NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 23rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

United States passes 4 million coronavirus cases, Trump cancels in-person Republican National Convention in Florida, and pandemic unemployment benefit set to expire at end of month.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
1:43 U.S. Tops 4 Million Coronavirus Cases
4:41 Trump Cancels Republican National Convention In Florida
5:31 Trump Says Some Schools May Have To Delay Reopening
6:04 $1 Trillion Coronavirus Relif Talks Hit Roadblock
7:15 Extra $600 Dollar Unemployment Benefit Set To Expire
9:21 Portland Mayor Tear-Gassed By Federal Agents
10:07 Inspector General Probes Federal Use Of Force On Protesters
10:48 Judge Orders Michael Cohen To Be Released From Prison
11:17 Ocasio-Cortez Slams GOP Congressman’s ‘Abusive’ Attack
13:03 Tropical Triple Threat, Warnings And Watches In Effect
13:54 ISIS ‘Beatles’ Members Admit Abusing American Hostages
16:28 Private Learning ‘Pods’ Leave Behind Low-Income Students

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 23rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

97 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 23rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Aaron Sullivan Reply

    Everyone back to school, each carrying a stick of dynamite.

  2. Chris Brinkley Reply

    The Trump turds are partly responsible for what is going on in this country today. They should be last in line for a ventilator

  3. christina Williams Reply

    Americans should get $2000 a month until the pandemic is over. Billions for companies but no help for individuals and families. Where is the compassion. Show you care about Americans health and finances.

  4. Christina Munoz Reply

    oh what! trump is suddenly concerned? oh please. he cares about no one but his greedy self!

  5. Dave Smith Reply

    Yet, I talked to a gym owner the other day who’s been open since June 8 and hasn’t seen ONE instance of anyone having Wuhan flu, or any other type of sickness symptoms WHATSOEVER. What a load of B.S.!

  6. Terrance Coleman Reply

    To some they still think its a hoax!!! I guess the world is flat to them too.

  7. NIGHTOWL 1963 Reply

    Oh theese poor people getting 600 a week, ( 2,400) a month. How about the pidly 1,200 I got over the last three months. I became phys disabled in december, still trying to get SSI, what a f83765g JOKE!!! I don’t qualify for UI and have drowned! Save me a couple big appliance boxes. Trump wants his voters, we want our help!

  8. Jomaw08 Reply

    Just another example of how deeply ingrained this bigotry is in this country. These are the people making the laws of this country. Apology not accepted. Soho needs to answer for this. If reporters heard his outburst of profanity and abuse, they need to step up and do what’s right.

  9. Brandi Galarza Reply

    I pay 1400 a month in daycare because the schools are closed no one cares about that if the daycare is open and not having any problems with the virus and the fact that we live in Miami pretty sure the schools can figure it out

  10. Rebecca Rohrs Reply

    If the shoe fits sweetie🙄

  11. Miss desire Independance Reply

    People’s lives are at risk so they shouldn’t be force to go back to work.

  12. SoonTong Quah Reply

    Finally Trump decided to tackle Covid19 – just that he is 6 months too late………

  13. Poison Ivy Reply

    Dont kno of 1 person who has had it or knows of anyone who has. Whats wrong with me?

  14. So So Reply

    CNN is airing a special called conspiracy theories about Trumps use of conspiracies to spread propaganda and his ASSOCIATION with Q ANON. Wow is this on mark on how he controls the Republican party…

  15. Someone Anonymous Reply

    In regards to unemployment benefits, what Rebecca Dixon said is not entirely accurate. She is probably making a general statement. There are those who are discouraged from going back to work as the result of the benefits.

  16. S S Reply

    Wish we had yang gang giving out that freedom dividend!

  17. Jimmy Baugher Reply

    some Americans wont go back to work because they make more staying off than going back, a provision needds added that you dont get anymore money than you normally earn a week.

  18. Sernetta Sarazine Reply

    45 does not care about people, we are not stupid.

  19. Mario Ivan Matus González Reply

    I invite you to go to my YouTube channel (iMews English). Subscribe, like it and share it
    News about Mexico and its 4T (4th Transformation), and geopolitcs in the world as well.
    New video: #ObamaGate Involves Mexico Again And Again

  20. Jian Li Reply

    Riots? NO! They are just peace protesters and it’s “a beautiful sight to behold” according to Pelosi when she described those HK riots. Now enjoy it!

