesn’t acknowledge eventhough is a real virus is more dangerous to have an unhealthy life style. 😠🐷

  • A lien says:

    Comments: Corona virus
    Me: Poor Santana 😢

  • Randy R says:

    they should hold a protest. Call it the ‘march against covid’ That will fix everything.

  • navydevin says:

    Why was this broadcast all b-roll, if there is a dang warehouse full of people on ventilators why are you not airing footage of it? Its harder to deny when there are beds full of people on the screen.

  • Kristan says:

    because they are thick head. doesn’t give a flying fk as long they exercise their “FREEDOM” than the health of themselves and others. well good luck with that.
    God bless and please stay at home. exercise proper social distance wear a mask, use alcohol or any hand sanitize and respect. if you don’t care about yourself at least do that to others.

  • Darren Carver says:

    People, wear you GD mask! Simple!

  • Darren Carver says:

    Civil suits headed for the Florida governor. Stupid is as stupid does!

  • Brian Bell says:

    Too many ppl are not very smart. This pandemic is not a hoax. However this flu like bug was man made. We’re not stupid. Dr. Francci should be in jail and anyone else involved should be jailed also. Not only have a few ppl been murdered but 100s of thousands. How ever nothing will be done because this pandemic is on it’s way to being the reason for us to be herded like cattle to the lines for vaccinations laced with a smart liquid having electronic properties to store all our info. so we can be tracked. So we are being branded like cattle and be tracked and lose our rights as human beings created by our FATHER IN HEAVEN, OUR CREATOR. I dont know but 8 or 10 years ago the U.S. purchased possibly millions of coffins liners stacked by maybe 100 or so as far as you can see in fields all over. Someone came with many purchaseorders for 35 thousand (I believe that was the number) sleek looking high tech guillotines. So friends dont be surprised if our government doesnt make vaccines mandatory. If you do not get it our lives will be cut short. We will be told by not getting the vaccine everyone will be at risk of becoming extremely I’ll or dieing. So executions will look neccessary to keep man kind safe. You know like movies from hollywood about the zombie apocalypse or entities that will roam around and if they touch you or bite you you will become a monster like them. I believe the hunger games are a good example. Not only are the government’s responsible but the illuminati are just as responsible and the united nations as well. So dont think this is not happening in the near future. I dont know it all and I’m sure I missed some things I dont know about but I know what seems like nonfiction couldnt be but it is becoming reality. There is more but do some research for yourselves and you’ll see. GOD BLESS US ALL.

  • Brian Bell says:

    Faucci works against good. He is a big reason for alot of this. He started the creation of this big. Check kn around, you’ll find it.

  • Brian Bell says:

    This is the first time I have to disagree with our great President Trump. My wife is very sick bedridden from a massive stroke almost 5 years ago. I have diabetes type 2. We have a daughter in the 11th grade this year. What do we do if she brings it home? She can definitely loose both her parents because school is being more important over lives. School kids can loose their lives as well. This is just one family scenario. What about the thousands of families just like mine? So I believe we wait till that time to make that decision. We must be vigilant and think for ourselves. The more lives lost the happier the elites of the world will be. It’s all part of the evil plan designed by the god of this world, satan. The elites of the world are working in darkness because noone can know their sick agenda. GOD BLESS

  • jojoko64 says:

    Attention has moved from the protest back to the original script.

  • Darrol Dewey Jones says:

    More fearmongering ,from masters of propaganda , save your bs for someone else ! More people died from malpractice suits then they do from the Coronavirus factually thirdly cutting of death we have over a half a million heart attacks a year so what does that mean everybody should have a heart monitor

  • Brooke Bell says:

    I don’t understand how people are still believing this! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! THE NEWS IS NOT CREDIBLE!

    Where are your sites sources for all claims that you’re making in this broadcast @NBC

    The virus shutting down our country has not been proven to be the cause of sickness. No research. No autopsies on people who were claimed to die from COVID-19. No common sense in the public for buying into the scam. Your mask shows how brainwashed you are.

  • Ubiquity says:

    “COVIT PARTY” wow really !!

  • doopy noo says:

    97% false positive test results. Trump was right and Fauci is a liar. No one is dying from Covid. Trump 2020 to end the plandemic scamdemic and make America great. This is NBC and NBC approves this message..

  • Super415 Sonik says:

    Look at the death map

  • Chuck Barnett says:

    what’s the RATE of positive test results?

  • rosa san martin says:

    Trump = is a LIAR !!!!

