NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 21st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

President Trump says coronavirus pandemic will ‘get worse before it gets better,’ growing concern over spike of coronavirus cases in Florida retirement community, and summer camps reveal possible challenges for reopening schools.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:35 Trump: ‘It Will Probably Get Worse Before It Gets Better’
02:28 Trump Urges Masks After Resisting Nationwide Mandate
03:41 Trump On Ghislaine Maxwell:’I Wise Her Well’
04:03 Biden Blasts Trump: ‘He’s Quit On You’
04:17 Trump Resumes Task Force Briefings Without DR. Fauci
04:45 Top Drug Makers Optimistic Of Vaccine By Early 2021
07:51 CDC: Case Numbers Likely 10 Times Higher Than Reported
08:55 California Top Grim Millstone Of 400,000 Cases
10:21 New Warning On Coronavirus Risk For Older Americans
12:21 U.S. Charges Chinese Hackers With Targeting Vaccine Research
14:03 Trump Threatens To Send Federal Forces To More U.S. Cities
16:23 Miami Shuts Down Camps After Covid Cases Discovered
16:37 Summer Camps Are Critical Test For Reopening Schools
18:40 NFL’s New Testing Strategy As Rookies Report To Camp

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 21st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

102 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 21st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Yumme Momme Reply

    Chicago, Portland, New York are not in the top 10 most violent crime ridden cities in the country. 8 of the top 10 are in republican held cities and states. Loke that matters. Number 1 being Anchorage Alaska, you said nothing about Tucson Arizona 3 times the national average in crime. Albuquerque New Mexicon one of the most violent cities in the nation. All red states. You shouldn’t appear as obviously unbalanced as you seem to be. Also in all 50 states, 23 of which are white and drug infested, only the democratic states had shootings and only black people were shooting or got shot. We know that in summer crime rises, unfortunate but true. This administration had 4 years to solve this problem, this ain’t new, he didn’t solve it even after he said he was the only one that could. What happened, all of a sudden the thing he promised to solve is now the fault of mayors and governors struggling under the weight of coronavirus and his administration’s ineptitude . So even with the full force of the American government behind him it’s still, according to him, someone else’s fault. I’m sure your channel and him will find a way to blame the crime in the white populated cities on someone, anything or everybody else. Because it couldn’t be that America is just a violent society. No, no. It has to be black people bad, white people better. Really nbc. In 2020 you are still apart of this message that we know is untrue. Do better.

  2. Miklos Hun Reply

    Many people comment and asks for ‘Big Change’…. Here is my idea: it’s time for you to go HOME then! the ‘big change’ is waiting for you there….(Mexico, Cuba, or where ever is ‘home’. GO! and Satan be with you, as you have NO GOD!

  3. One Love Reply

    Finally the little boy takes his medicine that will make everything better! 6 months late but we’ll take it

  4. Miklos Hun Reply

    FAKE NEWS!!!

  5. law swee guan Reply

    booooooooo , loser

  6. Jeff B Reply

    I had a “mild” case in February here in Sioux Falls. Then I got it again in mid June. It doesn’t really go away. I suspect 50 percent of the general public have been exposed and are asymptomatic. I never go out without a mask, and wash my hands all the time, and use antibacterial wipes when I go to the bathroom. It’s a terrible experience. I probably should have gone to hospital, but thought I was safer at home.

  7. Monserrat E Reply


  8. Roger Nguyen Reply

    Trump lies about all things
    He doesn’t care about deaths
    The USA is chaired by a incompetent fool
    😂😂😂 Shame on him 😂😂😂
    Don’t forget to Vote This Nightmare out

  9. Monserrat E Reply

    The Feds going into Portland is NOT A constitutional crises,
    It’s an insurgence, riots that the democrate leaders refuse to shutdown! BLM and ANTIFA are financed by the Dems.
    This will be stopped, no matter what it takes!
    Pay attention people! The Dem Party is the enemy to America
    They are traitors!

  10. Steven Williams Reply

    as of last weekend, Getting a covid-19 test in the hospital is a two day minimum wait time.

  11. Pier rat Reply

    Americans clinging to hope for a vaccine? Lol not me jack

  12. gary fontez Reply

    Numerous people in many, many states have been informed they are positive for covid after having canceled being tested. So what’s really going on??

  13. gary fontez Reply


    • Misuchi Miss Reply

      Washing your hands is probably the most important thing

    • gary fontez Reply

      @Misuchi Miss – Agreed. Washing your hands is always important. Low stress does wonders, too! 😊

  14. Lynne Allan Reply

    This is a bloody pandemic! SHARE THE CURE! There should be NO MONEY MADE HERE! It’s crass to try to make money off this!

  15. Moses Moore Reply

    I love how the volume is always low but with commercials we can actually hear them speak

  16. Steven Williams Reply

    If the testing alone costs anywhere from $100-$200, one can only guess how much the vaccine is going to cost. America!

