Pentagon Effectively Bans Confederate Flag | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/19
Pentagon Effectively Bans Confederate Flag | NBC Nightly News

Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced Friday that the flag is no longer allowed to be publicly displayed on any military installations.
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Pentagon Effectively Bans Confederate Flag | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (114件)

  • LaughingSaint says:

    It should never have been allowed 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • D Yard says:

    About time, better late than never.

    • ray gadreault says:

      for those of you that believe whites were those that sold africans into slavery have no clue what really happened. actually tribes that were strong like the zulus would capture other africans and bring them to ships off shore and sell them into captivity

    • Geth Creator says:

      Scary all you leftist applaud this.
      Tthe confederates didn’t just fight to keep slavery (although that was their main goal), they fought for state rights which have been sh*t on by the federal branches of government ever since and this is just another example

    • deadbodyman131 says:

      Geth Creator The fact that you consider anyone who doesn’t want to fly a flag that represents traitors as “leftists” really speaks volumes. I guess actually being patriotic and celebrating America rather than celebrating our enemies is only a thing the left does now?

    • Geth Creator says:

      @deadbodyman131 the confederates aren’t your enemies and theres a big difference between leftists and left wing, that’s why I said leftists.
      Left wingers actually realise the importance of history, leftists do not

  • David Ellis says:

    Trump will be busy on Twitter tonight !

  • Dewey L says:

    50 years later

  • Yekidan Tefera says:

    Im not congratulating them for something that should have never even been allowed

  • Easymoney Wayne says:


  • Joseph Minamore says:

    Ex- President Obama SHOULD HAVE BANNED that flag during his time!!

    • orecoast 1961 says:

      The reason why he didn’t was because they were in their box tell Trump got elected and let them out.

  • Jackson Raulerson says:

    I’m a veteran,, and have been proud to be since 74 !! We overcame many racial obstacles in my day,, there were no colors but red white and blue and OD green !! I’m a native Floridian !! After all this time and that’s the way it is ? I haven’t heard this since 74 but , FTA ,, F**K THE ARMY !!

  • just me11 says:

    racist have infiltrated every aspect of this country from our hospitals, doctors, nurses to our churches, nothing is exempt from racism and that’s scary

    • MAD LION says:

      @Bryan Hensley So What is your Real name & address and since you are not a coward please include your Twitter, IG and Facebook pages so that we all can see how brave you really are!😀

    • Blake Lawless says:

      Bryan Hensley That helmet is clearly cutting off the circulation to that fat head of yours.

    • Sterling says:

      @Bryan Hensley What were you planning on doing if you had their name, Bryan?

    • Lex Gomez says:

      Bryan Hensley Russian bot says what?

    • just me11 says:

      @Bryan Hensley I’m a private person that don’t disclose everything on social media to avoid from getting attacked from sick trolls like you… I can’t afford security from deranged Trump cultist like Dr. Fauci… go take your meds and be nice for once in your miserable life.

  • Bb Bb says:

    Unfortunately racism will never go away

    • Niterain says:

      It’s not just white racists. Every race has a violent racist gang in prison and in our society.

    • Estella Davis says:

      Bb Bb, you are right about the races, but, the ”ism” is the negative. It, the ism, means that it is superfluity, too much, wasteful. For instance, BLM today is a gesture at a replay of Black Panther Party, BPP, both Marxist or Marxism. The stuff is taught in school many times as well as Sunday School. Like communism, it represents superfluity or too much. Race is race, something that we all are. We do not need the too much. We all have such things in common, why waste? In my opinion, some people are just ”NO GOOD” and it has always been that way. There is good and there is evil, people are both. The broad category of THE HUMAN RACE is large enough or sufficient for us all. We do not need the further break down for slights or discrimination. We need the emphasis on union and not division for the human race to survive. The confederate flag and symbols are being demolished to further emphasize slavery. Is the red, white and blue all that it stands for or is there more? Was slavery built into our national flag? Confederacy was one thing, slavery was another. Just what do the thirteen stripes represent, the colonies? There were the colonies, but, there were the slave states, also. In fact, the country was divided into eventually five segments for interest with the gold rush. Where is the gold today?

    • Ram The Man says:

      @Estella Davis you do realize a main reason the confederacy was formed was simple due to the fact they wanted to allow slavery in southern states that associated within the confederate states. We literally had an entire civil war pretty much over division and slaves. So yes, That flag does have more meaning than Red, White and Blue, There are many underlying factors that are behind the meaning and origin of that specific flag that are still issues even in today’s society. We should just have a world where you can keep your beliefs to yourself and allow others to live their days out without getting harassed or feel attacked or even attacked simply because they don’t reason with or believe the same as another person. It’s disgusting.

