NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/18
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

New states and retailers require masks as U.S. coronavirus cases top 3.5 million, intelligence agencies say Russian hackers tried to steal COVID-19 research, and how New Jersey educators are trying to balance school and safety.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

0:00 Intro
1:21 Target, CVC, Publix Join List Of Retailers Requiring Masks
1:32 Arkansas, Colorado Latest States To Mandate Masks
2:51 Georgia Governor Bars Cities From Requiring Masks
3:26 Florida Emergency Center Shut Down After Positive Tests
3:50 U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top 3.5 Million
4:26 ‘Impending Disaster’: New Warning On U.S. Testing Crisis
6:57 Trump’s Niece Says He Used Racist, Anti-Semitic Slurs
8:14 Trump Shakes Campaign As He Trails Biden In Polls
9:15 U.S. Says Russian Hackers Trying To Steal Vaccine Research
11:13 1 In 3 Children Tested In Florida Is Positive
11:41 Inside School Taking Drastic New Safety Measures
13:37 FBI Investigates Massive Twitter Hacking Attack
15:25 Mother Demands Answers After Deputy Shoots Black Teen
18:52 Faster COVID Breathalyzer Test Trials Underway

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (105件)

  • Joshua Hoffman says:

    Quit testing rich people multiple times! America is gonna fall hard

  • stardog 27 says:

    Wear the mask or dig your own grave

  • Jan Kane says:

    We should be sharing any information about possible cures to the entire world. If it saves lives then do it.

  • Kim Sample says:

    POINT BLANK !!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • diesel 69 says:

    The Russians have the vaccine already and they don’t need to hacke it!!!

  • Will Moffett says:

    We really have two pandemics, the first a pandemic of mental illness which was manifest before covid, and then the covid on top of that. That’s a bad combo because they interact in harmful ways.

  • Kelly Moore says:

    Ha.. it’s vibrator man..
    How’s your meth addiction going

  • Will Moffett says:

    “Finally, a massive group of idiots who refuse to starve me out because they would rather make a pointless political signaling”

    – Covid19 on America

  • Moore Joseph says:

    Man man man, they will never get it right God has put this on Earth this Coronavirus to let you know that man has no control God does oh, probably scrambling trying to figure out what to do and how to do it, he just showing us that we are powerless and some some of the higher-ups and some people just don’t know it oh, what more did I have to do to this earth to let you know but he has the power and you don’t how many more planes do you have to put on this Earth to let y’all know is this world and not yours he can put things on earth that no man can control and it is exactly what he did with the Coronavirus man don’t know which way to go yes God has confused man and that’s what we need to be is confused because the people just do not wake up and the people still don’t want God

  • K G says:

    Testing, testing, testing….. months ago I saw a show talking about how hotspots could be found by testing sewage treatment plants. How about researching that & reporting on that. In that way, limited testing & tracing availability could be focused where it’s most useful.

  • Ashley Hong says:

    I don’t need anymore my job because of this website here, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*

  • tatiana hecksher says:

    Maybe the whole thing is an oax, but why if it not.

    You have nothing to loose by wearing a mask but you might loose your life if you not. Please people wear a mask. Thank you

  • Chinglin Sheng says:

    To be honest the CDC and Fauci shouldn’t even create sars-Covid 2 in the first place they should have had destroyed the specimens and avoid selling it to China

  • Raymand Doks says:

    3:38 – 3:42 the only person that makes sense in this whole fake news episode. Enforced mask wearing outside, just before enforced vaccine. Better get the national guard ready or get ready for anarchy.

  • HugM says:

    Why fxxking so hard for a person to comply in responsible of life or death. All I see them are so selfish people.

  • Kelly Johnson says:

    How can any one vote for biden how??????

  • Chinglin Sheng says:

    Blame America for creating the COVID19 specimen and sold it to China or else this wouldn’t happen. Now just let humanity died off I’m tired of humans anyway

  • Opal Urchin says:

    So… no coverage of the 33 labs in Florida caught reporting 100% covid positives? 98% reported rise in covid rates in reality was 9.8%. TX is rumored to be doing the same.
    The medical industrial complex and the media are LYING to the public.

  • Mysteriouz Cat says:

    Refused wearing mask, NO SERVICE AT ALL!!

  • joe chua says:

    social responsibility versus personal freedom

  • Mary Jackson says:

    Ikr I’m not like that

  • Wizkid1116 says:

    Illinois has a mandate yet most stores aren’t even having their workers wear them. You get dirty looks here when you wear one. Don’t listen to the news. Illinois does NOT have to wear masks in public. Pritzker simply recommended it in a mandate with no punishment for not wearing. It’s sad that it is getting told one way and it is far from it.

