NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 24th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/26
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 24th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Officials encourage masks as coronavirus cases surge, U.S. fighter jet has close call with Iranian passenger plane, and friends split $22 million jackpot after nearly 30-year-old promise.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:36 Dr. Birx: FL, TX, AZ & CA Are Four ‘New York’s’ As Covid Surges
03:42 Critics Say CDC School Guidelines Put Politics Over Safety
5:48 Exclusive: L.A. Schools Chief Defends His Decision To Keep Kids Home
09:06 New Fallout From Trump’s Abrupt Convention Cancellation
11:03 As Covid Surges, Why U.S. Cities Still Face Testing Crisis
12:58 U.S. Fighter Jet Came Dangerously Close To Passenger Plane
14:35 Millions Of Americans May Face Eviction As Protections Expire
17:01 Viewer Email Prompts Reporter To Discover Cancer
18:52 Three Tropical Threats Bearing Down This Weekend

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 24th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (112件)

  • Nic Moreno says:

    64 children deaths is too much…covid19 is something you cannot put guidelines on since there is so much that is not understood…we failed on reopening isn’t that proof ?

  • Diana Jackson says:

    This virus is not the problem it’s the worse dictatorship we have ever seen all the cover up on the truth and lies that’ have been told and the stopping the truth to be told by the science professionals and to allow a cammander and chief to take order’s from foreign countries to help put this person in office and to make this person destroy the United States and to listen to others and not to your own country on what this country needs this was planned to keep our country confused and against each other the tax payers money has been spent on Congress to have what they need but nothing for our country including food shelter and no jobs while congressman go home for the weekend and Trump go golfing again of the tax payers money it’s a shame before God to have people of hate and greed to have wealth and we have nothing these people that have taken off their mask to let US all know who they are and want to cheat again to be voted for 2020 we have nothing and they have it all getting Rich er we are living off of $25 in link God got this not the Republican Party got troops out trying to stop the March of freedom and democracy and also making sure you don’t vote homelessness hungry and dieing just like Hitler did the Jews that was placed in the inferno we are being used and abused and mislead this is all about the money not about the people

  • True Story says:

    The said covid 19 virus is a proxy pandemic name given to hide the real poisonous agent in the air released by a failed experiment

  • hassan erhan says:

    Scripted engineered hoax virus crisis. Designed to plunder rob the taxpayers money and spin the lie the economy is on the verge of crashing it’s a fear scare tactic to shut down create disharmony among the masses another step to the occult nwo do not conform to there satanic anti social social distancing and mask wearing they are humanising you all world governments are in on the script they are controlled opposition actors playing there scripted role they going to bring the nwo with total deceptions it’s how the occultists work they are not for us they are against us

  • Eko 2 says:

    Once the school said they needed to be within the boundaries of the WHO, you know they aren’t a reputable school

  • real really says:

    NBC is a joke and so r most of you boneheads!

  • glersh nern says:

    2:22 covid hospital dance party

  • Jose Gonzalez says:

    Why every time somebody wins millions and billions of dollars they’re like really old and they’re ready to die what the f*** hahaha

  • hangwithdoug says:

    Can we hear from some people that say the corona virus response is overblown? You’re only sharing one side of the issue.

    • Escape From Zombie Island says:

      The truth isn’t going to help big pharma’s bottom line, now is it.

  • robert reddy says:

    Angel shining Well she can always go back when we have this thing managed

  • Luke Canale says:

    Covid has less then a 1% death rate WITH INFLATED DEATH RATES

    SMH media like this should be birnt to the ground

  • Mona Monae says:

    That make’s no sense to evict people when the world is in chaos! We are in a pandemic, walking around with mask and gloves, so many need aid due to this crisis and waiting on a stimulus, plus employment rejuvenation and this is what they are doing. How do they expect people to pay their rent when thing’s are awry. Can’t go sit in a restaurant and eat, many business going bankrupt, many companies not hiring due to uncertainty. It’s ridiculous how the world has become!

    • Crabbin Moose says:

      Maybe some celebrities and media types can get off the billions they take in from millions of obsessive dummies, and start feeding the Democrat victims, clothing the Democrat victims and putting roofs over the Democrat victims heads…..

      Or maybe you can expect nothing, if you vote for them and live in one of their hateful cities…wake up!
      Get a skill or learn a trade so you can provide a good or a service in exchange for money, that you can then use to pay for all those things and hopefully have enough to donate to the real poor and afflicted!

      Oh I forgot…we are living in a commonsense does not exist….a Chinese virus infected the world and everything was brought to a stop… atleast until election day…
      If you vote for Marxism or the Democrats and Rinos who support them….Thanks for nothin’!

