NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 26th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/28
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 26th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Texas hit by Hurricane Hanna as coronavirus cases mount, Rep. John Lewis crosses Edmund Pettus Bridge one final time, and one killed at Austin protest as clashes continue across U.S.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 26th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • Charles Tran says:

    Fake news should be stopped.

  • Skai Rain says:

    This is a trip…. pick a number and number
    Google that # and wrote new cases…. try any number even your phone number .. just put new cases after and search…. what’s up with that!

  • Sonya Williams says:

    Thank you America’s hero

  • Jerry Gaines says:

    They leave the good news till the end i think for some thats why some desperate to escape these times watch it many i sur choose to just pretend nothing is wrong smh!

  • LEMIN MI says:

    violence can always escalate, it’s a dead end.

  • Rakennzy lue says:

    A lot of people living in third world country have their own houses not huts they are not rich have indoor bathroom,clean running water too.👍👍

  • shodol vibaya says:

    I don’t owe anyone anymore thanks to, *e a s y j o b s o n l i n e .c l u b*

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    I thought this was all peaceful riots, these are all democrat run cities. Federal officers in Portland may have been permanently blinded by lasers Joe Biden has already stated he backs banning law enforcement.

  • Steve Ellison says:

    Fl black lives

  • Joshua Will says:

    Tough times people we alll need to stick together not devide…vote blue..

  • Dr Nooby Noob says:

    Fake virus, just like Global Warming. TRUMP 2020 President for Life

  • Karla Carrillo-Castillo says:

    No justice, no peace.

  • HOWARD BOYD says:

    Anti fa paid globalist terrorist are doing this paid to destabilized America. Do not fall for it. These protestors do not care about citizens homes, businesses, families or health. They are looking to destroy America and take over. If Trump not there and democratic sell out politicians not let police arrest terrorist and protect you. Then who you going to call? Will have to protect home like the
    St. Loius couple has done. Terrorist vs you. What you going to do. Go Trump.

  • HOWARD BOYD says:

    Lots of police and teaching jobs opening up. Retirement, good benefits, and salary. 20 percent job opening in teaching according to this video.

  • suzi creamcheez says:

    kate snow is actually a royal…

  • Juanita Flores says:

    Why does the Fake MSM keep calling these rioters-terrorist peaceful protesters? That’s why Trump will win in Nov 2020.

  • Sharon Richards says:

    But the police seems to be the one’s causing the violence

  • gadams says:

    His mum says, what sort of reporting is that? Is she a doctor? FFs.

  • Jan Oliver says:

    I have heard some of his so called civil rights speeches, and ha, ha,. I’m still sad this had to happen. BLM have no idea what they are fighting about. They have no idea what MLK spoke about. These are just a bunch of dumb bunnies who want their turn on the net. They need to go back to kinder garden and learn some history.

  • Allison Marie says:

    God bless Desmen Silva ❤🙏

  • Proteus TG says:

    Hmm, Now one case who is young is paralyzed from the neck down?
    So this virus is capable of anything?

  • Dern Vader says:

    Those parents must hate their kids and want them out of the house!

  • Chris Stafford says:

    This life is grade school for whats awaiting for all of us.

  • J. F. I. says:

    R.I.P “Beautiful” Olivia de Havilland 💐
    R.I.P. “Handsome” John Saxon 💪
    R.I.P. “Charismatic” Regis Philbin 🎙️

  • J. F. I. says:

    R.I.P John Lewis 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸

  • J. F. I. says:

    1. MASK 😷
    2. HANDS💦🤲
    3. DISTANCE ⬅️2 YARDS+➡️

  • J. F. I. says:

    “100 More Days” SMH 🙏

  • J. F. I. says:

    Dr. Small-Hands Clorox Trump ⚕️

  • Mana says:

    Gosh!! for the sake of your goddness stay at home!!. how hard do u people want to be taught by mother nature’s disaster!!!

  • J. F. I. says:


    • Center Mass says:

      🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻TRUMP 2020🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

  • J. F. I. says:


  • J. F. I. says:


  • J. F. I. says:

    (( ))
    ,,! !,,

  • Chitchatr says:

    Take the poll: How will democratic cities function with less tax revenue as a result of their shutdowns and school closures and millions of less tax revenue coming in? Raising property tax and vehicle tax as well as gas tax is the only way to keep funding city employees whom consistently vote democrat as well as the teacher unions. If you own a house or property open your wallets because the democrats are coming to raise your taxes to pay for what? expanding their voter base permitting illegal aliens to vote? Vote for change. Everyone knows there is a 97% survival rate with covid, 50,000,000 tests completed and the media still hyping fear: 150000 covid related deaths/50,000,000 tests completed. Do the Math. The democrat plan is to put fear in America through Riots, Covid, Russia, Russia, Russia like the American voters are lemmings following the sour sounds of the negative fake press, pathetic. Hey Media, you are not that powerful yet but you are pathetic. What did Kamala Harris say about Joe Biden related to school busing in the democratic primary? deceptive politics. Face it, Democrats in power have no concern over the tragic deaths of children in Chicago or anywhere else, you know why…… they want power and they believe the riots is a means to an end. Your safety and security means 0 to the democratic party or the main stream media. It is clear as day.

