NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 22nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/25
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 22nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

California now has nation’s highest number of coronavirus cases, U.S. strikes $2 billion coronavirus vaccine deal with Pfizer, and former ‘Rosie the Riveter’ makes masks to protect against coronavirus.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:51 U.S. Tops 1,000 Deaths In Single Day
02:10 California Surpasses New York For Most Covid Cases
02:34 Staggering High Positive Rate In Arizona County
02:50 Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana Latest To Issues mask Mandates
3:19: Fauci: ‘I Don’t Really See US Eradicating’ Covid-19
04:34 Inside One Of Nation’s First Schools To Reopen
05:17 Student Face Uncertainty Over Upcoming School Year
05:49 Naacp Sues Devos Over Federal Aid For Private Schools
07:04 Trump Touts $2 Billion Vaccine Deal With Pfizer
07:35 Trump: “Comfortable’ With Son Returning To School
08:19 Biden & Obama Attack Trump’s Coronavirus Response
09:05 Senate GOP Discussing $600 Unemployment Benefit Extension
09:43 U.S. Strikes $2 Billion Vaccine Deal With Pfizer
12:00 U.S. Orders China’s Consulate In Houston To Shut Down
14:03 Trump Sends Federal Agents To Chicago As Violence Spikes
16:04 FBI: Suspect In Judge Ambush Linked To Second Killing
16:28 Tropical Storm Gonzalo Expected to Become Hurricane
16:57 Wells Fargo Customers Outraged Over Mortgage Holds

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 22nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (121件)

  • New jack says:

    Another night again just talking about the same old crap as usual 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  • Shenkosky says:

    Honestly, when the flu season hits we do not know medically what anyone’s outcome will be adult or child if they catch the Flu and COVID at the same time. We simply have zero reference cases to study as this doubled down infection could be fetal for all ages and trust me all the healthcare professionals are talking about this right now. It’s unknown territory and open schools cold go down in the history books for worst move ever made during a F$&* Pandemic!

  • Ray Skidmore says:

    Lester Holt is such a maggot

  • Sawmhlubpag1 says:

    F*** Wells Fargo! Never again going there! Rips everyone off

  • Wyatt Earp says:

    It’s good we had great leadership or we could have had 1000 deaths a day!

  • wee boi says:

    I wonder if protesting contributed to the increase of covid cases hmmmm

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      Not to mention the hours of their day that they used to ruin the economy.

  • bal w says:

    Well Fargo Bank infighting continues with the feigned high productivity, high performance results from high speed Millennials and Gen Z. (I just recently googled millennial.)

  • Robert Boudreau says:

    My friend’s son got bit by a spider an online doctor appointment.

    The doctor prescribed an ointment..

    When he got the paperwork for his son said they tested him for coronavirus and the tested positive..

    My friend never took his son to the hospital to get tested for it

    They’re f****** liars…..

    What else are they lying about

  • piezoification says:

    Trump is a tyrant, A.TYRANT, do you know what a tyrant is America? wake up!

  • ezcondition says:

    exercise, arm yourself, create a business — no matter how small – that’s how you fight back. whistle while you work Americans

  • Mr_R N says:

    The CDC has to change their guidelines when. It comes to opening for school – because they were too specific. According to Trump. Trump has fired previous federal health leaders because if their position about the seriousness of Covid. I don’t Trust Trump. In States Covid deaths and hospitalizations are climbing , children should not be opening schools.

  • Freedom of speech says:

    When is the world will weak up and realized that China is very evils dangerous to the world? In reality intellectual from other countries is their culture of surviving, They always dreams beyond more than their capable of.

  • Breena Bre says:

    What EXACTLY has Trump done for the WHOLE of ‘Black Americans?”

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      What has biden done? What have the rioters done? Less than nothing. Trump may have barely done anything, but thats because the citizens are raising racism.

    • Breena Bre says:

      @im here because i hate your guts Oh, so apparently Trump spews rainbows, sprinkles & fairy dust every time he opens his mouth, huh? GTFHO

  • Dawn Marie says:

    Those mask are cutting off oxygen to their brains and organs? Hurting kids smh

  • shannon mcgilvray says:

    Trump had to read that off a teleprompter because he is not capable of sympathy.

  • lola boden says:

    That groovy lady gives me hope that generosity and kindness is alive and well.