    • S Bruce says:

      Racism is an issue only to racists.

  • OK Boomer says:

    What kind of country allows the rebel’s flag to still fly? Only a *SOFT* one! That’s NOT the image the U.S should send to our enemies, that we “don’t want to hurt some feelings”. War is a deadly serious business. The military is setting leadership example as always, now it’s time the civilian government get with the program. It’s time to close that dark chapter for good by banning the wicked flag from existence. Don’t like it? GTFO of the U.S. 👉👉👉👉👉

  • RobertoLee09 says:

    Where’s the freedom? Political correctness is the joke.

    • Kapriel Gaming says:

      just like you. you are a joke.

  • Viktor Turtle says:

    But then they shall Ban the USA flag too since they were ”racist” and did the Crimes against Indians some 100 years ago, and all the working camps Usa had against the Csa and so on and so on, why not just look at the future instead of trying to find ”racist” stuff that may offend someone, then you will become like North Korea, Nothing will be allowed

    • Tony Nordin says:

      But they didn’t ban any flag. They just sent out a list of approved flags and the hillbilly nazi-flag was not on it.

    • SkizeCraft says:

      That’s actually a good point. We killed many Indians for land when moving more west. And, the north during the 1800s were racist as well and returned a lot of escaped slaves.

    • John Carter says:

      I am one half ,my mother is full blooded American Indian.What do people think we think when we see an American flag or when we hear about someone discovering America We were already here for 5,000 years,I don’t care what flag anyone fly’s.How far do we go back to right all the injustice committed by people before us.I know many people who were born in the south and they don’t Think of slavery when they look at the confederate flag they just think of the south and they are proud to be from there.

    • Shawanda O'Brien says:

      @John Carter No one banned private citizens from flying the rebel flag or being proud of where they came from.

    • tdsil says:

      slippery slope argument. Disregard.

  • Jocko Ward says:

    Wrong title. Should be Pentagon Effectively Bans LGBTQ Flag! Whoo Hooo!

    • Karl Krauss says:

      You seem special.

    • orecoast 1961 says:

      You sound homophobic sheep.

    • Kapriel Gaming says:

      you my good sir are a bigot. that’s all there is to it. someone should teach you what your religion is supposed to, manners and class, as well as compassion. bad human being move my … i was going to say man but i don’t think you deserve that so…. boy will work.

  • Bryan Hensley says:


  • Jordan Johnson says:

    It’s literally a flag that represents traitors

    • Rob Simpson says:

      That’s why Trump likes it, because he’s a Traitor. 😉

    • V says:

      It’s unfortunate these traitors were pardoned.

    • Delles says:

      @Geth Creator Bro that literally doesn’t even make sense.

    • Geth Creator says:

      @Delles of course it does. If you think the confederates were traitors then the entire USA are traitors and the claim for independence would be illegitimate

    • Geth Creator says:

      @Delles you all hype up the war for independence against Britain but in reality it was a minor battle that let to independence being granted by treaty not forged out of the will of the founding fathers like we like to pretend, same with the confederates, they aren’t traitors because they didn’t betray anyone, they fought for what they believed and it all ended with ceasefire agreements, the North did not force a surrender through sheer will, it was agreed by both sides.

  • SkizeCraft says:

    Political correctness is getting out of hand. Maybe I can see it being banned on military bases but, these other bans are stupid. Just 50 years ago, the flag wasn’t a big deal. Now everyone is getting hurt over a flag used in like 2 battles from 200 years ago. Yes, slavery was bad, but that doesn’t make any of the flags used by the Confederacy represent it. People need to move on from the last. People need to look at it and be thankful that slavery is now gone. Look at the general lee from the dukes of Hazzard, it’s pathetic people are getting hurt over a car, A CAR. And don’t bring up that “of youre a true Patriot, you wouldn’t fly it…” nonsense. Americans were rebels to Britian. Our “fight for independence” was a rebellion. Same with the south. Through their eyes, it was a fight for their independence. People need to stop picking out one or two bad things and making it the entirety. There’s a difference between someone having the flag for their southern heritage and a person waving it wearing a kkk uniform and yelling racial slurs.

