NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/27
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Hurricane Hanna hits Texas coast with storm surge and heavy rain, top health experts call for U.S. to shut down to slow coronavirus spread, and California farmworkers hard-hit by pandemic.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (104件)

  • BW CAMPBELL says:

    Go Chiefs!!!

  • William Wise says:

    But what if u have breathing problems and u can’t wear a mask?

  • Juan Fernandez says:

    What about dependence what’s going to happen to us ??????

  • Collin says:

    1:35 That pronunciation of Hawaii though 😂😂😂

  • Juan Fernandez says:

    Please let us know what happens to dependence we are being overlooked and not taking care of $500 is not enough from last time

  • Eliza Hall says:

    I do not understand how she can be upset about eviction when she is 9 months behind on rent?! That is only partially COVID-19 related.

  • Ty Spikes says:

    1200 one time payments for workers who put themselves at risk of a virus that spreads massively while unemployed make more with 600 a week makes no sense. Neither does thinking this is the right time to send out evictions during a crisis

  • Eliza Hall says:

    REST IN PEACE, Congressman Lewis

  • Teresa Valera says:

    my whole life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • xxbatflowerxx says:

    Loving the mega Louis XVI attitude from Mnuchin and his gang! 🍰

  • Verlonda Kirchner says:

    Now that hurricane season has started, those that chose not to wear a mask, will have no doubt made the spread of the virus worse. What happens when they have to be evacuated and they’ve already caught the virus and haven’t shown symptoms yet? There’s not a prayer from any bible that’ll save a person from being infected if they are forced to shelter with someone who only thought of themselves, and not others. I’m sick and tired of selfish people and our selfish government!

  • Eliza Hall says:

    That is a beautiful story of the Venmo Challenge

  • Richard Lee says:

    Asinine Trump

  • Bradly Brad says:

    This is so 2020

  • Dana Callanan says:

    All we need is another problem ! Hurricanes ! Be safe Texas ! Be safe Hawaii !

  • Rose Water says:

    Dr. Fauci. Dear Anthony, please stop being politically correct. We got your back when it comes to the Donald. Shut it all down.

  • Tommy Blake says:

    Judgment for Us for all Mexican who die in bushes trying for a better life fire next Judgment judgment

  • Rose Water says:

    She’s 9 months, but we’re in month 7 and the shut downs didn’t start until the 3rd month. Sorry Mercedes.

  • Tommy Blake says:

    Lava fire pan them fire judgment

  • YONATAN C says:

    What has become of our country?? The leftist media has pushed their agenda down the throats of the majority of Americans for their own liberal, socialist ideology. They are using race to achieve their goals. They are out to destroy our history ( all of our collective history), and to abolish religion, and freedom of thought and speech. Democratic candidate Joe Biden, actually said to the African American community , that if we don’t vote for them, then we ain’t black. That’s the party that has taken us for granted, as if we are somehow beholding to them, for our own lives. This is a party with a slavery past. Check it out for yourselves and you will see the roots of this political party. They’re not for us, they simply need our vote. That’s where their solidarity ends. The Democratic Party has even put illegal aliens rights and concerns, before African American citizens born in this country. Their party has moved so far to the left, there’s no more place to go, but socialism. To the Democratic Party, NO LIVES MATTER, more than THEIR OWN selfish ambitions. The Democratic party is ANTI-RELIGION, ANTI-FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and ANTI-AMERICAN. They will never have my vote again.

  • Chriss says:

    NFL player and a doctor? Canadian, of course.


    A nationwide shutdown will not end COVID, it will only delay it slightly. If we shut down now, it will resurface when we open next leading to the next shutdown and on and on!!!

  • Vacationtime247 says:

    *Spoiler alert* There will be no more stimulus checks after the $1200 and they will not extend unemployment benefits. If you think there will be, I’ve got a wall to sell you that Mexico paid for.

  • Angie Alexis says:

    The president wants to make sure that the American people have what they need?!!! Who are you kidding?!!! Using tax payer money!!! Using it to help America instead of using it to fund multi billion dollar companies!!! I’d say it’s good that the tax payers are getting something for their money!!

  • Marty Jackofson says:

    Life has never been better

  • Sabrina says:

    That girl was nine months behind on rent. That’s since last year. You gotta go, Lady

  • Amalgamaite says:

    1929 economic collapse will seem like CHILD’S PLAY!

