NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 31st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/02
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 31st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

The CDC says that the U.S. coronavirus death toll could reach 180,000 by end of August, President Trump renews attacks on mail-in voting despite no evidence it leads to fraud, and Florida braces for Hurricane Isaias while battling the pandemic.

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00:00 Intro
01:27 CDC: U.S. Covid-19 Death Toll Could Top 180,000 By End Of August
01:58 Dr. Fauci: ‘Cautiously optimistic’ Will Have Vaccine By End Of Year, Early 2021
04:19 HHS:75% Of Test Results Coming Back Within 5 Days
04:56 Many New Infections Being Driven By Gatherings Among Young People, Authorities Say
05:24 Study: Colleges May Need To Test Students Every 2 Days To Open Safely
07:06 Trump Warns Of “Greatest Election Disaster In History”
08:23 White House, Democrats Far Apart As Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Expire
08:55 Hurricane Hits Caribbean, Threatens Florida Coast, Eastern Seaboard
11:00 1 Marine Dead, 8 Missing After Training Accident Off Ca Coast
12:03 FBI: 3 People, INCLUDING 17-Year-Old, Arrested In Twitter Hack
13:39 Court Overturns Boston Marathon Bomber’s Death Sentence
14:15 Documents Reveal New Details In Case Involving Epstein’s Alleged Accomplice
16:16 U.S. Marshals On Clashes Between Protesters, Federal Agents
18:23 Global Concerns That U.S., Europe Will Buy Up Covid-19 Vaccine Supply
19:00 Inside Plan To Get Covid-19 Vaccine To Every Country

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 31st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • Diedra Payne says:

    Did she shay, “Let’s just shay…”??? Pelosi…a real boil on America’s

  • Patricia Egan says:

    Wear masks

  • tim kahn says:

    we are losing over a thousand a day. and over 150,000 dead do the math . 230,000 dead in 3 months if it dose not slow down.

  • Greg Kump says:

    Hire them today!🤔

  • Spencer Calvert says:

    Either trump truly missing a functioning brain or he is happy to decrease our population. The fact that those of us loosing lives r of lower income and of color makes u wonder if he is ok with it 🤔. we r still left with no federal guidelines backed by scientists for all states to work together in order to save lives. There is absolutely no reason why mail in ballots are not being sent out at least to registered voters in order to make voting safe from Covid19.

  • Annu Battle says:

    Trump should give us 1000. Out his pocket

  • Dave Smith says:

    and the death toll is already ~100,000 thanks to fake death certs and shoving wuhan flu patients into nursing homes. No around here is even getting sick and yet we have to wear these masks everywhere. What a scam.

  • Annu Battle says:

    Heathens they do what they want and will continue

  • Annu Battle says:

    Everyone should be tired

  • Annu Battle says:

    Send the hurricane straight to VA cricket judges and cops

  • Annu Battle says:

    America don’t fight for the right reasons man can cause this pandemic but serve no time

  • dean mushtuk says:

    Masks are a total political joke I hope everyone can see that. Breath into a mask and tiny moisture droplets leaches/permeates through the fibers just waiting to be touched. Look at anyone with a mask around their neck, the second that mask is touched and doesn’t immediately disinfect their hands you may as well lick your fingers and shake everybody’s hands. That’s exactly how contagious these types of viruses are and exactly how they are being transmitted around the globe like wildfire. Everyone that is walking around wearing a mask and not using proper medical procedural mask wearing protocol (basically zero percent of the population) is unwittingly passing potentially deadly pathogenic viruses onto everything and anything touched. It happens just that easily, often and quickly millions of times everyday, just look around people. This is an empirical epidemiological fact that everyone is obligated to learn!

  • Elton Lawrence says:

    But people are being bullshitted about a cure if there’s something on the table working what the f*** you looking for this looks like organized crime,

  • Julian Crooks says:

    Side effects of drugs everyone becomes zombies.

