Russian teenager playing football again after struck by lightning

2020 8/01
Russian teenager playing football again after struck by lightning

A Russian teenager is again playing football less than three weeks after being struck by lightning.
Not only did he have a lucky escape from serious injury, but he now faces a bright future in the game.
Al Jazeera’s Joanna Gasiorowska reports.

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  • Shaheer Jutt says:


  • Mandark Astronomonov says:

    Real translation : “”It was shockingly powerful… Like, it really Hertz.” I’m glad he is recovering well. Any parent’s nightmare.

  • Cosmin Contra says:

    Hopefully he’d also lucky enough to break into first team

  • day6creation breathing says:

    your awsome!

  • Christopher Tote says:

    Best Wishes! Good to be alive

  • Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi says:

    So has he become The Flash?

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    i should not laugh that is horrible and a sad story but i laughed my a off lol

  • Calvin Duke says:


  • StripeMcr says:

    a kick he will remember forever

    • musicguy20 says:

      He doesn’t remember anything

  • Jay Jay says:

    This is the real Thor ⚡

  • Im Everywhere says:

    Best kick in the world. Hit the ball so hard that lightning struck down

    • Eggis Fantasy Kitchen says:

      Shaolin Kicker in Wodka Mode

  • Bless Football says:


  • Rain Man says:

    where is the lightning strike ??? all i see is a flash…with all lightning there is a streak of light from the ground to the sky…we see none of that….I wonder if he stepped on a landmine….or photo-shopped…cause this ain’t real folks, this ain’t real. None of the other players reacted. If this had been a real lightning strike, the other players, in such close proximity, would have certainly reacted….leave it to the russians to fake a footballer being injured by lightning…what a country. Can’t wait till Europe does Clean energy then russia will have no leverage over them with gas shipments….they are on a loosing streak…what next from russia…video showing Putin dancing with the queen of england ?

    • Anders Karing says:

      The video is cropped so you dont see their full reaction. Its real jackass.

    • October Bost says:

      On a clear day? I think that was an alien ufo that did it🤔😳😮

  • Rain Man says:

    if this were lightning…the whole field would have lit up….

    • Yusuf Khan says:


    • musicguy20 says:

      No it wouldn’t

    • Javier P. says:

      So he just combusted spontaneously then?

  • Ako Si MjRxR says:

    He accidentally said “Shazam!” 😎😂😂😂

    • Sandeep Kumar Macharla says:

      Good one!!

  • TheDigitalslayer says:

    He kicked that ball with a Bang!

  • verisimilitone says:

    Ball: Вы активировали мою карту-ловушку!

  • Adam Davies says:

    whos the kid who scored a goal on the way to help. Good on him

    • morningstar says:

      talk about thug life.

    • YT 2020 says:

      He heard no whistle!

  • SantaDog81 says:

    What a strike.

  • 1RaVeN1FTW FTW says:

    In Mother Russia teen attacks lightning

  • ZombaHenry garrotKomp says:


  • stapleboss says:

    This type of event is probably what Zeus is based on.

  • Pashtun Channel says:

    He’s a rude boi. The next tsar of Russia 🇷🇺

  • The Ancients Ancients says:

    He had mercy from God! It could have turned much more worse. It looked like a missile attack than a gun attack

  • Superlative CG says:

    Quite a shocking experience.

  • Min Min says:

    Just normal day in russia.

  • Rahul Varghese says:

    Any symptoms of superpowers?

  • Hassan Smith says:

    Russian people can’t get a break ( Ever)

  • Voldemort's Nipple says:

    Not even Ronaldo’s shots are that powerful

  • Potato guy says:

    he could end up being the flash

  • MadHatterx says:

    it was a sign from the LORD THY GOD!!!!

  • progyan das says:

    Even a guy struck by lightning starts playing again …. but here in India , no football for the whole year probably !

  • Morphic c says:

    Tough kid

  • Zer0nite says:

    Zeus really didn’t want him to score that goal.

  • faustianWhitney MamieBolton says:


  • dzastoraty77 says:

    What is that?

  • Zachary Johnson says:

    These comments makin me laugh now I feel bad.

  • Andrew Stark says:

    Now that’s something to show and tell your grandchildren !


    Talk about timing, WOW that’s crazy!!!

  • taeNam says:


  • Doug19752533 says:


  • Vanidy says:

    My man maxing out magic resistance just to survive this one instance.

  • lukibanialuki_ says:

    Kto od Rejenta i Szumowskiego? 😛

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