NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/20
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Coronavirus cases continue surging across southern U.S. as death toll nears 140,000, Ginsberg receiving treatment for cancer recurrence, and 100-year-old veteran Captain Tom Moore knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:27 U.S. Shatters Daily Record With Over 77,000 New Cases
02:16 W.H Task Force Report Identifies 18 In “Red Zone”
02:59 New Closures & Curfews In Florida As Cases Surge
03:18 Texas Breaks Its Single_Day Death Toll Record
03:38 Massive Lines For Covid Tesiting In Arizona
03:59 New York Volunteers Helping Across The Country
04:24 Georgia Governor Sues Atlanta Mayor Over Mask Mandate
06:12 Home Depot Joins List Of Retailers Requiring Masks
06:33 Chicago Proposes ‘Hybrid Learning’ For Schools
07:32 California Orders Most Schools To Remain Closed
07:56 Fauci: ‘Profound’ Impact Of Keeping Kids Out Of School
08:43 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reveals Cancer Has Returned
10:42 Pentagon Effectively Bans Confederate Flag
12:26 Sexual Harassment Claims Against Washington’s NFL Team
15:01 Supreme Court Deals Blow To Felon Voting Rights
17:43 Civil Rights Leader C.T. Vivian Dies At 95
18:15 Wwii Veteran Who Raised $40 Million Knighted By Queen

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • thegrandfinale2 says:

    I don’t wanna be on the news dogg.
    It’s a little late for that dogg.

  • Rei 3155 says:

    Kemp shud b drawn and quartered honestly, seeing this lvl of stupid hurts my head.

  • Oscar Walton says:

    There’s nothing wrong with wearing a mask but I see lots of people not wearing them correctly Wich is the same as not wearing one at all🤦

  • carlos Gonzalez says:

    what we are going through is probably is chemical bioligical bacteria and the U,S,A AND IS ALLIES whos where all in killing some muslin general , and i just cant accept the some virus is surviving hot weather . and is destroying humans organs is just on herd off …..there is a big cover up . and like always the U.S.A is behind all of this mierda

  • Patricia Gregory says:

    The Georgia Governor ain’t got nothing else better to do but to take the mail to court about wearing masks it’ll do the same people as what kind of brain does that man got!!!!! Tying up the court system because the mail want to save lives and he wants death! I pray God that the governor Nor his inner circle nor his family get covid-19 then he’ll see how important and serious covid-19 is

  • Chris P. Bacon says:

    Snyder needs to go.

  • Pamela Capozzoli says:

    Those numbers are all wrong an many are dying from wearing masks. It’s so weird that in Michigan the hospitals are empty an if your sick they need to fly them to Michigan bc are hospitals are empty. There even laying off the nurses there.
    You can go into a restaurant but have to wear a mask but once you sit down you can take your mask off. So what the virus waits until after you eat.

  • Pete OConnor says:

    Karen Bremer? Jesus, you can’t make this up.

  • Pamela Capozzoli says:

    I would not send my child to school right now. They will learn an take classes on the computer.

  • Peter Jed Soyer says:

    Lies and false testimonies through the Democratic side.

  • Advocatus Diaboli says:

    Don’t need a mandate to do the right thing?
    Why do laws even exist then in Georgia, you ignorant moron?!

  • Forcemaster2000 says:

    Ginsburg is selfish! She should have retired when Obama was in office so that she could have been replaced by someone younger!

  • Chuzong Xiong says:

    Retired too old to hold the job Ginsburg sad

  • Espine says:

    I think Bloomberg should cover all fees in Florida’s PAY TO VOTE SYSTEM for released felons. Then, after the election, we can follow the money into DeSantis’ pocket!