  • Gilbert Cruz says:

    Who do you all work for? Satan’s will? Why don’t you all unit with Trump and brain storm.instead of always building devision!!!

  • Rita Kanui says:

    The point is, this virus was known to Trump, and didn’t help to resolve this virus, when he heard about it in December? Like most issues this issue should been jumped on to end those who are saying, from this virus!
    I’m not getting shots, if I never had the virus! I think Hawaiians are protected by having poi and laulau in our historical cultural DNA. So I’m not getting a shot or demands by any government to get a shot! NO Way! ( That hinges on possibility to get infected!
    by unknown sources). Just say NO!

  • Tim Stewart says:

    The truth will set you free

  • Everything Matters says:

    So what exactly has Trump done for black Americans?

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      More than biden. And definitely more than these black lives matter rioters. Talk about black supremacy

  • Kim Denton says:

    Revelation Coming True as we breathe.

  • missy sparkles says:

    Trump has been lying to the american ppl from the beginning I see marshall law on the way There is NO vaccine anywhere in the world he is a liar

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      Give as many examples of trump’s lies as you can.

    • missy sparkles says:

      @im here because i hate your guts Why do i need to are you soooo stupid you cant tell the difference between a lie and the truth?

  • Patriae Non Amans says:

    The world must understand that Trump supporters DO NOT have to wear the mask of OPPRESSION! take ten minutes to learn why 👍

  • Denise Chaples says:

    Just wondering what the long term side effects of this drug could be?

  • Thomas Westerman says:

    Give everyone 150,000:and pay essential,workers more—-NESARA——-Media distracts and lies 24/7 —entertainment culture is poison

  • Truth Hunter says:

    Democrats killing covid 19 patients now secretly

  • Thomas Westerman says:

    Wake up people we are all wage slaves or wage slave enforcers except for the 1 percent who skim off the top—-AntimChrist System —they pacify you with entertainment

  • Mariela Cross says:



  • Nathan Robinson says:

    I still don’t know who to believe.

  • Angela Charles says:

    This issue of the drastic increase of the cod vi virus in the US reminds me of the story when the village people didn’t know how to get rid of the rats in the village one man had a great idea he played a flute that caused all the rats to follow him and they all did and their demise was death. sad to say this is exactly the American people most of them are they can’t think for them selves their President said Don t wear mask and they didn’t, open up the country and off cause they did partying going to the beaches open their bars and clubs and restaurants schools, not taking into consideration the Health departments and advice of doctors and seriousness of the impact off the virus by their delinquent behavior. I am so sorry for those who have lost their lives but I hope that Americans would now understand that they are the ones who are responsible for what is going on in their economy now Not China, be more responsible and be your brothers keeper love one another and most off all be considerably grateful and appreciate the hard job that the Health professionals are doing, they need your help by you doing what is right to stay alive love you All

  • Fat Albert says:

    Why did the Dems, NBC, and CDC bad-mouth hydroxychloroquine when Henry Ford study proves that it works? Bottom line, we didn’t have to shut down the economy or the schools. The more you know.

  • Jen Scheibner says:

    Note very few deaths….. Line is flattened…. No curve…

  • Mark Richey says:

    Biden must debate Trump in this election. America needs to decide!

  • Malik says:

    Am I the only one that caught that girl holding her laugh ? 4:00

  • tiffanyy says:

    he thinks ABE LINCOLN did anything for BLACK AMERICANS?? for the love of CHRIST stop reading history books from 1974

  • Mark Richey says:

    If you have large increase in crime, why would you not want federal help? The protests in Portland are not peaceful. I think the federal intervention is necessary. We must protect federal property.

  • John Barrett says:

    More NBC propaganda . . . sigh.
    Want to know what’s REALLY going on? Listen to a doctor not a con man.

  • Henry Lake says:

    Does any network comprehend how much dislike, lack of respect the public feels for the media’s and their Moran journalist!

  • Jim Dandy says:


  • David Anatola says:

    A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it is going to get.

     – Ian Williams Goddard

  • tony evans says:

    Stop the spreading bs

  • jane simmons says:

    why not give the vaccine first to the people involved in making the vaccine and those at pfizer who collect the 2 billion?