  • Ashleigh Jaima Osborne says:


  • Darlene Jones says:

    “Life is so beautiful because you got to know don’t nothing last forever….”Keep smile!!!!

  • Seek Truth says:

    Gangstalking is happening

  • JoAnn Chamness says:

    WOW. Unbelievable.

  • Angela Wilson says:

    yif u want 2 blame it on someething blame the protestersv shutdown the protest and youll fux the problem

  • Ibrahim says:

    This is how covid-19 look if it can be seen…It is no hoax. Stay healthy and strong ya all

  • Nancy Bennett says:

    And the vets come to our aid again . Trump step down

  • M Lee says:

    Now you see COVID proves, CAPITALISM never favored the 99%. SOCIALISM is for the RICH, CAPITALISM for everyone else!

  • altitude illume says:

    #TRUMPFcovidDELAYS + #TRUMPFcovidDENIALS = #TRUMPcovidMURDERS “100k+ needlessly dead.”

    • altitude illume says:

      #BIDEN CAN

    • altitude illume says:


    • altitude illume says:


  • Scientific Knights says:

    God is punishing us for elected trump

  • Moms MADD says:

    She is 9 months behind. Covid has been going on for only 6 months, That means she was already 3 months behind. How much can this land lord put up with.

  • PANIC MODE says:


  • Fumi Yama says:

    Shut down all infect states until COVID blow in our face straight on

  • itzamia says:

    I bet Mercedez named her daughter Alexus.

  • stardog 27 says:

    America will never shut down bc its a business not a country

  • Edward Owen-reece says:


  • Nanette Harris says:

    Dying without God is the terrifying!! Its time to get right to be ready for more that is coming…denial aint a river in Egypt. God bless us all

  • RiBLA ALBiR says:

    Essential = sacrificial

  • Samir Rai says:

    I dont owe anyone anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Phaedra says:

    t=8:13 She’s 9 MONTHS behind on her rent!
    Why use that example?! She stopped paying 4 months before covid!
    There’s plenty of true covid victims. Why not profile one of them?!

  • DonMcWild says:

    Ramp . . . slippery . . . drink . . . water . . . onehanded.

  • Cindrella swift says:

    I do not owe anybody anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Oliver Rowen says:

    This show still doesn’t interview black doctors but they can spotlight a pro football player who already lives in the spotlight.

  • Shit Lister says:

    Hey NBC News, Turn Your Volume Up!

  • Tim Sweet says:

    Not shutting down anything

  • Pelt Down Posse says:

    Last I looked…It’s called Hurricane Season. I’ve live it for the last 60 years! What’s new?..Help me out here………….You spit and Houston floods….

  • Stay Strong America says:

    Do you’ll Christians think Christ is making His dramatic Second Coming, anyday now? Lol Freaks Jesus out. Every nightly news things get worse-storms, covid, riots, shootings.

  • Johnathan Jacobs says:

    dont forget the people making the food!!!!! servers already make bank

  • Israel Camargo says:

    NFL star is a doctor what a hero

  • Chris Kalogeropouls says:

    I’m scared of this virus. Looks like things are getting worse.

  • Jennifer Harry says:

    I don’t need anymore my 9-5 because of, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*

  • _23Nostalgia _ says:

    “Padre island”

  • Rayenal Owens says:

    Mnuchin you sit home and get paid punk give tax payers they money

  • George Taylor says:

    So this woman got an eviction notice for being NINE MONTHS behind, in other words she was FIVE MONTHS pass due when the virus hit. Sounds like so many pf the others that just want a free ride because of a flu like virus.

  • aaron ruby says:

    That group is also asking for the State Tx to be given to them lol

  • The Brother with Knowledge. X says:

    I love what is going on. Beautiful chaos 😍😍😍😍

  • Eric H says:

    Can the Federal Government incentivize honesty and unifying speech and dis-incentivize false and divisive speech on social media, without trampling on the First Amendment???

  • Owl_Lover says:

    The mother said “I know they (her children) don’t mean much to the him (Landlord) but they mean a lot to me”.
    That hit my heart.

  • paul high says:


  • paul high says:

    God please help all immigrants, amen.

  • Patty Moore says:

    Amen! Well said, (Mr Mundts son). I agree!