    The final speech at the end was epic..!
    Love each other..
    Respect each other…
    We are all in this together…
    Please, do what is right for the better good of humanity and all life on this planet we call home. Put away EGO’S. As it does not serve in positive movements for any life. The ego only serves the self. Darkness and hate is in the ego. Instead serve the soul for it blessed with light inside all life and serves all life unconditionally.
    The world will always need love and compassion. Thank you for taking your time to read my words. Namaste 🙏

  • 199331939 says:

    All lies, No mask 😷 this is all propaganda from media

  • jacquelyn norwood says:

    We need exact number of how many deaths in each state not a total for the United States. We want to know the exact death in each state and how many coronavirus cases in each state don’t give us an overall account of United States that’s ridiculous because it look like you’re pushing propaganda. Report the news properly I’m sure people on the air know how to add and subtract.

  • 199331939 says:

    Fauci is a liar 🤥! Fauci should be arrested

  • Natsinco says:

    Just stay home for one month people for real this time, and the government should freeze all rent, mortgages and basic utility payments. It will be a pain but if we had done what we were supposed to the first time this would be over by now.

  • Buffalo Berger says:

    Miss you Grandpa Archie.

    If you sprinkle when you tinkle be a sweetie and put mace on the seatie. – circa 1969 Oakland clock tower Hotel.

  • Natsinco says:

    Yes there absolutely is a problem with neo nazis in the US military I’ve seen it fist hand in the USMC infantry.

  • John Prini says:

    de santis thinks no republicans have been to jail, heh

  • Hayanah says:

    Wear your Mask, if not just for you it’s for others and if someone gets sick, cause of stupidity and dies their blood is on your hands, another thing is a petition should be made to the WH to have the data sent back to the CDC, not the WH I would not trust them. They already are trying to keep the Numbers from the People. We the People pay their salary with our taxes, we have a right to have all and the correct Data on this Virus.

  • Frank says:

    Georgians don’t need a law telling them to wear a mask…hmm..ok then get rid of those pesky murder laws too. Georgians don’t need the law telling them to not murder. 🙄 stay consistent


    There are so many people who don’t care about warnings.

  • Frank says:

    Its weird that our government isn’t protecting us and we’re relying on corporate America to do the right thing and require masks.

  • Julian Cerino says:


  • Karen Wentz says:

    Kemp…….Ya’ll gonna die. No mask needed. Vote for me…I’ll set you free.

  • Sean Walck says:

    Mask are a joke.Do your own research and look up how big a micron is. Then you might realize how silly a mask is for this nonsense

  • aeronviloria anolin says:

    Self disipline is the key
    i saw some people partying at the beaches and no distancing on the news and not obeying prevention for covid 19 instruction they must started it last march from the beginning of outbrake they are lack of self disipline at usa

  • johnny walker says:

    How are you going to hit on a woman reporter that only wears turtlenecks in July?

  • JessGarcia says:

    4:17 ” five months in and this pandemic is still out of control” but, but we were suppose to be all back to normal by Easter ….. How soon we forget the crap Trump says.
     Also we are 3 months away from flu season so batten down the hatches folks .

  • Tangled Webb says:

    If wearing a mask is a partisan issue, 2020 will be a death sentence for Republicans.

  • DubStylee says:

    Fauci on the flip-flop again to get along with his master, profound damage to kids who start school late after the vaccine comes in Dec or January…really? smh

  • Zig Figgler says:

    I wear a mask, I defend black people people no matter what. I’m better than all you people, if you aren’t like me you are a bad person.

  • keep typing says:

    Stupid america – forgot the masks morons, the bars are open.
    wtf we are screwed ppl

  • keep typing says:

    Can’t we just make it legal to pop someone in the mouth if they won’t wear masks.
    Bet it would be enforced by the people easily.
    It would be fun too.

  • Estebahn Quantum says:

    There hauling people off the beach to FEMA camps .

  • keelinga says:

    Def. Sec. Esper is AWESOME!!!!! So smart❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Robert David says:

    Now is not the time to reopen.
    We should all wear masks.
    This pandemic is not
    something this country can handle.

  • win2888 says:


  • Deb Nichols says:

    Ginsburg needs to retire.