  • Gary Dunscombe says:

    Maybe if you dopes shared all research a vaccine might be created sooner rather than look at the profit of being the first for political reasons

  • Dawn P. Warner says:

    1980 hair bands

  • Priest Ikan says:

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  • real isrealite says:

    Xi should tell the American people exactly how much money trump got from China and all of trumps financial transactions with China.Trumpfs name will be Chinesedon

  • John Townsend says:

    Where are the healthcare experts? … all we’re getting from this
    incompetent president in these so-called ‘briefings’ is lies, lies and
    more lies!

  • Anh Ky Nguyen says:

    I think America deserves to suffer from the Virus since you guys are so selfish and unkind

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      SOME of us are lucky and only have one brain disorder. I have been trying to bring acceptance into the country. It has been a total wash. The love of my life is gonna die and America is gonna mess up the rest of the world. Its chaos. We will never be safe from ourselves

  • J Grem says:

    Biden drops in polls after being seen with Obama.

  • Kimber Black says:

    A vaccine for a cold….how dumb they have made people.

    • Madison Wheeler says:

      some people are spiritually blind I made a comment on a vid about what goes into vaccines and I was talking about my backstory of getting a shot (I know I got the shot cause my mom told me I think it was a flu shot but I don’t exactly remember what she said) when I was 0-3 and the guy told me that next time flu season comes around just wear a mask and I told him that I’ve never worn a mask in flu season

  • dinosaur rex says:


    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      Money does grow trees. Ecosia, mr beast’s thing, ect.

  • dinosaur rex says:


    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      dumb little supid little dum dum. Cant do that because KAREN doesnt wanna do anything but see the manager of the universe.

  • Engelhafen says:

    Nationalize then Chinese debt

  • Vincent Masci says:

    When I first went to school I started in a Catholic school where i was abused by the nuns who was the teachers , I was so terrified to go to school because i was afraid to get hit by the Nuns . My Mother took me out of sent me to a public school . at the time it cost over $1200 dollars to send myself and my sister to school . So it was a relief on the cost of what my Mother and my Father had to pay. They a commitment to make sure i got a good education . money was not the problem . when i first was transferred into a public school my marks Improved , but my reading was very bad the school said I needed help because my reading score was very bad . where the Catholic school failed to notice the public school helped me because they was able to recognise my reading problem . My score eventually went to a 6.3 to a 12.5 after getting tutored by A teacher from the same school that destroyed my reading level . So if any one thinks that Public Schools are bad I beg to differ . I did much better in a Public school than I did in a Catholic School . by the way I went back to Catholic school to finish and get a degree in catholicism .

  • Engelhafen says:

    China isn’t a race – they have 68 ethnic groups in that country. That’s like saying Canada is a race.

  • Vincent Masci says:

    You can always send your kids to CCD . for them to learn about religion and God and Jesus ..

  • Engelhafen says:

    Trump has been the first to stand up against Chinese spies

  • Malik Elbey says:

    Germany WW11

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      Eleven? We havent even had three! If you’re going to use roman numerals, use them correctly

  • Charles aka Medijine Time says:

    The Orange potato of course would send its spawn to school. Its probably more sanitise than the boy in a bubble. Not the f’n same thing as the normal person.

  • gemcan54 says:

    What did Biden do with his “Malarkey” campaign bus? Him and Obama could ride around and wave to people in Portland. 😀

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      Biden is the definition of racism. I am positive that the word racism got out of a Merriam Webster and put on a skin suit.

  • NicoAlreadyTaken says:

    trump change tone . trump is not honest. trump is not sincere. he just faking to play nice guy. trump make false story and false conspiracy. he doing all this of his failing to handle the coronavirus. trump is a lier.

  • The Watcher says:

    Anyone with two eyes can see this “pandemic” is absolutley not what they say it is.

  • shitmandood says:

    115k gang members in Chicago and their local govt doesn’t want federal intervention. Are they nuts??

  • T H says:

    Why would anyone deal with Wells Fargo? How many times are they on the hook for fraud and ripping off clients?

  • Lori Cunningham says:

    God bless that old gal

  • J D says:


    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      I mean… maybe not?

  • Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2 says:

    BS News

  • Dave Franco says:

    Well Fargo are crooks, what is people still banking with them? ?

  • Buddy Hardin says:

    Two words, population control

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      This is bill gates

  • PASTOR TOP says:

    thumnail – 1,000 less liberals ta deal with 🥃🕺🏻🎉🎈

  • Bravo Mike Prophet says:

    Starting to sound like fake news

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      Are you using internet explorer?