  • John Hojnowski says:

    There are way too many scams going on right now
    I was contacted on Instagram 3 separate times 2 were inheritance scams, basically I started talking to a female and she’s telling me how she has this insurance left to her by her father and she has to be married to get it and she can help me pay all my bills off and we could be happy together and all of a sudden she is giving me the number to her attorney which is not a law offices number and he wants my information
    name address bank info
    Both times they were basically the same they wanted all my information and they wanted money from me for paperwork and they have my name added to the so-called properties that were left to her and my response’s where the same you don’t need my information there her properties and I blocked them
    The latest one was
    I won all this money on the lottery more than I can spend contact me in a certain amount of time and I will pick someone to give the money to
    So I figured I roll the dice and try and right away I’m a winner they want me to give them $450 in Bitcoin to get the money which was $100,000 in cash or check I went online and I looked up how much Bitcoin cash is well its over $200 each they were going to charge me $103,000 to get a 100,000

  • NerdAlert says:

    I can’t believe teens did the Twitter scam lmao omg!

  • Kevin Willingham says:

    Agenda 21 just about making money

  • Kevin Willingham says:

    In Revelations there will be seven more plagues a hundred times worse than this

  • the kingnumberone says:

    What are our elected officials doing?

  • Tony Victoria says:

    Lol FAKE news. Q

  • Mary Loosli says:

    Late to watch but your work on Facebook always on the side of truth thank you God bless you all

  • Monica Young says:

    Did you hear him at the end… It will prevail(in the end meaning everyone will have to get vaccine.

  • Frederic Riter says:

    Hey Lester! Is Trump responsible for the Hurricane?

  • Klanhaywin says:

    Impeach and remove

  • Dennis Dowd says:

    Yeah, like we have a vaccine for AIDS, what it’s been 20+ years since we been working on it. ☹️

  • T B says:

    180,000 lives lost….ya those fukin republicans could care less. As long as their Russian NRA-laundered money keeps coming….wake up America!

  • Dennis Dowd says:

    I didn’t even know that Georgia had schools! I thought it was against their religious beliefs. I guess we can just admit now that prayers doesn’t work!😵

  • Apple Slices Unite says:

    I hope to god that the back to school plan in Sept, there is an option for those parents who don’t want to risk sending their children to school, don’t have to send them in. I’m petrified for my kids.

  • say what Chelsea12 says:

    Mbc: you are evil

  • shoshenkis says:

    If they don’t wear a badge with ID they are not officers, not really. Keep it up.

  • Krist fu Dalini 888 says:

    More lies, more lies, Soros paid minions.

  • Dia'Shan says:

    I am so glad we are investing in a vaccine. I also am concerned who might have had insider information and invested in these companies (all that have to do with responding to this Pandemic) before the announcements came out.

  • Caryl Cook says:

    Jim Jordan is sadly a bully like many white men in office at this time. Vote him out!

  • watchful shepherd says:

    Why do we need your vacuum…i mean vaccine.? Do not get tested.

  • Revana Marie says:

    Human guinea pig trials have started .. I’ll wait til into 2021 .. maybe 2022 before I think about any vaccine .. I’m doing MY part .. y’all do YOURS and maybe this country can get thru this. Health Harmony Peace and Love to Mother Earth and ALL of her Children

  • Fumi Yama says:

    500,000 by the end of the year

  • Aaron Schwark says:

    covid is a scam to push mail in voting dont fall for it

  • Aaron Schwark says:

    12:22 u show the 17 year olds pic but not the 19 and the 22 wtf this is call news

  • Valerie Bernard says:

    This is the USA how long does Trump think he can attack, assault and terrorize citizens that are legally protesting before they turn to fight back to save themselves from injuries and possibly save their lives?.

  • Aaron Schwark says:

    18:19 bill gates should give the first doses to his kids

  • Curtis Jones says:


  • fuckall youbitchs says:

    I love how they’re too p**** to blame the protesters even though it’s true

  • Chris Hardwick says:

    Clinton was never at that island… oh wait… that depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is…LOL 🤣

  • Blanca Gutierrez says:

    The USA Government
    should hire the young hackers .
    we give and train kids on using computers starting at the age of 2yrs old . what do we expect ?