  • Grant Hartman says:

    By the way, before we blame Trump for all of this, he did set guidelines for states to reopen and basically NONE of them listened to that before reopening. Let’s call it what it is. The Democrats want Trump to lose, which is fine, they have that right, but a pandemic started in China (and to which he did objectively respond well at the beginning), is not his fault. It’s NO ONE’S FAULT aside from China. Blame your governors people.

  • Bowl of Me says:

    Big mistake 2 send kids back 2 school

    • Escape From Zombie Island says:

      Was a waste of money for you to go so I can see why you’d feel that way.

  • Escape From Zombie Island says:

    12:20 Billy Shapiro … kinda like BS..

  • alina says:

    many elderly are being abandoned not by the system, but their materialistic, ungrateful children and grandchildren. Period

  • Dr Boombatz says:

    How can we open up our schools and send this pandemic into overtime? Simple. Us citizens don’t have a say in our government anymore. We are owned by our corporate overlords.

  • Escape From Zombie Island says:

    Holt looks like a creepy shape shifter.

  • Peteena Poodle Why Styvan? Why? says:

    The looming homelessness is very sad but why oh why have children out of a marriage?

  • Judy Hollmer says:

    Stop the fear mongering there is no evidence that children spread the virus. You have all sold your souls to the devil by following and spewing lies from your cabal. People are waking up to your mind control programs. GOD IS EXPOSING YOU. REPENT AND PRAY THAT GOD HAS MERCY ON YOUR SOUL.

  • J Mulvey says:

    This Covid report skirts the real news: The CDC is now an arm of the president’s re-election campaign. Every American should be outraged that the most trusted medical advisors in the country are now serving the ego our petulant president.

  • Himithor says:

    They don’t wear a mask while face to face interview….but then they each a wear mask while walking down a hallway……hmm weird.

  • Albert Liu says:

    Lester Holt should wear a mask.

  • Green Eyes says:

    You’re never too old to learn. How many times has a child missed months of school due to illness, they grew up to be just as successful as the next kid. School can wait. When you have your health you have everything.

  • In the Vault says:

    Why did Beutner conduct the interview at a charter school?! UTLA should definitely make a formal statement. I’m very disappointed but not surprised.

  • steve harrigan says:

    So many of the Journalists used to have universal respect. Now the lions share of them look and sound like total lunatics. Lester Holt is just another Marxist/communist, like Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo, Joy Reid, Don Lemon, and the guy who looks like a thumb…….Trump 2020 ( More obvious by the hour)

  • Drizzt Do'Urden says:

    Everyone living in fear of Covid…you just wait and see what Antony Faucci and Bill Gate’s has in store for ya…
    America will be a 3rd world country before 2030

  • mario says:

    Nursing homes are heartbreaking and beneficial…equally! It’s so hard

  • cattus lavandula says:

    700,000 students in LA public schools and 80% living below the poverty line. Those are absolutely shameful numbers.

  • mario says:

    God bless Trump… he’s admitting his weekness

  • Lee Boriack says:

    Darwin will decide if masks are relevant.

  • Lee Boriack says:

    ~Kids are required to go to school as CV19 is low to no risk.
    ~Prisons release prisoners to avoid a CV19 exposure.
    ~America is the greatest country in the world?

  • ChaCha W. says:

    Ppl about to start acting a fool if they are evicted…Ppl can only take so much…💔

    America the joke no one saw coming… Educated idiots… Trump got his wall…within a wall…no can come in, no can go out (internationally)… And we are pretty much locked in our states and cities if your Covid numbers are high… Thanks for nothing 45.

  • James Hampton says:

    I’ve been hearing reports saying that rates of infection from Covid19 have been higher since after reopening than before closing. That doesn’t make any sense. Has anyone else heard such things? How could less people out and about than before closings spread more of the virus? Or, is the CDC lying to us?

    The CDC has said that anyone who dies while having the virus, even if the virus had nothing to to with their death, they get listed as a coronavirus death anyway. Hospitals also get thousands of Federal Reserve Notes payoff for every listed death. So, hospital administrators have a financial incentive to be dishonest about the total number of cases.

    Can anyone trust the CDC and the FDA after all the drugs and other products they’ve approved (like Round Up, talcum powder, asbestos, and many other things) that have later been found to cause cancer and other problems? But hey, be very scared. Otherwise, the rich will unleash some other virus. So, make sure to force every man, woman, and child to take the Bill Gates vaccine. Because you don’t want your windows bashed in.

  • Fred Azzarello says:

    The WHO, CDC and just about every Western country’s Health Authority has said that the chance of infection in children is extremely low. Reopen schools. If parents don’t want to send there kids, that’s ok! It’s there choice.

  • Joseph Hinton says:

    Divide and conquer.

    • Joseph Hinton says:

      Eugenics in action. Evict, vaccinate, eliminate.

  • isi alfred says:

    Let me guess this broadcast will include the newscaster praising Trump for acting like a human when he read a statement?😡🤔

  • bigdaddycros says:

    NBC doom and gloom of course. The virus will end the day the liberals run trump out of office with it.