  17. Lynne Allan Reply

    School would only work if it would be boarding schools. And our schools are not like that. We would have to isolate small groups with a teacher and do an education in a completely different style. Since that can’t sit well or even be understood by many it will not happen. ~ that’s educational priority first. It may not be emotional priority of children first. Just a different angle of thought.

  18. Vinny Bruce Reply

    they always push Minority that there infected what about across the globe with all nationally in the 🌎

  19. Dusty Rose Reply


  20. Bucky _ Reply

    Please take care of yourself and each other 🙏🏻

  21. Roberto Gutierrez Reply

    I like how y’all word things. “Could have a vaccine by the end of the year or beginning of next year.” Could have vaccine tomorrow, could never find a vaccine. The world could end tomorrow. Any thing could happen.

  22. moonlight Animations Reply

    Welcome to America: we prefer the past problems
    We don’t want to change the system
    We don’t want blacks
    We don’t want trans
    We prefer to stay in the past
    We prefer to suffer
    We prefer to ignore people who need help
    We want the middle class to suffer
    We want nothing to what people are saying
    We want power
    We want anarchy

    After all these years we still didn’t change instead we still want the past to be here we wanted equality but still we have the same old corrupt system and yet they aren’t bothering to change and make things better they just ignore us who have these words but now

    This Is America.

  23. Ken Sturm Reply

    No they (BLM) need to stop this nonsense alk together!! Enough is enough!

  24. carloz middlemiss Reply

    I wish they would stop the lieing on the fake coronavirus

  25. Dale Val Reply

    NBC You finish the comment Trump said on Maxwell. I wish her well, what a pack of liars this channels has

  26. lorena4mj aj90037 Reply

    Biden has dementia.

  27. Ryan Roberts Reply

    The mayor of Portland is a moron. It’s not OK to send unmarked police to do illegal arrests, but at the same time, the mayor has absolutely no control over the city. He is delusional, something has to be done differently. It cannot continue as is.

  28. Jay Bee Reply

    Republicans are leaving the Trump train because he mocked masks and downplayed the virus and his ratings got LOW too due to that. He’ll put on any SHOW to get the vote. He just goes by principle of ‘what do people want to hear’.

  29. Bea Trix Reply

    Must be nice to be a rich NFL player and get testing every day for 2 weeks.

  30. orchidorio Reply

    Eat crow, Trump !

  31. Natailia Pointer Reply


  32. just me11 Reply

    what about the hit on our troops

  33. just me11 Reply

    poverty, drugs (flown in and introduced in poor neighborhoods),unlawful incarceration, low wage essential workers, police brutality and gangs and being left behind in every aspect of life have plagued these communities for decades… everything was designed to lead to this. Release these fathers from these profit prisons so they can raise their sons to be men and stop the stigmatic racism to keep one group down while uplifting the other… it’s not just a black and brown problem, its a American problem.

  34. Dora Williams Reply

    trump don’t trust nobody, and I don’t trust that vaccine, you are not going to use us for ginniepig, black people, don’t fall for this, don’t take it.

  35. Dora Williams Reply

    crooked china.

  36. Dora Williams Reply

    the president is right, don’t vote for Biden, or we are doomed, wake up America.

  37. Rebekah N Reply

    I could give a rat’s a** about the NFL games right now. We are trying to survive. This is not a priority whatsoever.

  38. The Andy Davis Accordion Channel Reply

    New campaign slogan: “Make America Worse Before It Gets Better.” MAWBIGB will look good on a hat.

  39. The Andy Davis Accordion Channel Reply

    “Anything that can help is potentially a good thing.” Sounds like he’s considering resigning.

  40. Pudin Tain Reply

    Tumpty Dumpty built a big wall,
    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Trumpty together again.

    • Pete Wins Reply

      Hey I just read it in the NYT that you were a bent wanker, is this true?

  41. Rosina Martinez Reply

    Trump change his briefing because he was advised to do that because Biden was doing it first.

  42. Pudin Tain Reply

    Lets hope Biden quits on us… quickly.

  43. Hans Lennros Reply

    Trump is offering to arrange the closure of criminality in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia etc.
    Why aren’t the mayors taking him up on that?

  44. Rhiannon Harding Reply


  45. Robert Lee Reply

    The FAKE president. The LIAR president. EVICT this A-hole then Imprison him for LIFE.

  46. G Porter Reply

    I can’t listen to this lying carnival barker

  47. Johnna Funkhouser Reply

    Great show tonight. Thanks Miguel.

  48. Robert Lee Reply

    Thanks NBC and Lester Holt for keeping us informed.

  49. S. M. Reply

    Worse before it gets better.

    Need more testing.