  • Leonard Edgar says:

    Long Live ASAp

  • Chanthaphone Phenphonsy says:

    Is this God’s way of cleaning like Sodom 😳

    • J. F. I. says:

      “God works in mysterious ways.”

    • Blunted206 says:

      Your imaginary god has nothing to do with this lol

  • FidgetBear911 says:


  • Eisen says:

    This week on Americas slow decent into madness.

  • Mog Gryffindor says:

    Alcohol lowers your immune system. Bars are the worst right now.

  • Dr Nooby Noob says:

    When the roll is called up yonder i’ll be there.

  • Sainbold Janchivdorj says:

    Trump and all the White House Politicians should prison for killing USA 🇺🇸 Peoples!!!!!


  • t says:

    Why does god make hurricanes and corona viruses…..and the movie CATS?

  • Gman83 says:

    America is imploding 🧐

  • TheMELTDOWN911 says:

    S TOPED OBAMA instead of saying… “I learned a lot from you Joe” he says ” Joe you listen and learn” like if he is a dumb asz!! SHEET! I will NOT VOTE, BOTH CANDIDATES ARE A PAIR OF DUMB ASZZEZ!!!!

  • Stewart Duff says:

    Its only fifteen cases soon go down to zero?

  • Desirae Vaccaro says:

    Let’s solve violence with more violence, Mr. President. 🤦

  • Gary Kiebel says:

    Covid 19 we shut down work. This was to help out the medical industry and spread the disease over time. WORKED , but it left vulnerable people in isolation. With the shutdown ending those in isolation are catching the disease.
    They were always going to be some that will die. As long as we do not exceed 3% of the population we are ahead.

  • Veronica Fulton says:

    Is the world coming to an end???

  • xlioilx says:

    Watching this “News” as an American is like watching some fairy tale world.. SO if I build a bomb and set it off and blow up half a police station and set fire to buildings and ravage my own home town I am in protest??? Yes I am but That’s also a terrorist and not ok. Why is this Media station promoting violence by covering up what is actually going on out my own window?

  • Jay Bee says:

    I noted there were virtually NO ‘Black Lives Matter’ types at the John Lewis procession. I didn’t see many people at all following the bridge crossing with the casket. Media made no mention of this.

  • Roshane Lewis says:

    there’s a civil war happening in the USA

  • Samod Amir says:

    That bridge should be rename John Lewis bridge.

  • shoshenkis says:


  • Samod Amir says:

    Fear + stress= death not covid 19 strengthen your will subconsciously, strengthen your immune system physically, and Spiritually. everything you see is a agenda a plan political gain ppl play into this the news is a weapon to destroy the minds of the ppl who can’t want to believe in this giant fear campaign.

  • Relax Times says:

    Covid-19 is still big event in nowadays.

  • Emeila Myers says:

    “Save school and halloween trick-or-treat in lakewood ohio 2020 this year please”🎃🎒🙏

  • NutNbutSpeed says:

    How come no mention of Trump’s executive order on lowering meds prices? I’m not even a Tru,p fan but he deserves credit for doing something positive. NBC News should be ashamed for leaving this huge and positive news out!

  • christopher m primm Sr says:

    NBC reports on school funding is a joke.
    The Money Follows The Children
    If there not in a School it’s going to Follow Them Home DUH…YOU REALLY ARE STUPID

  • Angelus Tenebris says:

    DEATH TO AMERICA 🇺🇸!!! 😘

  • Patrick Pelletier says:

    11 minutes 20 seconds in. “if we don’t get no police reform” ? Stupid lady. Why don’t you get some proper English reformed before you worry about police reform…

  • Mario Rivera says:

    Obama admires that Joe Biden is a puppet of the left.

  • Eric Simpson says:

    The hurricane is trump’s falt🤣

  • Eihwazone says:

    Biden listens???? He didn’t listen when women said no! Maybe he will learn.

  • Myles Nelson says:

    Propaganda brought to you by the New World Order.

  • susub75 says:

    The United States of Pandemonium

  • Francoise Loffler says:

    The only thing that I can see is that the majority of the staff are only black people NOW I can understand why TRUMP is doing NOTHING TO HELP WITH PPE!!

  • Diane Bugzavich says:

    White life’s matter

  • Patriae Non Amans says:

    White america doesn’t deserve peaceful protests! Face reality ⚠️

  • Len Ovo says:

    Less than 100 days until the re-election !!

  • Robby Bear says:

    RIP John Lewis

  • Leo Torrijos says:

    thats the reason cause in my contry are raining all day, july is sunny season

  • Barbara Smith says:

    Bless the Memory of John Lewis, Take up the mantle, carry on his legacy as he did after MLK passed. Folks the Older Gaurd is passing over. The question WHO will take the mantle, remenbering it is NOT a sprint.