    • SkizeCraft says:

      @california dreaming America killed and displaced thousands of native Americans and yet we still fly the US flag. Racism exists in EVERY state of America and yet we still fly the US flag

    • california dreaming says:

      @SkizeCraft so you’re trying to rationalize it . It’s like trying to rationalize a swastika flag to us, period . you will never understand trying to rationalize it. And by your definition of the American flag that is correct they stole the land from native Americans so how about maybe the right thing would be to have a new symbol and start over and do it right. Just like this Republican and Democrat party system doesn’t work. it should be abolished because the party system divides people and hasn’t worked in the last hundred years. But people are afraid to try something new, people have no balls to change the system. instead of having a party system we should have a system where the individual citizens vote on the individual laws and not candidates who have agendas for their own parties. See at the end of the day, I want real change, people expect us to be grateful for something that should have happened a long time. you should be grateful to people who are saving lives not to statues of people that slaughtered lives.

    • SkizeCraft says:

      @california dreaming statues of people that slaughtered lives? A lot of union generals killed many as well. People are going to die in every war fighting for their land. There’s going to be people that get upset about everything, no matter what happens. You can’t make it all pretty and filled with rainbows and sunshine. You can’t please everyone

    • california dreaming says:

      @SkizeCraft you’re dismissing the racist history of the Confederates during that time. If you don’t get it from what I said in the first paragraph with the comparison of the swastika flag to Jews, then you will never understand it from a black persons point of view. People like Tomi Lauren always ask black people to come to her show and explain how things are racist and when they do she dismisses it. Its why many of us stay silent, voice isn’t heard anyway unless a person who is Caucasian mentions it. Racism against minorities will not change from minorities speaking about it, it will take other Caucasian people speaking about it for it to be acknowledged and for it to change. I went to Canada and felt more accepted there than I do here in America. Blacks and minorities are not wanted in America, people group us in the category of the stereotypes portrayed in the media and the poor neighborhoods. Many of us are hard working citizens like everyone else. It’s getting tiring working in a country having to work twice as hard to prove yourself, and people dont understand that struggle of minorities. I’m not saying this to play victim, saying this because people just want to be treated fair. People don’t understand the feeling of a black person in corporate America when u get on an elevator and your one of the few people black and no one has the courtesy to say hello and ignore u like u don’t exist. Simple things like that people don’t realize their racism. one day I will save enough money up and leave America and become a Canadian citizen where people treat you like a human.

  • Jessica Moise says:

    Good for Pentagon ban confederate flag ban

  • Esteban Man says:

    Estados Unidos va a terminar como Latinoamerica. Socialista y pobre, con la izquierda usando el racismo y sexismo para dividir a la poblacion.

    • Esteban Man says:

      @ⵡႽᐱ son muy ingenuos los estadounidenses. Niños mimados que viven una realidad distorsionada.

    • Lex Gomez says:

      Nah… I think Latin America has plutocracies where a very small group of mostly Europeans own all the wealth and the rest have nothing. In that respect, the US is definitely heading in that direction.

    • ⵡႽᐱ says:

      Esteban Man latin america is not socialist lmfao

    • ⵡႽᐱ says:

      Lex Gomez we’re already there

    • Lex Gomez says:

      ⵡႽᐱ Fair point

  • BigWasabi says:

    Are you replacing it with a Pirate flag?

  • Skyler Odell says:

    I am glad,that flag is known for rebels who wanted slaves in history. Racism need to be address and put down before their hate ruin our country.

    • Niterain says:

      It’s known for many things but the harmful things it’s known for should not be tolerated in public society.

  • Rajendra Prasad Verma says:

  • Don Scott says:

    The way things are falling apart in the US, there could be another Civil War, with the country Balkanizing into into several smaller nations. My money would be on one of those new nations using the Confederate flag.

    • Bob Foster says:

      Only one side would control the military, making an actual war unwinnable by the other. Balkanization can only happen if the President and Congress let it happen.

    • Don Scott says:

      @Bob Foster The US dollar will collapse, and then the SHTF. Then the country will split up. Someone has to pay the soldiers to keep it together, and if our money quits working, so do the troops. We brought this on ourselves by allowing all the insane de-industrialization and foreign wars.

  • David King says:

    The Confederate Flag is just a Flag from the Losers who lost the Civil War

  • a guy says:

    haha, problem with white supremacy in the military? as a former marine, i can promise you that racism doesn’t really exist. just because a marine saw another marine with a confederate flag and assumed racism, that doesn’t make it so.

    • ⵡႽᐱ says:

      “doesn’t really”

    • USAF Veteran and A Proud Liberal Patriotic Democrat says:

      As a Air Force veteran, why do you support the Confederate flag that were traitors to our United States and the United States Military?

    • Blake Lawless says:

      Why do marines think because they served our country that they are suddenly more intelligent than everybody else? Every marine I knew couldn’t get into college.

    • Help use all says:

      @Blake Lawless maybe because they served in the military for the freedoms you enjoy freedom isn’t free!