    Only two truths Trump said today.
    Every other sentence was a lie.

  50. Jay 1066 Reply

    Federal officers have a right to defend federal buildings and the mayor is allowing federal buildings to be destroyed. What’s wrong with you America? Why are you letting the media convince you that this is ok? Snap out of it!

  51. Pierre L Reply

    Oh, yeah, get vaccinated and chipped like they want you to. Your life will really “improve”, you will be gone in no time.

  52. Lee Uhoda Reply

    Schools need to stay shut until this nightmare is officially eradicated.

  53. Dee Dee Reply

    Trump, This is not your fault. Yeah, I am a chocolate woman….💯❤️

  54. Lindley Ross Reply

    All the fake news is doing is advertising for big pharma I’m still waiyito hear natural solutions but that’s not gonna happen just violate stupid people

  55. Ming Kalli Reply

    Why oh why congress and judicial do not do anything, but whine. Just implement the 25th amendment.

  56. David Sommerfield Reply

    Is this news or a political opinion ? Please help as I cannot figure it out.

  57. Hot Sauce Reply

    So asthma pump don’t work..the old pump not the new stuff

  58. James Ellis Martin Reply

    Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies!  The reason: the love of money, money, money, money, money!  Funny thing…everyone seems to be getting it, except the people reporting about it!  I wonder why?  You would think the doctors and nurses whom we are told are stressed beyond capacity, being worked overtime without let up and who are around sick people of all kinds, including those with Covid 19, would be dropping like flies but nooooooo, they seem to be the strongest people on the planet!  Why do we need some untested vaccine?  Why don’t we all just get some of what these super human doctors and nurses must be taking?  Watch!  Now we will suddenly hear about how the doctors and nurses are taking a turn for the worse!  This is a freak show and the freaks are the ones not getting sick but making sure everyone else is being told they are!  Other countries around the world seem to be getting this all in grip, but not Americakkk/Babylon.  Babylon has fallen and only appears to be still standing because the children of Israel are there and refuse to leave, so she can be completely destroyed!  Get out of her stupid people!

  59. PU Reply

    Who can trust and or believe ANYTHING this moron says?????
    He has lied toooooo much, ZERO CREDIBILITY.

  60. Christina Andrews Reply


  61. Dennis Pfeifer Reply

    Wow! Trump wishes Ghislaine Maxwell! Why did he not say: “I understand she is in custody, and hope she can help authorities get to the bottom of the Epstein case and get justice for the young girls! Sounds like a dark cloud hanging over his head to me, and I don’t have the Trump derangement syndrome. His statement is very odd…Second WOW in this story! “FDA will approve vaccine if it’s 50% effective” Say what? LOL Are you kidding me??? That’s like taking your car to a garage to get it repaired and the shop has a 50% outcome repair is any good…!!!!! LOL I cannot believe this…50% effective? Give me a break.

  62. Furthermore Reply

    What’s more effective than masks? Gas station attendants , yup , I haven’t seen Rajiv, nor John, nor Betty, nor Sue wiping down those gas pump handles at all … …

  63. Furthermore Reply

    Fresh Ideas , an ATM phone App because NOBODY is periodically cleaning an ATM hahaha

  64. eagle worldroaming Reply

    What a great man President Trump is. I’ve never in my life known a great hero a true patriot like him. I often think of him as someone chosen by God and designated to go down below to help humanity not only America but the whole world. Loud praise we.ve heard of bim.
    A superman the whole world woorships!

  65. ashkir ali Reply

    Keep ur vaccine

  66. Denis Bailey Reply

    Florida Governor DeSantis spreads death across Florida and Florida schools

  67. Wrenna Ess Reply

    Fascism is alive and well in America!

  68. Stuart Caskey Reply

    The McCloskey family is innocent. If you lynch them we will lynch back understand?

  69. greg wilson Reply

    Look at the number of BABIES infected in North Texas!!! I heard 435?!! And this is ONLY North Texas!
    How is THIS, for a briefing”?

  70. aimee curry Reply


  71. Said Ali Reply

    Even though I dislike him but I must admit he is doing the right thing now ! I hope US will be the first to find the Vacc because so many are infected . So many lives was lost !

  72. Lisa Phillips Reply

    Minorities doesn’t want to be your guinea pig…find another victim..

  73. Stephen Fuller Reply

    Ahhhh, I see you all are still having your “Goldstein Two Minutes Hate” daily program. I often wonder if it’s effective still, but then read the comments here and know; yes. Willingly chained to beliefs deep in Plato’s Cave.

  74. Susie Stepp Reply

    Trump has no idea what is going on with the real people and to little to late. Don’t pee down my back and tell me it’s raining. Rioting and Trump is throwing fule to the fire.