  • Noor Ali Cassim says:

    Thank God for the good people of the United States who are working together to help each other through the United effort in providing less fortunate to make it through the crises we are facing. May God take us through and bless those beautiful brothers and sisters everywhere. We are all family because of God’s creation.

  • Sunshine Huang says:

    Today’s 7/26/20 . I Report a news about Comunists Party of Red China !
    Red China President Xi Jinping already got killed by Hua Chunying terrists organization making Blood Coup inside the Government of Red China in Beijing in 11/11/2019 !
    But this Case was not Accident with Hua Chunying Comunists Party Terrists organization in that time !
    Even I already found out that Terrible plan from Xi Mingze Family members words on YouTube in last year before 5/2019 !
    Even I wonder why Xi Mingze no Stop this Blood Coup plan about her life Father Xi Jinping ? But Xi Mingze no answer it but her show words on YouTube said : The Love is Success ‘ s Problem of Job !
    我现在公开一段历史 是关于中国共产党内部流血政变 ! 事实上 习近平主席已经早已在去年11/11/2019 于北京被华春滢恐怖集团杀害 !
    这是一场红色中国从来没有发生过的恐怖流血政变 ! 其实这不是一场意外的临时的政变 而是早🈶预谋的政变 !
    我相信主角就是派遣特务混进习家在美国加州胜利城市的背后组织 。。。中国驻美国加州记者及中国华春滢恐怖集团一起策划。他们甚至公开联合习近平家族一起参与此计划中的政变 ! 当我从他们文字里的蛛丝马迹发现这场正在酝酿中的流血政变时,我公开捅破这个事实并质问🈶关的人们 其中包括习明泽 。 我说为什么他们不管不顾要搞政变而你是习近平亲女儿也参与进去却不阻止他们?她没有正面回答我的问题 。只是打出几个字:“爱情是成功的业障.” 我当时真是五味杂陈 ! 我是一个人道主义者. 也是一个和平主义者 。 我不希望看到我的祖国再次陷入混乱不堪的境地甚至🈶可能因权利争斗而陷入战争泥潭里 。 所以我向我知道的参与者。。。动之以情 晓以大理据理力争 劝说他们停止可怕的流血政变计划 。 并劝说他们尽快离开这里回家去。我非常清楚我早已经身陷的囹圄正是他们家族也参与并推动。
    也知道不但中国🈶遭遇政变的可能 而且美国也一样🈶被推翻现制度的可能 ! 我食不甘味 睡眠不足 不是为自己被追杀中 而是为中国和美国前途烦恼 ! 所以那时候我常常写文字披露美国🈶可能被国外势力与国内反对派联合推翻现政府及总统 如果那时候就是去年,5-10 月份🈶留意我文字的人应该记得 。
    🉑不怕死的不理会法律的中国共产党恐怖集团华春滢们还是如期实施了流血政变他们早在去年5月份就计划定在11月份搞政变 而本来的参与者却变成了连带受杀害者!这是我始料不及的。我不知道我的公开干预使这场政变有没有发生变化 因为共产党不可以常人眼光去看待去分析。 我敢肯定,美国因为我的干预缓和了矛盾 起码还在走正常的法律程序。
    这些事件都同时发生在去年中下旬 在两个超级大国内部及外部势力联合展开,以互相渗透的形式。
    我一向定位自己是一个”温良恭俭让”的老好人 。 非常害怕事事非非 是一个见事就躲的人 。 🉑是真应了那句老话,越是怕鬼越见鬼!我刚进了美国国门就一直被恐怖中国记者盯住捆绑跟踪破坏我的一切包括家庭孩子及人身安全工作场所等等都无时无刻不被中国记者捣乱破坏让我痛不欲生 。我曾经陷入抑郁症不能自拔!直到2017 年3月初我被张君娴出卖我给美国恐怖科学家搞人体实验让她赚大钱好过她认为的真正富人生活, 当她用文字亲自写给我这些贩卖我的计划还要我立即同意她的时候,我才如梦方醒 ! 我立即强硬拒绝并捍卫我的人权与隐私权!从此我不🉐不陷入躲避恐怖分子张君娴集团恐怖强盗捉我的恐怖活动与周旋中 是一种事实上的处于逃亡恐怖追杀之中至今不能摆脱 !
    我今生无悔 !