    • california dreaming says:

      @Help use all Speaking as a mixed black person it is a symbol of racism to us. It’s fine to have it in the history books , it should be in the history books so that it doesn’t happen again however having a flag and statue of people that committed crimes against humanity slaughtering innocent people is a form of celebration. The flag should have been removed long ago. This flag to us is literally the same as a swastika flag to a Jewish person. If you can’t understand that, then you never will.

  • Enckidoo Falling says:

    It’s ww3 and Americans can’t even see it.

  • Magnum Opus says:

    When the PENTAGRAM bans the Confederate Flag you know Zionist Israles have total control of the USA WAR ROOM AND STATE DEPARTMENT.

    THE Sheep will never figure it out. They will continue to be distracted with manufactured conflicts and calls for racism injustice 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱👍🇮🇱

  • Upson Downes says:

    Andrew Johnson, until recently the worst US President ever, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. The ex-Confederates were allowed to keep their traditions and run things the same as before. Blacks were routinely murdered with impunity 100 years after the end of the Civil War. I don’t know why black people ever fought for this country and I believe any patriotic black man to be insane.

  • Niterain says:

    Ok, time to move on

  • Mike S says:

    There goes alot of soldiers. Can we fly the rainbow flag?

  • tdsil says:

    Clever. Word it so it includes but doesn’t specify the confederate flag. Framing it along the lines of “good order and discipline” and “treating people with dignity and respect, and rejecting divisive symbols” That way it can’t be negated by POTUS or anyone else. Not sure what Commanders will do about Soldiers who have these flags displayed in their rooms or tattooed on their bodies.

  • Monument says:

    A country with no history has no future. Liberal destruction on of the US. The liberals must be stopped at all costs.

  • Honey Badger says:

    Misleading title. They only banned it from military facilities.

  • GDPops says:

    *It’s a confederate flag representing part of America’s history. Ignorant people wrongly made it a symbol of hate. Today’s politicians pandering to this hate may be out-ignoranting the haters.”

    • V says:

      It’s a flag for traitors.

    • GDPops says:

      *America is a Great Country where even liberal democrats have the constitutional right to say stupid stuff to prove they’re ignorant idiots*

    • california dreaming says:

      Speaking as a mixed black person it is a symbol of racism to us. It’s fine to have it in the history books , it should be in the history books so that it doesn’t happen again however having a flag and statue of people that committed crimes against humanity slaughtering innocent people is a form of celebration. The flag should have been removed long ago. This flag to us is literally the same as a swastika flag to a Jewish person. If you can’t understand that, then you never will.

  • ranae says:


  • Sah Di says:

    The most successful white supremist corporation Planned Parenthood is funded by the gov and lauded by the media. Its founder Margaret Sanger viewed abortion as way to control “unfit” minority population. Read up on it. Its time to wake up!!

    • Lex Gomez says:

      Sah Di Russian bot says what?

    • Sah Di says:

      @Lex Gomez please tell me what i said thats factually incorrect. Perhaps you have benefitted from PP…avoided child support? ..and dont like the truth.

  • AquaBunniez ツ says:


  • V says:

    Statues of traitors don’t belong on any military installation.

  • Corrected News says:

    A problem with progressive whining is that even when they get what they want, they are not appreciative AT ALL. They simply shift the complaint from DO X to X should have been done SOONER.
    So in practical terms, it really does not matter if X is done or not. Only the complaint changes.

    • california dreaming says:

      So you’re saying that black people should be appreciative that they want to remove a racist flag that should have been removed a long time ago anyway🤦 just wow. And the excuses people give that it’s deleting history is bs. it can stay in the history books, that is fine, it needs to be written in history books so it doesn’t happen again. but having flags and statues to celebrate people who committed transgressions against human beings should have been removed a long time ago because it is celebrating them. Shouldn’t have to thank anyone for something that was wrong in the first place being celebrated. Too black people it’s the equivalent of someone celebrating the swastika flag to a Jewish person. If you can’t understand that then you never will. Appreciation should be given to people who risk their lives everyday not to something that was wrong in the first place. End of story!!!

    • Corrected News says:

      @california dreamingTopical Left wing cancell tactic. Take any statement, respond with ‘So what you are saying is . .” and replace what was ACTUALLY said with the ‘I am a victim’ narrative de jour.
      I did not say ANYTHING about black people, yet you made everything about racism. Are you aware that most of the people pulling down statues are white? And that they are pulling down statues of abolitionists? Do you even know what an abolitionist is?
      Your attitude and response is a perfect example if the point I made, although I doubt you realise it.