  21. A. Cheese Reply

    “RUMP,” go away!!!

  22. Linda Terry Reply

    This stupid Karen in Portland is so typical of these morons.

  23. Joe Bloe Reply

    Are you a Racistaphobe?

  24. BeasTFockeR Reply

    That mayor is a flip flopper. Who deserves a molly whopper

  25. Sierra Suz Reply

    Smart using a window high nurse to test the car people. Ha!

  26. Johan Vervuurt Reply

    Terrrorist gonna hit yourcountry with corona

  27. Sandy Allen Reply

    There is no doubt that parents have a new appreciation for teachers since covid

  28. cassandra portelli Reply

    i actually live in downtown Portland. i am perfectly comfortable with the people setting my town on FIRE getting locked up. The media is not covering the damages that are being done to my home town by groups of anarchists. Also, the court house bldg is older than the state itself, it is federal property and the Feds are well within their rights to locate and detain individuals that vandalize it.

  29. Arl Tratlo Reply

    hey, you are americans, do it the american way, dont care for the people, make money out of their misery and feel good about it…

  30. Jimmy Wang Reply

    It takes a special kind of arrogance to invent Covid Parties

  31. Pascal Fo Reply

    dumdum cortez

  32. Pascal Fo Reply

    trow isis membre in jail whitout protection they gonna get kills and fast stop protect those coccroche

  33. Richard Mann Reply

    Those are NOT protesters.
    They are rioters.

  34. Bistro nady adly Reply

    It seams the Americans people forgot to read the history
    Nero burned Rome 54ad and acaused the poor Christians for the it
    Yet nowadays the main stream media and corrupted liberals Acuse conservatives for each and every problem even the Virus they call it trumps
    They would prefer the country to fail and rut to prove they are right and the others are wrong
    America is becoming decadent and it deserve the worst
    What a petty

  35. Susan Travis Reply

    This is crazy

  36. Christopher Morphies Reply

    Funny ,with out more testing we would not know there are more infected,but they are trying to say that testing has nothing to do with the rise in infected. Point being there are well over 30 million infected,if you could test that many in one day then there would be a huge spike in infected,Right??

  37. justrosy5 Reply

    *DO NOT CENSOR AOC* right after showing the putrid filth sent by Trump as a political stunt to Portland! You can warn viewers ahead of time about the graphic nature of the language used, but silencing a woman and taking away HER right to Free Speech is UNACCEPTABLE, NBC! Go back, remove the “bleep,” and APOLOGIZE TO AOC for what YOU did to her!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  38. Pat Walshe Reply

    I wonder how many new cases are from the BLM “peaceful rioters” from the past few months – when they were “peacefully” burning, looting and murdering kids

  39. justrosy5 Reply

    So why not just have outdoor Public School Pods on the good weather days, then online learning + Zoom for the pods on the bad weather days. This would work around the problem of the use of the Public School buildings themselves. The pods could rotate their meeting places/times to lower the risk of school shootings, and this would expand the kids’ learning environment opportunities, while allowing this all to be tax payer supported. This would also solve the problem of “religion in Public Schools/vouchers,” because parents of religious kids could start their own pods that would include pre-class-time religious items, such as prayer, religious instruction, etc. One pod could be one religion, another could be another religion, another could be Atheism, another could be “World Religions 101″… Why not use this Pandemic to ALL our advantages, all of us pay for it with our taxes, and stop acting like brats about everything?! Our kids are the ones who suffer when we refuse to come together and just get the job done!

  40. Shellie Huckabee Reply

    They dont Have Any Idea….

  41. jerryljohnson1963 Reply

    Your all lie with the fake tests and deaths you people are doomed with karma for your lies

  42. Robert Hodge Reply

    How about having the event at Gitmo, he can get used to his next public housing opportunity.

  43. Prevailing Right Reply

    If you get sick and look like you are going to die… Blame the Chinese and the Democrats. The Chinese manufactured it… The Democrats fought to keep the borders open. You would have to be a moron to blame Trump. But hey, read the comments and see how many idiots believe CNN.

  44. Prevailing Right Reply

    Lester Holt was caught conspiring with Hillary Clinton to favor her with advanced knowledge of the questions and cues she would give Holt to be called to deliver what she called “zingers” at Donald Trump. Holt is a liar and cheat… and got caught. It is sad there are still people who think he delivers any truth.