  • Alex Paz says:

    Cobi Life matter Human Life Matter.

  • Rosalind Grogan says:

    the activist movement of john lewis was a righteous fight. rights were violated! but blm can not claim this same dignity!

  • Tam In SoCal says:

    Jesus is soon to return. Lets remain faithful to Him. This virus is His warning to us to stay close to Christ & repent of any sins & turn away from our sins. Do not fall away from Christ.

  • rosalinda umana says:

    Trump 2020❤️🇺🇸

  • Eomma Blink says:

    Congressman John Lewis was a brave, honorable and inspirational man. May God Almighty 🙏 welcome him in the heavens.

  • Ben Illonah says:

    Joy Reid

  • J Parish says:

    Bernell Trammell

  • Mona Yousif says:

    Trump 2020 🙏🤞✝️🇺🇸

  • Ken Greene says:

    These are not protesters these are rioters brutbeast if they get shot acting like they can do as they please like gods well I guess he lost his godhood to you it would have been better if the victim died hooray for your side If you ignorant news broadcasts would stop spreading your propaganda people would not be getting killed but this is what you want right stop your lies

  • Josef Fondue says:

    A race for re-election? There isn’t no race. Everyone is behind Trump during these troubling times.

  • Shallom 1997 says:

    anarchist all over LIARS!

  • Morgan Brandy says:

    I feel bad for the teachers. They have all these extra responsibilities, extra risks, extra stress (inside AND outside of work) with no extra pay, and tons of guilt if they quit on their students, who are already behind educationally. What a decision.

  • Keith Johnson says:

    So! How are the teachers in China doing in there schools? If they are doing something right, then the USA should be doing the same to stay safe while teaching!

  • Keith Johnson says:

    About the water temps: Is the Sun getting closer to the Earth or is it the other way around?

  • james abraham says:

    Hurricane and covid19 May the force be with you 💥

  • Jason b says:

    Treasonous Trump supporters are being put too the test….wonder how loyal hungry dogs really are?

  • comedycopter says:

    When Biden wins he can apologize to China and Iran for the bad things trump did to them. And give back 180 billion to Iran

  • Ubaid Rehman says:

    Fake report 👎

  • Michelle Diederich says:

    Tell the truth!!!! Who sparked the brutality??? Tell the truth!!!!

  • Granny Reynolds says:

    By ORDERS of USA 🇺🇸 ‘s Russian/China BOSSES, this PseudoPresident/His ENABLERS, are in FULL BLOWN DICTATORSHIP MODE & DISMANTLING AmeriKKKa -USA 🇺🇸! But Remember What USA 🇺🇸 has DONE to other NATIONS overseas & South of the Borders!

    Because MOST USA 🇺🇸 Sheeple( Like Sweden) do NOT THINK LOGICALLY & are ARROGANT , the pseudoPresident-Pathological LIAR /His ENABLERS are Pimping the DISASTERS : PROMOTE-CAUSE More DIVISION /CHAOS/VIOLENCE /DEATH/Hopelessness /FEAR , etc….. !
    July , 2020 : Send in NAZI TROOPS to INITIATE VIOLENCE , then BLAME DumboCrats and PROTESTERS!

    can 💯 be MANIPULATED!


    SUSPEND The CONSTITUTION/BILL of RIGHTS and ELECTIONS ! Trump has CONTROL of : MILITARY, Law Enforcement, 80 MILLION Heavily ARMED AmeriKKKan/NAZI Terrorists!


    Oohhh, MEANWHILE , Wealthy people are MAKING MORE $$$ and COULD CARE LESS about USA 🇺🇸 ! Their ALLEGIANCE is to $$$$ /CONTROL and KEEPING Sheeple DIVIDED & CONQUERED!

  • Steve Stifler says:

    Global warming and rising sea levels are obvious, I’ve vacationed at the Outer Banks in North Carolina for decades and water levels have greatly risen there

  • Albert Davis says:

    I believe that Allah (GOD), is sick of the way of white Americans are treating African Americans and other people in a country they stole from the Native Americans…

  • Nav Heer says:

    Even cadet bonespurs son school refuses to open take note

  • Brandon Simon says:

    3:54 makes it sound like she doesn’t know where Texas is 🤣

  • Brandon Simon says:

    You know what would be great though sense the country is on the topic of changing names. Change the name from Edmund Pettus to John Lewis. That would be a very fitting tribute and considering the history of each figure, it would show a true step in the right direction.

  • michael mooney says:

    Open a restaurant and name it Looter’s ,mabey the govt let you stay open

  • def abc says:

    Could Chinese Communist Party be using our freedom of speech to stir up hate here online and on US street demonstrations to take down the president who finally facing off with the Devil that has been devouring US for decades?
    Beware of those among us who wants to open US up for incoming Biowarfare.
    Wake up, my fellow Americans.
    Enemy’s agents among us are using our conflicts to take US apart!

  • Nicolas Shepherd says:

    But why president trump isn’t @ a US Congressman’s funeral?? This man is a HERO.