  • ThirdeyeStrike says:

    What should we do? Clearly mask dont work if the health care workers are still getting sick

  • PatrickCampz86 says:

    America needs to get rid of trump

  • Chaud Poivron says:

    In polls of American Natives. 90% of American natives are not bothered by the football team names. Mostly it is white political activists that pretend it is an insult to American Natives. In Florida the Seminole American Natives contacted FSU and told them that they like the name and were proud of it. It is only mostly white people needing a political need to create racism that pretend to be butthurt. New poll finds 9 in 10 Native Americans aren’t offended by Redskins name and the poll was reported in the Washington Post. The left are the real racists as they create racism where it does not exist.

  • LyesergicBrainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal says:

    10:50 numbers that don’t add up to 100 anyways though

  • Vickey Ollis says:


  • RON LIM says:

    It is most unfortunate to the front liners and medical professionals in America to be faced with a situation that so sadly could have been avoided with simple civil obedience and common sense. The tragedy that America is now facing is not just the covid-19 spread but the mindset and stubbornness of a people who should, coming from a leading free nation, be a fine example of civil obedience and a model for people of law abiding countries; a civilisation that should be a drum call to rally to the fore in times of a worldwide crisis like the covid-19 pandemic. To eschew a very simple yet vital act like wearing a face mask for the sake of self protection should not be an issue for the citizen of any country. But for it to be strongly resisted by an advanced nation of
    educated people who are well versed with personal hygiene is shocking. They have shown to the world how muleheaded and stubborn a people they are despite the rising tide of death confronting them. The world do not sympathise with tragedy befalling ignorant fools such as these, but most definitely all hearts go out to the overworked and overwrought front line medical professionals who put their precious lives on the line and who, with whatever little available time, have to tend to their own personal troubles, all because of some stubbornly selfish and uncaring people who claim to be from a more advanced civilisation called the United States of America!

  • Rebecca Stratman says:

    A common cold will test positive on the coronavirus testing because the test does not differentiate the exact coronavirus that it is. The common cold is a coronavirus it self.

  • Patty Nielsen says:

    I know hospitals are not using ventilators to the extent they did initially, but I remember a doctor in Spain weeping as he spoke of taking the elderly off of ventilators to use them on younger patients, and just letting the elderly patients die. I like someone’s idea I heard in March. If you won’t wear a mask, sign a waiver saying you will not seek medical/hospital treatment if you get the virus.

  • Michael Lino says:

    Experiment with trump’s son

  • MegaGolgo13 says:

    This is a crisis!


    U KEEP SHOWING THE SAME ‘ PICTURES …. THERE IS NO ‘ virus !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D Harris says:

    This is crazy!!! I have not seen one person sick, NOT ONE!!! In a pandemic wouldnt we see sick people? any one else seeing the same thing???

  • Michael Moon says:

    I’m sure caucasians wont mind changing the name to Whiteskin.

  • Chris L says:

    If we didn’t have a serious problem, wouldn’t all this testing we’re doing prove that by there being LESS positive tests???

  • MrandMrs Smith says:

    I was told by Military that this is being used to CHIP US by Democrats… for CASHLESS society… WE MUST KEEP TRUMP to fight this. ANTICHRIST IS COMING.

  • MrandMrs Smith says:


  • juliano khoshaba says:

    tell me lies tell me Sweet Little Lies tell me lies tell me tell me lies

  • DaddyLove says:

    you americans and your “freedom”

  • raenna mucollari says:

    when trump said “make america great again” he really played us and meant to say uno reverse after it trump is dumb like why would u reopen schools like bruh

  • Davide Russell says:

    America always want to be number one or first place in everything. Well it looks they number one as they want. Other think is Americans feel like they better then others so they act like i don’t care mentality. America is the joke of the world.

    • Gemma McEnerney says:

      If American ‘s went back to Lockdown until the numbers of cases go down things would change quickly wear a mask too especially in crowded & public transport.
      Love from Ireland
      🇮🇪💚☘ 😷❤

  • Carissa Morrison says:

    You test and you Create Cases…

  • Jennifer Mon says:

    Raising my frequency

  • Hayden Schlessinger says:

    Fauci is the Bernie Madoff of science. A mass murderer

  • Doreen Whittemore says:

    There is no end 2 this

  • Hayden Schlessinger says:

    They incubated him… that is the wrong treatment. Everyone should watch doctors in black

  • M F says:

    no masks are zombies to be shot in the head. die fkers die!

  • tony evans says:

    Believe msm snake oil.obey b.s..