  • Kelly T says:

    Hey guys…here is my number for nose candy…call me anytime your in Canada. 780-423-4567

  • jed Tomczat says:

    Send your kids but not mine..and pull funding so basically punish the kids over you political bs. Man child upset people won’t jump when he demands, whole administration a pathetic disaster

  • Josephine Charlie says:

    Yea…the money should follow the children!! Give us a stimulus for them as they stay home doing online, to pay for rent & utilities!

    • Jupiter Stars says:

      Yea, why dont they do THAT. Everyone facing eviction needs a huge stimulus check!

  • Brian Brown says:

    Oh wait , this just in , it’s all a hoax , but you already knew that .

    • Jupiter Stars says:

      It’s not a hoax. My great uncle caught it and I watched him suffer and on a respiratory..dying after 5 weeks of suffering

  • Norman Ponce says:

    So what. President Trump is not God. He can not control who lives and who dies. Only God does that.

  • sammavacaist says:

    Lol Republicans out 40 million in donations tho.

  • carolannechristine says:

    Trump is an embarrassment

  • Jupiter Stars says:

    Classes are going to be held outside every day??? This is getting really crazy.

  • David Tad says:

    At 12:25he sound Dr Fuchs

  • Kansas City Jones says:

    Obama’s fault .

  • _frank_cx says:

    “Look at the top of his head”

    • Jupiter Stars says:

      What time stamp was that? 👀 lol….

  • armando astudillo says:

    Even 100 years out of school is nothing compared to a loss of a loved child.

  • Jonathan Trautman says:

    We must come together!

  • TARTV. TheAfricanRepublic. says:

    There has been more Natural Diseases in America since trump walk into the WH more than any president in history. It goes to show that God is against his presidency. He is clearly an agent of the devil.
    Let us see how southern evangelical Christians spin this fact.

  • wayne booker says:

    Hey Lester, you guys aren’t 6 feet apart.

    • Jupiter Stars says:

      I get that. BUT, do you believe that there is a virus out there?

  • Jupiter Stars says:

    The title of this report should be changed to: “*as the plot thickens*” …

  • Neil Frank says:

    NBC Propaganda News keeping you scared all the time and making sure what you need to know is never found on our broadcasts.

    • Jupiter Stars says:

      So reporting on upcoming hurricanes about to hit and hundreds of thousands of people on the verge of loosing thier homes due to joblessness because of businesses being shut down isn’t need to know information?? 🤔

  • Vita E says:

    Capitalism is killing people. This is the end of this era. Everyone must have the right to working!

    • Vita E says:

      @Jupiter Stars Social and economic conditions should be changed. The state must work in interest of most people not in interest of banks and the owners of commercial companies.

  • Julio Eric Vazquez says:

    Trump ain’t worried about the school s opening because all his people’s kids go to private school and can just hired people to Tudor them …

  • Amol Sonawane says:

    So 560K out of 700K students in LA schools live below poverty line? I am having a hard time believing it.

    • li d says:

      If California was a country it would be the 5th biggest economy in the world.
      It’s riddled with money. Absolutely chock a block stuffed with cash.
      Good day Li D Australia

  • FrankkyVegas says:

    When you are a kid, you can change, when you are an adult, your stupidity is immutable!

  • Vita E says: watch and think with your own mind.

  • new new says:

    I see people living as if the Virus doesn’t exist and their behavior hasn’t changed at all.

    • li d says:

      It’s interesting. My community seemed to by and large recognise an urgent imperative and take professional advice on board and practice it.
      But other communities not so much.
      I’m not sure why the difference.
      Good day Li D Australia

  • Jupiter Stars says:

    Wait, so why don’t they put together a measure for funding for American citizens facing eviction due to unemployment???!? If they have proof and documentation, they should be helped!!

  • P B says:

    This is trumps America!! He is totally responsible for all this caos!! Biden is not responsible!!!
    Vote Biden for a fair America!

  • P B says:

    Trump and Putin are responsible for turning America into a police state!!

  • diana d says:

    Dont let your kids face to face school when they can safely school online or through mail during a pandemic. States need to step up and provide tutoring as needed through vedio conferencing

  • diana d says:

    protective gear should have been provided for you and your family and your grandma placed in a negitive air pressure room so you could have been with her during death

  • G B says:

    WHAT VIRUS !! youre not changing my behaviour…. criminals

  • Alex M says:

    Lol w/e GOP more important than your kids right?? I think part of this is conservative households who are phobic toward technology and also want their kids to have identical experiences to them, so they can understands what’s going on in their lives. You put it online and all the square red states don’t know how to work their dial up and think that if it’s on the computer it must be fun and they are not learning. Oh but smashing 70 kids into 1 class, much better right? In hindsight, American education is a joke, if I was out of school for this long before, we would have grown up just fine in this broken economy anyway.