  45. Jimmy Joe bob Reply


  46. chris Bitonti Reply

    Please be sensitive to the fact, that if one person in prison has the beast, the entire prison carries the beast. Please stop aggravating one situation after another. It is human nature to scream, go on killing rampage, exert anger, etc. if one does not know how to react to a situation. No one wants to be told how bad they are. We do not need to have our noses rubbed into everything we did wrong. It is important to get over it, and to do what you can to rectify a bad situation. At Ease, As You Were

  47. Alex 007 Reply

    I’m wondering after no $600 FPUC how many people will return back to work or no work to return!!! Then families and economy crushed!!!

  48. Empress Mermaid Reply

    If he “accepts Yoho’s apology” does that mean he acknowledged that those words were said? One goes with the other.

  49. Shug Trotter Reply

    Our government wants us to fix the problem with covid-19 they want us to Rio Pinar country lose millions of people they don’t care but they want us to fix it with our money because they are sitting up there on top of all of our tax money that we paid in and refusing to help the American people other countries are helping their people and they have less people dying they had money to buy food a necessity we went through all of our savings just to keep us surviving we voted the people in office and we are paying for it our children will pay for it our grandchildren will pay for it and considering look at all of the lives that are going to be lost these people live in a dream world and we have followed them we believe their lies that come out of their mouth that they’re helping us can’t you see reality people have got to wake up or our country is going to be destroyed Our Lives because we are poor mean nothing to no one but us in our family people look at your family look at your life aren’t you important doesn’t matter what color your skin is you bleed the same color of blood look around you please stop listening to these people and we’ve got to vote some better people in office we cannot continue to let these people do this to us we’ve got to stand up and do something about this our family’s survival is counting on us to make the right decisions please please everybody band together and help save our family

  50. Rebecca N Reply

    I am so proud of Trump for doing the right thing! Americans now need help with their financial issues, please!!!

  51. Rebecca N Reply

    I can promise, a payment of $600 will not going to keep people from returning to work. A Covid virus will. This just sounds like an excuse a conservative would use to keep from spending money. Some aren’t even wanting the vaccine to be free! Americans desperately need the help now. Why not allow Americans who want to work to temporarily take those jobs and allow those who are staying home to come back when ready?

  52. happy water Reply

    Evil democrats channel … only report bad about republicans & NOT reporting any good of republicans at all

  53. Rebecca N Reply

    There are much easier ways to homeschool than using the school’s program. My son is on the Autism Spectrum, and I have been homeschooling for 3 years. You can choose what work your child does, and you are in charge! $30/month for the program we use based off state-standards, but many are available. All online. Some are faith-based, and some are not. Local umbrella programs take care of handling attendence and grades. $125/year. Voucher programs that provide assistance to parents (especially those who have children with disabilities) are available in some states. Best place to start is to look up the homeschooling laws in your area. Homeschool Legal Defense Association has a lot of good resources! HSLDA.org (I believe)

  54. Milan Belko Reply

    Nope don’t know anyone who has the Covid mild flu pretty sure it’s all bs

  55. Shih Tzus Rule Reply

    did he do this or did Jacksonville have anything to do with it? A lot of the ppl in Jacksonville didn’t want them to come.

  56. Hand full Reply

    The news is like listening to an announcement for a circus the clowns are coming

  57. Hand full Reply

    DNA testing

  58. Woody Oakley Reply

    600 a week in California is not the same as Iowa.

  59. MouthBreather Reply

    You hear that guys? “Americans don’t need an incentive (to work)” HAHAHAHAHAHA

  60. T00L1993 Reply

    fake news

  61. David Oisten Reply

    C.C.H.R. CopBlock Psychsearch

  62. Jill Chua Reply

    To have a Big Convention is not right , I need to protect people, it’s not safe ( then enter videos of his rallies and the 4th of July) HAHAHA!!

  63. Jill Chua Reply

    Trump announced: To have a big convention is not right, its not safe…
    Inside Trump’s head: its not right because no one will come

  64. Sunita Montgomery Reply

    If you keep reporting pple die they ll take you with them cause no family 1 to
    hear their iove one looking
    their life.

  65. John Martin Reply

    The media needs to stop this FAKE news and the people need to fight back for your freedom

  66. legend Reply

    The Tulsa race massacre took place on May 31 and June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents, many of them deputized and given weapons by city officials, attacked black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Wikipedia
    1921 Tulsa Race Massacre – Tulsa Historical Society & Museum

  67. Maverick Lane Reply

    B.S. lies

  68. aldizi Reply

    I’m not here for information. I’m here for people to tell me what they thought about what happened and talk to me like I should be afraid or outraged.