  • Mary Jackson says:

    How many people are sick sir

  • Robert Bowes says:

    This is for entertainment purposes only. They should have a disclaimer so people dont actually think this is news.

  • Jay Simmies says:

    Ralphie may? 3:36

  • Robert Bowes says:

    It is a pandemic for a reason, you dont control it. Milk the virus for everything you can, dont let a good crisis go to waste.

  • Ed Alvarez says:

    Conflicts over face mask everywhere😷😷😱😱guns arguments punchings and spitting etc

  • Mary Jackson says:

    All I can say please keep hand off me

  • J. Vigeant says:

    People are cracking all over the nation. It’s scary and ridiculous. You either distance OR wear a mask,NOT BOTH. What is SO hard to understand? Unbelievable spiritual warfare, never seen anything like this in my lifetime. There will be new fears by young children not understanding.

  • Mary Jackson says:

    It’s not safe

  • bob jameson says:

    Positive case is one thing but mortality is another

  • bob jameson says:

    Bull ship. NBC news programming fear over a 1% mortality rate

  • chris heidt says:

    Don’t you get it? No one believes the numbers! Testing is not reliable. Fauci is a weasel.

  • su mun says:

    .Have ever Trump got chance to work for America since he s been elected? Every politician & people like you have been tearing him down since day1. only 3& 1/2 year of political career, Trump has been done tremendous job for America Vs. 40 years of Biden nothing i can see. especially None of US President tougher on China than Trump, & the fact is Chinese communist party is collapsing now by Trump pressure. Only problem is the Chinese biological attack to try to change the US President in favour of Chinese communist party. We should wake up & cope with Chinese expansion on which Trump is working, & he will uttlerly destroy China for the future of America.

  • su mun says:

    .Trump is the greatest American Warrior, Commander-In-Chief & the man of God who holds Bible in his right hand & is fighting against evil forces: BLM, Anarchism, Defund Police, Dems’ insane policies & tearing him down since day1(enough is enough), & also fighting against evil Chinese expansion that Obama(hypocrite)& Xi Biden(China puppet) ignored & failed..

  • Jonas Elbert Gray says:

    Pulling gun out cause, your told to wear a mask. #45 Deplorable s at their worst.

  • john m says:

    very thankful I can help my family all because of this site here, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*

  • justin aldrich says:

    10:22 So covid-19 was created in the USA

  • Nicole Doolin says:

    California it’s not one of the states that is hardest hit we have a positivity rate of 7%. We have 40 million people in the state so people need to do the math

  • Gregory Harris says:

    thats dirty. you go to the one shunned black sheep of the family who lies cause she feels treated unfair. of coarse shes gonns lie. he is the least racist president we have ever had.

  • Farmwife says:

    what happens when kids have to ride on school busses? No amount of spacing them apart in school will matter when they are packed together in school busses.

  • G. A. Mendoza says:

    My niece and nephew in Switzerland finished the school year in-school. No masks, even the staff. Kids are allowed even with cough and cold, but not with a fever. It worked.

  • 504BoyHPB3 says:

    At 15:32. This wasn’t too far from my hometown of Marrero. I felt embarrassed that this happened. I am a white man. I live in a black neighborhood . I treat everyone with respect. No matter who they are. I don’t see color, I only see character. I gave a gallon of milk to this black lady. I told her, “please don’t be afraid of my skin color”. She said, “ it’s not all of y’all”. It breaks my heart to see racism is still strong. We all bleed the same color. We have to stop judging people by their skin color. Let this hate die.

    Black Lives Matter.

  • Oracle Of Delphi says:

    Mary Trump: “Did I stutter?”

  • WhatMyNameIs says:

    We gotta watch out for Gerrymandering!
    He is a cheater with the resources of a president. Do not relax until November 4th!

  • StayGold says:


  • Alex R says:

    I remember hearing about body cameras when they first came out and everyone was excited. But they cant afford them cameras and their military APC’s at the same time I guess, right?

  • Lamont Hicks says:

    Why would you bar people from wearing mask?
    That’s just crazy

  • John McGrew says:

    Anyone who does not wear a mask is a stupid sh*t!!!

  • leo leonaids says:

    He lucky he didnt pull that gun on the right one u pointing at da sky…finna point at ur chest instantly. People cray.

  • KneeBenderservant says:

    Biden’s leading. Sure he is. Same people who said landslide victory for Hillary. Smh

  • Naga Prakash Danda says:

    Why is research about vaccine not made public. Why do someone have to hack

  • John Edward Jones says:

    tRump was sued in 70s by DOJ for racial profining on rental apps. Mary Trump’s comments are not a surprise. Others have talked about him using N word. Her book validates based on first hand experience and as a mental health professional, THE DANGEROUS CASE OF DONALD TRUMP. Now in 2nd edtion.