  75. One Life Reply

    Malaysia has 70 plus million people with less than a thousand deaths.
    Taiwan has 23 million people with less than 200 deaths,
    Hong Kong has 7.8 million people with 14 deaths.

    Why Amerca refused to follow these countries to wear mask in order to save thousand people’s life’s……….stop being selfish and think of others first…to wear mask and stay at home…..like the Asian countries above

  76. Prove its a fact Reply

    Even though NEW covid 19 death toll has reached ONE THOUSAND deaths in just one day. While at the same time, the NEW covid 19 infections one day total has reached *77 THOUSAND*

    * After the re-opening covid 19 is now infecting 1 in 3 children*
    *Before the re-opening 1 in 200-/+ children were becoming infected*

    With that information in mind. What would any logicality thinking parents conclude???
    1) *it IS safe to send your children back to school*

    2) *It IS safe to send your children into an enclosed environment*
    (an environment in which your children will be *FOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS every day*

    3) *if your children happens to become infected with covid 19 and dies* …
    you can find comfort in the following…
    At the time Covid 19 is infecting and killing more people than it ever did…

    *It was you that sent your children back to school*

    *You are the one that played Russian Roulette with the lives of your own children*

    The really ironic part is;…
    *Nobody forced to play Russian roulette with your children’s lives*

    *You did it WILLINGLY*

    You will always know
    *Sending your children back to school (while covid is infecting and killing more people than ever before) was the logical, smart, well thought-out thing to do*


  77. Dexy83 Reply

    AGAIN! LIES! Provable LIES! No, no one has seen you wear a mask “several times” 🤯😷


  78. Markus Müller Reply

    This news-anchor continues to ignore the annual occurrence of corona viruses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_AyuhbnPOI Let’s formulate the following common political goal: Bosses have to be legally responsible towards the grassroots, especially in groups with delegated powers (police ), Parties, governments, media, banks, infrastructure … even the military). We know the good, the bad and the ugly guys best in a direct (professional) environment. To support socially committed people and downgrade charlatans, we need to have regular triple reviews by superiors, colleagues and subordinates.

  79. James. Brade Reply

    If president trump did continue from where president Obama left off we would never be in the situation we are in now

    • China Winston Reply

      True! His greed smh

  80. jim c Reply

    why do anything the Govt asks ??? You only get $1200 beans a year so far, that’s like 3rd world country pay ??? Ridiculous !

  81. Donna Littlejohn Reply


  82. Donna Littlejohn Reply


    • China Winston Reply

      You come here with all these negative comments smh

  83. Yvonne Jackson Reply

    Kills Dog

  84. Eddie- 1700 Reply

    Is it me or is it just b*******? You said Chinese people? Wanted but FBI I’m confused. Don’t they live in China? Why would it come to the United States? Didn’t Iran. Issue arrest warrant for Donald Trump human rights violations I’m confused. Donald Trump had leaders of Iran killed Just awesome hear sake I’m confused is the world. Not on the same Planet are we not on the same planet? Are they dumping the American people down with is 5G technology? Is it foggy in your brains like it’s falling in the sky? And you can’t see what’s in the sky. I’m confused. Bulshit last as long as you let it. Take the pillow from your head put a book in it. There’s a patent. By the United States on a Coronavirus 2018 do you research? Stop being dumb. Down no more talk.

  85. Mahendra Oza Reply

    The Democratic governors of the all states should collectively rebel against the unconstitutional orders Trump has been slapping.

  86. truonthao truongthuy Group Reply


  87. Persian Amazon Reply

    He’s reading of a paper. It’s so clearly trying so hard to say I’m reading something guys. Illuminati is forcing me. It’s a message to his fans

  88. Alfonso Burney Reply

    Vaccine = NEW WORLD ORDER. Forced to believe in something that has been undermined for the last 3 hundred years.

  89. Marie Reply

    watch Dana Cornerstone’s video about the prophetic dreams he had. he tells you whats going to happen and it isn”t good. think you have it bad now? Trump is going to be the least of your worries school children

  90. greg music Reply

    war is the only answer unlike spanish flu this has to be the other way around this time war for those who done this ,the only difference between dems and trump is whos in office the dems would be doing the same but worse gov military and gun confcastion worst off.

  91. greg music Reply

    War War War its the only way make them pay earn respect thats what our people what to see how can our people respect law and order if they are not held responsible for what china has done

  92. greg music Reply

    at least trump wants to save our country not say to china oh well it all right with us damage esessment looks pretty bad to me now dems have the floor it would be 100.000.000.ooo trillion now china not held accountable for this War is respect.

  93. Matt Bloskey Reply

    I had a friend who got divorced and only heard his side. Made me hate her until I heard her side. Fellow Americans ❤️ spend 5-10 minutes looking at another perspective #theofficertatum. Peace and love to y’all

  94. C K Reply

    Trump is about 5 months behind all the logical Americans

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