  69. Don Wilson Reply

    The politicians that have been there destroying the country for the last half a century is the problem. the last few years of Trump is a rain drop in the bucket in comparison. defund the police??? like fackkk defund the whole Federal Government and all their off shoots of power! no money bankrupt but the find money for wages or presidents to double their cabinet sizes any times they want too. wake up.refuse to vote Dems or Repubs in all future elections!

  70. Michelle Reply

    lies. theres is no covd19

  71. Christopher Gastelum Reply

    Shut up Cortez go back to bar tending

  72. shaman mc Reply

    portland, nothing a can of gas and a match couldn’t fix.

  73. Chris Stearns Reply

    How can he say covid is a hoax one day and then flipped the next day and still be our president!?!?!?!?! Throw him out!!!!

  74. Toni Touchberry Reply

    This man is willing to agree to anything, including the actual truth to influence votes for him! Do not believe him! He is liar in chief and don’t ever forget it!

  75. True North Reply

    Cortez is horrible at her job.

  76. Warm Violet Reply

    🌞 We are being Bamboozled by the Leftist led Media >>> splash water on your faces & realize that Minorities have been Swindled for our Votes and then decimated by Liberal politics in Democrat run cities  👀  Detroit,  Minneapolis,  Chicago,  NY , Atlanta, Baltimore,  etc >> police brutality,  poor schools,  high violence and crime …..ALL Municipalities with Democrat MAYORS 💡  think about it and #WALKAWAY from the Democrats Socialist Plantation , #WALKAWAY >>> reelect President Trump 👍🇺🇸

  77. Double D Studio Reply

    Dear …. Stephanie Dinsmore… (smoke)…If you ever feel like you where in need=b…. on the US congress floor…. Cortez has been saving and stealing this seat and chair that has your name on it…. after we sell it or donate it to a campfire… write a check to a company… have them make you a new CLEAN chair…. to sit in… on congressional hearings… You know…. so that…. EVERYONE IN CONGRESS can FACE the MUSIC of a beautiful woman…. who isn’t fronting as some Judge Scoville stooge and pooch ….. Screw the democrats BUT…. #StephanieDeservesBetter

  78. Double D Studio Reply

    F*&K you Lest Holt… Segment for Puppy Boom SHALL fill where Cortez speaks of her left wing doom!!! #NOdisrespect

  79. Albert Royer - Ministries of Elisha Reply

    This one debunks but anyone with their own sense can decide for themselves. Nope does not because who said no?? Does not matter even if their were other cities. This is military grade weaponry and in that they can control the frequency it emits. Now also of course this is UK FACT Checkers.

  80. GOOGLE BOSS Reply

    not fun lol i love kids so truthful

  81. Mythblaze Reply

    Sure thing Karen

  82. william B Reply

    we essential workers /drs/nurses,care givers/pharmacy workers/… need your help! Please we pray for help!! we risk our lives and health going to work every day !but no hazzard pay?????? will you have your reporters pin down trump and mitch O. as why they wont pay us????/ but will pay unemployed to stay home?????

  83. imwithtafy Reply

    bernell trammell Don’t ever forget. Post his name everywhere on YouTube, So people cant just forget him like his life meant nothing. His Life Mattered.

  84. killerofdemons669 Reply

    The rising numbers r because of testing finally being done thats the only reason.

  85. The Pug Reply

    trump could not find any body to pay for his convention !!!!!!!!

  86. Jon Tan Reply

    😴America decease! 145k not enough to convince?Wails Tomorrow no more.Septimmberrr-Byron Seale
    Brace for impact.☄️🌊🌀🌋
    Brace yourselves.
    Store canned food water and medicine

  87. Jon Tan Reply

    Only listen once and for all.
    Don’t waste your last chance
    God said …I will remember her no more.

  88. Erika Nakagawa Gaming Reply

    I have British accent, I am beetles.

    makes sense.

  89. Carl A Reply

    All of this broadcast can be laid at the tiny feet of Tricky D. He is a sociopath with a short between the headset.

  90. Nicolas Shepherd Reply

    If it wasn’t for Anthony Fauci’s knowledge of the coronavirus we’d all been doomed.

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