  • DR Dubois says:

    Republikkklans never have a problem dumping trillions into the pockets of corporations, reporting record profits…

  • Tracey Tee says:

    People are still waiting for unemployment checks and income tax returns! Why are taxpayer with low income being audited and checks being held up during Covic when people need their money the most?

  • TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate says:

    I got evicted

  • Archie Cooper says:

    So now illegal immigrants ( Mexicans ) from mexico are called Latino’s who ain’t from Latin by fake news so they won’t have there status checked by immigration?

  • D Ntodo says:

    Trump is sending back the people’s taxes to those in need – pity he’s sending it back in the form of tear-gas, rented cars and anonymous troops, while republican senators keep blocking the relief bill that’s been passed already in the house for two whole months. Now they’re “rolling up” after wasting still more time taking a little holiday. It’s so insulting to speak about ‘wasting’ the taxes which these same people have paid to them. Who does he think ‘taxpayers’ are?

  • Myles Gmail says:

    “white right wing militia” 😂thx Media

  • Erick Towet says:

    The country looks like its messed up

  • Dave V says:

    Love that son’s comment: “You aren’t pro American if you don’t wear a mask. You’re pro you”.

  • Bo713 Jimenez says:

    Second coming is near ladies and gentlemen 💯

  • Victoria Algra says:

    Keep washing your hands, wearing a mask and staying away from crowds. And stay home if you feel ill and that includes All protesters.. be mindful !😷🤧🤒🤕

  • Summer Girl says:

    why does the news exaggerate things?

  • Evil_Juggalo_ says:

    I look for Trump to call for Marshall Law, I’m not a Republican, but the marching has gotten out of hand and something needs to be done. Miss Sandra

  • cameron taylor says:

    The best part of this is showing the effects of income inequality mixed with a pandemic… it shows how we are all connected… that when you oppress and marginalize a group of people, you end up screwing yourself over…

  • sabestek says:

    well I hope that Jeff Besoz sees this act of kindness and pays it forward to all Americans we all played a part in Amazons success Jeff Besoz is on his way to becoming the 1st Trillionaire in all history !

  • Gm Maranan says:

    2020 is the year of frustating year. 🙁

  • Nancy Leeman says:

    Please wear a mask. Don’t evict renters who become of the pandemic don’t have jobs. Stop racism!

  • Jrgs says:

    There are Angels out there willing to shock you with kindness. The life saving tips is a great amazing thing to do!… When you can barely make it on your wages, it’s amazing to have that love shown out of nowhere.❤️❤️❤️ Alexia!

  • aminadab flores says:

    Beautiful ❤️ ending 🤗

  • aminadab flores says:

    I think all cashier’s and retail workers deserve to receive tips. We have to deal with hundreds of personalities 🙄. besides I think it can only improve our tolerance level 🤔😊

  • roxybarone says:

    tax payer money? why don’t take the millions of dollars coporations get in tax refunds and use that!!!!

  • Reggie Howze says:

    9 months behind on rent?? Pleaseee !!! Get a job or use your child support for what it is intended for.

  • Gixellia says:

    The president wants to make sure the Americans have everything…???

  • Damion Hood says:

    He said that we’re not going to use tax payer money to help tax payer. Lmao

  • Carol Maz says:

    Why is he shouting trying to scare pple ..hurricanes happen all the time stop blowing everythng out of proportion .. we are capable of dealing with things .. why do news presenters act like every human is incapable of dealing with anything .. answer they want us dependant and in fear .. stand strong pple we are capable we are strong x

  • Terri Niemeier says:

    New Covid sickness returns mutated .

  • BlackAngloSaxon says:

    “We’re not going to use tax payer money to help taxpayers who lost their jobs due to our carelessness in not protecting the country from this pandemic” 😂

    Money for bank bailouts you say?! Yes we have taxpayer money to handle that.

  • Jace Stone says:

    This black lives matter movement is backfiring and shutting the police down is an idiotic idea

  • Dee Ravenwolf says:

    Paying it forward is nothing new morons and to promote it as such makes you look more stupid than normal.

  • Shawn Pierce says:

    I love these stories, now I can look at the comments and see the trolls vs trolls! It’s fantastic watching troll vs troll. I’m not smart enough so it’s great watching them go at it, oh America…….

  • Ken Pusillo says:

    More dangerous than a hurricane, NBC news is a FAR left terrorist organization plotting against Free American people.