  • Joshua Garner says:

    All right no schools. Now give me back my 15000 in taxes you were going to give the school

  • Matt Jwayad says:

    Factastic YouTube video sign-off from Lester Holt. Ari Melber’s YouTube sign-off is also great. The sign-off YouTube from Chris Hayes is too fast and jarring, please replace it immediately. Chuck Todd’s YouTube sign-off while improved, still comes off as not genuine. Also, “YouTubers” are not the viewers, they are the video creators. Please refer to people watching as you would anyone else. When Ari Melber refers to people watching as “everyone” it sounds great.

  • xiaofeng xu says:

    I am in German. Each one keep the social distance and ware face mask when enter the supermarket

  • 4 Gratitude says:

    Is Uber back in business since some children might be sent back home from school after finding they are

  • ROHIT SHARMA says:

    A tiny virus fu*** freedom…and their godfather…..

  • Rosinha M says:

    The President of Brazil took covid 19, he was treated with (chloroquine / hydroxochloroquine) and within a week he was cured. They banned the use of this medicine in Brazil, claiming that it was dangerous for health, since this same medicine has been prescribed by doctors for years, for the treatment of malaria, lupuz and etc … They prohibited the use of it, because this medicine is very cheap. They are trying to force the people to get the vaccine, and no one has yet been cured by the vaccine. The Brazilian president proved to everyone that using chloroquine cures covid 19, many people in Brazil have already been cured with this medication, including doctors.

    May God protect us all!!! 🙏❤️

  • Cheryl Powell says:

    It’s exhausting but I have time to do this interview.

  • Nicolas Shepherd says:

    The L.A. superintendent said one of the best things I’ve heard this entire pandemic… when he said, “we are not going to sacrifice health and safety for learning challenges “ but I pray one day we ALL can go back. God Bless.

  • Gerald Barnes says:

    Why are more black women on assistance than non black people?

  • Eat This says:

    Lester Holt looks like Frankenberry.

  • 2112Nightshift says:

    “I ain’t paying it!” Oh brother, such posturing. You’ll pay it dude, and you know it.

  • hashtagzommbie ET says:

    parents and the school no the gov need to fix it self befor the kids go back to school they dont even know what there talking about they act like they know but they really dont

  • Kenneth Holler says:

    A school in Tennessee opened this week and already had a case of infection

  • John Rogo says:


  • John Rogo says:


  • hashtagzommbie ET says:

    stop buying weed and cigs they paid an extra 600 meaning save it

  • J R says:

    Trumps Malarkey

  • James Coriell says:

    why is it so important for this guy to get kids in school, take a year off, will the world fall(further) apart?

  • Joe Diamond says:

    This is a new low……..He is going to collect campaign contributions into his own emolument laden pockets…….joe

  • Hari Seldon says:

    Let’s have a riot and then let’s wonder why infection numbers climb?

  • D Edwards says:

    Get justice for Rasheed Edwards

  • Joseph Charlemagne says:

    Timothee 4.1.2

  • The Last Word says:

    The man is pushing for schools to open based on the data, that he doesn’t know
    No chance children can grasp the gravity of the situation

  • Beangie says:

    Mask should be used in public when you cant be at least 10 ft away from other ppl, kids… they cant stand still 5 minutes… how can you keep them that way for 5, 8, 10 hours a day…??? If schools reopen too soon.. the kids will get sick at school and spread this faster… I rather not risk our future for some political gain…

  • Scott Kraemer says:

    Am I the only one that is laughing at Trump’s 100 Billion relief bill for schools? The last bill awarded Mnuchin “350 Billion” to do whatever he wants with it and we are to believe the Republicans are the financially responsible party? Wake up America and demand to know where that 350 Billion is going to. I can assure you it’s lining the pockets of the entire republican politician pockets and that’s why they have supported this pig for years. They new the payout would be so worth it

  • cbsundance says:

    We don’t eat at McNasty’s [McDonalds]

  • Rebecca Tyrrell says:

    How did we get here? A president that ignores a out of control virus killing millions while seeing the dire necessity to send in armed & unidentified federal agents to take down protests for equality in democratic cities. How will our kids being forced back to school see this time in their history studies? I hate to think about it.

  • Shawn Pierce says:

    Simple morons!! care about your fellow human being, be a strong person, harder to do the right thing!!! So many of you don’t care, pathetic really. I fought in the army for this?? Bunch of babies.

  • Maximus Harrington says:


  • cbsundance says:

    Kids need to be at home and learning online.The system needs to provide laptops and internet free for each home.There is no need to pay all of these teachers when technology has vetted them out of the picture.Property taxes would take a dive if this was to happen.No need for school buses,Facilitys etc.The school system was never designed to be a baby sitter for parents.