  • Paul Kelley says:

    Trump has destroyed America from the inside out with his 2 year old mind of incompetency
    Mr Trump Hitler the worst president in history has made the USA a laughing stock to the world cares more about the stock market and economy then the health and survival of the people who can rebuild America after the destruction the Trump administration has done to America and the economy without healthy people and workers safety first there will be no healthy economy thats why we should keep ct on pause until we have a realistic defense plan that protects us for the log hall and have vaccine that works to more now than ever we need to shutdown and get ready for the second wave thats coming for the worst fall and winter they say it will be since ww2 and the great depression.
    We need to be very careful and smart because if Trump wins it will be are extinction level event and might wipe us off the planet in the next 2 years at the rate its going at we need every defense arsenal to fight this disaster coming in the fall and winter those times will predict where are next big future step either into recovery and rebuilding or complete utter failure and hopeless future ahead with more death and despair and the complete fall of our nation depends on this next massive covid war that will hit us on 2 fronts by fall and we need to be ready and not repeat the disaster Trump did in May with reopen with no plan that works and his death rallies that spreader the virus all over the USA and now were paying dearly for that idiotic damage that he has created for everybody and maid us the laughing stock of the world and banned us from traveling in Europe for along long long time November truly will be the most important time to save are species from total annihilation and the fall of America forever.

  • Granny Reynolds says:

    RepubliCons : BE HONEST!
    Trump WANTS TO GET RID of ACA/Obama Care & I believe he ALREADY got RID of “PRE-EXISTING” ?

  • Granny Reynolds says:

    What about ALL the REALITY SHOW fanfare Trump had, for EMERGENCY- NATIONAL PRODUCTION of PPE for HEALTH CARE workers?

  • Granny Reynolds says:

    Didn’t Trump in a Nazi like /IN EMPATHETIC manner, say MONTHS AGO
    “240,000 to 2 Million Americans will DIE”! And NONE of You said anything against IT ! Yes People are DYING of other FLUS & other DISEASES, but THIS flu is a BIT___ !

  • Granny Reynolds says:

    The WHITE HOUSE Crew & WEALTHY people are TESTED DAILY, what about the REST of US ?

  • Granny Reynolds says:

    WHY can’t WE TAXPAYERS , have SAME HEALTH CARE as Politicians/PolyTrickSters & President ? WHY do we SEE THEM. as ROYALTY & BETTER then US ? USA 🇺🇸 has $$$ for Wealthy people TAX BREAKS -WELFARE / WARS/Prepping for SPACE WARS/RALLIES & FIREWORKS/USAF Fly Overs /ENDLESS GOLFING, etc……!

  • Granny Reynolds says:


  • Sir Leo says:

    How many will send their children back to school with rising numbers?

  • Andy Fresh says:

    WOW i love nightly news this is amazing

  • Nathan Robinson says:

    What is so hard about wearing a freaking mask? Wear it! Don’t ask Uncle Sam. Don’t be a donkey donk.

  • Brenda Henderson says:


  • Dark Child says:

    We need another stimulus check!!!!
    The world won’t last long enough to buy enough food, clothing and shelter!!

  • Corperateties S says:

    it’s flu and cold season on steroids….Shame on you ‘NBC!’ Humans have been dealing with this for thousands of years. Again, SHAME ON YOU ‘NBC!”

  • Diane Mcdonnell says:

    Let this hoax virus affect you then maybe you’ll wear a mask. Thought your president said when it gets hot out this virus will go away. How’s that working for you?????? Our heroes Doctors nurses and all who work in the medical field.

    • Corperateties S says:

      It’s for within 6 ft. of other humans. Not all day long in your car by yourself with windows up and ac on. you are breathing in your own toxic chemicals over and over and over. wonder why you feel like you have no energy? That is your immune system breaking down. Yet you never contracted the flu. hrmmmm….

    • Corperateties S says:

      This isn’t the life you need to worry about anyway. You’ve been pre judged from birth. This fleshy husk you walk around in is a pre cursor to actual living. You wont affect the next life if you fall sheep to this life.

    • Diane Mcdonnell says:

      @Corperateties S I didn’t say you have to wear a mask 24 7 ok it’s called common sense do you know what that is?????