  • Brodie U Can Kiss My Ads says:

    The president may not be our favorite but he has done alot of.all of us and I thnk him for having the balls to be aggressive with china

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      Yes. This is finally an enlightening comment. Enlighten others. CHANGE THE WORLD. I believe in you 👍

  • Number one One of the best says:

    Doctor: This man had a heart attack.
    Politician: 💵💵💵💰💰💰💴💴💴💳💳💳💷💷💷💶💶💶💶💸💸💸 Did he?
    Doctor: Another corona death… 😭🤑

  • tj Rioux says:

    Who wudda thunk it? This monster in the White House being taken down by a thing that is 0.1 microns in diameter? Get out the calculator and go figure….

  • Vanessa Knox says:

    If not a civil war then WW3

  • Melissa Gilbert says:


    • im here because i hate your guts says:


  • j b says:

    Wow..half these comments are just stupid and ignorant

    • Center Mass says:

      My Gonorrhea still hasn’t cleared up

  • No Name says:

    And I’m broke…no joke
    I ain’t got a nickel for a coke!

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      Go post this somewhere else. Its a good joke. It deserve to be in the right place. This is like baking a cake in a war zone. Because this is what this comment section is. A war zone.

    • No Name says:

      @im here because i hate your guts
      It was actually a line to a song the next part referencing the NAACP. Someone will get it

  • s. j. says:


  • Richard Embry says:

    Total idiots!! these numbers are totally cooked! Instead of doing your own research, you Sheeple run around in circles and BAA at the moon believing everything you hear from these Propaganda so called news networks!! We are nowhere even near the Avian Flu numbers from years ago yet you people buy this pandemic bullcrap!

    • im here because i hate your guts says:

      The way that they raise the numbers inst lying. They just count any old death from a covid patient as a death by covid. Simple. And, stop saying sheeple. It makes you look bad.

  • pkflyers says:


  • Bigheadtf says:

    how everyone will test positive for c19

  • Marco Gonzalez says:


  • K5HPE says:

    Virus Safety for Kids, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Back to School, New Normal

  • Seldom Seen says:

    Can you imagine if?… so it’s 7 months after the attack at Pearl Harbor and war president Roosevelt is asked why the ships are taking too long to repair and there are shortages of munitions, medical supplies, and food for the troops and he replies that “it was the Japanese who attacked us, they attacked us, I didn’t find out until 1:00PM, they started it, it was a sneak attack, they didn’t warn us!”

  • Home remedy Covid-19 says:

    Please vote to to trump stop China to do illegal things

  • Home remedy Covid-19 says:

    Be adult take your won responsibility.

  • otsari1 says:

    I saw the kids going in the school and my hairs stood up. I hope they keep them safe.

  • TheTsexy1 says:

    Trump failed to secure the country from covid 19. He shouldn’t talk about politicians failing to secure anything

  • Goga on je Jora Schnitzel says:

    You tube silencing the Truth!
    They delete comments!

  • Gionerae Ciofi says:

    Sent his own grandkids back??? To a sparsely populated PRIVATE school,no doubt..Meanwhile…let the proletariat kinder toddle off to their fate…no worry….plenty more where they came from, right?

  • Steve Cole says:

    Trump has no soul. He is pure evil!
    Do not look back into the darkness.
    It will swallow you up. Do not be tempted by the false prophet in the Whitehouse ever.. His only aim is to destroy.

  • Ms. A Pain says:

    They never cared about our kids this much before this economy went kaput.

  • E Randco says:

    Really tells you nothing. Some number with no context is all we get.

  • Center Mass says:

    The Covid 19 has given me a very bad case of Gonorrhea

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    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Worker bees can leave. Even drones can fly away. The Queen is their slave. Om Namo Narayanaya. 🇺🇸

  • Steph Riveria says:
    Please go help this family🙏🏾 there daughter is battling corona and has been in a coma for a month please take this serious everyone

  • Myles Nelson says:

    The fake virus, fake vaccine, real record unemployment, real record levels of debt, a wave of business closures and family disruptions is leading to permanent and complete loss of freedom. Masks are a badge of conformity and obedience to a new system of control. That’s obedience to a system that has destroyed the income of the world’s population. The people who planned this fake pandemic are laughing at us and getting rich because we are letting them take away everything from us. They are taking our money, our freedom, and our sense of community. We are the human community. We create the wealth. We control the world. We are not muzzled by masks!