  • Bill Baily says:

    People are defiant and self destructive. They smoke knowing all the facts. They drink alcohol even after they see their beer bellies get bigger and bigger. They take illegal drugs and abuse narcotic medications. Obese people are eating triple burgers with extra large fries and don’t forget dessert. They step over the security rail at national parks then fall off the cliff. And so on. You can’t fix stupid. You can only video them and put them on YouTube.

  • Kevin Nguyen says:

    Mary Trump be snitching! Guess Uncle Donald didn’t give her any presents for her birthday. Lol

  • T9 GAM3R says:

    Do i need a mask over my butt ? Lol f tha system we might have to start over from scratch need real leaders .

    • T9 GAM3R says:

      Sheeple believe everything they hear lol

    • T9 GAM3R says:

      This could of been prevented dont let them fool you

    • T9 GAM3R says:

      Trump loves the blacks he said wow who says that

    • T9 GAM3R says:

      If we had world peace and equality we all be better off.

    • T9 GAM3R says:

      I bet on russian tv right now us is trying to hack them lol

  • Da Mao says:

    Wait, isn’t CDC, the foremost and respected infectious disease center in the world who recommends masks for everyone, in, *drum roll*
    Atlanta? So GA governor is directly going against advice of every single physician, epidemiologist, virologist and ID specialists?

  • Bob Rac says:

    330 test labs had 100 percent false positive tests .all fake .

  • T9 GAM3R says:

    I had tacos today yall might wanna give me 7 ft lol

  • Charles Morse says:

    ” Stunning revelation by Trumps niece ? ”
    The funny lady with the short hair is apparently detached from everything about Trump.
    Has she researched his crystal clear history of racism ? ”
    Debating masks ? ”
    You are done like dinner America.
    Open your mining and industrial waste sights, ban masks, build a Trump statue, then die please.
    The world is trying to survive here. Thanks and rest in eternal flame
    By the way, we’re enjoying summer 2020 like it’s 1999. Fools.

  • Kato Kang says:

    His administration and his supporters use those words daily. This woman is nothing knew.

  • Leo Martin says:

    Co vid is HIV “WITHOUT” having to f×ck to get it

  • C Williams says:

    Why would they need to hack? My god, we should all be working on this together.

  • Sunrise Morninglory says:

    Notice that Bill Barr accuses China of hacking for vaccine data, but said nothing about Russia’s Hacking.

  • truerealityscott says:

    The poorly educated are acting out. They’re stomping their feet

  • Sunrise Morninglory says:

    Twitter Hack Crime. Just another reasin to Not have Twitter. 😐

  • Andrew Hoang says:

    the stupidity of people refusing wearing masks deserve to die. Pulling out a gun over wearing a mask….really? WHY THE F IS THIS SO HARD FOR PEOPLE TO DO?!?!

  • Jesus is King says:

    Church Arise! We are not ashamed of the gospel or the power there of! Turn back to God! He is the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by the son. To know the truth it will make you free. Parents raise up your children in the way they should go so their soul and their health may prosper. Teach them the destructive and devastating power of sin! They have taken prayer out of school and our kids are hooked on drugs, killing themselves, and each other. Repent America & world the day of the Lord is at hand. Our God is a consuming fire. He is angry with the wicked every day!

  • Lars Rolfon says:

    It’s really funny seeing people buying in the Gates virus still, you people are so easy to manipulate. By the way if you hold your breath for 20 minutes you’ll be completely immune to Covid….lol

  • matthew ross says:

    If you wear a mask longer than 3hrs you are at risk from your own filth.

  • Pamela Capozzoli says:

    They are false positives I live in Michigan and we haven’t had that many deaths from the coronavirus and COVID-19 we’ve had the normal deaths of every day problems like old age having heart attacks, cancer, liver failure etc, etc., Not many in Michigan has died of the coronavirus an COVID-19 .
    I know many people that are big doctors which I will not say their names. They have even said we haven’t had not many patients that died of this virus. I’ve even sat down and talk to surgeons, An big doctors that have told me this is all a lie. Many oF us used to talk about this back in 2016 An they said this was the plan they had for us but, this is just the beginning bc we the people haven’t seen anything yet, if you’re mad over a mask wait to you see what they got planned for us next.
    I refuse to take the vaccine so I might as well go back to using dope again that’s the way I feel some times. I’ve been clean for 37yrs now An I’m thinking about using drugs again that’s sick all bc of what’s going on in the world today. I don’t want a vaccine, I don’t wanna wear a mask, I don’t want to be told I can’t spend my money. I don’t want to be told I can’t get on a plane. I feel like Hitler is running The United States of America which isn’t even the United States of America anymore we’re considered a corporation
    China and other countries have bankrupt us years ago even Obama said this is the plan and I am not to fond of any of them.
    If President Donald Trump is treating us like this now it’s only gonna get worse. I am voting for Biden also but either way we vote we are all in for many problems until we get someone else for President otherwise another 20 to 30 million of us will die and even more will die by not taking the vaccine which I refuse to take this so-called vaccine they are talking about Johnson and Johnson they have so many class a action lawsuits against them just from baby powder Johnson and Johnson baby powder An shower to shower and we’re going to trust them with coming up with a vaccine. No way not me no way when I got cancer bc of using their powder ovarian cancer bc of them again.