    The kids don’t undermine face book or Twitter but WE undermine the young.

  • tina anasta says:

    I hope that G7 countries would share the vaccine to poorer nations. As what was said in the news, the pandemic can only end if 20% of the world’s population gets the vaccine.

  • Sam Fish says:

    Every body grab those ankles 😐

  • Sam Fish says:

    Does anybody see what’s going on🤔

  • Sam Fish says:

    There out of 🦊there minds

  • v blackwell says:

    Sincerely worried about what these millions(?) of unemployed ppl are going to do w/ their benefits ending & Congress leaving town. Trump’s probably golfing. God help them. No one else is!

  • Sam Fish says:

    No one left behind push forward

  • Sam Fish says:

    Imagine that

  • Sam Fish says:

    To all you guys out there no tuch you need lawyer and game plan

  • v blackwell says:

    Hey kid, don’t feel bad. “Stupid” is not defined by an age bracket, as proven by COVID 19

  • Sam Fish says:


  • SartNova Mentis says:

    Thank you for reporting the news showing the rioters And the segment on Bill Clinton

  • backlash to ignorance says:

    my question is for man by at what point is this going to be acceptable to stop…in ayear 2 years 3 years…I think the covic will be here for many many years so what is the answer just open stuff up, its gonna get spread… get things back to at least people are running business…if we were going to say until covi dies down that could be years or never…if that being the case unless it mutates to the extrema those who have the immune system that has fault it will continue and those who have compromised or a immune system that is susceptible those to will remain….the answer open stuff back up and understand people will continue to test fr parasite, we all have parasites’ only 5 percent of the people world does not. potentially harmful parasites…let us look at it like that and. some people system are not able to overcome the parasites…a small percentage over-all ( just like the covi death numbers) die from them… this is a good example i propose, equate it to parasites’ we all now live with no matter wh oyou are you will test for parasites…you still living right, as well if you system is compromised you will not do too well and maybe even die but 99 percent of people will live and continue to live with these potentially harmful parasites..( but i tell you the experts know this and are being kept quiet) will have to move forward in this…btw no vaccinations are needed for parasites, jsut washing hands and expeling the parasites with a little help inmost cases no out side help is needed!
    able 1. Deaths caused by parasitic diseases in 2013

    Parasitic Disease Global Deaths in 2013
    Malaria 854,600
    Leishmaniasis (Kala-azar) 62,500
    Cryptosporidiosis 41,900
    Amoebiasis 11,300
    Chagas disease 10,600
    African Trypanosomiasis 6,900
    Schistosomiasis 5,500
    Ascariasis 4,500
    Cystic Echinococcosis 2,200
    Cysticercosis 700
    Total Deaths from Parasitic Infections 1,000,700

  • Horacio Salinas says:

    This is a world pandemic it has to be brought under control in the whole world. If we don’t cooperate with the international community the virus can still come back any time brought by international travel. We are yet to see what kind of immunity these vaccines will bring, but most likely it won’t be for life so an international effort has to be sustained. It would be helpful to use this opportunity to reinforce international vigilance and plans of action for future pandemics. It’s hard to imagine but the next pandemic could be much worse. Pandemics in the past ravaged Europe and killed most native Americans effectively changing history. Back then affected whole continents but now we’re all together on this. We are at a point in history where the dismissal of others can bring the demise of everyone.

  • no name says:

    flatten the ballot request curve … pass it on…..


    I AM LISTENING 💔😖😭😭😰

  • Jon Banning says:

    No decent unemployment benefits when I can’t make money feels like I’m in freefall crossing my fingers..

  • Jojo Ahat says:

    Why you don’t ask China whal is the vaccine in this corona virus? They made this kind of biological war fare.. Why US is the no.1 many infected, bcoz American people are no. 1 in the world a very hard head person.. That’s the reality..!