  • Gemma McEnerney says:

    God Bless America I’m so sorry for all you’re Covid-19 cases Love from Ireland. Prayers stay safe & Home ☘💚🇮🇪 🙏😷❤

    • JUAN MAN ARMY says:

      On the behalf of America
      Thank You and like wise. We need all the prayers we can get.

  • Lucas Wols says:

    Trump and the government are just cowards. Money over the life of the people. It is just sad to watch

  • motorhead18 MIA says:

    We have had multiple covid cases at my job and my work is doing nothing about it. Sad that money means more than lives in the usa we have to wait 6 days for test results and even then doesnt matter positive or not we are still making car parts

  • Theater of the Absurd says:

    Sometimes the only way out is through. We need to be more proactive instead of reactive.

  • Adam AlabamaHamma says:

    Is it just a coincidence that the cases started getting so much worse just as the riots were going on???? Media blames people going to the beach while coddling thousands of criminals destroying cities

  • Madeleine Kayser says:

    Screw off with your NWO. Most Americans are awake, or waking up. FAKE NEWS DEMONRATZZZZZ

  • G Lepp says:

    “Florida the poster child for what’s gone wrong” that’s a little long for a state slogan but appropriate soon you could replace Word Florida with America.

  • Zoltán Gyarmathi says:

    I want covid pool parties in Hungary too. The partial lockdown is ended 1 month ago, but still nobody does anything.

  • Ric B says:

    hospital workers acquiring Covid PROVES the “MASKS DO NOT PREVENT THIS VIRUS !” FACE IT they will not stop allergens only slow infections,
    what has happened is modern warfare China has unleashed on the world to GIVE IN Concede the economic inevitable..or no vaccine offered !
    in time to save thousands …..crimes against humanity ……smells like.

  • Larry Kiamco says:

    Republicans now wears mask and do not wear underwears…

  • Elena Simon says:

    Bye bye everybody. No use fighting it.

  • Joe Thomas says:

    Purely Fake News and fear mongering…

  • bobby bee says:

    But of course its no ones fault!!!!!! , Dr Fauchi is the only sane person from day one .
    Florida well who is surprised , I cannott beleive people are still calling it a hoax. WHY FOR GODS SAKE WHY. How stupid can you be.
    From OS it staggers me people going to COVID PARTIES???? Then too late on their death beds he say’s he thought it was a hoax. Still after 138,000 deaths in approx 4 months.
    I would clean stinking toilets if it was my hubby locked away from me, not knowing how long before I could touch him again. Married 50 years next year, so I totally understand that lady washing dishes.

  • Eula Swaby says:

    The saying is prevent is better than cure .

  • Joe Thomas says:

    Fauci has flip flopped on the virus and mask wearing, makes perfect sense to those with a misguided motive…

  • Joe Thomas says:

    Boycott Facebook Twitter and NFL, advertisers and sponsor’s about racism comments…

  • Marcus F says:

    All those who believed Trump over reality 🤣🤣🤣! Again ignorance( choosing to be btw!) is not blissfulness

  • rachelwrite46 says:

    After what I saw yesterday, don’t worry NY soon catch up

  • OmegaRed says:

    AmeriKKKa is so great 🤣

  • ArkDiscovery ShroudTurin says:

    these so called MSM news outlets needs to be arrested for lying to us every day. Florida is open. wide open. most people are not wearing mask and the testing sights with a bunch of trailer park trash wearing blue nurse gowns waiting for people to come get tested and no one is there. they are just standing around doing nothing. these people are trying to install communism here in America. but what they don’t know is they are all about to get arrested.

  • Joel Curtis says:

    It’s about time that We as a society should do away with the racist names of these teams, we also need to do away with anything and everything to do with all commercial sports it’s all a waste of time money and resources that could be put to use doing something that actually improves our society we have serious problems in this country and it’s time that we grow up and start putting all our energies towards solving those problems instead of playing games, these games even promote the racial divide in our society by showing that the people that are supposed to be on the same team can’t even stand together for the national anthem and weren’t most if not all of these games started or promoted by racists , and when these games started in the U.S. weren’t colored players banned from playing aren’t the games themselves a constant reminder of that

  • ArkDiscovery ShroudTurin says:

    You are LYING and there is about to be 10 days of darkness for you MSM. commies.

  • Latina K says:

    Comment under my comment if you have lost a loved one to Covid-19. Say their name and the day they past. They deserve their recognition 💜

  • evadney taylor says:

    For those that attended those COVID 19 parties; hard head bird don’t make good soup!

  • Norm Valliere says:


  • den smith says:

    90% of those people are obese.Out of shape use drugs etc.