  • Corperateties S says:

    It’s for within 6 ft. of other humans. Not all day long in your car by
    yourself with windows up and ac on. you are breathing in your own toxic
    chemicals over and over and over. wonder why you feel like you have no
    energy? That is your immune system breaking down. Yet you never
    contracted the flu. hrmmmm….

  • Tonia Jean-Pierre says:

    This pandemic solidified my rationale of waiting until I was much older to have children. My retirement allows me to be a full time mother once our twin daughters turned seven. My spouse still works but I am completely retired and will not be returning to work. I only wish I could help others with their childcare, but because of being autoimmune compromised due to my military service I cannot allow others around me. My spouse has been at his job for 18 years and he plans on staying there until he reaches 30 years before retiring.

  • Michael Tessier says:

    trump needs to toss thet old sick judge, its just sad to look at her struggling

  • Unified 888 says:

    The only reason I can think of she haven’t die after so many times hospitalized. Is she is a real witch.

  • Buster Beagle says:

    What queen? People care about that

  • Buster Beagle says:

    Nbc- fear mongers.

  • Buster Beagle says:

    I like how you miss “Dr. Fauci

  • Joseph Smith says:

    In 1985 I became a convicted felon. In 92 was released under parole, in 2001 finished my parole and same year my voters rights were reinstated. I research my candidates as well as vote every single time I can. I DO NOT vote party , am registered independent which does not allow me to vote in some elections. For party my voter card actually say “realist”.

  • melvina628 says:

    Who is starting this rumor that teachers aren’t working? Please stop. The teachers have always been teaching students, the students have always been in school, and the schools have always been open. Education is online, instead of in brick and mortar classrooms.  You’re not paying teachers to stay home. They’re still earning paychecks, not unemployment checks. The entire world is “scared” of dying from this fatal disease, not just teachers. Teachers have always gotten sick from students being sent to school with illnesses, such as colds, flu, pneumonia, measles, chickenpox, etc. Now, you want to send them in with the deadly disease COVID-19? No. Thank you very much, but no.

  • JDB says:

    Knighted by the Queen? Don’t you mean eaten by the Queen???

  • Boxing enthusiast says:

    People, people are dying from this virus! What else does it take to get it through your thick, thick ignorant heads that masks are the key. Do you none- believers want to experience the grieve those that have lost loved ones experienced to have your eyes open? I don’t think so. Wear a mask stupids!

  • Ryt5014 says:

    so desantis if u owe enslaved people for 200 plus years in your logic reparations must be paid to the descendents i like that governor

  • Coleman's QuestfortheHunt says:

    Fake news source all scripted propaganda

  • Michael Wallace says:

    All right my question is DUI let this moron how many people died from car wrecks falling asleep behind the wheel drunk drivers heart attacks cancer the flu and other illnesses ???!!! So what you can tell me that we have a new AIDS epidemic right

  • Alan Reynolds says:

    The Global Population: Includes You) Living in Western countries have been taught for more than a generation to live in a Constant State of Fear ever since 9/11. We have been encouraged to Sacrifice our Liberty for a False Sense of Security, being conditioned more and more each day to rely on the State for protection, and now many of us find Ourselves relying on the State to pay our bills and to Lock Us Down!

  • Jason Crockett says:

    This is all lies people. This is a lie to implement a One World government, where all of you will be monitored by A.I, have a cashless Society, a militarized police force, forced vaccinations, no rights, and no human Spirit left. This is all a lie to fool you zombies in to a One World Government, don’t believe me, just wait and see. God bless

  • Jeff Johnson says:

    Yeah wear that mask I don’t want to smell your bad breath LOL

  • Gim Leong Chan says:

    Why keep quiet on the mass protest which can contribute the spite

  • Ty White says:

    Best news channel out there and the best, most trusted host.