  • DJ GOTT says:

    This is the survival rate of Covid 19

  • Resources Edu says:

    Fabulous, only 150,00 deaths in US due to our fantastic President who closed the borders fast!! Thanks Prez Trump. You have my VOTE for 2024!!

  • Resources Edu says:

    Faucci needs to have the crazy citizens take of the surgical masks and wear SHIELDS!!

  • Resources Edu says:

    If people are to sick, they wont be able to vote..

  • John Tram says:

    The great answer to any disease is always..have money, you shouldn’t care.

  • Resources Edu says:

    Pelosi and her broomstick. What a hack who does not care for the American welfare. What a political loser. Bad human being, no heart..

  • Mike W says:

    At this point shouldn’t everyone in Florida be able to stay because they’re so very prepared? I mean, is this the first storm ever or what?

  • Poop Brain says:

    180k by the end of the month to 1.8 miillion by the end of the year.

  • Amani Rinas says:

    Why are Republicans sending those Guinea pig vaccines to the Nursing will not end well for our elderly .

  • The Ahern Family says:

    Lester: “While most Americans support mail in voting”
    *Ha!!….Ya right and my name’s Micky Mouse. No one i’ve talked to supports mail in ballots.*

  • Kelly Moore says:

    Dr Faucci.. full exposure coming soon…

  • JIB23 says:

    More hand sanitizers hung up that’s great but it will just turn into.a wall hanger with no liquid in it. You put it up you have to keep it filled easier said than done

  • Thanh Nguyen says:

    Also President Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”

  • Joe Zyzyx says:

    Twitter Hacks Itself, Daily. So many contributors to Twitter have been removed, banned, had tweets removed, and often for things less than what others who seem protected against same do constantly.

  • The Dao says:

    this is precisely why politics should be free of religion.

  • J.D. Jerry Sr. says:

    Fouci is FAKE

  • Demie Cazaux says:

    After expietencing the

    • Demie Cazaux says:

      Why ask ror an opinion when ur to a stupid statement u want.

  • Chess MC says:

    *What kind of parents send their kids to overnight camp this summer? Why where the camps even open?*


  • Surf Bear says:

    No Cash Hand Out. Wow… will they go out with a gun to get food and basic necessities. Civil war more likely everyday

  • Rick Manglona says:

    Biden gonna be future president

  • Pretty Boy says:

    We need trump re-election.

  • holly grosshans says:

    The “greatest election disaster” occurred November 2016.

  • jabrown1978 says:

    Trump is the antichrist. Never believed in that, but I believe in it now. He’s evil to his core.

  • Aneka 1004 says:

    I believe in Black Lives Matter after decades of watching horrorific and inhumane treatment of people. As a protester, people should protest during daylight hours and be respectful and responsible for what they are protesting about. Coming out at night is for those that only want to do harm to Peaceful protesters and their cause. God Bless and Save America and the World 🙏

  • zjohn says:

    Wear a mask

  • Renee Dougan says:

    Protesters that are hired by your people

  • Joseph Martinez says:

    This is how the Zombie apocalypse going to start !!!😬😬😬

  • Jb says:

    Fake numbers nobody is buying it anymore. Put a mask on your mothers snatch.

  • Lee D. Hendrix says:

    .The US of Trump has paid donor-corporations billions for anything with no favorable result for civil prosperity.

  • Colin Wade says:

    The last election was the worse on history

  • Pierre Deneault says:

    the first ones who is gone the vaccine ,it is gona be are idiots.

  • DipmatikMusic Channel says:

    Must watch 🚨👇👇👇👇👇🚨

  • monmixer says:

    Looking at Clinton, they are looking at the wrong guy, he was a horn dog but they his escapades did not invole children.

  • Nicky Chuaybamrung says:

    It prove history of America’s
    Stay strong !!!

  • Nicky Chuaybamrung says:

    We needed time
    Keep hold on

  • rachel says:

    trump should be put in a ward of C ovid 19 without a mask

  • rachel says:


  • larry visco says:

    Who cares these five “A” holes got hacked. Offer these three young people jobs in the goverment, maybe they could hack into the communist party.