  • Bonnie Cline says:

    What does using mail in ballots & Twitter have to do with each other?? Lets see….”who” only uses Twitter as his main communication AND wants to discredit voting by mail as well….hmmmm

  • alan james heidemann says:

    WI is now a mask mandated state too.
    My experience already is that if the company is pro Don the mandate is not enforced.
    They get better service too as they need to get them out the door before the fights begin.
    Has to be a fine to be effective with these companies.

  • Hongkai Wu says:

    yeah…yeah, we all know US never hacks.

  • Large E says:

    If you watch this every night you’ll end up fighting depression!! Screw the media!!

  • Trevor Marr says:

    Masks are not effective!

  • Trevor Marr says:

    The increased # of tests is not showing any increase in death rate! Therefore COVID is not any more deadly than the cold or flu! Do we wear masks for these other illnesses?

  • _frank_cx says:

    “Ohh no no no look at the top of his head”

  • Trevor Marr says:

    The anti-Trump Left and Leftist MSM want to control YOU, not COVID! Wake up people! The scam is on and it is the Left, Dr Fauci and Bill Gates against America!

  • huytonbaddy says:

    cry cry cry pity me if you dislike it so much move to another country its that simple . I heard there is a big continent south east that might take you some of there countries have no cops you will be much happier .

  • Reich Paprika says:

    Pathetic… cant even say slurs at the comfort of your own home.

  • Paul Gutterworth says:

    Mask 6 Six 6, Data 33, line up sheeple and get you’re Rockefeller trip to the Culling fields.

  • Desperate Times Desperate Garden says:

    Georgia’s governor is a sociopath.

  • Paul Gutterworth says:

    Russians looking for the 6ix 6ix 6ixers cash train, ha ha…

  • Paul Gutterworth says:

    Pod… sick…

  • Paul Gutterworth says:

    Twitter pitter IBF is on the case, only to find out its the one who caused the case.

  • SicParvisMagna says:

    The Target I work for now has over 12 covid cases. We wear face masks to not spread the disease and lessen the impact to the people around us. Yes the face masks aren’t perfect but my grandmother and my uncle and his family have covid because they didn’t do social distancing or wear face masks. Forget what little discomfort it causes and just care about our fellow human beings and if you cant do that then put on the mask and care about your loved ones.

  • Miguel Salami says:

    If you haven’t been to the Shed Aquarium & field museum of science & industry in Chicago you are missing out! We use to take field trips in school to those places & they were both Amazing👍👍😷

  • Anna L says:

    Do PM 2.5 filters lile the mask inserts contain fiberglass?

  • leina_playz says:

    Well if they don’t want to put on a mask then they will pay later with there lives and some of the lives of there family including there kids it’s just that simply

  • cindy Ha says:

    How hard does it take poeples just to put a mask on your face to be safe.

  • daniel morris says:

    National Broadcasting Company, look after your voice (Lester). You will need him more later. For now, let him rest. He is a stalwart newsperson, be wise.

  • leina_playz says:

    I don’t get it he is fourteen why is he is not home at night my child at that age CAN NOT be out of my house at night riding around,we has parents need to take responsibility for our kids

  • Paul Mcardle says:

    What are you testing for when the virus has NOT even be identified ? There’s no purified virus so no gold standard anywhere in the world, how can you test for something you haven,t identified? Your going off a fragment and a guess of what the rest of the virus looked like, that is not science!

  • daniel morris says:

    I know it’s taboo for former presidents to be ‘vocal’ after their term ends like ole Cincinnatus…but former presidents AND first ladies need to step up like Kirk Gibson, creaky knees and all, or write your memoirs as your grandkids get sick.

  • jonz23m says:

    Lol Another red baiting, real question is why isn’t the research Public if it’s fir the health of the world. The world is gonna go down the toilet while trying to make a buck.


    Hmm that breathalyzer, unclean equals unhealthy.