  • Paul Barbacano says:

    You people are all crazy sheep!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

  • McDonald Trump says:

    I’d say that at least 40% of the Army is a Racist

  • Al Smucker says:

    Hi fake news lies lies and more lies

  • THEDENTON11 says:

    Yeah the covid

  • jeannine grant says:

    A very brave lady

  • Fel Ipe says:

    It’s sad how pandemic is advancing while the people in main responsibility keeps playing golf in huge golf clubs

  • Atsuko Roberts says:

    A lot of Trump’s BASE are refusing to wear a mask? Seems weird? They had no problem wearing a HOOD! 3,2,1 troll time! I swear to God, if any of his cult caught him in their DAUGHTERS bedroom, they would say he was checking out the room and it looks good from here!
    Or what about HILLARY?/ OBAMA?
    Remove the orange stain!!

  • Age Right Doc says:

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) + Zinc + Azithromycin works for outpatient treatment for less than $50. There are already at least two well known protocols: 1) Zelenko Protocol: and 2) Procter Protocol:

  • Shucks says:

    I wish Justice Ginsberg well and should she pass before the next election- just remember MERRICK GARLAND.

  • Rob L says:

    DUDE college is all about self-learning. Get the kids to start EARLY with self-learning and have teachers record lessons so kids to review again and again. Then have one on one zoom tutorials for kids who really need it. REMOTE learning was only hard because schools and parents were NOT PREPARED of course it will have problems. Get schools to teach instructions how to use zoom or other applications to record videos and upload to cloud to easy access.

  • JinDan Lin says:

    Georgia Governor is very funny, why is he wasting time and resources to sue another person who actually trying to help the community. Civil war?

  • Christine Jersey says:

    We have been wearing masks EVERYWHERE in every store since March in NY. We are tired of it after months. I thought everyone in US has been wearing masks.

  • Christine Jersey says:

    It’s great mega corps like Walmart and Dollar General stay open and make profits while small American businesses will never recover 5 and counting months closed.

  • Tiffany Fichtenbaum says:

    the reasons why this is happening is because this virus has been way to politicized , and instead of the politicians comming together they are bickering with each other instead of doing what they have to do in order to bring this under control

  • Ruthann k. says:

    Not very positive attitude on losing this battle..I mean no one was through this before !! Don’t blame one person it’s on every American to be responsible too…

  • Wanda Rubio says:


  • Wanda Rubio says:


  • Fabian Rios says:

    I say this year don’t vote for anyone if there is no one worthy every president for the past years are crazier and shadier then the one before they say what you want to hear and when voted in they have a different agenda obviously they use every a tragedy like George Floyd and turn it into politics for there benefit and use it to win vote’s when they never stood for racism before it’s just an opportunity for them to win power as president and I can tell you this they don’t care for black or brown and I dread to think what comes after Trump when he leaves the white house you think America is in bad shape it’s about to get worse they have Americans thinking that it is important to vote but it’s getting to the point where it’s dangerous to vote the next liar so America don’t settle if there’s not good offer on the table don’t take it leave it alone until someone good comes along the no matter how long it takes and don’t vote according to someone’s skin color or someone’s wealth because rich people are the stupidest just because there good with money and there carrier choices have been good for them it does not mean it’s good for America look for someone who has been on both sides of the war and who isn’t someone’s culture and wealth and who gives more opportunities to the poor and the single mother’s and the orphans and the grieving widows and the grandparents who have bear the burden of raising there grandchildren because there son’s or daughters don’t care anymore for there own kids .

  • Mihai Birzu says:

    Now Cor.Virus is out control so Trump should make ,edict a mee Enforcement Law…so Americana should live like in the Movie Demolition man wehre the Lovers do Virtual Love….Singles Gibers is right working until losing mental Health …but,how manv People are unemployed because they are Not fit Physical…still having an alertedmind…i am one of them…30 years Outsider?

  • 2112Nightshift says:

    “Georgians don’t need a mandate to do the right thing.” Um… Yes. Yes they obviously do.

  • Zizou Tthans says:

    That governor can’t build a wall around his place and stay in it.

  • Zizou Tthans says:

    Why people thinks business is more important than people lives

  • Kostas Vlamos says:

    When I saw the Queen with the sword, I worried that she might accidentally, slice the old man’s throat. I mean, isnt she too old to be given a sword? 🙂

  • Luke Clack says:

    your saying it wasnt made public but we all know this before you broadcast it lmao your a job