    • Corrected News says:

      @california dreaming If you are under 30 years old then what you think is ‘history’ is actually left wing revisionist propoganda. That is not your fault, but the result is what the left wanted: pure anarchy for the sake of blind rebellion.
      You may think there is freedom for blacks at the end of that road, but there is only a new kind of slavery all over again. But this time for all of us regardless of color, and there will be no one with the power to abolish it.

  • SkizeCraft says:

    Miles well ban the star spangled banner as well then. Racism exists in every state of America so the star spangled banner represents racism (blacks and native Americans) and betrayal (rebelling against Great Britian). I’m just using same logic as the others that hate on the Confederate battle flag

  • Yurij Trytjak says:

    Flag of Nazi Germany is not allowed on any U.S. military installation. Flag of North Vietnam is not allowed on any U.S. military installation. Flag of Imperial Japan is not allowed on any ….. etc., etc. So, why should the flag of the Confederacy, who attacked the U.S. and killed tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers, be allowed?

    • california dreaming says:

      Thank you, you get it!!! I appreciate your comment.

  • Astro says:

    Interesting pie chart. Perhaps someone should have looked at it before they posted it.

  • 47 PE says:

    The confederate flag meaning has changed just like how the n-word has. When we hear the word in music, or when two black people say it to each other, it’s a completely different meaning vs back in the day. Same goes for the flag: People support it because they had ancestors who fought and died for the bloody civil war (very few southerners were slave owners many fought cuz of conscription or they wanted to protect their home but don’t come after me in the comments cuz I still think the reason for the war was slavery), or they view the flag as a representation of southern pride. It’s not too hard to understand! I’m not even from the South, have no connection with the flag whatsoever, and we immigrated here twenty years ago but it’s still not hard for me to realize what it means to people!

  • Efren JR says:

    na na na na hey hey-ey goodbye. 😂 There’s only one flag!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Dave Del says:

    Should have put up there last flag. The white flag.

  • Jessi Taran says:

    Its unreal that this has been happening for this long .

  • Jessi Taran says:

    Racism is just one symptom of a much deeper issue – a widespread underlying sadistic psychopathy that has become so prevalent in this country that it is now considered to be ‘normal’

  • S Bruce says:

    Rebel Yell!

  • Winston Qiu says:

    What the Confederate Flag Represents: “In the momentous step which our State has taken of dissolving its connection with the government of which we so long formed a part, it is but just that we should declare the prominent reasons which have induced our course.

    Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery– the greatest material interest of the world. Its labor supplies the product which constitutes by far the largest and most important portions of commerce of the earth. These products are peculiar to the climate verging on the tropical regions, and by an imperious law of nature, none but the black race can bear exposure to the tropical sun. These products have become necessities of the world, and a blow at slavery is a blow at commerce and civilization. That blow has been long aimed at the institution, and was at the point of reaching its consummation. There was no choice left us but submission to the mandates of abolition, or a dissolution of the Union, whose principles had been subverted to work out our ruin.” -Declaration of Succession: Mississippi

  • JAYA SKAN says:

    I do not understand why there are so much fuss made about a flag?

    • california dreaming says:

      Too black people it’s equivalent to the swastika flag being celebrated to a Jewish person. If you can’t understand that, you never will

  • Help use all says:

    Hmmm which flag the most famous is the naval flag used in the 50s and 60 for protesting the real Confederate flag was stars and bars so the rebel flag was use by the navy more idiot’s that are in educated if they want to denounce history they must learn it first what a joke

  • Mike Wilson says:

    I honestly hate that the Confederate is associated with racism. From a purely design point of view it’s ascetically pleasing. But the reality is that has to go for America to heal some day.

  • my-name-is nobody says:

    … the deep-rooted hatred of blacks in America is so ingrained into society that it is a norm…

    • my-name-is nobody says:

      and the hate is unfounded… and stems from fear and stupidity…

  • One One says:

    Breaking news: Civil war will be erased from history books, George Washington declared heretic and not a founding father due to owning slaves.

    • california dreaming says:

      It’s not that it doesn’t need to be erased, it just shouldn’t be celebrated is the point. Having flags and statue of these people is celebrating them. Talking about it in a history book is different. It should not be deleted from history books so that the mistakes doesn’t repeat again but flags and statues shouldn’t be here to celebrate those people for their transgressions against humanity.

  • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    All flags represent a geographical area. People attache thier views. To me stars and bars Souther fried chicken yes ma’am yes sir. Dixie land jazz music food culture. I love black people. Our blood is the same color. Respect for all. Leave the flag out of it

  • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    You can destroy all confederate flags and statues. You will still have white supremacist kik. The confederate does not stand for that. The us flag has bad things associated with it. Destroy it.